Worgen Hotfixed; Blizzard Speaks


Zarhym has just posted this about Blizzard’s feelings on the worgen pet:

The worgen should not technically belong to any of the pet families and was therefore removed. This means the pet no longer has access to pet talents or abilities. Whether or not similar circumstances with hunter pets in the past have occurred isn’t really relevant. Given the nature of the creature that was tamed in this case, we feel it should not belong to any of the eligible pet families from which a hunter can choose his or her combat companion.

There are several other responses from Zarhym in this thread. The most important so far:

It may yet still be removed altogether. I don’t have a final decision on that to share with you.


According to multiple reports we are getting now from the US and EU realms — and which I can confirm with my own worgen on Kaet — there has been a fundamental change in the nature of the tamed worgen which renders them somewhat useless.

  • Worgen cannot be fed. You get the ominous message that “You do not have a pet.”
  • Worgen do not have abilities or talents. You cannot get at their spellbook tab or the pet talent tab with one by your side.
  • Worgen cannot be buffed. I can still use Mend Pet on mine, though, and for the moment the Glyph of Men Pet still seems to work to increase happiness.
  • Worgen cannot be renamed, either normally or with a Certificate of Ownership.
  • Worgen do not benefit from normal pet scaling. He has no resistances.
  • Garwal can no longer be tamed in either form. Note that Beast Lore still says he can be tamed, but it lies.

As far as I can tell, this change to the worgen did not require realm downtime — since things were normal immediately after the downtime this morning in the US, and since things have changed in the EU, where they haven’t even had maintenance yet.

It looks to me like this may be a server-side change, perhaps to the underlying ‘pet-ness’ of the worgen. This also explains the fact that Beast Lore still says that Garwal can be tamed, since I believe Beast Lore uses client-side data. (Note, however, that he still shows up with the label ‘Wolf’ in the stable.)

On the good side, for now we still have a worgen-shaped pet. On the bad side, it is effectively a vanity pet.

(My thanks to Ashariel, who was kind enough to fill me in on the situation when I arrived to check out Garwal this afternoon. *grin*)

527 thoughts on “Worgen Hotfixed; Blizzard Speaks

  1. Monanoke

    Please refrain from creating “petition” threads on the forums, as they generally don’t provide an avenue for the healthy discussion of an issue (although Palehoof has made some great points in this thread). We don’t make changes to the game based on a couple hundred “/signed” posts in a thread with under 1,000 views.


    So uh…Petitions don’t seem to work… but they “kinda” look like they’re warming up to restoring?

  2. BlizzardVoid

    What freedom is there in America if Blizzard is acting like the Chinese government. I should be allowed to state my position on my Garwal. It is freedom of speech. But I would understand because of the currently financial problems the yuppies that run blizzard at and average age of 45 needed cash and asked for a foreign investment.

    All I am saying is this: let me state my position for as long as I want as long as I am not hurting anyone. My account has been frozen by me. When you have 45 year old men acting like kids and making decisions does not bold well for a company.

    A better game will come out with better customer service and it will be out new community.

    Garwal Fans: I cry for you and good luck playing a game that was a waste of time for me and money. I refuse to pay their pay checks Blizzards pay checks and let me be clear. I have nothing against them acting like the chinese government.

  3. Ryai

    ‘And don’t make up a strawman about whether all unintended tames are equal. Bloody hell, you know they aren’t. Taming a humanoid after he reverts out of beast form is not the same as taming a beast.’

    Ghost wolf = dead.

    Slime = unclassified.

    Ghost wolf thought it was a wolf. Slime thinks it’s a crocolisk. Loki thought he was a wolf.

    When someone starts playing with a double edged sword of ‘this pet is different from a werewolf for not being humanoid’ it kinda is stupid when like the slime, Loki thought he was a wolf [ok in slime's case it's a crocolisk].

