Catching Up with the 3.2.2 PTR

Patch 3.2.2 has been on the Public Test Realms (PTR) since well before BlizzCon, but so far I’ve not said a word about it. I usually love tracking the progress of the PTR, but between BlizzCon and real-life commitments and distractions, I’ve been remiss about keeping up with this one.

Tonight, however, Blizzard deployed PTR build 10433 — a build that is causing quite a stir among Beast Mastery hunters in particular — and so I thought it was high time to catch up.

Let’s start at the beginning: minor patches like 3.2.2 usually don’t have a lot in the way of new content (compared to major content patches like 3.2), but this one includes a level 80 revamp of the classic Onyxia encounter to celebrate WoW’s five-year anniversary.

As usual, there are a bunch of class and balance tweaks. For hunters, the official PTR notes include only a handful of bug fixes:

  • Hunter Tier-9 2-Piece Bonus: Critical damage from Serpent Sting will now work properly with the Mortal Shots and Expose Weakness talents.
  • Master’s Call: This ability now correctly removes the snaring component of Infected Wounds, Frostfire Bolt, and Slow.
  • Trap Mastery: Tooltip now states the correct amount of snakes summoned.

Real exciting, eh? But there is one data-mined change that is causing some contention. MMO Champion reported today that the latest build includes this change for Beast Mastery:

  • The Beast Within now lasts 10 sec (Down from 18 sec) but now also increases all damage you deal by 10% at all time.
  • Bestial Wrath now lasts 10 sec. (Down from 18 sec)

Ghostcrawler himself responded almost immediately to a post about this change on the Damage Dealing forum:

I love data-mined patch note day.

It should be no surprise to anyone who has been on these boards for long that we’re trying to chill out abilities that convey offensive and defensive bonuses with the same button press. At the same time, BM damage was a little low and too dependent on the pet. With this change, hopefully, Bestial Wrath becomes more of a defensive ability while taking Beast Within will boost hunter (and just the hunter) damage at all times.

I call it more of a defensive cooldown because it now breaks all CC like a PvP trinket.

For myself, I find Ghostcrawler’s explanation fascinating. I never would have considered Bestial Wrath as a defensive ability.

96 thoughts on “Catching Up with the 3.2.2 PTR

  1. Rikaku

    BW as a defensive ability? Seems odd to call it that. With BM pet’s still dealing out (after last night’s testing on live) 44% of total DPS, I don’t see a pets 50% dmg increase (that’s on a 1 min 20 sec CD if glyphed) being defensive at all.

    Will I push away from that “break all forms off CC”? No. That’s good to know that at least that BW got a balancing act instead of an outright PvP nerf.

    I will still never see BW as a defensive ability. Master’s Call, now that’s a defensive ability.

    However, overall, I’m still greatly displeased with the lowered BW time. Nerfing BM (in pvp or pve) just seems redundant at this point. It’s the least played spec still, lowest dmg of the specs, and the only time it “shines” in PvP is arena with the proper specc’d specific class.

    So I still stand by it’s a PvE change for the sake of Arena (which I’m beginning to get sick of).

    And I don’t know why GC is saying that they made this change to steer away from offesnive and defensive capabilities in 1 button press. According to his talk at Blizzcon, they were wanting to remove all this “boring talents” that give just “passive” buffs and make talents more dynamic and move these “passives” into the Mastery system. While BW isn’t a “passive” ability, Beast Within will now be one (with the underlying 10% dmg at all times).

    Soo….which one GC? Giving us a talent change that will just be changed more in Cataclysm maybe 8 months down the road? Why not give us a “dynamic” talent ability (A shot? A pet skill? a command of attack!?!) that is on like the other specs’ chimera and explosive shot? That’d be more like what you devs stated at Blizzcon…

    Ugh it’s times like these I want to get on my druid and never look back *headdesk*

  2. Grimmtooth

    Well, Beatial Wrath imparts immunity for a time, so yes, somewhat defensive.

