Tamed Worgen are Now Winterskorn Worgs [Updated]

It appears that in today’s maintenance, all the remaining tamed versions of the worgen changed to the normal ‘white worg’ wolf skin.

In addition, I’ve seen several reports that worgen who had been leveled by their hunter have been reset to the level they had when tamed (that is, either level 71 or the hunter’s level – 5). In addition, these wolves seem to have reset to level 68 (or the level of the hunter – 5, whichever is higher).

On the plus side, these wolves are once again proper Wolves, with talent trees and pet skills.

I haven’t yet seen any official Blizzard comment on this, but I’ll keep an eye out.

(My thanks to the legions of people who e-mailed and commented to let me know about this change!)

[Update] After looking at the Armory page for Kaet, my dwarf who tamed Garwal, I believe I have found the answer for the odd de-leveling.

My white worg — the same one who was once Garwal — now displays as a Winterskorn Worg, a level 68 white worg from the same area.

If you view the page source in a browser that handles this well, such as Firefox, you can see the following XML text:

pet catId="23" family="Wolf" familyId="1" icon="ability_hunter_pet_wolf" level="68" name="Cry" npcId="24076" npcName="Winterskorn Worg"

A quick trip out to Howling Fjord found that Garwal remains unable to be tamed (although Beast Lore still doesn’t recognize that fact).

So it looks to me like Blizzard merely replace all the tamed Garwal worgs with Winterskorn Worgs. Fascinating!

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  1. Epacsten

    Would you be crying like this if garwal had been a skeleton, harpy, murloc, gnoll, kobold, zombie, or any other non-pet?

    I’m willing to bet that you would.

    If worgen were normal pets that anyone could tame, nobody would even look twice at them.

  2. Agravaine

    Epacsten, speaking of zombies, there is a way for hunters’ pets to become zombies. Temporarirly. :D

    This brouhaha is still more entertaining than a three-ring circus. :)

  3. Nimizar

    Also odd was that every site I saw posting the taming instructions (including here) started with a disclaimer saying “Look, hunters aren’t meant to tame worgens, Blizz will probably make Garwal untameable soon and may even take him away from those that have already tamed him, don’t bother unless you’re prepared to accept the risk of being left with just a few screenshots rather than getting to keep a novel pet”.

    Why are people so upset that Blizz acted exactly as predicted?

  4. Ryai




    [seriously can we all drop the issue? It made me sick[er] and I just had to leave Petopia, until I just started coming back]

  5. Ryai

    Lies I can when the arguing gets to bad :c

    And yeah I can sympathize with being bitter, but I’m just bitter with how Blizzard originally handled it, and I was paranoid about it until I chatted with a GM and got enough courage to ask about it [as I said I was paranoid about getting a ban or something] but the GM reassured me I was in the clear, and this just lets me know I really am. And I can finally log onto my main.

    And then go back to leveling my paladin. uuurg 67. And need to get to 75+ before brewfest for gear and crap and urg.

    but seriously tho FEMALE OGRES.

  6. estephen

    i think we should all gather in song over r bleoved worgens ” love hearts love stinges BLIZZARD sucks WILL MIIS R WORGENS BYE LOCKJAW

  7. gammaraze

    seriously, i’m upset with blizzard, not because they took away my worgen pet, but because HOW they took him away. if they had just taken them away immediately, by changing the skin, that would have been acceptable, but to leave the skin and rape them of abilities and talents gave some false hope of future restoration. to log in, pull him out and see that it’s a wolf, and not even the right level, kinda lame. they should have just done this to begin with and not teased us. this was definitely handled wrong. HOWEVER, from a financial standpoint, if worgen are implemented, and are of alliance faction, i will be faction-changing all my 70+’s. back before BC hit, my friends and i defected from alliance, and once Blood Elf was announced as the horde race, i thought it was lame and hoped for something awesome of the ally race, and swore the only thing that would draw me back to alliance would be worgen. That was 3 years ago, and i’ll stand by my word.
    Here’s to hoping blizzard actually pulls through for me once.

