The Joy of Data

AisnaAllow me to introduce you to Aisna. She’s level 10 and this wolf is her first real pet ever.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Another new hunter alt?! And another dwarf at that! What happened to Kaet? Or Maja? Or that Tauren you just started? Or your horde of level 20-ish Alliance alts?!”

Ah, but Aisna is special.

Hmm … You can’t really see it in this screenshot, so let me post another …

Aisna's XPHere you go: a detail pic of Aisna’s portrait and experience bar.

See it now? My new dwarf lass has completed all the level 10 taming quests and tamed her own pet — and she’s still only a smidgen of XP into level 10!

If you’ve started as many hunters as I have, you may know that this isn’t normally possible — the level 10 taming quests include a goodly chunk of XP. By the time you can tame your own pet, you’re normally well on your way to level 11.

But not Aisna! Thanks to the magic of Patch 3.2, she turned off her ability to gain XP shortly after she gained level 10. Then she went on to complete the taming quests, tame her wolf, kill enemies galore and explore the world, all without gaining a single point of experience.

Of course, given that Patch 3.2 isn’t yet on the live realms, these screenshots were necessarily taken on the Public Test Realms. This is, in fact, just a copy of Aisna. But the ‘real’ Aisna, as it were, is sitting quietly in Stormwind on an out-of-the-way realm, having just hit level 10, and waiting patiently for Patch 3.2.

And once again I know what you are thinking! “Err .. Mania? Are you feeling okay? Why in the world are you so excited about this?” Or as the level 19 rogue on the PTR put it when he saw me at the XP-toggle NPC: “Worst twink ever.”

Ahh, but Aisna is not sacrificing her future of leveling for nothing! Not at all. She is the first of my elite cadre of testing hunters — starting at level 10 and carefully spaced out every six levels so that I can tame any level of pet from 5 to 80.

To be fair, this was possible before Patch 3.2. But the level 10 hunter kept giving me fits — between the taming quests and exploration XP, I found it difficult not to end up with a level 11 hunter. And that put me off the whole project. Now, however, with the ability to toggle off XP gain, I should be fine.

I’ve been wanting to do this since Patch 3.0 when Blizzard introduced pet auto-leveling. I like the way that pets auto-level now, mind, but I find it terribly frustrating that I can no longer just take Mania out to tame a low level pet if I want to see the details of a low level pet skill. And being the stats geek I am, I feel like I am missing out when I can’t keep my big spreadsheets of pet stats updated properly.

So this is my solution. 15+ characters (including two death knights as bank mules) spread across two realms (because they won’t fit on one realm), just so I can feel like the data is at my fingertips.

It may take me quite a while to level all the characters to the proper levels. I may drop this project for periods of time … but it will be there whenever I get bored and just want to do some mindless leveling. And since Aisna is ready to go, I can start collecting the low level data just as soon as Patch 3.2 hits.

Yeah, I’m a mite crazy. But we all need hobbies.

48 thoughts on “The Joy of Data

  1. Wykea

    It’s dedication and focus like this that makes you THE go-to person for hunter pet knowledge. Good luck with your new project, girl. We’re rooting for you.

  2. Palladiamors

    Er, Mania, I think…..nay I hope something is very wrong with my browswer, because I am getting some….rude names, to say the least, and a ton of 0110 strings……

  3. Palladiamors

    I get the feeling there is some seventeen year old sitting behind his computer giggling in glee at being able to get away with being a moron. In the meantime, sorry Mania but our little guest there seems to make it hard to do or say anything.

  4. Palladiamors

    I am pretty sure it’s a pre-automated program doing that…..which is almost worse, in my opinion. And leave it to our Mania to put that kind of effort into her data. *Laughs*

  5. Kaïna

    I can’t believe some people think it’s THAT funny to “Spam”. People doing that kind of thing is only people that need attention. ^_^ Other than that Great plan Mania! :)

  6. Palladiamors

    I think the purpose is to collect data on various pet skill and stats at various levels starting with the lowest possible levels for pets. Mania is being a completionist, and maybe a masocist in her own way.

  7. Tsani

    I’m an altoholic in a guild of altoholics, but that 50 toons per account seems to be made for you Mania. Good luck with the project.

