Worgen Hotfixed; Blizzard Speaks


Zarhym has just posted this about Blizzard’s feelings on the worgen pet:

The worgen should not technically belong to any of the pet families and was therefore removed. This means the pet no longer has access to pet talents or abilities. Whether or not similar circumstances with hunter pets in the past have occurred isn’t really relevant. Given the nature of the creature that was tamed in this case, we feel it should not belong to any of the eligible pet families from which a hunter can choose his or her combat companion.

There are several other responses from Zarhym in this thread. The most important so far:

It may yet still be removed altogether. I don’t have a final decision on that to share with you.


According to multiple reports we are getting now from the US and EU realms — and which I can confirm with my own worgen on Kaet — there has been a fundamental change in the nature of the tamed worgen which renders them somewhat useless.

  • Worgen cannot be fed. You get the ominous message that “You do not have a pet.”
  • Worgen do not have abilities or talents. You cannot get at their spellbook tab or the pet talent tab with one by your side.
  • Worgen cannot be buffed. I can still use Mend Pet on mine, though, and for the moment the Glyph of Men Pet still seems to work to increase happiness.
  • Worgen cannot be renamed, either normally or with a Certificate of Ownership.
  • Worgen do not benefit from normal pet scaling. He has no resistances.
  • Garwal can no longer be tamed in either form. Note that Beast Lore still says he can be tamed, but it lies.

As far as I can tell, this change to the worgen did not require realm downtime — since things were normal immediately after the downtime this morning in the US, and since things have changed in the EU, where they haven’t even had maintenance yet.

It looks to me like this may be a server-side change, perhaps to the underlying ‘pet-ness’ of the worgen. This also explains the fact that Beast Lore still says that Garwal can be tamed, since I believe Beast Lore uses client-side data. (Note, however, that he still shows up with the label ‘Wolf’ in the stable.)

On the good side, for now we still have a worgen-shaped pet. On the bad side, it is effectively a vanity pet.

(My thanks to Ashariel, who was kind enough to fill me in on the situation when I arrived to check out Garwal this afternoon. *grin*)

527 thoughts on “Worgen Hotfixed; Blizzard Speaks

  1. Think

    Many skins have both human and beast forms, types, representations in the game. How does a motorcycle fit into lore? Lore is not the issue. The issue is control freaks.

  2. Agravaine

    Oh noes BlizzardSnake… might as well not bother with Diablo, Starcraft, and the 2 upcoming IPs they’re developing because, well, they’re sure to be worthelss and profitless, correct?

  3. Natty

    Well I’m speaking to a blizzard employee right now, in-game, a GM and according to him the issue with the worgen being in game has NOTHING to do with morals and slavery. It turns out the worgen WAS actually a bit stronger than most pets and supposedly had a unique ability…besides the cool skin. The employee says, his opinion on why there is such a big fuss is pretty much just because of how it looks. :P

  4. BlizzardSnake

    They say that he had a special ability = well, why dont you spell it out and what was it. The Hydra has more health than any ingame pet and thus stayed and was not removed because it was classified an animal. The can very easy make the Worgen a wolf/wolf like talents.

    I will not play Starcrap and they can sleep with their Diablo too. This is it for me and I would rather give me money away than give it to Wow.

    With their revenues on the decline they should be careful with the decisions that they make if they want to survive a couple more years.

    I guess there is little hope that something can still be done given its size. But when you are dealing with brainless peeps nothing can be a surprise.

  5. Agravaine

    BlizzardSnake… if you’re leaving, then don’t post here since you have nothing useful left to contribute but your own bitterness, gloom and doom.

    Derogatory comments about Blizzard’s other IPs? Oh yeah, them grapes are sour anyawy.

  6. Agravaine

    So… back to our gimped worgen:

    When he levels, he reverts to 5k health until you have him die and res him again (back to 11+K health)

    He appears to “inherit” the stats and DPS of your previously summoned pet. When you bring up the pet info screen, it will say whether it thinks he’s a cat, warp stalker, whatever the last pet you had out was.

  7. itzzmlgkaiser

    hey when i check my worgens stats it says he does about 655 damage, while my other lv80 pets do about 400 damage. and my worgen is lv 76. whats up with that?

  8. Gelannerai

    What’s up with that is that Blizzard has done this as a temporary fix, but it hasn’t stopped certain devs from acting like jerks about the whole thing. They’ll do something a bit more permanent on Tuesday or maybe a little ways down the line, but for now I guess Hunters get to have fun with a pet that is the avatar of stat chaos.

  9. Johnny

    I Agree with you Snuzzled. Also Gelannerai, I think the “Jerk” Statement is a bit harsh. There was a General Forum Thread about it and a Bliz member answered. But of course they wouldn’t tell you everything about what they were going to do.

    Since when did Blizzard do that anyway, Besides Beta, PTR, or Patch Notes? Besides, the posts near the start of the post were child-ish alrighty..When the Blizzard Member showed up it turned into: “MAKE HIM USEFULL AND DON’T LISTEN TO THESE QQers WHO JUST WANT TO RUIN OUR FUN!” Of course the Blizzard member had to carefully word out his Response to those posts..Lol.

    Agravaine: I know you said “If” But still, it’s a little unfair to assume he would be quitting WoW if he’s just giving his Opinion on things. I’ll have to agree with him on the “I’d rather give my money away than give it to WoW” I’m not saying I’ll quit WoW. Hell no, I’m just saying why pay 100$ bucks a month if you get poor customer service?

