Analyzing Armory Pet Data

I ran across a post a few days ago by a blogger called Zardoz, who writes a blog called Armory Data Mining. Zardoz was using the new hunter pet data on the WoW Armory to analyze the most popular hunter pets.

A day later, Zardoz posted a consolidated list of the most popular hunter pets for each of the pet families.

(I wasn’t the only one to notice this: gormanghaste started a discussion about it on the Arcania forums.)

But this is fascinating data! Zardoz looked at just under 45,000 pets from over 10,000 level 80 hunters. First he breaks out the data for the families: for example, almost 30% of the pets in the sample are cats, while only 3% are raptors.

Then he looks at the popularity of individual pets within each family. (I didn’t even know it was possible to get this information from the armory, but apparently it is.)

One of my favorite stats: 31% of the sampled crocolisks are actually hydras (the retired Spirit of Atha) while another 28% are actually slime (the Spirit of Koosu). That leaves only 41% as actual crocolisks — and almost half of those are Mangal crocolisks, presumably because they are the highest level (non-spawned) crocolisk available.

And there’s lots more juicy data like that. Want to know which devilsaur skin is least used? Well, looks like King Krush — no real surprise there I suppose. But King Krush aside, the least popular look is the red devilsaur, while black is the most popular.

Unfortunately, while the Armory can tell us what pets each hunter has in the stables, they can’t really tell us which pets are being used most and for what. But Zardoz is preparing to look at pet talents, so I expect that some very good analysis will come of that as well.

Of course, this data analyzes only a small sample — relatively to the entire player base — of level 80 hunters. But 10k hunters should be enough to draw some decent conclusions from. And perhaps if we ask nicely, Zardoz will be willing to look at a couple other brackets of hunter levels for us as well.

43 thoughts on “Analyzing Armory Pet Data

  1. Volcan

    Hehe, obviously, i checked for my pets. My wolf, Ironjaw, is not present at all, while my Snappah the pink strider is the most popular strider. Quite obvious IMO.

    That’s a great scan! Good job, Zardoz!

  2. Mania Post author

    A note for those of you commenting today: It looks like my spam filter went crazy yesterday and today and ate several legit comments. I’ve updated the plugin and rescued everything I saw, but please let me know if you run into any trouble commenting. (And thanks to Volcan for e-mailing me about this!)

  3. Kettu

    My Murk Worm and Diseased Wolf didn’t make the list. Nor did my white hyena (Giggler), but since he’s a rare of a common skin, I can understand why. My spore bat (Sporewing), of course, made the list being there’s only so many spore bats out there. *chuckle*

    I’m actually rather sad that all of the worms on that list are jormungars… No love old world worms, I tell ya.

  4. Zardoz

    Thanks for those kind words. I’m always looking for new ideas for reports – all suggestions are welcome. What other levels would you want to look at?

    ATM my plans for pet reports include seeing what pets are used by x9 twink hunters. And I’m getting close to the point where I can divide the level 80 sample into raiders and PvPers so there might be differences with pets there too.

    Should have the pet talents report up in another day or so.

  5. Niabi

    Interesting! According to Zardoz’s research, most of my pets (with the exception of 3 I think) are either somewhere in the mid to low range of popularity or are completely non-existant. And with 4 hunters ranging in lvls 50-80 with a combined total of 16 pets (as of now), that’s really saying something! Guess I’ve never been one to follow the majority.

    My pet list:

    Humar the Pridelord (cat)
    Snapjaw (turtle)
    Ironjaw (wolf)
    Imperial Eagle (bird of prey)
    Ice Steppe Rhino (rhino)
    Echeyakee (cat)
    Son of Hakkar (windserpent)
    The Kurken (core hound)
    Eclipsion Dragonhawk (dragonhawk)
    Death Howl (wolf)
    Strider Clutchmother (tallstrider)
    Olm the Wise (bird of prey)
    Mangeclaw (bear)
    Ghost Saber (cat)
    Old Cliff Jumper (wolf)
    Aspatha the Broodmother (moth)