    So people shouldn’t whine after using CLEARLY NON INTENDED PETS FOR A BASIS OF LOL UR WRONG.

    Once you start doing that -everyone- who has a retired pet is ‘in the wrong and under the knife’.

    Do you see me whining and ranting and wanting Blizz to give us the worgen back? No. I just want them to actually try and fix this properly or atleast say wtf they’re gonna do.

    And I’m serious do you know how scared I am to log onto my main? Some spiteful person could report me- or what if releasing loki flags a GM. Or something.

    I mean when I decided to check wtf had happened exactly to Loki, I ran/flew to a secluded place, and used call stabled pet. I’ve never done that before :/

  4. Gelannerai

    Well, it seems that most of the people that are still defending Blizzard on this are ignoring the fact that a lot of us don’t necessarily want the Worgen restored to the way it was 100%. We KNEW it was going to be fixed. We didn’t have a PROBLEM with the fact that it was going to be fixed. Untameable? Fine. Looking at this situation from a case-by-case perspective? Fine. Letting Hunters who already had it keep it? Fine. Breaking it, stealing it from stables, and banning people for even talking about it?……………….. Awful. This is PR at its worst. It seems like Blizz would be trying a little harder in that department since Blizzcon is coming up, but I guess typical business logic doesn’t apply here. I’ll grant that there are a lot of people in the player base that have acted like children. There are also a lot of us who have presented our displeasure with clear, concise, and civil points. Blizzard only encourages anti-social behavior from the player base by treating all of us the same way. Throwing the baby out with the bath water never solves anything, it just makes any given situation worse. And hey, look what’s happened. Are there players at fault here? Absolutely. Is Blizzard blameless in all of this? Absolutely not. And don’t try to say that I’m only saying these things because I have the pet and want to keep it, because that would be an incorrect assumption. I did the quest chain ages ago, so I had no shot at it. I do however feel (and maybe this is my ego talking) that I can look at things from an unbiased point of view.

  5. Firewing

    I’m disappointed we lose the worgen. I knew we’d lose it, but it still is disappointing. But taming the werewolf and the time we had, well, I hadn’t that much and adreniline rush since retaming Rak’shiri 20 levels ago, who is still with me.

    The person who said the worgen was a blessing in disguise, you’re right. It brought hunters together, no matter the faction, server, race, guild. It gave us hunters to strive for. It gave us hope that maybe they’l ldo something with the worgens. as an another person mentioned, isn’t it odd that they have idle animations, charge animation, run animation?

    So, all in all, yeah, losing the worgen is bitter disappointment. But maybe, just maybe we can rise up and accept that there was some good in all of this.


  6. Jessypoo

    Okay, I’m lovin’ the Garwal Myspace page lol.

    I think it’s unfair for Blizzard to just rip away this pet out of so many players who worked hard on taming him regardless of it being a glitch. Really, what’s the big fuggin’ deal? Fix the glitch, leave those with the pet Garwal alone.

    Blizzard needs to start listening to their players demands. I’m referring to the reasonable demands. We are the PAYING customers after all. And I for one think if we want a Worgen, we should have a worgen dammit! Where’s my money going anyway? To continually buff Pallies while my Hunter gets treated like an old rag? I don’t even care about the worgen. I’m just sick of how Blizz runs this game.

    I haven’t played WoW in about more than a month. And I will be canceling my subscription soon. The way Blizz disregards the wishes of their customers really bugs me. And all this Worgen nonsense is so silly and uncalled for.

  7. Taelrond

    I wonder if the stabling issue might be add on related, as it seems to be affecting a small percentage?

    Ryai- Um, I hope the hiding thing was tonge in cheek.. lol.. you cant hide from a developer(or manager with Gamemaster Authority) in a game. They can port you to them or themselves to you at will.

    After reading the collection of blue posts again I’m wondering if this wasn’t simply a panic fix that they will resolve on the next maintainance day.

    I wouldn’t normally address a troll but this one is just too much..

