Blizzard on Worgen Fate

We have an initial response from Blizzard about the fate of the worgen pet. Zarhym posted the following just a bit ago:

It is not intended that Garwal can be tamed while in worgen form and will be addressed via a hotfix in the near future. When we have determined how to handle situations where hunters have already tamed Garwal we will let you know.

There are two things to get from this post:

  1. Soon we will no longer be able to tame Garwal in such a way that he gets stuck in his worgen form. (Whether this means that they make him untameable or just fix the ‘getting stuck’ part, we don’t yet know.)
  2. Blizzard has not yet decided what to do about the worgen that have already been tamed. But believe you me, we are keeping a close eye on this question in particular.

Thanks to Rikaku for posting about this, as far as I can tell, mere seconds after it happened.

(Ironically, I’ve been killed twice by Garwal while I typed this up. I suppose I shouldn’t go AFK at his spawn spot, eh?)

[edit] Ancilorn posted essentially the same information on the English EU forums:

As we’re sure you know, taming this NPC is unintended and a hotfix will address this. As for the future of tamed worgen, nothing has yet to be decided. The matter is being discussed and if we have something to share about the future of these pets, we will endeavour to do so.

I’m including this here both for completeness and so I have a handy link to both posts in case I need them later.

[edit #2] The July 7th maintenance on the US realms did not affect the worgen in any way that we can tell. Tamed worgen are still worgen, and Garwal can still be tamed both as a wolf and as a worgen.

We’re getting multiple reports of missing functionality with the worgen, which I can confirm myself. I just logged into Sentinels and found that:

  • When I try to feed my worgen, I get the ominous message that “You do not have a pet.”
  • With the worgen by my side, I do not have a pet talent tab and therefore cannot set his talents.
  • Similarly, with my worgen by my side I do not have a pet spellbook tab. In addition, the only actions on the pet command bar for the worgen are Attack/Follow/Stay and Aggressive/Defensive/Passive — no skills at all.

221 thoughts on “Blizzard on Worgen Fate

  1. Petz

    “No, it’s definitely not exotic. My hunter is BM and has always been BM. She still cannot use him.”

    It was just a joke about BM and exotic pets being useless. You can check on that topic.

  2. Sesshoumaru

    im glad hes stilll there with his skin an still tameable…but screwing with him like this, some hotfix :/ hopfuly its only temporairy while they figure out what there really going to do with him. Im still gonna lvl my hunter like mad an get one myself an hold onto it till its determind if he will be reuseable or not, and tameable…goodjob blizz…probably one of the of biggest fails in a hotfix you could of chosen :/

  3. Oh Lawl

    Mine doesn’t have a talent tree, doesn’t scale with anything. he doesn’t have growl or any of that stuff, he can only attack stuff. but i can still use him, idk what’s up. i put him in the stables before the restarts last night, and took him out this morning.

  4. KermoondiaGarona

    Oh Lawl-
    I talked to a GM and I quote; “The pet was a bug” made me sad “But the upside is, you can still keep him, not usable, but good for looks” Made me very happy. So you all can stop worrying about them disappearing tomorrow.

  5. Trowa Barton

    the picture book website of pretty tameable pets i cant tame anymore but dam i still like to look at the gallery of pets lol

  6. Ezekiël

    When I first read about the possibility of taming a worgen, I was immmediately excited and my boredom for the game dissapeared. At lvl 80 with full stuff and having done most raids and donjons multiple times, I now spend alot of times looking for that difficult to find vanity pet or exploring pet frontiers.

    Nothing compares to the excitement of the hunter fionally baggin his rare elite such as Gondria and Loque.

    I spend a long time getting the casts just right to tame my worgen, not mentionning the cost of changing my talent sto get th wyvern sting and back to my original talent tree.

    I was so happy that I shared it with all of you. I wanted hunters to get that pleasureable experience for themselves. Many have and a few hunter friends I ehelped were so excited about the pet. They spent time levelling them, gave them the coolest names they could find.

    36 hours later we all were amputated from that pleasure. Intentional or not Blizzard did release that code with the possibility of taming the worgen. Did I not tame King Krush using a low level spell removing potion I got from a forgotten ashenvale quest?

    We are just using their features and we should not be “involved” in the decision process regarding improvements on existing code such as rendering a worgen untamable.

    What Blizzard is really saying is that they do not intend to fully own the responsibility of their development team and blame the players for whatever “Flaw” we are taking advantage of.

    The fact is, the vast majority of players affected by this decision have been hurt by it.

    No matter what the circumstances are, is it healthy to bite the hand that feeds you?

    If you did bite it, would you appolgize or tell its owner that they deserved it?