    What *I* find fascinating is that they think BM hunters are too dependent on the pet. Hello? BEAST MASTER? That’s kinda our raison d’etre. So I really really don’t get that.

  3. Rikaku

    Well yes, it is somewhat defensive, and in a way it always has been. But its still more of an offensive ability as a BM hunter will have it glyphed and use it whenever it is up far more often then as a pvp defense mechanic. I mean it’s just more useful as an attack than as a “oh crap” button. XD

    And I completely agree. When the heck did Blizzard start going “that spec that boosts it’s damage based on it’s pet…yanno…they’re relying on their pet way too much.”?? Too dependant on the pet… it’s like they don’t remember the days in Vanilla WoW when most Hunters were told “dismiss pets!” for an entire raid and then the BM’s were screwed cause our pets were what was our main damage.

  4. Nachtwulf

    And since when does BW dispel all CC? It sure won’t break pally stun, and can’t be used to break fear if you’ve already been feared. It’s a good defense against mobs, who are too dumb to not cast fear on a bright red hunter, but in PVP? Wut.

    Now, if they change the way BW works to be a Big Red Bubble then maybe I can see it having a shorter duration, but frankly… it isn’t. And who uses BM for PVP anyway, when Surv is so overpowered AND aimed at PVP with all those nice PVP talents?

    Anyhow, I also wanted to add for Mania’s benefit; Ursangous ( untamable bear in Ashenvale that used to use the old duridbear model) has now been updated with the black new-druid-bear model. Shadumbra is unchanged.

  5. Rikaku

    I think GC means this new 3.2.2 BW will break all stuns.

    Actually I went to check on that druid bear last week. Sadly, still untameable. I really wanted to tame him now too. That new bear model is sweeeet.

  6. Nachtwulf

    … to clarify, cause I’m not sure I was…

    Currently, BW/TBW do NOT ‘break CC like a trinket’. Is he saying they’re changing it so it -is- like a trinket? Because that’s not datamined from the patch notes, was it? Or is he confused about how it works now and thinks it -does- work like a trinket?

    …. tbh… I’d kinda like a trinket button.

  7. Teridom

    Very interesting… now I’m curious if:
    1 – the cooldown will be reduced
    2- BW might work with Readiness again?

    As I recall (which tbh might not be totally accurate xD ), having that double-string of +10% BW was what made that build too op in the first place.

    Now that the 10% is getting spread around some more, and BW is more of a pvp ability… kinda blows that back out of the water, no?

  8. Teridom

    Also – something I haven’t been able to clarify from the mmo-champ link: its 10% at all times, but does it still add another 10% while under the effect of Bestial Wrath?

  9. Sarissan

    I suppose the damage increase is a buff but I am concerned about the missing 8 seconds…it’s really not great for pvp. I think the raiders should come out pretty happy with this change, I hope

  10. Rikaku

    According to the talent of the 3.2.2 Beast Within grants 10% damage to all attacks (by you, the Hunter), and when you pop Beastial Wrath, you gain an additional 10% damage and 20% mana cost reduction in spells.

    So yes, you will have 10% damage increase all across the board and you will gain 10% more when BW pops.

    No, GC is not confused about how BW works, that’s why he said “I call it more of a defensive cooldown because it *now* breaks all CC like a PvP trinket. ”

    He meant to have the emphasis on the now as on “as of now on the 3.2.2 ptr”.

    Whether or not this is true, I have to queue to find out.

  11. Ryai

    Tbh how is it bad? I can glyph Dancing Rune Blade for 17 seconds and it has the same cd time as glyphed and talented TBW. I wouldn’t have minded a 3 second drop but a full 8!? Oh come on! What about Shamans and their wolves! Seriously in pvp if it’s not the retrilolz and the DKlolz it;s always those damned wolves that crop up. I’ve been killed by them! I’ve seen them solo people! And there’s two! D:

    Teridom: TBW was a PvE AND a PvP ability. I don’t know how many times big red pet syndrom saved me when a rogue decided after I have finished killing someone, somehow, in 1v1 to TRY AND GANK ME. It’s WHY I don’t spam it; rogues ALWAYS GANK ME and I NEED that OCRAP button.

