Community Round-Up: Forgotten Title

Time for another of my completely random round-up posts, full of links to stuff around the internet that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!

Big Red Rhino took a more detailed look at the data on Tenacity pets that Zardoz dredged up. (You know, I think someone needs to make a blog devoted to Cunning pets. Those guys need more attention.)

On a similar note, Wain on the Arcania forums is looking for help putting together a list of pet IDs to skins. In particular, he wants to make sure he’s got all the weird cases covered. [edit] Belay that! Wain already has what he needs — I’m just slow to post. :>

Brigwyn at The Hunting Lodge wants your hunter questions (and is answering them to boot!). Brigwyn also posted an article I really enjoyed on different ways to keep your pet alive and happy.

Cryptography at WoW Decrypted posted an expanded version of a comment on my last RFC about choosing a pet for leveling.

Don’t forget about the “Need More Stable Slots!” SPCA Charity Drive over at Mend Pet. A whole bunch of really cool prizes have been added, including hand-crafted WoW pendants, a custom-designed UI skin, and custom character/pet art by hyena84. (Check out the extremely cool example featuring Mazzranache.)

As an aside: I really enjoyed the photo-collage that Rilgon Arcsinh at Stabilized Effort Scope put together to help spread the word about the Mend Pet charity drive.

12 thoughts on “Community Round-Up: Forgotten Title

  1. Brigwyn

    Thanks for the linkage Mania. :) I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

    And thanks for the other link references. :) Always good to see what’s going on in the world.

    Keep up the amazingly great work!


  2. Palladiamors

    Cunning pets are ‘different’. They don’t generally have front loaded family skills that deal damage or have a lasting effect and they tend to have long cooldowns. On top of that, wolverine bite requires the target to dodge, and owls focus is a chance on hit talent. Their happiness restoration isn’t passive, and they even, for some bizzare reason, got roar of sacrfice for some odd reason.

    In spite of this, cunning is pretty close to being my favorite tree. Wolverine bite may require a dodge, but man oh man when they do dodge, they pay for it. Owls focus can lead to some fairly interesting bursts of damage, and roar of recovery is often just a god send. Bullheaded is interesting, but really overshadowed by the fact that beastial wrath and masters call do pretty much the same thing, sans damage reduction.

    It’s a mixed bag, but most people just don’t like that it isn’t up front like the other two trees. *Shrugs*

  3. ihlos

    I love my bird of prey, but my tenacity pets is what the site is all about. I do feel bad that they are so lonely. The stats arent kind to them either!

  4. Mania Post author

    That definitely wasn’t meant as a criticism, ihlos! Your site does very well by Tenacity pets, and we are all very glad that it exists. :> I just wish we had another you to advocate for Cunning pets.

  5. Wain

    Thanks for the plug, Mania, but I’ve sent all the data to Zardoz now :) He found a few cases I missed and I filled in the data.

    The only weird thing is he found actual instances on the armory of hunters with pet ids that correspond to the generic “Tamable Wolf”, “Tamable Cat”, etc.

    These aren’t in game beasts and neither of us knows what they’re doing on actual players. Unless it’s some sort of placeholder when real data are missing. Does anyone know?
    For example, see:

  6. Mania Post author

    Whoops! I guess I should get this stuff posted faster, eh? Sorry about that. :>

    On “Tamable Wolf” .. that seems to ring a very distant bell. Are any of the TBC families or later represented?

  7. Wain

    Yes, there are BC ones. There’s “Tamable Warp Stalker” etc. They’re hard to find on Wowhead, as that site hides them from search (as it seems to do to most retired pets), but they’re obvious by search on Thottbot.

    Zardoz has already posted his report on skin popularity:

    I guess my hunter is nearly the only one who got a wolf because it barks. For me that was the clincher. Ah well :)

  8. Cryptography

    Thanks for the plug again Mania. One of these days I’ll get my revised pet reviews done too!

    Regarding pet choice, I’d say that lots of the visitors to petopia are the “freaky” sort who look for more than just the raw best DPS. Several people noted that it was mostly northrend pets in the level 80 sample, possibly representing the “lazy” choice for level 80 hunters, being the nearest available pet of a family. Much rarer were examples just that little bit odd.

  9. ihlos

    Yeah i know i just like cunning pets too, and I wish I had the time and stuff to write about them but i dont think i could handle another site, and Id need another hunter for more stable room! Maybe when the next expansion comes out ill roll another hunter up and make an “all things cunning blog”

  10. Dweezill

    I persoanlly have been really into the cunning pets as of late. On my level 80 (main) toon, I use a sporebat, and do pretty good dps. I am leveling another hunter (on the same server) that is now 80, and his main pet is a silithis. the silithid hold aggro better than my oozeworm. Not to mention he do0es awesome dps. he was doing nearly 3000 point crits at 60. he is not 74, but I haven’t been paying much attention to how large his wolverine bit is hitting for. I’ll hage to keep an eye on that and keep everybody posted. Speaking of which, am I the only person who is concerned that hunter pets becoming hit capped may make wolverine bite wothless in PvE? It would be ncie to see that go off a few times against Emalon. I just hope it still funtions if I decide to take my silithid on a raid. Anyway, once I gte back on,i’ll try to see why kind of damage my favorite (cunning) pet i doing. And I would liek any feedback on your thought about wolverine bite and how it will funtion in PvE. Thanks

  11. Dweezill

    Sorry for the double post, but tmy second hunter is level 74 now, not level 80. Don;t kow where that came from. my silithid is also level 74. Was a loooong day at work.

  12. Selesti

    Something on the hunter Q&A mentioned that, as many hunter probably know all too well, cunning pets have gotten tossed aside. Ideally, they were intended as optimal PVP pets, but for various reasons here and there, almost none of the families see any use (although I’ve started seeing a TON of spiders…too my dismay.) Ghostcrawler himself said he’d like it if hunters gave them more feedback on the cunning pets-how much damage they do, how useful their abilities are, etc.-so that they could potentially help these overlooked pets find a nitch in the hearts of hunters. I wish I had the patience to actually test some of these pets out myself. Maybe one day if I’m bored enough I could do some research with cunning pets…even my much hated nemesis…the spider.

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