    Cy! Seriously? “let’s teach them that it’s just a friggin game… by using arson”
    The complete lack of character displayed in those first four sentences is asstounding. Alchoholism, mental deficiency, and pedophilia as the driving forces behind this? And then Arson as the solution. Followed by that cowards retreat of an “apology”? Denied! You sir give this community and debate itself a foul taint. I would strongly advise seeking professional help for you rationale, it is not reasonable or acceptable by any stretch.

    I am a firm believer in free speech and the passionate exchange of thoughts on hot topics, but this person goes too far imo. I would request that mania remove his post on the basis of suggesting criminal activity, I simply do not want to be associated or grouped in with his comments in any way shape or form.

  8. Jimbo

    Ryai, Ryai, Ryai, Ryai /sigh … Ryai.

    you keep bringing up the same angry point.
    “What about the people who tamed him as a White Worg?”

    You can tame a level 80 white worgen if you’re not friendly or higher with Son’s of Hodir, they’re everywhere in Stormpeaks.
    If your reputation with them is higher or above, you can open your reputation panel and select “At War” with them, to flag the Worgs as hostile so you can tame them. Job done for less that 10 minutes work.

    “But but but i’m not level 80!!!”
    Then go tame one of the many level 63+ White skinned Worgs around howling Fjord. They go all the way up to level 71.
    That is not “punishment” not in the slightest, its an inconveniance at the most.

    Blizzard doesn’t hate hunter’s. They don’t hate any class. Check any class forum in this game and you get the same old tired arguement “My class is broken, all other classes are over powered. I can’t beat class XXX”
    Seriously if all people are going to do is cry that they’re class is broken the quit the game please. Hundred’s of thousands of other hunter’s are doing just fine. You’re lucky if 200 hunter’s actually comment on the forums and those that do just whine whine whine. The rest of the community gets on with playing the game they enjoy and the class they enjoy.
    They’re not broke. They just don’t play the way you want them to play.

    Ok before I get counter “QQ omg we are so broke” comments i’ll back up my comments. lets just see how bad the class is:
    According to WoW Census, (http://www.warcraftrealms.com/census.php) Deathknights make up 16% of the population across EU and US servers. (due to all the easy alts) Paladins are next at 13% (they can be 3 different roles and be very good at it, you get a free lowbie mount and you can move faster than most classes) then guess who’s 3rd at 12%…..Hunter’s!!! The broke class that Blizzard hate and are useless…

    Lets have a look at the most popular 5v5 teams..

    (2v2 isn’t balanced and neither is 3v3) OMG, out of the top 10 most common set ups you have 3 set ups that involve hunter’s.
    Hmm what about the top 5 arena teams world wide in 5v5? Oh snap! 4 of them have hunters…

    Well played hunter’s who don’t mash a steady shot macro that has all their cooldowns scripted in it, can top dps meters in 10 and 25 man. In the recent world first Yogg Saron kill with no watchers the 2 hunter’s were key to killing the boss.

    I fully understand your anger at loosing a cool pet. You need to understand however that your rage is misplaced with your class.

    Now look how low the hunter community has dropped to in this thread…
    Slavery discussions?
    Comparisions with the Chinese goverment?

    Its dead simply, if you don’t like it, then stop playing. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to subscribe. If the be all and end all of you playing a hunter is because you could once tame a specific pet then i think its time to move on and perhaps try a new class or a new game.
    Quite simply you’ve had something taken away from you that were not supposed to have. What has happened in the past doesn’t count as clearly Blizzard take each of these cases as they come and deal with them on an individual basis. Its impossible to just apply a blanket rulling across things like this.

    Regarding everyone talking about the forums…
    Open your eyes and read what the blues are telling you on the forums and read the forum rules. Its nasty rumors that and people who can’t read that are causing all the issues.