    And then there’s the ocrap KILLKILL EVERYTHING TO PREVENT A WIPE- on my alts AND my main I have had to do it, just blow everything including TBW to KILL IT WITH FIRE; sometimes works sometimes doesn’t.

    Tbh I don’t think this is any sort of a fix, the rogues and death knights just qq’d to much. I mean seriously on Rosa, ALL THE DKS TRY TO SNARE ME and it’s like HELLO I AM RED. Or my pet. I mean by now druids have stopped trying to hibernate it or snare it; warlocks are growing smarter and don’t try and focus on pet alone or try and dot me down fiiiirst. Paladins stun me from afaaar and then lolshot meeee.

    Rogues AND Death Knights are still the ONLY class that from what I’ve seen from using AV to get like 20-50k exp cheaply, that still tries to snare me when I am un CCable.

    So now we kinda are forced to glyph to make a talent work! I mean come on :/

  12. Rikaku

    But currently BW is hardly a defense mechanic. I mean it only works (now, in live) if I beat you to pressing BW before your fear goes off. If Fear is already on me, BW does jack squat.

    Interestingly enough, Fear will be instant as of 4.0 (cataclysm). So prehaps this BW change (to be like a remove all CC/Stun/etc trinket) is an advance preparation for 4.0′s insta-fear.

  13. Palladiamors

    That’s total BS. Beastial wrath has always been our main form of offense. Does anyone remember the original beastial wrath? It was 100% damage for 12 seconds. Then it was nerfed to 50% damage for 18 seconds, and they tried to call it a buff, saying it was more damage over time. It was actually like 10% less damage. AND NOW THEY ARE NEARLY HALVING IT. And they are already saying BM is low on damage! How the hell does that make sense? Defensive ability my shiney white ass.

  14. Nachtwulf

    Well, it largely depends on what the cooldown is. If it’s a shorter period, but the cooldown isn’t that long, it may well be a buff because it’s up more frequently. Although since they’re apparently making it a pocket trink, I doubt the cooldown will be all that short or people will be all WAH WAH THEY HAVE A PERMANENT TRINKET WAH.

    I’m not going to shriek nerf until I see how the numbers play out.

  15. Palladiamors

    I am. I am sick and tired of them trying to take the focus of BM away from the pet. It is BEAST MASTER. It means you rely on your pet. It means you have to know what the hell to do with your pet in order to be effective. But apparently that is not okay. Apparently they don’t like all the focus being on the pet. But that’s why you SPEC THAT WAY. If I wanted all the focus to be on ME, on MY damage, I’d have gone marksmen or Survival, and NOT beast master.

    *takes a deep breath* On the upside, it’ll help with escaping CC. But ten seconds? Come on. TEN SECONDS? If your going to drop the duration to ten seconds, BUFF THE DAMAGE BACK TO 100%, OR GIVE US A TALENT TO DO THAT. But….don’t just neuter it then try to pretend we should be happy that you just turned our main offensive tool into a defensive one.

  16. Rikaku

    A-freakin-greed. 100%
    You sound just about as mad as I really am, and I’m kinda glad I’m not the only one who sees it like this. I know, I should wait til I run recount on ptr and see the changes, but I’m more then willing to bet my dps will not be going up.

    Not to mention like I said earlier. We all heard them say they want to prune the talent trees and make talents more active and not so passive. Yet they give us a passive buff to “fix” our spec and in fact nerf our ONE BUTTON that is BM’s “Explosive Shot” (if you will). Their logic is maddening at best.

    I really am starting to wonder if I wasted my time planning a worgen hunter in cataclysm…

  17. Xion

    This is deffinatly a change that I hope does not go live.

    As I play nothing but BM Hunter I cant imangine my damage output after a hard hitting nerf like this…

    /pray that this doesn’t make it.