  8. Trackk

    Ok so many of you feel that being able to tame the worgen was akin to slavery due to it nornally being humaniod,a nd thus having intelligence…
    Intelligence indacates that it should have been smart enough to ignore our commands as a hunter and either flee or fight back.
    Just a factor i felt like pointing out.

  9. Blace

    This was a VERY dumb move altogether on Blizzard’s part. There are tons of pets out there that hunters have and got to keep that are now untamable and they can use them like normal pets but the worgen got singled out. People will say stupid things like, “oh but worgens are really humanoids”, well, at the time it wasn’t or else we wouldn’t of been able to tame it.

    There are pets that people have right now and can use that aren’t labeled “beasts” in the game itself, like the ooze pet that people got from the bugged Oracle dailies, so that is NOT a good enough excuse. Blizzard needs to go and take away all of the pets hunters have that are now untamable and they weren’t suppose to tame in the first place to make it fair to us hunters that took the time and effort to get our worgen only to get screwed over and lose him.

  10. Ryai

    How about we all stop with Worgens and actually look at the fact blizzard had a represenative, aka Ghostcrawler, who has ACTUALLY SAID THIS IN Q&A on mmo.

    ‘I’ll add that the melee attack issue for hunters themselves is something we keep discussing. While we are unlikely to go back to a melee-focused build for hunters, we might consider a model where hunters don’t run away most of the time but switch to melee attacks – perhaps even a single punishing attack on a cooldown before the hunter Disengaged or whatever. This would be one of those things that helped hunters feel more different than actual magic casters, and might make them care about melee weapons as more than stat sticks. Additional feedback from the community on this sort of thing would be appreciated.’

    Look people, it may not be as epic fail as the poor droods Q&A, but this is something that’s gonna affect us all, more and harder than a worgen being removed. Cause what did I say people, Blizz proved they didn’t truly care about hunters when they handled Garwal [not removing him but how] and now they want to give us MELEE ATTACKS before oh we disengage or whatever.

    The only melee attacks I use are lol a trap that usually fails or gets broken in 2 seconds, or wing clip- but I’m usually dead anyways. Well when I still pvp’d.

    There are MORE important things than worgen people :/

  11. Snowtiger

    Well I never had a Worgen but hey if ya tamed one blizz should let ya keep it!!Now my big question is this if the worgen Is a humanoid then why can I skin them? I mean kinda morbid if ya think about it and i have skinned tons of them!!so thats all i have to say about that?

  12. LilBanshee

    So one of the big points of contention is that Worgens are humanoids… Look at a Worgen and a Felguard side by side, they both look vaguely human.

    Oh, but it’s okay to ensalve demons you say? “Arugal used Ur’s research to summon extra-dimensional entities to bolster Dalaran’s diminishing ranks of his own. Arugal’s summoning brought the ravenous worgen into the world of Azeroth” (WoWWiki). How does that make them so different from other extraplanar creatures that just happen to be aligned with the burning legion?

    And what about silithids for that matter, their species is clearly sentient (you get quests from their cousins the nerubians for Azjol’Nerub and Old Kingdom), why is it okay to “enslave” one potentially sentient species, but not another?

    Seriously, with the long track record of unintended tameable pets ranging from a cobra (before snakes were an intended pet), to a big green pile a goo, all of which players were allowed to keep, the only reason this pet would be treated differently is because it’s going to be a playable race in the expansion.

  13. Palladiamors

    Out of respect for Ryai I am going to drop the worgen argument.

    Ryai, they have been saying since 2.9 that they were going to work on hunters melee range capabilities, but I haven’t seen anything come of that yet even though it was promised in the next patch or two. This is our second major patch since the announcement, and nothing.

    Also, not to panic or overjoy anyone prematurely, but it seems like Blizzard might be thinking of switching hunters over to an energy based system like rogues.

    “Q: Are there any long term plans to possibly removing the need for hunters to rely on a different resource system then mana?