    Here is the link to the EU forums guide
    Don’t spam. Spam is not only repeated posting, but also posting nonsense or annoying posts/threads. Examples of spam are:
    Posting the same thread in multiple forums, including posting a thread to link to another thread.

    Here is the US forums guide
    Petition posts are frowned on. This is a discussion forum. Petition threads do not contain much discussion instead, a petition is usually page after page of /signed. This is not constructive. If you have an issue with the game, please discuss it in a civil fashion. There are other places on the Internet to form online petitions.

    Do not post about locked or deleted threads. Posts that are moderated have a reason behind the moderation. We lock before we post on a locked thread to stop the violation in question as soon as possible, so if you have yet to see a comment by a member of the community team on a locked thread, please wait for it and do not post on the subject. If you do have questions regarding forum moderation, please use the contact list below.

    I understand that some players think they’re special and think that only their post should be recognised but how stupid can hunter’s be and how many stupid hunter’s need to make the same thread about the same issue and then be confused when they get action taken against them for not following the basic forum guidelines?

    That’s why people are getting FORUM suspensions. For not following the FORUM GUIDELINES.

    Once again the internet wins..
    Someone posts something and you tell everyone about it before being intelligent enough to check it our for yourself and carry out some research.

  9. Twi


    I still have Dartol’s Rod and Terror… did not think of a screenshot together like that. But I have it now. XD

    “Imagine if you will, a world where Furbolg and Worgen get along and battle their enemies side by side…”

  10. Sunwing

    Firewing you’re absolutely right about Garwal. Exept for that last sentence. I play a tauren and I ended up helping three night elves, two blood elves, a tauren, a dwarf and a troll on their struggle for their worgen pet. It is a damn shame that we might lose the pet. I still have mine. He exists in the stables though he is still that werewolf that I tamed him as.
    I still don’t see how having Garwal taken away have any good in it.
    Even if I lose my werewolf, it’s still nice to see someone you helped out walking down the streets with the pet you helped them get.

  11. lol4life

    I mean, really? You people are QQing about something you KNEW was an accident from the beginning, and that you KNEW was going to be hot-fixed.

    I just don’t some people.

  12. Jeniveeve

    No one KNEW what would happen with the pet, in the past so far the most common Blizz reaction was to lock the critter in question and allow those who tamed it to keep it. Which would be why i see ghost wolves, hydras, slimes, the queen wasp, and many other non tameable critters still loyal to their hunters. :P

  13. Agravaine

    I believe that’s what Zarhym was addressing when he said it’s not just a matter of being consistent, but that these cases have to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

    According to one poster on the forums, the devs are still discussing this…

    I think TamedWorgenGarwal will stay in his current gimped form until patch 3.2, at which point, the official decision will be implemented. “Official decision” meaning deletion or a fix.

    That’s what they did with Gezzarak, anyway. Remember how gimped she was?

  14. Jeniveeve

    I meant that the history of how these pet situations have been handled in the past only shows that hunters had no way of knowing for sure that the pet would be deleted. People thought they would lose the others and didnt, so there is some sort of chance the pet will be allowed remain… however remote that chance may be. :P Wishful thinking never hurt anyone. LOL

  15. Agravaine

    Jenivieve, you’re right. There is still hope, but be prepared for disappointment anyway.

    The poster on the forums I mentioned said he had entered a ticket and the GM told him the devs were still discussing it. As well they should.