  18. Rowdypotter

    Sad to say this…. but when the heck do they call this a buff?? If they KNOW (supposedly) that BM is low on the dps-o-meter than what it was originally, cropping BW/TBW isn’t going to bring it up….. with it’s duration shortened, we’re going to lose more dps that way…. I agree with Palla and Rikaku on this. And they say they’re trying to lose the focus on pets in BM tree? HELLO? The talent tree itself is a humongous buff for pets ALONE and not much else for the hunter except for a small few buffs that do not deal directly with damage overall.

    Epic fail on this one…. too dependent on pet my white fanny… it’s not BM tree for nothing. Honestly, are they really that dumb? Seriously, where do they get that crapload of data for something like this?

  19. Palladiamors

    From what I am reading, it is a flat out PvP nerf. It was affecting crowd control in arena to much. I can understand that, to an extent. It was eighteen seconds of damage on a pet your probably not going to out run and can’t CC, neither pet nor hunter. But the added ten percent to the hunter was stupid, and didn’t really help to solve the low damage issue. Yes, cut it down to ten seconds, but boost the damage done, or give us a talent to boost it. I’m just repeating myself now, but it makes me angry. I am not going to flat out defend beastial wrath or the beast within, eighteen seconds is a long time to be immune to CC. But it got nerfed by 45% of its duration and damage, and we got a piddly ten percent increase to the hunter ALONE in return. Because, you know, that totally makes up for almost having the damage from it.

    I realize that ten percent is passive and always on, but it means beast masters just had their only form of sustained burst halved. HALVED. And that is an okay nerf how??

  20. Wh33ls

    This is BULL!!

    And I’m screaming NERF!!

    I use TBW for explosive offensive damage only, or if I want to kill something really fast. It saved my dumb white butt many times with a bad pull, or a too strong mob, or adds, or from a completely group wipe(thanks to FD too).

    So this just pisses me right off. I’m also starting to reconsider both my ideas of a Worgen and Undead hunters now. Thanks GC, a little bit of BM love just died back there. Maybe I “should” respec to Survival…

    And hey, look! I already have a trinket that breaks CC, so thanks, but no thanks.

  21. Rikaku

    Hit enter too early. (so full of rage)

    Then again, maybe something else went on when you did it? The only way I’ve been able to break fear (or other fear mechanics) is on my Druid with berserk. Otherwise I need to be big and red before being feared.

    I could be wrong though. I’ll admit it =) If I am, I retract my statement but I’m fairly certain I’ve never BW out of fear, cept for like pre-BC.

  22. Wh33ls

    Ok, I had a little something to eat, and calmed down a little, but just enough to make this post not a rant…

    You know, I never tried to use TBW while feared or under other CC effects, and since I started playing post TBC, I didn’t know that it use to before in Vanilla. I just read the tool-tip and used it as such, so I don’t know. It could be a good thing, IF I PVP EVER, WHICH I DON’T!!!

    The rage is rising, again…

  23. Rowdypotter

    I just read Palla’s post below mine and it got me to ask: Who actually pvp’s straight up as a BM hunter?? And in arena?? That’s a joke, right? I salute those that do it…. and I’m not being sarcastic either when I say that if some actually play BM in that, because I RARELY (like, as in not at all) see BMs in pvp in my realm… even in WG.

    …the 10% damage increase at all times is a VERY poor substitute to piddling shat “burst” damage that the current ability has now from it’s original ability when it was first introduced. From bad to worse, when will it end?

  24. Rikaku

    I’m a BM hunter who pvps, but I do it casually. But I’m “straight up” BM (Not being sarcastic, I just love the straight up part).

    However, the big “story” behind this change is assume because one of the combos in the last arena tournement WAS a BM Hunter which beat out the Rogue/Mage/Priest combo. So alot of people are guessing that that was the foundation for the TBW/BW change. I’m inclined to agree.

  25. Palladiamors

    You can BW your pet out of fear, and if you time it right you can pop it as fear goes off so that they blow the mana on it. I’ve done both repeatedly, though sometimes I take a step or two from fear before beastial wrath clears it.

