Pet … Worgen?! [Updated]

Spiritbinder with Worgen[Update] Because this topic is getting so much attention, I’ve re-organized the post slightly to highlight what we know and hopefully answer some questions before they need to be asked.

The facts as we know them:

  • When hunters tame the wolf/worgen Garwal, he normally reverts to wolf form. However, if you tame him at just the right time, he gets ‘stuck’ in worgen form and you can have a worgen pet.
  • In order to see Garwal, you must be on the quest to kill him (called Alpha Worg). This quest is available to both Horde and Alliance but has a different chain of prerequistes — check Wowhead for details.
  • If you have already completed the Alpha Worg quest, I’m afraid that you are out of luck. At this point we do not know any way for hunters who have completed the quest to tame Garwal. And GMs are unable to reset individually quests for characters.
  • There is a guide below on how to hit that “just the right time”, but be aware that the specifics of percentages and times will depend on your level and how much damage you do, and you will probably have to make several trial runs to get everything to work out.
  • The worgen pet shows as a wolf in the character selection screen and the stables, even when he is still safely in worgen form in the game.
  • He will revert back to wolf form permanently if you enter an Arena with him. Entering an Arena with another pet while the worgen is in the stable is safe, however.
  • So far, every other action we know about — battlegrounds, raids, instances, leveling, auto-leveling on tame, dying, resurrecting, stabling, logging out, dismissing, mounting, dueling — is safe for your worgen and will NOT cause him to revert to wolf form.
  • At this point, Blizzard has not made any statement of their intentions about this pet. It’s likely that hunters are not intended to run around with a humanoid pet like a worgen, but whether Blizzard will make Garwal untameable, or revert all worgen pets to wolf form, or leave existing worgen alone, or even ban the lot of us — we just don’t know. Please remember that before you get too attached to your new worgen.

There is a ton of good info in the comments below, and our understanding of this situation is increasing as more hunters spend time with this pet. For that reason, you may want to start at the bottom of the comment thread and browse up it to get the latest news. There is also an RSS feed for the comments on this post available.

And now, back to the original post. [/Update]

My home internet went out many hours ago and it’s just come back — just in time for me to be inundated with e-mails and comments about the rumored tameable worgen that’s been seen on the Darkspear (US) realm.

We first heard about this yesterday in a comment from Ranshiin, but it’s been blowing up since then — with lots of readers here, on our forum, and elsewhere trying to figure out how this may have happened.

Tonight there was apparently a breakthrough. As you can see from this pic I borrowed from Spiritbinder’s post on the Arcania forums, we now have a more-or-less repeatable method to tame the worgen.

The worgen in question is Garwal, a quest-beast who transforms between worg and worgen forms while you fight him. Hunters learned early on that when you tame Garwal, he reverts to worg form and stays that way … unless, apparently, you manage to tame him just as he transforms — in which case he gets ‘stuck’ in worgen form.

There are guides popping up with a better description of how to pull this off. The first I saw was courtesy of Icemaz:

  1. Get Wyvern Sting. It does about 19% damage by itself over 6 secs, and sleeps for 30.
  2. Find him.
  3. Hurt him until he is approx 67-69% health.
  4. Wyvern sting him.
  5. Wait till there is 14 secs left on Wyvern sting.
  6. At 14 secs left, cast tame beast.
  7. If done right, right as your tame ends, he will have just transformed.

From what I am reading, you may need to adjust the timing depending on how powerful your Wyvern Sting is.

[edit] Also, be aware that — as Lathun/Xethik tells us in the comments — entering an Arena will reset your worgen to his worlf form. [/edit]

Unfortunately, Garwal can only be tamed while you are on his quest. And unfortunately for me, I finished this quest long ago so I haven’t been able to try it out myself. (At least not with Mania. Garwal is level 71, so it is theoretically possible that I can get Kaet up there soon to do this chain and grab this handsome fellow.)

But … this also seems like the sort of thing that Blizzard may move quickly to fix — or fix retroactively. After all, we’re really not intended to tame humanoids. A ghost wolf is one thing … a werewolf who wear armor another. So until we hear official word, I’d be careful about getting too attached to your sexy new worgen.

But you have to admit … he really is a very handsome fellow!

(My sincere thanks to everyone who e-mailed and tried to keep my updated. I’m just sorry that my net was out for so many hours while all this was shaping up.)

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