    A: I hate to do this to you, but this is a great BlizzCon question. For these Q&As, we’d like to keep the focus on each class’s current status and short-term plans, but at BlizzCon we’ll be happy to go into some more detail on our long-term vision for them.”

    Which translates into “I can’t talk about this right now.”

  14. Sarissan

    Dangit! I was hoping to have a little bit of fun with my worgen in upcoming blog posts…oh well, I guess maybe I can play with it within this week before people forget that worgen existed as pets

  15. sodaz

    god blizzard is dumb why not just let us keep it and fix the taming glitch but no they have to ruin it and and give us a stupid white wolf they said they wouldve if it was a beast not a humanoid well a blob sure isnt a beast and alot of people tryed hard for this guy but once again blizzard screws up again if they pull this kind of crap in the new movie world of warcraft will have 11thousand not 11million anymore

    R.I.P. SilverFang

  16. Gimlion

    Sodaz: 1st off, Gosh*… and 2nd off, i highly doubt a movie will cause that detremental of a loss to WoW… if anything it will bring in new peeps… and 3rdly, Blizz said that it was unintended and that they werent sure if it would be able to be kept or not… PLUS the original few who showed us how to do it said it is most likely a glitch and that we should not plan on keeping him, and if worse comes to worse we might even get banned, so you, and everyone else who tamed him took the risk of losing him… if you did not expect, or at least knew there was a possibility of losing him, OR your account, that is completely your own fault, and you basically set yourself up for disappointment… Sorry if this angers you, or anyone else, but it is the blatant truth…

  17. Gimlion

    Sorry for double posting… but also, you claim Blizzard is dumb… if they are so dumb, then i suggest you don’t play their game… Why pay $15 a mo. for a game made by a “dumb” company… OR, you could even try to make as Many high selling games as Blizzard has (Ex. Warcraft 1-3, Starcraft 1-2, Diablo 1-2, soon to be 3) AND a MMORPG such as WoW with 2 expansions… it isn’t easy, and they work hard to make the game fair, and fun for EVERYONE, not just hunters… so, chances are, they AREN’T dumb…. just doing their jobs…

  18. Laike

    my worgen actually disappeared from my stables about a week~ ago :(
    I was a sad li’ll puppy, but then I also went and got me gondria :)

  19. Brittany

    @Everyone nerdraging about humanoid pets and slavery and how it shouldn’t be in the game:
    IMO temporarily enslaving the mages in Borean Tundra and using shock needles to get information out of them is far worse than “OMG U TAMED A HUMANOID.” The tormenting baby softknuckles to lure the mother out quest in Sholazar is far, far worse. I don’t think it’s even a fair argument when you consider so many of the quests in the game.

    My only solace from this change comes from the potential of Worgens being the new race.

  20. Torushe

    Awww..just noticed this thread and immediately checked my pets. Jackman is now a wolf *cry* I’ll really miss my worgen buddy, but I do have lots of screen shots to remind myself how cool he was :D

    I disagree with earlier comment about people not giving them a second look if everyone could tame them – I would still have tamed one and loved him just as much :P

    *hugs* to all hunters who are missing their worgens, but as the saying goes “better to have owned a worgen once, than not at all…”

  21. Selesti

    I don’t know why people are complaining how Blizz didn’t warn us about taking the worgen. Seemed to me they made it very clear that they NEVER wanted us taming him in the first place, and that they would be fixing it. Just read between the lines. I expected he would either turn back into a wolf or disappear entirely. Frankly taming him was practically a hack and anyone who tamed one is lucky not to have gotten banned for it. I’m honestly glad I had KILLED this guy long ago.

    Also, about worgen becoming a playable race. Sorry but I don’t see it coming at all.

  22. Agravaine

    The degree and polarity of emotions this event has elicited is phenomenal. It still makes me chuckle.

    Selesti, I wouldn’t be so sure about that NEVER. It took them 2 maintenance Tuesdays to make their final decision. One would think if they NEVER wanted us taming him, they’d have hotfixed it that way the first Tuesday they nerfed him. I’ll say it again — they were pretty wishy-washy about it.