    If this really is just an arena nerf, then I am going to be pissed. We’ve had beastial wrath at this point for what, four years? And suddenly, because it counters the oh so vaunted CC of RMP, it gets a nerf to the face? And do not mistake it for anything else. Your pet is losing its 50% damage modifier for eight seconds and the hunter loses their 10% damage modifer for eight seconds, AND you lose CC immunity for that full duration as well. You may end up with an infinitesimal overall damage increase, but you lose the usefulness of the CC immunity. And I don’t think the projected roughly 2% damage increase makes up for that. At all.

  26. Rowdypotter

    as my second post… (third actually if you want to get technical)… Blizzard is so focused on Arena and PVP (and their pvp and arena crybabies) that when they make the changes, they don’t take into account what happens outside of PVP/Arena…. and to those players who DON’T do them at all.

    Feh, I hardly ever touch my hunter now outside of farming and some raid instances where long-ranged dps (SV/MM) are required.

    Good job Blizz, way to go on further breaking an already broken spec for a hunter…

    I wanna swear so bad, but I can’t, even drunk-as-toast sailors would blush at what I want to say out loud.

  27. Palladiamors

    I PvP as a beast master, Rowdy. All the time, and I am very effective at what I do. PvP is a careful balance of directing your pet, target choice, hitting the right attack at the right time, and staying the hell out of melee range. It’s that way for all three specs, but beast masters have to focus more on keeping pets on the right targets, and being in melee doesn’t effect them quite so much, though it is still a massive hindrance. The problem is as I mentioned, that our burst comes mainly from beastial wrath, intimidation timing, and aimed shot to help deal with healing.

    Course, forget trying to damage through a dedicated and well geared healer, but as I understand everyone is having that problem at the moment.

  28. Rowdypotter

    I salute Palla and Rikaku… “straight up!” BM’s *grin* …you, the few, that can own the enemy, are far better BM hunters than I will ever be… come to think of it, so is my cousin before he stopped pvp-ing on his BM hunter after the initial tidal wave of BM nerfs…. I watched him do a TON of damage in every pvp during BC during the height of BM supremacy, he’s one of the few like us that got into “Rhino Bowling” like Palla did whenever he was in AV.

  29. Rikaku

    Oh the beast mastery thing (BEASTmastery)? Actually after reading MMO champion for today I whined at my paladin and rogue playing friend (how do I get along with those two? Honestly…) and said that to them. I thought of posting it sooner, but the last time I griped about GC and Blizzard failing, I got a temp ban from the WoW forums. However, once you mentioned it, I was fueled with friendly rage and posted it for all of us angry BMs. XD

  30. Palladiamors

    I did it for the tower’s in AV. I have never been more pissed then when they nerfed stampede. So stupid to kill the knockback entirely.

    Unfortunately, I see this design philosophy getting worse. I think this might be the first step in taking damage away from the pet, and adding it onto the hunter in BM. They’ve talked about it before, but never really done anything with it until now……but think about it. How will mend pet work on an energy based system? Revive pet? Will revive pet and mend pet cost eighty or a hundred energy? I am very concerned about what this could mean for pets in Cataclysm.

    And something else! Does anyone else remember back in 2.9, when they said they were going to buff melee for hunters? And then again, in 3.1? And now, NOTHING. We get hit with constant nerfs well before we get any sort of promised buffs. It’s such a load of crap.

  31. Rikaku

    I remember them saying that! I also remember them saying they’d fix BM after 3.0.8 PFFFFFFFFFFFT raspberry to that!! But I agree with you Palla, I kinda see BM going in that direction too.

    Though I will say this, I am not a huge optimist by any means, but I think Cataclysm will be BM hunters time to shine. Why? Well they already stated that with the focus system, Steady Shot will regen it (focus) faster (along with haste). BM is a very Steady shot-based spec, so we’ll be spamming that alot more than SV or MM. Also keep in mind that BM has always been a roller coaster. It was bad in vanilla (lets admit it, until 2.0 came along, MM was the only raiding spec), good in TBC, bad in Wrath…lets hope Cataclysm bodes well.