    I loved the website and promptly added it to my favorites list! Not only did the site provide me with a greater insight to hunter data and pet preference, it also allowed me to research which glyphs are most utilized according to character class – extremely helpful when it comes to glyphing my non-hunter alts. Thanks :-)

  6. Aleu

    Bear – Not surprising she made the top. Being an Icepaw Bear, I tamed her only because she was a high level. X)
    Wolf – Didn’t even make it. I guess not many people like the diseased wolf. =(
    Cat – My poor Humar only made 6th. :(
    Spirit Beast – Only two Spirits Beast so I’m not surprised Loque got top spot. XD

  7. Rayquaza7996

    Let’s see…
    Varali-14.8% for family, 4% of all wolves are her :D
    Paranoia-14.8% for family, and Old Cliff Jumper didn’t make the list-not surprised.
    Deadlock-1.3% for family (o.o) and Deviate Dreadwing isn’t on the list.
    Kael-1.3% for family, Warp Chaser is 23% of them.
    Anasterian-My temp. croc (1.1%), 20% as a mangal.

    And my most coveted tames, the creatures I am hunting-
    A 1.5% (chimera), and Numaroc is 28% of them-ironicly, since NO ONE has him/her on our server.
    A 2.9% (SB), and Loque is 59% of them.
    A 6.1% (Devilsaur) and Krush is off the lists.

    I’m also thinking about picking up a Spore Bat cause they’re so glowy!

  8. Sarissan

    Proud owner of the slime (Achu) and Black devilsaur (Luck), also using Pitch (Mauzer) for my main pet, with the ghostsabre (Scaythe) as my main pet. I would be interested to see how many people have a worgen lol, I’ll be keeping PiSoyah for awhile.

  9. Edgar

    Hmmm…it was really interesting, but what I think would be more interesting if there was a way just compare the skins within the families and not just the pet tamed. Like combine Pitch’s and Humar’s numbers and compare them with the white lions and other cat skins. However I don’t have all the numbers so I can’t XD

    It is also interesting to note how different his results are from Petopia’s results in certain cases, especially the cats. It just shows you how different ppl’s taste are. Very interesting and fun!

  10. Makoes

    Wow, i got lost in that site for a few hours, lol. Great work!!!! its now added to my list of daily site to visit while drinking my coffee (petopia being the first on the list of course) lol.

  11. Rottingham

    I knew that those bloody cats were going to be a high percentage… sorry for all you cat people out there, but I think that on my Realm there are way too many of them. Almost every twink, almost every hunter above 80, has a cat. Although, there are a few 80s with wolves and a few twinks with spiders or bears… But the majority on the realm are cats. I could walk around in any major city and possibly not see a wolf or raptor, but you know what I do see? you guessed it! the cats…

    I once again appologise for you cat owners out there, but I just really think that they are too populated. Almost every hunter I know (except me) has at least one in their stables or are using it…

  12. Tarjin

    Hm, with 3 hunters I have: crab, tallstrider, moth, turtle, and bear. It looks like I need to grab a sporebat to complete my “Stable of Misfit Beasts.”

  13. Wark

    The part that I wasn’t expecting was how frequently the highest-leveled option for a given family would be the most popular, even if nothing in the family is over level 75 (thus necessitating leveling no matter which you choose, at 80 anyways). Having given it two seconds of thought, it’s probably at least partially from people swapping to a new pet family while they’re still leveling through Northrend, but still: the top 71% or so of crabs are ones tamed in Northrend. (That the next 8% is Durotar crabs makes me laugh, too.) Not as if any of them are unique skins, so I suppose it’s probably just people not caring which crab they have as long as it’s a crab, so why not nab one nearby?

    I am also filled with a perverse desire to roll over my stables, replacing my Nuramoc with one of the green Outland ones (which I liked more in the first place dangit) and grabbing a red core hound on my alt. I’d like to say sense kicked in at that point, but now I’m making a list of healer friends, and trying to decide who it would be easiest to sidle up to and ask how much they miss Molten Core….

    The fact that my scorpid’s skin didn’t even make it on the list made me smile. I’d really love to see a rundown of how popular EVERY skin is for each pet though– we can see the top 70% or so, but I’m wondering what the most rare of the rare are!