    Laike, he was never really gone. If you saw an empty stable slot, that was him. If you swapped something into that empty slot, he would become your active pet.

    As for myself, I reverted to my preferred wolf model (WolfSkinArctic) wihtout a second thought.

  23. King Flanagan

    Fail.. the worgen issue is epic fail… instead of being mature about it and waiting for the next cool ass bugged (beast) pet to come out.. you have completely ruined our chances of blizzard supposedly (carelessly) over looking the tameable/untameable flag because of your arrogance.. I doubt if they bestow any more untameable pets in the future.. Blizz did that on purpose.. A special reward to the hunters who were high enough.. and did their research.. and when they felt the time was right.. they hotfixed it. thats why the hydra/croc/wolf/slime remain because they didnt have a problem with it.. they meant for it to happen… do you honestly think they would accidentally not patch up the wolf, then warpstalker, then the queen wasp, then the croc/hydra/slime trio? lol get real they did that on purpose.. now with the worgen that really was a screw up.. and they hotfixed it immediately. But it seems that you all were in such a blind rage.. you didn’t stop to think about it.. and with your whining and saying blizz this and blizz that.. I hate blizz.. I’m pretty sure we wont be seeing any more unique, supposedly untameable mobs in the future.. lol way to go worgen-lovers.. You win the EPIC FAIL award. But I aint mad though.. It’s only a game.. enjoy your award though.

  24. King Flanagan

    No offense Mania.. but I was talking to whomever felt I was talking to them.. If you feel that I was offensive I sincerely apologize.. I am not a troublemaker in the slightest.. I am however blunt and sarcastic.. I looked at what I wrote and didn’t see it to be violent in the slightest.. I just thought that the whole issue was dumb and like the millions of other people who wanna bring in slavery and Blizz hates us and all that crap.. I simply voiced my opinion.. and I meant what I said.. and I know what I said is true.. Take it however you want it.. You’re still cool in my book and you’ve done a many a hunter countless favors with your Arcania. Later Ms/Mrs. Mania. Until Flan writes again..

  25. Mania Post author

    Just to be clear, I was responding to Reginleif. I edited what I considered a violent suggestion out of his comment. In retrospect, however, you’d have no way to know that since you didn’t see the unedited version. Heh. Sorry about that.

    What you posted, King Flanagan, skirted the edge of what I might ask you to tone down in some discussions. But I didn’t feel the need to here.

  26. Acridic

    You know I am actual sad that they took it out, I was trying to power lv my hunter just to get it, and if it was a tamable pet I still would want it. Maybe its for the same reason I would want Takk or Humar, because it looks fucking cool. But then maybe some people dont understand why others want a different looking pet.

    A werewolf is no longer a sentient being when they transform, they turn into a wolf which is a beast, so by taming it you only would be taming a beast not a human.

    As well, when can I start skinning Taurens if I can skin Worgens?

    As for Worgens being a class race like goblins that would be a little screwed up, I can not see either being playable, I mean seriously what would that fall under alliance or horde? Yeah the alliance gets the crappy goblins and the horde gets the worgens.

  27. ez

    I can’t for the life of me see why people would try to bring up the RP aspect to this issue, when we have so many non-combat pets and trinkets that are humanoids. There were no reason to nerf the worgen pets, it had been enough to make Garwal untameable. I am very disappointed with their sollution to the problem.

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  29. Dynamicagp

    Well my relative had the Worgen… He was annoyed to have found it as a Worg later without warning. :\
    But I don’t really get the whole “They’re intelligent, therefore you can not has cheezbgr” story. Think about it. Don’t we ride Drakes? Drakes can turn into us! It’s not like Warlocks who actually enslave things (Christ…), it’s a friendly companionship. If we can ride intelligent Dragonkin that can turn into humanoids, speak and live in communities for hours on end, then why can’t we have Worgen pets?

    At least the playable Worgen race is assured… ^_-

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