    Another thing, Mastery system. They stated that they plan to prune out the “passive and boring” talents out of the talent trees and make them under the “mastery” system. So we will be getting new talents that are more command and action-based (like BW or chimera shot) as opposed to passive bonuses to damage.

    Maybe we just have to stick it out for another 6-7 crappy months.

  32. Palladiamors

    The more I read it, the more stupid it gets to me. It’s like…..they had a meeting. And in this meeting, some one said “Well, a BM spec has managed to actually help WIN a tournament. Now the rogues, mages, and priests are all whining and crying about how 18 seconds is to long.” “So what do we do, boss?” “Well isn’t it obvious? First, we cave into the whiners, and make half the duration. Second, we give them some stupid ‘buff’ to make it not so bad. That should divide the community on whether or not it is a nerf. Oh, and make the buff just to hunters.” “Just to hunters, boss? But what about the pet?” “Pah, hunters depend to much on their pets!” “…..uh, boss, you do know this is the beast master tree, right? Thats sort of what the tree is supposed to depend on.” “Who cares! We can change it. Its our game!”

    It just makes less and less sense as I go. Beast masters depend on their pet for 40-50% of their damage, and beastial wrath plays a pivotal role in that. The GOOD beast masters do their damage just fine with no real threat to the pet, except during learning phases. The bad beast masters don’t know how to recall their pets during AoE or bad fire phases. So….are they saying they are pandering to the bad players? Because that isn’t what it feels like. It literally just feels like they caved into the mass amount of QQ that went up when a beast master hunter actually did well in an arena tournie.

    Now, like I said earlier, eighteen seconds is a long time to be immune to CCs and snares. But the answer wasn’t a ten percent hunter only buff. It was to buff the damage done by beastial wrath. This is…..just getting more and more stupid as we go along in Wrath, isn’t it?

  33. Palladiamors

    Oh, and as a PvP hunter, let me tell you that it is a massive, MASSIVE nerf. That’s eight seconds off of my pets increased damage, eight seconds off of my ability to burst down things. Eight seconds and the damage lost from it are easily the difference between life and death. Hell, in a large scale BG or Wintergrasp fight your already lucky if you or your pet even LIVE for the full duration, and now your telling me your halving it? It just BOGGLES me how this makes sense to them. They act like we should be all happy because you can use it as a trinket, and they gave it a 10% hunter damage increase, but thats what you have the trinket for in the first place! It isn’t worth losing that much PvP burst damage over.

    I guess I should be happy that they at least added two things, one for PvE ((The 10% damage increase)) and one for PvP. ((Being able to use it to get out of CC.)) But it doesn’t feel good to me. At all. Just another nerf for hunters, as it were. And an increasing feeling of unease, that Blizzard does not really know what to do with the class.

  34. Nimizar

    The 10% damage increase for BM hunters is a pure buff. Pets won’t be doing any less damage – the hunters themselves will just be doing more. Yes, BM is meant to be about the pet, and by and large it still is. However, raid mechanics are currently too punishing to pets in general, so until Blizz have a chance to change the raid mechanics across the board (i.e. when they make pets 100% immune to raid AoE damage in Cataclysm), buffing the hunter’s own DPS for those times when the pet dies or is otherwise unusable is something of a workaround. Not ideal, obviously, but the revamps needed aren’t something they can easily address in a content patch.

    Turning TBW into a cc break rather than a preemptive defence is huge. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually the first change that the designers put on the table for the ability, and then the duration reduction followed on from that. Most people can use their PvP trinket once every 2 minutes (or every 5 if using the cheap or heirloom version). A BM hunter will have the option of equipping a DPS trinket instead and still having a CC break every minute, or else continue to use their PvP trinket for 3 CC breaks every two minutes (or 6 every 5).

    @Palla: “Hell, in a large scale BG or Wintergrasp fight your already lucky if you or your pet even LIVE for the full duration, and now your telling me your halving it?”