    Now now, I know it’s a bit Much to say: Poor Customer service, but let’s face the truth here. Blizzard hotfixed this guy all in one morning, took them two days to do it. They did it without giving us a reason why before they did it. Has Blizzard EVER givin’ a fix on any other bug that REALLY DOES EFFECT OUR GAMEPLAY, so fast? When Hunters asked why, all we got was “It was not Intended” The same could be said about the other Pets that you so kindly left alone to those who alrighty tamed them.

    Natty: I am very happy with you right now, know why? Because it gives us a sign that Blizzard is still thinking it over. If a Pet did alot more damage then normal pets, of course they’d take away it’s usefulness before they get more whining from other players saying that it’s OP when they alrighty have to deal with Arguements over the Worgen as it is. Maybe they are going to return the Wolf Abilities to the Worgen pet once again after they’ve returned the Damage back to a normal wolf for the Worgen, who knows.

  10. Agravaine

    Here are Garwal’s abilities while untamed:


    Rend and Swipe we already have on existing pets. I don’t believe I saw anything about “Gnaw Bone” or “Wide Swipe” in his pet abilities page or my combat log before the hotfix, though.

    Gnaw Bone has an interesting effect, kind of an improved wing clip or cripple:

    Wide Swipe is an instant, 5-second stun. I don’t remember him ever using that… but could that be it?

  11. Jeniveeve

    People not to stop using the “humanoid” complaint. Tell me, where does the slime fit in to the beast scheme of things… we do not specialize in slime mastery, or bug mastery, hydra mastery? C’mon now, just think back to how they made those fit in with what was already allowed. If we can have croco-slime, why not a sometimes upright walking wolf? We have dialogue with many in game creatures during quests, and hoonestly any one with pets irl knows that some animals are smarter than others and it does make them more human, just more intelligent animals. And there are plenty of upright walking hunter pets already.
    Just make it appear like a regular wolf or un-neuter it already since I am sure handfuls have been abandoned or lost by now. I don’t see many out and about anymore. Either way, Blizz just needs to make up their minds already.

  12. Guthorm

    misfortune, that is awesome. i love that idea, worgen and pandaren as playable races would own. i would like a worgen shaman or somthing =)

  13. Slaught

    Agravaine I am not complaining about who replays to me, just saying it doesnt make a whole lot of sense for ppl who seem to be fine with the whole thing to argue with me when im talking about the ppl who are acting like it the end of the world and claiming they will quit the game…

  14. BlizzardSnake

    You buy service because its good service and superior to other products. Blizzard made the wrong choice here on the Worgen/Garwal. It was tamed by hunters and some might have released em already. I had the Hydra = great tanking pet but I did not like the noise that it made so I let it go. I prefer a wolf and it does not have to have special abilities but the fact that they gave no clear sign of what is going to happen is plain wrong.

    When Pallys where OP and Hunter had ES which was OP they did not jump at the HOTFIX.

    When DKS were OP they did not HOTFIX them right away.

    I just think that their customer service has gone south of the border or its it more aligned with the decisions of a Communist Regime. If they make a claim then back it up but if they are found to have no foundation for it then let us argue the case.

    I have more than 80k gold which is not much but it is the principal and they don’t deserve my time or dime. Good Luck to you the play the game but the end will be near.

    Just think about why you shop or use certain products or return to certain stores. It is because of the superior product or great customer service which sadly Blizzard once had but no longer exists. Cheers to all hunter and players alike.

  15. Santiago

    Anyone who bothered to tame it knew it was going to happen. Worgens are humanoids and therefore shouldn’t even be pets. I levelled my brothers hunter to 71 to get it just in case they let you keep it.

    The fact is you all knew it was going to happen, stop crying and move on.

  16. Agravaine

    Slaught: point taken, thanks for clarifying. Actually, I agree.

    BlizzardSnake: arent pallies and dks still OP? Okay, maybe not literally, but it still feels like they’re the rock to my scissors.

    I agree that their customer service isn’t what it used to be, but I can’t take you seriously if this and inside trading is your basis for their going bankrupt in 3 years? Doubtful. Blizzard does know that WoW is going to age and die eventally, Rob Pardo has said so publicly. Perhaps that’s why their CSRs have been getting a bit… cavalier. It’s not like teir management lacks foresight. Their management consultants are the best — I should know, I worked for them.

    I will remember you said so if they do go bankrupt, though of course as a fan I’d be happier if they didn’t. However that goes, I hope you’ll find something worth your while.

    As for the 4 other Blizz IPs, even if you yourself aren’t going to touch them, they are forces unto themselves, whose existing playerbases have as much, if not more contempt for WoW, as you. Forces that shouldn’t be dismissed lightly.

  17. Agravaine

    itzzmlgkaiser: you can level him to 80, he does attack on command. He just doesn’t have any talents or abilities other than a regular attack.

  18. Jeniveeve

    Holy cow… stop saying that hunters knew it would happen, that such a lie and we all know it. How could we know that an odd looking thing that was a challenging tame would not be allowed to be kept intact when hunters were allowed to keep such things as the ghost wolf, hydra, slime, wasp queen, and others. We usually assume that if it totally not intended then it would totally NOT be possible to tame. We tamed it, it functioned like a pet, acted like a wolf, and was therefore considered by most if not all who tamed it to be a unique skinned “WOLF” just like its tamed name suggested. Just restore it no matter what appearance they decide they want it to have.

  19. Mania Post author

    I apologize for doing this to you, everyone, but I am currently unable to keep up with this comment thread. I’ve cleaned up a few comments that violated the comment policy here, but I don’t feel that I can keep up with incoming comments and so I am shutting down comments on this post.

    I will do my best to post again if I hear any new information on the situation with the worgen. Again, you have my sincere apologies for being unable to keep up with you. :>

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