  14. Shinryu Masaki

    “Then he looks at the popularity of individual pets within each family. (I didn’t even know it was possible to get this information from the armory, but apparently it is.)”

    It’s very easy to do. When you’re browsing a hunter’s armory’s page for talents, just right click and chose the View Source option. This will open a window that shows… errr the coding of the page I guess? I’m not too familiar with those things. But anyway, the end result of this is that you’ll see which pet the hunter actually tamed. This is how people found out that Witten tamed Garwal in his worgen form. Looking at a Ramparts wolf for example, you’ll see a line like this:

    pet catId=”23″ family=”Wolf” familyId=”1″ icon=”ability_hunter_pet_wolf” level=”80″ name=”Siasus” npcId=”17280″ npcName=”Shattered Hand Warhound”

    What surprised me even more was that it’s even showing the npc’s Id number! =P

  15. Sarissan

    Just realized I said I had two main pets lol :P uh yeah Scaythe was my first kitty and he’ll always stay with me…but he doesn’t get out much. Mauzer is my main kitty :)

  16. Sarai

    I thought the devilsaurs were kinda funny ’cause the red one is my favorite skin. /hugs Mageddon

    Th rhinos also surprised me; I didn’t see Samahe on there at all. No love for the Romping Rhinos?

  17. Caeralan

    As one of the people who tamed (and so far has kept) Garwal, it seems to me that the issue might have blown out of proportion by both Blizzard and lots of members of the Hunter community.

    Based on the sample of 44861 Level 80 hunters, there are only 265 Garwal tames. Of course there are Levels 71 through 79 to consider as well. According to Warcraft Realms there are 357,442 hunters on US realms. If we assume the same proportion of hunters at every level decided to tame Garwal, then the total number of US Garwal pets is probably around 2100. If we also assume that they are distributed evenly across all 241 US realms, then there are less than 10 tamed Garwals per server. So my view is that reports suggesting hundreds of pet Worgens running around the major cities of Azeroth are clearly exaggerated.

    That said, Warcraft Realms is also a sample of total population.

    None the less, can anyone else spell “storm in a teacup”.


    to get the total population of tamed Garwals. But

  18. Rasta

    I would be curious to know the exact number of people still playing who have the Ancient Grimtotem Spirit Guide. Maybe then if I decided to sell my account someday, I can attach a number to the rarity of my ghost wolf :)

  19. Razorhorn

    when i played wow a couple years ago i mostly used a cat i forgot when my guys using now cuz i haven’t played for 2 years,I need my wow back

  20. Bromber

    I was surprised not to see the Spirit Guide on the chart. Perhaps it was that wolves were a poor choice in TBC and people released them?

  21. Wyndigo

    My Snarler and Ursol’lok didn’t make the list. Humar did though. Go go rare hunting~

    I thought it was interestng that most of the pets are high level, despite the changes made to pet leveling.

  22. Narasa

    I was unsuprised to find that out of my 5 pets, only Bluemoon (Humar) is even shown. It would be great to see all the results though, find out the rarest of the rare. :D

    Also, @ Caeralan, there were definitly more Garwals before the hotfix than there are now, mine is the only one I have seen since the fix(or break, as the case is), I assume that most of the hunters who tamed him were pet FoTMer’s, when their wolf was useless, they just let it go.

  23. Scott


    I noticed that too but didn’t want to bring up a “touchy” subject, lol. While I’ve resigned myself to Blizzard’s decision, I don’t think the data (seen thus far anyway) in any way supports the fear of garwals running amok (I still can’t believe some players were trying to say that “every” hunter had one… probably the same people either LOVE something, or HATE it – never somewhere in between)

  24. Nachtwulf

    i still have my Garwal. Don’t suppose I’ll ever get rid of him.

    And my draenei STILL uses his sporebat (one of the pretty blue ones)… as I posted on the forums, sporebats put out a really respectable DPS these days. I think people refused to use them because they were pretty miserable during BC, then Spore Cloud didn’t work properly, so there’s just this mindset that they’re STILL useless even though Blizzard has fixed them finally. And now that they’re in an ‘older’ part of the game, people passing through Zangar either already have a pet they like and don’t want to switch, or else have their eyes set on Northrend and one of the ‘new’ toys available there.