    And to the troll who seems to be bored out of his little mind… never heard of a mouse with scroll wheel have we? Go back to the playground because all that spam of yours just makes me *YAAAAWWWWWN*. Even the binary thing is old as dust.

  8. Ryai

    ‘The only kind of attention people like that need, Kaina, is a swift kick in the crotch’

    Don’t forget your microscope and baby booties since the target is so small!

    Outside of my wtfness at all that spam, you tricked me Mania, made me think it was live already.

    And tho no turning off exp at lv 10/11 isn’t bad as half the things twinks do is try to get quest gear and drop gear that by rights, when they should get it, they should be close to ding/have ding’d already.

    But hey if they wanna stay lv 19 forever fine by me, I can start actually having fun, possibly, in pvp again!

  9. Palladiamors

    Oh so agreed, Ryai. Early level BGs are just NOT fun, since your most likely going to run in to 3-7 people on the opposing team who have anywhere from two to three thousand more hit points then you. Since they’ll now be divided into experience gain and non-experience gain BGs, that should pit twinks against other twinks and people who are just PvPing for fun against likewise people.

    I do think, however, that this is going to infuriate twinks. After all, most of them twink out so that they can stomple all over the non-twinks, so now they’ll be forced to only fight other people of similar strength. …..ahhh, that makes me smile.

  10. Shadowtamer

    Hello Mania! I stop by your site every now and then, keep up the good work! It has shown me many things about the hunter class and pets alike.

    And good luck with your spammer problem… Very big eyesore…

  11. ihlos

    If there is one thing I love/hate about the wow player base is the wierd dichotomy of in-the-box thinking and out-of-the-box thinking.

    This rogue you encountered is a perfect example. Twinking in and of itself is not an intended part of the game but people are used to it now. This guy sees you using a new function of the game, and fails completely in his assessment of it. Naturally, your use of the function before the “natural” or “intended” choice of 19, 29 etc should cause him to wonder as to why you have done this.

    Instead, he tries to put you into the framework of the stated purpose of the leveling freeze, and simply assumes that you have no understanding of the mechanic and that you are a failure. The ironic part is that the failure of understanding was on his part.

    I guess I just wish people were more open minded to change.

  12. Christalia

    Keep at it, the more we know about hunter the better :D

    As far as your spammer problem is concearned, if you are able to ban people from your site, or posting on your site or whatever I would sugest finding out their IP and doing a blanket ban.

  13. Aszra

    hey guys. Those of you with the worgen pet, do you just have a white wolf now?

    I just logged on after today’s maintenance and checked my stable and there’s a wolf icon where the blank spot that held the worgen was. I nervously took it out of the stable and it was just a white wolf… no more worgen it seems.

  14. Rarako

    Good luck on the pet collection data Mania. Strait up level ten pet data is so hard to find, much less get. So kudos, if your alts are on Hakkar or Mug’thol just let me know and I’ll help you get what ever pet data you need. ^_^
    As to the Anon wannabe who had the audacity to hit your sight I am so sorry this happened to you, if your lucky the little punk gave his real email. I do have a friend with a nice little homemade anti-virus virus if you’re interested…

  15. Aszra

    Yeah, I know. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or not so I thought I’d post my findings. I can’t say I’m surprised either, but it still doesn’t change the disappointment I’m feeling right now.

  16. Rikaku

    Wow, I thought I had seen the bottom of the spammer cesspool, but 80-something comments of it? Wow. Just wow. There’s a special spot reserved you know where for annoying idiots like these.

    Anyways, Aszra, I’m just logging in now and I’ll let you know.

  17. Rikaku

    Also to add about the Worgen pet, it seems they not only took my 77 Worgen Wolf away but replaced him with a lvl 75 wolf. That’s a tad annoying. I at least would like to keep the levels I got on him =/

  18. Selesti

    Good luck with the data-farming, Mania. And I really hope you can get rid of the idiot spammer and his racist remarks. This site is certainly no place for it. Also, the rogue clearly didn’t understand why you were freezing your xp gain as, in his opinion, the only people who would do that are pvpers/twinks and you are a “noob” for freezing at 10. Might as well ignore those idiots.

