More on the Most Popular Pets

Ask and you shall receive! Zardoz, Armor Data Mining expert extraordinaire, has another wonderful report on how we hunters like our pets.

Like his last report on pet popularity, this one is based on the Armory data of almost 10,000 level 80 hunters. Unlike the last one, this report gives us full data on the occurrence of each pet appearance (aka skin) within each family.

If you are looking for the least commonly tamed color of worm, this report can tell you! (The answer, by the way, appears to be wormskinblue, which doesn’t even appear on the normal chart since it can only be tamed via the color-changing Deep Borer.)

And yes, this report even includes the occurence of color-changing pets and other pets with unique properties. How is that for full-service?

I’m especially pleased to note that Zardoz credits us here at Arcania for helping him realize how weird we hunters can be about our pets. *grin* And special thanks go to Wain for putting together the skin list Zardon used to correlate everything.

56 thoughts on “More on the Most Popular Pets

  1. Ryai

    Hm I think Ryai might be able to do that quest as I’ve done all of shadow vault.

    Thanks Palla, I’ll give my friends the heads up too :)

  2. Maree

    Here’s what I have.
    Piggy, boar – 9.4%
    Pierre, chimera – 27.5%
    Theodore, coredawg – 9.6%
    Bamboozle, wolf – 1.8%

    Fair enough.

  3. Lilbits

    Im off to get a moth! and its teh white one…. sorry i like having fun as horde and running deep into allie territory sounds good

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