    Uhh, so you’re saying you often don’t get to use the full 18 seconds even now? So if you often spend the last oh, say, 8 seconds or so chowing down on some dirt, isn’t it worth trading the extra duration for a CC break? How often are those extra 8 seconds actually the difference between the target living and dying?

    *shrug* It’s an MMO, things change and they always will. What worked last month may not work next month. Claiming the developers don’t understand their own game just because the direction they want to take something differs from the way you personally would take it is a bit rich though.

    Then again, I’ve long found the meta-game relating to the psychology of developing a game where players have a personal investment in their characters and their performance utterly fascinating, so my perspective on buffs, nerfs and other changes generally qualifies as a bit odd (even when it comes to the classes I play myself).

  35. Kel

    Blizz just doesn’t want us to be BM. I pve and sometimes do heroics as BM just because I enjoy sending my bug red pet at people. I rollled a hunter for the PETS and I spec’d BM because I wanted to buff my PET! Now they’re making it so I can’t raid or pvp as BM. Where’s the buff we’ve been waiting for all this time?

    Not only that, but they’re nerfing armor pen! Mine isn’t as high as I’d like it to be, but there are many MM hunters who completely rely on it. They’re pushing us toward SV more and more. I refuse to apec SV though, it was alright until they decided to nerf lock and load and add black arrow.

  36. Dannil

    What i do not understand is last time i checked a Hunter is a pet class i think all specs should be designed around our pets. what is the point of playing a pet class if your pet does not add to your damage. To me it seems all blizzard wants to do is make us a gun/bow carring mage. locks are having the same problems blizzard needs to wake up and see that we want to be a pet class because we love our pets. If they want to up BM damage why not give us back the old pet stats that gave them plus 15% damage or even better keep you word blizzard and make exotic pets do the damage you promised us they would make.

  37. Zylgore

    Ummm.. let me get this straight. We are getting 10% more damage for 1 min 10 seconds and loosing 8 seconds of our 10% more damage from TBW/BW. I don’t see how this is a bad thing for PvE. You will still pop it when it’s up. But when it’s down we still do more damage.

  38. Ryai

    Ok Nimizar.

    ‘The 10% damage increase for BM hunters is a pure buff. Pets won’t be doing any less damage – the hunters themselves will just be doing more. Yes, BM is meant to be about the pet, and by and large it still is.’

    Guess what. 10% is nothing if it’s just the hunter; why? Because well oopsie, BM Hunters have no burst shot like SV hunters of MM hunters. We kinda only have Steady, Arcane, Auto, Kill Shot and Serpent Sting. Unless you min/max and go for aimed shot or whatever.

    My shot rotation? Steady Shot Spam after arcane and SSting, hope Cobra Strikes procs, if I have it I forget, or hope I CRIT so more focus dumps onto my pet, and my pet does more damage. And between all this is mend pet spam if needed AND TBW popping. With trinkets and etc.

    But my burst DEPENDS upon me having EVERYTHING. Cause what good is an extra passive 10% to -me- -only-, if my pet’s damage gets overall nerfed, my burst gets overall nerfed.

    I mean SV get Explosive shot and while fire immune mobs are probably immune to it- it already does -more- damage than my arcane shot, it does a dot and the dots if I remember right can crit.

    They have also put in a PVE talent in a pure lolz!pvp talent! Aka Kill Command in Cat Like Reflexes!

    My tree is already bloated. My tree is already broken. This is less of a fix and more of a nerf; I don’t give a crap about that 10% you know why? Cause of the nerfs they’ve done to pet damage; and the crappy broken bloated pet trees too! Even for BM!

    you can either have a pet that has survivability OR A GLASS CANNON.

    I was -happy- when I was able to use HotP if I oh crapped messed up. Now? Well now I’ve not used it since they implimented those ‘nice BM only talents’. And i’m kicking myself for it no matter how glitchy it was.

    Blizzard kinda shows they have no clue as to what to do half the time; TBW is fine as it is. But now? Now you really DO have to glyph for it to be good!

    And Dannil: Don’t you know, blizz basically admited they nerfed pets, norm and exotic because of Cunning! :D

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