    More on Gezzarak… as a level 72 beaset, she was tameable when the level cap was raised, i.e. when Lich King was released in November. TamedGezz was fixed in January, and became untameable in the wild. Which meant we had a gimped pet for a month or two. :P

  16. Jeniveeve

    I just wish they would make up their minds or at least unbug it a little… my poor hunter is BM and I am afraid to stable that thing or let it take any hits, so my hunter is kinda useless. I have the pet mend glyph, so i can keep it happy, but with it not being able to be fed or named… what if I can not rez it if it dies, that would suck. :P
    Just frustrating, but of course I will live. :)

  17. Slaught

    If you want to keep your cool looking pet then go ahead, nothing is stoping you, they didnt take it away, you still have a cool looking pet to show off (which is what most ppl want to do with it), but.. it is now just for show, stop complaining, if you want a real pet you are free to abandon it and go get a wolf that actually works, i know your sad about not being able to raid/quest/whatever with your pet but you rlly need to get over it, you knew when you tamed it there was a chance you wouldnt get to keep it, thats just how it is, i rlly doubt anyone can make Blizz change it, just accept it and move on..

  18. Jeniveeve

    Isnt that what they call trolling? LOL
    I am making the choice to not use it… I said it was frustating but not gonna kill me. Just is nice to be able to enjoy the game the way i want to. I have real pets, I am making the choice to wait awhile longer and see what comes of it. This is a place to bounce ideas and vent, not insult other players. But you are welcome to start a new thread just on that. LOL

  19. Agravaine

    He is trolling, there’s still a few kids watching this thread looking for yummy hunter tears. Like I said, I’m ROFLcoptering, not complaining… I have an excellent raiding pet that won’t grab aggro from the tank! :D

  20. Agravaine

    Oh by the way, I haven’t had any problems letting him die and rezzing him, that seems to be another commonly reported plus. Good you have the mend pet glyph, too.

  21. Slaught

    First off i am a hunter, im not trolling wtf that is, i like to come to Petopia and read up on new things not to see 100 hunters QQing about a pet that got taken away (which we wernt supposed to have in the first place), im not tying to insult ppl, i would just like to see the hunter community move on, its just sad to see all these ppl worked up and claiming they will quit the game over a pet that they had less then a week (if im not mistaken), you dnt have to replay back saying “Im fine with it idk what your talking about” because im obviously not talking about you…

  22. Slaught

    And Jeniveeve that comment was not to you, i was just glancing over all this and thought i would put my word in (not that anyone cares..), your comment just happened to be above mine, im srry if it offended you

  23. itzzmlgkaiser

    im upset that the worgen is now officialy useless but hey, we still have him to show off. idk about anyone else here but i only saw like 2 other hunter with worgen on my server and they were on the other faction.

  24. Firewing

    *salutes to Sunwing* Awesome name there. ;)

    For those who have seen a while lot of worgen on their server…I’ve seen one worgen. And that was when I was skinning in Storm Peaks…(THe draenei was ding massive beat killing and wasn’t a skinner. Who am I to let that go to waste?)

    And lastly, question. The worgen is unbuffable, but he has had MotW twice, thorns once, Kings, Crusaders Aura, and aspect of the wild. Is it he can be buffed, they just don’t do what they’re supposed to do?


  25. Twi

    I went survival just so I could still put out decent dps while questing and still quest and stuff with my worgen. Stabling him doesn’t seem to make him disappear, I have a hunch the stabled ones that vanished had tickets up on em and the GMs deleted they pet once that person logged. GMs usually never know what the Devs stance is on a matter. So go ahead and stable him and use another pet if you are stuck in the BM rut, I just decided to switch specs and continue with my worgen fun while I have him. Rezzing mine is also fine, just make sure you have the Mend Pet Glyph.

    As far as buffs, they seem to work fine on mine. I can feed him pet buff food, use scrolls on him, buff him with my druid, ectect… All Blizz did is declassify the worgen (and all garwal wolves) so they do not have talents or abilities that a normal wolf would have. Which also means even though my tooltip says he eats meat still, the Feed Pet spell does not register that and so they can not be fed. Bestial Wrath still worked on mine when I was BM, as well as Intimidation and Kill Command. Kill Command is useless though since he has no abilities, but hey… it worked.

  26. Stripfiguur

    I briefly scanned posts to check for replies and this caught my eye:
    “What freedom is there in America if Blizzard is acting like the Chinese government.”

