Blizzard on Worgen Fate

We have an initial response from Blizzard about the fate of the worgen pet. Zarhym posted the following just a bit ago:

It is not intended that Garwal can be tamed while in worgen form and will be addressed via a hotfix in the near future. When we have determined how to handle situations where hunters have already tamed Garwal we will let you know.

There are two things to get from this post:

  1. Soon we will no longer be able to tame Garwal in such a way that he gets stuck in his worgen form. (Whether this means that they make him untameable or just fix the ‘getting stuck’ part, we don’t yet know.)
  2. Blizzard has not yet decided what to do about the worgen that have already been tamed. But believe you me, we are keeping a close eye on this question in particular.

Thanks to Rikaku for posting about this, as far as I can tell, mere seconds after it happened.

(Ironically, I’ve been killed twice by Garwal while I typed this up. I suppose I shouldn’t go AFK at his spawn spot, eh?)

[edit] Ancilorn posted essentially the same information on the English EU forums:

As we’re sure you know, taming this NPC is unintended and a hotfix will address this. As for the future of tamed worgen, nothing has yet to be decided. The matter is being discussed and if we have something to share about the future of these pets, we will endeavour to do so.

I’m including this here both for completeness and so I have a handy link to both posts in case I need them later.

[edit #2] The July 7th maintenance on the US realms did not affect the worgen in any way that we can tell. Tamed worgen are still worgen, and Garwal can still be tamed both as a wolf and as a worgen.

We’re getting multiple reports of missing functionality with the worgen, which I can confirm myself. I just logged into Sentinels and found that:

  • When I try to feed my worgen, I get the ominous message that “You do not have a pet.”
  • With the worgen by my side, I do not have a pet talent tab and therefore cannot set his talents.
  • Similarly, with my worgen by my side I do not have a pet spellbook tab. In addition, the only actions on the pet command bar for the worgen are Attack/Follow/Stay and Aggressive/Defensive/Passive — no skills at all.

221 thoughts on “Blizzard on Worgen Fate

  1. Sarissan

    Garwals are people too, Save the Gawals!

    ok here’s the way I see it Garwal is a worgen but his main form is a wolf and he never showed human form at all, therefore I think he’s too far gone to be considered human anymore. He behaves like a wolf after tame and therefore has ideal pet coding with only one minor glitch, which is the same with other pets in the past that were not intended to be tamable.

    Also does anyone else think it would be hilarious if a hunter waited in que to tame Garwal, got the wolf form of it with no intent of getting the worgen form, /cheered it, /bowed to everyone and then walked away?

    to all you hunter’s (including myself)
    that did get Garwal, have a Gingersnap :)

  2. Scott

    My guess is they’re working with a smaller staff than in past and so there just wasn’t time to get the hotfix included in today’s maintenance… that would also tend to explain the late/minimal blue commentary on the matter.

  3. Rikaku

    Hmm interesting. No sudden hotfix? I’m…surprised. Though now I’ll be paranoid all week. But this does mean Blizzard is debating what to do, and I kind of see this a jury thing. The longer it takes to say the decision the more it might be in our favor that we get to keep our worgens once its hotfixed.

  4. Drag

    we are not safe still! well have only the maintenance after 9 hour… will possible they fix it in the europen realms?

  5. Leozero

    are you eve reading all what i wrote and all coments before? there was some ppl that posted “if they take my worgen off i quit wow”, thats what i mean i dont care if you quit if you got banned well you know why maybe it will be unfair but you did know the risk.also if you dont enjy something anymore then stop playing it.

    anyway like if that pet

    wel have to wait to see what blizz does about this, and again i tell you the options

    1.- Make anyone who completed the quest get the eagle eyes buff while on rivenwood, give a week or two and then make garwal untameable

    2.-just make him unatameable and let anywho get it keep it as pet.

    3.- Make him untameable and reset them on a future manteniance or patch so any worgen reverts to the white wolf model

    4.- (not likely to ever happen but still an option) Just delete all pets with that model id

    anyone got anything else?

  6. Rikaku

    Mania: Oh ok, sometimes my Firefox gets uppity and brings up old data on sites I visit. So I wasn’t sure.