  25. Dweezill

    Wow. I expected to see more of my pets on here. As far as worms go. I really expectd oozeworm or his twin in Slithis to be on the list. Maybe that’s because I had to camp them for months to finally get one on a second hunter. Regardless, still expected them to show. Really cool post, and great work by Zardoz.

  26. Seraje

    Hmmmm, yay for my need for unique skins. xD

    Old Cliff Jumper (Yussuf) and Gezzerakk (sp) (Lilith) weren’t there. Loq (Betelgeuse) didn’t surprise me, he’s my favorite spirit beast skin to date. I was surprised that the Shattered Hand Warhound (Giauzar) isn’t more popular (It’s such a cool skin). My cat is one of the purple guys from winterspring (Pratchett), and that wasn’t too surprising on the placement (I debating releasing him because I’m not huge into cats…but..yeah xD ).

    It makes me kind of sad that most people really seem not to care about which pet they have, so long as it fulfills the purpose. I guess that’s the pet collector in me.

  27. Nehvets

    Took me a really long time to get King Krush as my BM pet. Even on a super low population server he seems to be a really rare spawn, and even without others killing him, he’s really hard to tame. I can see why his skin is less popular. Funny thing is, like other rare pets, only hunters seem to realize how rare it is. Other players just shrug and say I’m dumb for playing BM. Oh the ignorance!

  28. Chrizesu/Moltenrain

    With the stats of popularity that hydra has, I’d think bliz would be considering adding them to the pet base. Mine’s named Salt and it’s the complete envy of my rp guild (it’s run by a hunter).

  29. Chrizesu/Moltenrain

    Sorry for reposting (no edit button), but Nehvets, I hope you realize that there are several pets with the same skin, which is probably why few people tame the pet itself.

    I was surprised the red skin is the least popular, I think it has a lovely ruby tone. Maybe I’ll go grab one now.

  30. granpasso

    I think in the end, related to the Ghost Wolf, or Grimm Totem Spirit Guide, far fewer got tamed than people actually think. It was a far harder tame than the Garwal Tame. I would be curious to find out how many people still have Ghost Wolves out there, is there a way to tell in the armory now?

  31. Saffavia

    I am really glad someone did data like this. I believe this is the reason cats are getting a buff next patch–because data like this proves that they are just plain the most popular pets around–and even though wolves (SV & MM) and devilasaurs (BM) may be higher dps, people still want to have and use their cat.

    I think cats getting a buff will make that easier for a lot of people

  32. negresco

    i don’t see why cats are so damn popular.. they aren’t that usefull and shouldnt even be a ferocity pet since they have always been used more for pvp then pve (good old days where the rake had 1.2 attack speed or something like that)

    u can’t argue with wolfs.. they pwn and that’s it.

    and gorillas are on the top3 cause people didnt realize how useless they became after thunderstomp became a talent..

    best pets in my opinion
    leveling: turtle
    raids: wolf
    pvp: ravager

  33. Neilaren (Shu'Halo)

    Hehe, I use pretty unpopular pets. Devilsaur (orange skin), Wasp (Hive Queen aka Ayamiss), Nether Ray (well… former nether ray, my friend adopted him, he’s green), Warp Stalker (Gezzarak!), and Chimaera (Nuramoc). Interesting that Nuramoc is the most popular chimaera though!

    I’ve never used a cat, despite liking cats (but WoW “Cats” are more tigers, hence they don’t really appeal to me), and I probably never will…

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  35. Zardoz

    Thanks for all the kind words on my work. I’ve got a new report up on the popularity of skins – prompted in part by the discussion here. Hope that helps you find the coolest looking pets as well as the dps-est. You’ll find the report via the Hunter menu over at my Google App Engine site.

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  37. Smiles

    I very much enjoyed your report. I learned a bunch and saw what the “Joneses” are doing.
    An aside, have you heard of other players locating rare pets, such as the spirit cat in Scholazar Basin and demanding gold for the location? What are everyone’s thoughts?
    I recently saw that. I flew up to the spot (on a good guess) and when I approached, the death knight killed the cat.

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