    OH MY F*ING GOD, we have hit a new low.
    you do realise that WoW is a game right? and that banning a player is not the same as real life torture and genocide?
    I feel ashamed I play the same class as you, I will never read this specific topic again.

    the worgen is gone, deal with it.

  27. Jeniveeve

    I figure the “Neutering” of Garwal was intended to push hunters to dump him on their own and reduce his numbers in society, but we will see once they finally make up their minds.
    Being that it is non-replaceable, I am still a bit afraid to stable it or let it die. My hunter was never my main raid toon, sorry all I was cursed at being a good healer so I have two healing 80s instead, LOL. My hunter is now 73, with the exciting new pet making her more addictive than ever to play, but now she sits again as I am reluctant to solo quest with Garwal having no abilities or even growl. Not a qq fest, just a frustration as I do have other toons to play. :)

    And so glad Petopia is back up, and I do notice “Petopia” is not in the name of the link to this site. Petopia oftens provides links to these forums to further support the hunter community and we love them for it. LONG LIVE GARWAL, PETOPIA, AND MANIASARCANIA! <3

  28. ryannie

    I think we should start a pedtrition about the Worgens we have already tamed…. what about the hydra and slime did they break them NO! then why did they just go and break the worgen…. i say fix the worgens we have and just make sure that he can be tamed
    we should threten Bliz about quiting!
    now who is with me???!!!!

  29. Agravaine

    Slaught, if you’re going to post to the hunter community at large, don’t complain about who replies to you.

  30. Jeniveeve

    worgen are also part beast… more than i can say for a slime which is still a pet to some hunters… and my worg says “Wolf” clearly over its head so it knows what it wants to be… LOL

  31. Koriani

    make everyone happy – just make a little worgen vanity pet…

    And though I did tame the ghost wolf, (with full knowledge that it could be taken away), and I did tame a crocolisk-hydra, I was not surprised when they made those untameable. They were bugs, and Blizz was nice to let them stay in our stables – but they didn’t lose hteir abilities because they were already identified as “beasts” – they already fit in a already established pet class (wolf or crocolisk..even if misnamed hehe).

    Worgen just doesn’t fit at all. So I don’t get the nerd rage OR the surprise. Worgen have never been an option for hunters. The fact that a mob was bugged doesn’t change that truth. So I didn’t lament that I’d done the quest and didn’t have access to the worgan – as much as I’ve always wished we could tame them – I KNEW this wouldn’t stay and that it wouldn’t stay as a regular pet. It doesn’t belong to any pet family – the game borkes itself trying to figure that out (hence the wierd ability/talent/feeding things). The fact that its still in your stable and can’t run away when its unhappy is a gift..

    I fully expected them to be removed from stables, or at the very least turned into white wolfs heh.

    But for anyone to be surprised…well that surprises me. Heh.

  32. Korzak

    God, this really is the entitlement generation. I think anyone complaining about this needs to suck it up.

    Hunters have never, ever had humanoid pets. They are no supposed to.

    If there was a bug that let hunters tame Thrall, you can bet there would be some idiots whining about how it was removed upon discovery.

    This is the same thing. Get over it.

  33. Agravaine

    I really don’t care what they are, I just think it’s hilarious Blizz is being so wishy washy about it.

    I mean if they really didn’t want hunters to have them, why do we still have them? Take them away if we shouldn’t have them, no angst from me for that. They haven’t really made up their minds. The devs are still deliberating under their cone of silence.

    3.2 is still weeks away, or we’d at least have a partial download of it by now. And guess what? Some of us still have worgens. Boo hoo and QQ.