  19. Mania Post author

    [Re: now-removed racist spam] Well that was odd. And unfortunate. Sorry that stayed here so long, everyone. I removed it as soon as I saw it (with an IP ban) but as you know, I tend to have odd hours. I’ll keep an eye out for similar attacks.

    [Re: worgen] Lemme get a post up on that specifically. *sigh*

    [Re: PTR rogue] He may well have had a smile in his voice when he said it. That’s how I took it, anyway. :>

  20. Makoes

    Just loged in to, My worgen is now a wolf, and not only that, but its lv was reset to 75, which just sucks more!

    on a lighter side, GRATZ mania on your dedicated work, you’re the bestest!!!!

  21. Rottingham

    Grats Mania on erasing the spam! It was stupid, why would idiots do crap like that? It’s just completely rude.

    Also, grats on your find. Now I can do quests on twinks for better gear, and not level up :D

  22. yunk

    It’s funny my little gnome lock Yunkndatwunk has been level 20-22 for almost 4 years now. A friend of mine joked that I was a horrible twink as well :) Hooray they are sisters.

  23. Cryptography

    Mania is more than a little crazy about pets and their statistics – and we get the benefits of that obsession.

    This particular project is something that Bliz should support, with a free account and a whole bunch of “free” recruit-a-friend levelups. Its tailor made for Dev assistance.

    I’m pretty sure I have an alt on Aisna’s server. Let me know if you need any help Mania!

  24. Ryai

    wait the EXP freezing is permanent? O.o I thought it was where you could switch it on or off?

    Cause knowing my luck I would probably talk to the wrong person Dx I once tried talking to the pet trainer wondering why he wouldn’t train me- then realized it wasn’t the hunter trainer I was talking to.

    @: Palla

    O god when it gets like that I just die and stay a ghost in the graveyard. WSG attempt be damned, I’m not going to be some HK for face rollers.

    Tho admitedly when I had Zeldei leveled up pre wrath, I face rolled and destroyed everything. Dots dots more dots epic dots dots on everything! /hate demo/have to level demo/hate

  25. Nessima

    i think its grand that u do it:) i love starting new charecters, and hunters are my one and truly love also :) Good hunting

  26. Palladiamors

    Don’t worry Ryai, you can turn it off or on at the cost of ten gold.

    And back when I was first leveling my warlock, I stopped at sixty for a bit with the Outlands gear you could get, which was then amazing for the level. Nothing could touch me, or my felguard. It was fun for a while, but I like some kind of challenge in my PvP, and just DoTing and laughing wasn’t cutting it.

  27. Snowtiger

    Keep up the great work mania even tho i been playing for soooooo long (lol) I always
    find your infoand your new pets heads up very help full for my level 80 hunter and hunter alts of different levels As for the low level WSG pvp like i have said before I liked it before the twinkage where it was skill against skill and all realitivly in the same hp area but have notice that they have nerfed alot of the twinkage lately
    It was ridiculous seeing a 19 twink pally with the hp of a 29 to 36 toon when I use to twink my 19 was just enough to keep the hp with the others but never not to put major enchants on the weapons they should make it for a twinkless level and let the twinkage start in the 30′s bracket and make a more fair playing field

  28. Palladiamors

    Actually Snowtiger, you won’t have to worry about it past 3.2. In 3.2 you can freeze your experience gains, since BGs will give experience. From that point on, people gaining experience will only fight people who are gaining experience, and people who have frozen their gains will only face people who have frozen their gains. What that means is that people who have twinked and want to STAY in the twink bracket of choice will be forced to freeze their experience, so they will only fight other people who are twinks. Non-twinks will only ((Generally speaking)) only fight non-twinks.

  29. Kurasu

    I’m not a twinker, but I’ve always considered twinking to be an art form. I love the fact that twinks are now going to potentially be delegated to fighting only twinks, and non-twinks fighting non-twinks. :) But it is going to make me miss some of the *real* art of twinking: the number-crunching of ‘how to get the best gear for this level without dinging’.

    Ah well. I guess all art has to change or die eventually. :(

  30. erple2

    So where is this sheet that you’ve been collecting this data on pets for? I haven’t seen anything yet. There used to be a couple of sheets a long time ago on the petopia site, but I haven’t seen anything in about a year. Am I missing something?

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