    Are they going to delete my account if I have such an opinion?

  7. Oh Lawl

    I’ve heard people saying that theirs is unusable? I can confirm that i can switch mine in and out of the stable, and still use it.

  8. Shir_Kirakira

    I swear, my troll lady has no luck at all. No more worgen for that hunter alt!

    At times like this the paranoid side of me thinks that the REAL reason Blizz nerfed the Worgen was because so many people were leveling their hunter alts ferociously to tame it, that they were afraid we’d break the servers. I can just imagine a team of WoW developers sitting around their desk the morning after the holiday weekend going over some game related problems: “Hmm, people still waiting to get into instances. Some classes’ abilities still not working properly. Hunter population on servers increased by 50%. New Worgen skinned pet tamed, with normal hunter pet abilities. OMG THE HUNTERS ARE ALL LEVELING TO GET THE WORGEN PET. TOO MANY HUNTERS! Servers are hiccuping from the strain! We’d better get on this right quick, hotfix it NOW!”

    You know, rather than nerfing the pet perhaps Blizzard should have took a harder look at the good it was doing for the hunter community. People were leveling up their hunters together, helping each other tame, and for many of them getting their dusty alts out of the closet and getting reinterested in the class again, only to get their hopes squished into the ground. All over one pet. Yes, granted this is only one pet, but…Blizzard should take this as a big hint…hunters want more pets, more variety of pets. And for most of here that come to Mania’s site, we can probably agree, 50% of our class is the pet we have. Sometimes I wonder if Blizzard just does things to the hunter class just to discourage everyone from playing it.

  9. Wildtamer

    I can’t get this any more? Oh this is just awful. My main hunter had done the quest already, so I dusted off a 70 alt, on the other faction, and started to level him after more than a year. I had him do quests I’d never seen, trying to get just one level, in time to tame He Who Would Become “LonChaneyJr”, or something equally clever, I’m sure. I put a lot of thought into my pets’ names.

    I had to learn how to do new quests, how to travel through a zone as the ‘other’ faction, and how to play a character I’d not played in a long time. Did I say this was awful? No, it was wonderful. I would have loved to have gotten this pet, but the desire for it reintroduced me to my long-forgotten level 70 hunter from the faction I don’t normally play.

    Still, to have gotten a werewolf as your partner in fighting? Ooh…too cool.

  10. Angelén

    @ Wildtamer

    At the moment, no. The pet is a plushtoy. No talents, can’t level, 5000 health…

    I only hope Blizz changes it to a ‘normal’ pet like all the gwolves, oozes, hydrolysks etc.

  11. Castielle

    @ Angelén

    I have my plush toy. Like you, no talents, can’t level, but mine has over 10,000 health. I cannot feed Lucian (so now I have the Angry Red Face blaring at me while I play). I still use him in kills while doing dailies, but mend pet doesn’t make Lucian happy enough to lose the angry red face. I know they changed the happiness factor so supposedly your pet will not run away, but I just don’t trust Blizz any longer. I can stable him and take him out with no changes, but have decided to keep him out with me and use him as I can

    It was really nice to see Horde and Alliance working together for a change — all joined together for a common cause. How can Blizzard dismiss this. Even though we are waring factions, every now and again it is nice to not get spit on by a Horde or have angry gestures waved at me, and I’m sure Horde feel the same about the Alliance.

    This “”glitch” or “exploit” as many have called it, is Blizzard’s fault. This was discovered in the PTR and Blizz didn’t do anything to correct it then, so why should we be punished for something that clearly was a mistake THEY never corrected before going live. I just don’t get it! I’m very disappointed. Yes it’s just a pet, yes it’s just a game, but Blizz always back tracks and fracks it up more than it was before. I’m really contemplating quitting altogether. My money is being spent on a company that really does not care about the community and in my opinion is turning WoW into an expensive version of Runescape….dumbed down so much that as I read somewhere “pretty soon we’ll only have to log in to level and all of our epics will be sent to us in the mail”. Sad. A really good idea going down the toilet by the company that created it.

  12. KermoondiaGarona

    I am a Night Elf Beast Mastery hunter, and it took my almost 2 days to get my wolf. I had a Tauren Survival hunter who had just got her werewolf shot the sting at him. At first I thought she was trying to mess it up like all the other people there who wanted it for themselves, but she actually helped me get him. Unfortunately, on the Tuesday maintenance this week they turned all werewolves into worgs. It’s sad, but I opened a ticket, and for those of you who are worrying about being banned, the GM said we won’t be. I will miss my Lupin, but he shall be remembered in the Screenshots I took of him.

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