  34. Jeniveeve

    Its pretty obvious a slime is not a beast, and just because a hydra is mis-named does not make it more of a beast. Garwal was also a wolf, as so it states as his name tag when he was tamed. If hunters can tame a beast why could the possibility not exist that they could “befriend” a creature that is in fact part beast. There is lore everywhere about such creatures and some even has some being more beast than animal anyway, well maybe Garwal was one such creature. :P
    Not like my world would be over if they change it into the full wolf form as disappointing as that would be. Just do it already instead of leaving those of us that still have him with a “neutered” version of a wolf creature. :P
    But personally I think my cute little female draenei hunter and her worgen make quite the cute couple. LOL
    I wouldn’t put it past an experienced female hunter to be able to tame a man, beast, or man-beast. LOL

  35. Johnny

    Wow….A “Ghost” Hydra is considered a Beast? an Undead Beast maybe. A Slime is considered a Beast? Can Hunters tame moving Piles of Goo? So can I tame any Slime that I find in Dalaran’s Sewers or maybe in Naxx? Slimes are Elementals, the One that was Tameable was not only a Elemental, it was a Darn Undead ghost. You call all that mucus in everyone’s nose a Beast? Lol. So I guess Hunter’s can tame Spirits without taking away it’s abilites, because Hunters with Ghosts was totally in the lore right?

    Koriani: Why is it that a Spiritual Wolf is considered a Wolf? Hydra’s are un-tameable Beasts at the least, if the one in SB was tameable for a short time, do you think all Hydra’s should be tameable? What was wrong with a Worgen that was transformed from a Wolf to have Wolf Abilities? If a Human were to build enough Muscle and or change the way he is by appearance, should you say he’s a Diffrent Race?

    The Wolf pack Leader that gave you the Alpha Worg quest could speak and he wasn’t a Worgen. The Two Bears in Grizzily Hills could speak, but only because they were the Off-spring of a Bear god. Should Loque’nahak be un-tameable then since he’s the mate of ANOTHER Beast that could Talk, and give you quests in Zul’Drak?

    Many of you Bashers just don’t get the point any of us are TRYING to make. All you see is QQ that you should say “Get over it, shut up.” How about if another class gets a bug that made the Class more fun, Blizzard Hotfixed it, they ask Bliz to re-consider. Are you going to just say “Oh I feel bad for you guys, I’ll support you, even if it doesn’t give the class any advantages over mine.” NO, you just make them seem like the bad guys here.

    Korzak: That’s just a a really poor Example. Can Worgen’s make an entire CITY or rule an entire FACTION? No, they can make little village’s though, but Raptors can also make structures, they can build small structures or nests out of Bones, they once joined forces with a race to take down both their Enemies in a WAR, so I guess they should be un-tameable too.

    RP Wise: Would if you found a Worgen who hated Humans to death, you both found the same Enemy, and joined forces to take down the Alliance? And that Worgen was pretty much an outcast. (But that is really just a Horde-side story.)

    Don’t tell me Worgen are going to be a Race, because all the arguements about ‘Worgens being to evil killing machines’ would be proven wrong. But it wouldn’t matter anyway since Blizzard would then have a REAL REASON to not allow hunters have a Working Worgen pet; So Hunter’s wanting the Worgen’s Abilities back would win over an arguement, but then lose the ENTIRE arguement to give the Worgen’s abilities back since you were able to become friendly with a race.

    A few more things,You bashers argue that we should just Shut up alrighty with the Worgen. But then why bother to make a Post anywhere on the WoW Forums or any WoW related site Thanking Blizzard for doing this Awful action to keep everyone happy. All you are doing is advancing the Topic and Arguement even futher, then to shut down the Arguement completely that you were ‘trying’ to do in the first place.

    Second, you Bashers argue that the ‘Save the Worgen’s usefulness’ Hunters are using the same arguements, then how come I keep seeing ‘It’s a Humanoid,It’s Slavery, it’s Lore breaking.” You bring up the same Arguements we do so you arn’t proving anything.

    Third, How is that Slavery? You want to call sending a Hunter Pet to die in a BG or risk it’s life for you isn’t Animal Cruelty? Stupid Arguement. Animal Crueity or keeping an organism against it’s will is a verson of Slavery and abuse, so I guess Hunter’s shouldn’t have Pets altogether.