    And finally, YAY! Maxwell isn’t alone. There’s at least 2 other Worgens on my realm now. No, I’m not being sarcastic, I’m geniunely happy ^^

  7. Ryai

    Scott my point still stands, if you can’t play decently with your gear at the level you’re supposed to get, but have to rely on enchants that at the time had -no- level limits when they should have, there is ‘nothing better about you’. Sorry but that’s how I see things. I never went twink and I don’t support twinking.

    I’ve actually made enemies by telling people off, wanting me to help them twink out or group to get an item to twink :/

    But Twinks =/= Garwal and Blizzard is FINALLY going to further fix the twink-normal player issue.

    Cause to be honest half the reason I hate pvping is I can’t enjoy it at lower levels, not even long enough to earn 1 mark. And then there’s the people that all /leave cause heaven forbid horde/ally are losing!

    But yeah now I started to rant so.

    Leozero; you’re basically repeating what has been repeatedly repeated over the last few days :c

    And no they won’t delete the pet, they just have to remove the buff that’s hidden/stealthed. That’s what ARENA does/WHY it resets Garwal.

  8. snuzzled

    @Leozero I don’t think anyone would really expect to get account actioned for this. This would be the ONLY time in my recollection that a hunter taming a pet got account actioned… if they banned/suspended us for this.

  9. Drag

    “However he’s apparently had all his skills and talents removed and is basically just for show now. Pointless to use.”

  10. Tardicus

    Looks like we got the answer we didn’t want to hear, apparently blizz made the pet relatively unuseable until they can figure out how to get rid of it permanantly. Another possibility is that they were going to let us keep it as is and the patch to make him untameable borked the ones in everyones stables. /cry

  11. Tardicus

    My guess is that they didnt have time make a proper fix and this was done as a stop gap until they could make one.

  12. Monanoke

    Im sorry, but this is bull. Can’t feed it, buff it, or even make it remotely useful. I didn’t want this pet for vanity Bliz, I wanted it because I loved it!

  13. Scott

    An “exploit” means you were using a bug to get a real, material advantage over other players – it’s one thing to get banned for using a GM item to one-shot instance bosses e.g. Exodus – THAT is an exploit in the true sense of the word and anyone doing such a thing cannot honestly claim to be surprised when they receive disciplinary action; as was stated in that case, the exploit involved “trivializing dungeon content” that was meant to require large numbers of well geared players all working together, resulting in achievements, special gear yadda yadda – quite another thing to penalize someone who simply went after a buggy tame that resulted in no measurable advantage over other players whatsoever.

    FWIW I’m aware that 99% likely Blizzard knows this and wouldn’t seriously consider bans or punishments even in the event they decide to yank everything out and take the PR hit right on the chin, because at that point they’d just be shooting themself in the foot when they really can’t afford (in the most literal sense of the word) to be dissing the largest class segment in the game (or second largest if you’re considering DKs… bearing in mind though, most hunters likely have a DK alt…)

  14. Scott

    Ryai, if you’ve taken the high ground to pvp twinking then a tip of the hat for remaining above it all… but once again my beef is just with people who complain about twinks in a *PVE* environment, where it truly is nothing more than gear envy.

  15. Illia

    Yep, the worgen is now effectively useless for anything other than showing off in Dalaran. No talent tree, no skills, can’t feed it – can’t even rename it so mine is stuck as “Wolf” because I didn’t think of an awesome name in time. Nice of them to let us know they’d done it – OH WAIT. I’m hoping it’s like Tardicus said and it’s temporary until they figure out a better solution – I’d rather they removed it permanently than left it as it is…

    The wild mob is also bugged, though – according to Beast Lore he’s still tameable, but – he really isn’t (I was going to go and get a second one in case I broke the first one, but I guess that doesn’t matter now :P) Might make a “wtf” ticket to a GM asking where my pet talents have gone and see what they say… XD

    As for Petopia being broken, I bet we overloaded the server with this worgen thing ;)

  16. Clown

    just like everyone else said, blizzard is dumb….. either get rid of the pet or let us keep him functionally. dont make him a giant vanity pet you lazy bastards.

  17. Syris

    Well, this isn’t quite what I expected them to do. I figured they’d go through the database and purge the “buff” that enables worgen form on all of the tames. Instead, it appears that they’ve set all his fields to null or some such – not scaling, no abilities, no foods, no family, no talent class.

    It’s a trophy now.

  18. Rikaku

    This is my opinion on the matter, courtesy of my post on the forums. Before, regardless of what they chose, I wasn’t gonna be mad. But this, this is just underhanded and wrong. So now, I’m mad.

    “You know, this recent decision was the worst one I think they could come up with. Honestly, you guys debated and *this* was the option you chose? Honestly, just revert the worgens back to a worg was better than this crap. This is just pure underhanded and avoiding making a decision.

    I said this in WG, and it’s appropriate here too:

    You guys must’ve trained to fail this hard.”

  19. Illia

    @ Snuzzled – no, you can’t tame a new one. Garwal has been made untameable (although according to Beast Lore there’s no change, which may have something to do with why our pets are bugged – a simple hotfix may not have been enough…)

    I suppose on the bright side he kept his worgen looks – for now, at least >.<

  20. Rikaku

    Oh I’m keeping my worgen. It took a year before my ghost wolf could run. I’ll be *censored* before I let my worgen go and then see “oh he’s fixed!” >=/

    And thus ends my Hunter fun. Since my spec is broken and I feel actually dirty when I’m SV or MM, looks like back to druid for me.

  21. snuzzled

    Jeez that’s so lame. I was at 95% through 70 on my alliance hunter alt before I started hearing that he was bugged. SO. ANGRY.

  22. akyo

    *Syris – It’s a trophy now*

    but its a trophy i will keep.

    *Drag – thats the worst way of fixing… how can they do this?*

    well, even though you have been able to tame him for a long time now, i dont think they have been aware that you could actually time it so he would stay worgen,
    Until now when the big “How To Tame A Worgen” wave hit.
    and thats like…two days ago now?! It might have been to short notice for the Blizz team to find a way to”fix” the pet at this maintainance and rather put it on some bad way of “standby mode” until they have a final solution about the tamed worgen.

    also i wonder if this might be a result of the server restart instead.
    that the realms somehow finaly figured they are NOT a wolf and by then treats it as a uknown pet or companion.
    could that possibly be the case?

    and sorry my bad english.

  23. Rikaku

    BM is totally broken. We’re not even competitive DPS compared to SV or MM. Tell me how it’s not a broken spec at the moment XD

  24. Mania Post author

    Hmm .. mine is certainly not exotic right now. I spec’d Kaet back to BM last night and she still can’t use hers. But we should definitely keep an eye on this.

  25. Rikaku

    I wasn’t getting pissy O_o If I came off like that, my apologies. That’s how I normally talk. I kind of thought you could tell I wasn’t being completely serious by my emoticons, but I guess not. Sorry.

  26. B_Thompson

    No problem, my bad. I just woke up, no doubt I’m the moody one here. ^^ I don’t want to switch to a broken spec though, does the BM tree at least have better survivability?

  27. Rikaku

    No worries. =) Well it’s just a matter of DPS. I mean, I can still beat a bad SV or a Bad MM player, but 2 similarly skilled & geared players who are SV and MM will beat me by a huge margin. Blizz keeps saying they’ll balance it but…well..we know how that goes.

    BM has the best survivablity hands down in PvE though. If you have a tenacity (or know how to kill fast with a ferocity), you will find you can take on just about anything with little to no problem.

  28. B_Thompson

    I’ve been speed leveling like mad, all by my lonesome, I found out sunday night, and went from level 53 to 64, couldn’t get high enough to tame him before the server restarts. I’m heart broken. I’ve never been more interested in a hunter in my life. I’ve always loved how the worgen look.

  29. Mania Post author

    I understand that people are upset about the situation, but please remember to be civil and respectful to each other (even if you can’t manage that towards Blizzard right now). :> And do please be mindful of your language.

  30. Illia

    I’m simply *amazed* that there’s been no blue post on this since the hotfix. With the sheer amount of players Blizzard are currently pissing off with this, you’d think the least they could do is let us know what’s going on…

    Also, I love that Garwal has his own Myspace and Facebook pages now! hehe :P

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