    Finally, How is it that a Spirit or an Elemental any Diffrent from a Humanoid? Because they don’t walk on two feet? If Taming a Bugged Spirit is ok and you could keep it as a WORKING pet, I guess keeping a working bugged pet ‘Humanoid’ is a No No. How is it Lore-breaking to have a not-useless Worgen as a Hunter pet when it is NOT Lore-breaking to have a Useless one that can only Melee swing in Combat? It means Blizzard isn’t done with him that’s for sure.

    The only reason why it looks like Blizzard has stolen your Worgen is because since they removed the Wolf abilities from the Worgen, the Wolf family tree symbol doesn’t show up on the screen, but he is still there, just switch a Pet with the empty Space and bingo! It hasn’t happened to my Worgen yet, but my friend showed me on his Computer on how to fix that problem with his Hunter’s Worgen, so it does work.

  36. Jeniveeve

    Nice covering everything at once Johnny… lol =0)
    But I think I pretty much agree with all of it, so yeah, what he said. LOL

  37. Guthorm

    well Worgen as a race would be pretty awesome, just imagine, Worgen Deathknights…..but at any rate, i think its perfectly fair that they made it untameable, seeing as it was never ment to be tameable in the first place, saying that u may quit WoW because of this, or that blizz is stupid, is kind of going off the deep end. it would be cool to have a werewolf for a pet i admit, but personaly i had already done the quest. anyways, i would have been very suprised if they had let this stay a “pet”, im still keeping my fingers crossed for Spirit beast Raptors and Rhinos, oooooo, spirit beast devilsaur would be EPIC, anyways ive had my say.

  38. Nonhappyhunter

    i don’t think people can make the slavery argument here. If warlocks can have those gross slutty undead girls and all their pets that speak about how much they hate their master and that shackle move to force enemy demons to their side I doubt having a worgen tamed would be any worse a crime.

  39. Jeniveeve

    Saying its fair because it was never meant to be tameable would force blizzard to go back on all pets that are still owned by hunters that were never “meant” to be tamed, like the before mentioned slimes, hydra, ghost wolf, as well as a handful of other creature variations. The usual appropriate fix is to let those caught stay as pets and lock the npc from future taming. Although in this case I would understand reverting it to its wolf form, as disappointing as that would be. :P
    Just still twiddling my thumbs waiting for them to change the form back, delete it all together, or let us keep it… but a useless hunter pet… thats just cruel. :P

  40. BlizzardSnake

    Lets get one thing straight and remember this post. Blizzard will be no longer past 2013 they will file BK. Their net income was a whopping negative on Dec 08. The lost 3xs more money than what they made in March 03. Well, keep it up Blizzwannebe lord. You will run out of cash cause no one wants to play ur game anymore.

    Insiders sold 72.000.000 million shares. Institutions sales changed by 15 percent. Well, guess what, the 45 year olds that run the company and don’t now customer service skills better start looking for another job soon.

    It is just not about Garwal, but the worgen pet is a representation of their thought process and it is not looking good when you look at their books and balance sheet. It was not be such a bad decision if they sold out to the Chinese government given that they think alike….

    They made a big mistake on the Worgen decision and hope they do fix some bugs with it for players that have it, gratz to them.

    Players outsmarted them that is all, no exploit there. They just need to face the music and hire smarter people with some customer service skills.

    You heard it here first. Blizzard no longer in 2013. I give it a couple of years just because some people will not be smart enought to leave the game just now.

  41. Shiro

    Ah well done blizz, i commend you on fixing this atrocity among hunter pets, i am a hunter and tamed one for the sheer challenge but then realesed it. It is an intelligent HUMANoid and thus should not be tamed by us…our pet specific tree is called BEASTmastery rather than HUMANOIDmastery.

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