Another Day on the 3.2 PTR

I had a chance to spend more time today on the Public Test Realms for Patch 3.2. (You can also read my previous adventures on the 3.2 PTR.)

First I spent some time feeding my Venomhide Hatchling, which will eventually transform into a Venomhide Ravasaur mount. Today he gave me a quest called Gorishi Grub, in which I needed to kill Gorishi silithids to gather 10 Silithid Meat for the little guy. All of the silithids in the Slithering Scar seemed to drop the meat at 100%, so it was a quick quest.

Incidentally, both the daily quest to feed my hatchling and the overall quest to get the mount (after many days of hatchling dailies) are marked as level 53 in the quest panel. I assume they can be picked up earlier than that but I’m not sure what level.

And that calls out something else — I have no add-ons installs on the PTR, so that means that the default Blizzard quest panel now shows quest levels. Yay!

[edit] As Gazmik Fizzwidget and Seidouyumi call out in the comments, this isn’t a new feature — it’s the so-called Colorblind Mode, and it works on the live realms also. (I say ‘so-called’ because lots of people use it who are not colorblind.) I must have turned it on at some point on the PTR. I like the quest-level feature, but I would prefer to keep my money icon-based (and Colorblind mode replaces the coin icons with letters). So for now I too will continue using Levelator (as well as FactionFriend and Feed-O-Matic). [/edit]

After feeding my ravenous hatchling I set off to see if I could find some of the new raptor mini-pets. The PTR 3.2 patch notes say that there are 8 new pets, not including Argent Tournament pets — some found on rare and eilte raptors, plus one sold by Breanni in Dalaran.

Using the item names posted by MMO, I made the following chart to try to figure out which mini-pets come from where.

Mini-Pet Probable Source
Darting Hatchling Dart (Rare – Dustwallow Marsh)
Deviate Hatchling Deviate Guardian and/or Deviate Ravager (Elites – Wailing Caverns)
Gundrak Hatchling Gundrak Raptors?
Leaping Hatchling Takk the Leaper (Rare – The Barrens)
Obsidian Hatchling Sold by Breanni (Dalaran)
Razzashi Hatchling Razzashi Raptor (Elites – Zul’Gurub)
Razormaw Hatchling Razormaw Matriarch (Rare – The Wetlands)
Ravasaur Hatchling Ravasaur Matriarch (Rare – Un’Goro Crater)

Deviate HatchlingCommenters on the Wowhead PTR site say that so far the drop rate for the rare raptors seems to be 100%, but there are enough people searching out those rares on the PTR that I haven’t seen any yet. I would assume that the drop rate from the non-rares is a lot lower.

I did venture into the Wailing Caverns to see if I could score a Deviate Hatchling — and I did! (That’s him on the right.) I may have just gotten lucky on the drop, but I got my little raptor from a Deviate Guardian — my 25th Deviate Guardian and my 52nd elite raptor kill inside WC. The mini-pet isn’t Bound on Pickup, by the way, so it can be traded.

I’m a little puzzled by the Gundrak Hatchling, actually. Gundrak raptors are neither elite nor rare. Perhaps this mini-pet actually comes from a dungeon raptor that I’m not familiar with? I double-checked the Gundrak raptors — the ones in Zul’Drak outside Gundrak — and indeed, they are neither rare nor elite. So … I dunno.

And while I was looking for Takk in the Barrens I was surprised to see a zeppelin flying overhead. Apparently the new route from Orgrimmar to Thunderbluff doesn’t ‘zone’ between the two cities but flies straight through. I wonder if you can jump off half-way to get to Crossroads? :>

Unfortunately that was all the time I had for the PTR today. Perhaps I’ll have some more time this weekend.

26 thoughts on “Another Day on the 3.2 PTR

  1. Kate

    When I read your other post before, you hadn’t gotten to the ravasaur stuff yet…it sounds so neat, really great for RP! This may be enough to get me excited for my Troll hunter again, actually–she’s never gotten so much into the whole raising critters thing as my Night Elf, but this would be a great opportunity. There’s a tamable version of the raptor used for the mount, right? Eeeethisisgonnabesomuchfun!

    Can’t wait for the patch now. xD it possible that the gundrak miniraptor comes from Draktheron Keep? I think there are raptors in there, at least.

  2. Rikaku

    Warcraftpets also updated their site with the exact location on these raptors. You can find that the rare drops are 100%, while the others seem to be somewhere in the 1 in 100 drop rate range.

  3. Nirvana

    I managed to snag a Razormaw Hatchling about 1 hr ago :) It does indeed drop off the Razormaw matriarch, and one thing I noted was her distinctive appearance – she’s a few shades lighter than the other raptors, so she stood out.

    I killed some Gun’drak raptors and wasn’t successful in getting the pet. I also tried Drak’tharon, but tbh the raptors in there don’t fit the appearance of the hatchlings, so I wasn’t expecting it to drop there – and wasn’t disappointed when it didn’t.

  4. Gazmik Fizzwidget

    Actually, the default UI only shows quest levels in the quest log if colorblind mode is enabled (and does on 3.1 live realms, too). Kind of a shame, really, since that’s not exactly a colorblind-specific thing. You have to put up with the other colorblind mode changes if you want it, and I’m not fond of them all (for one, I like icons for money). Guess I still have a reason to keep Levelator around. :)

    Yes, you can jump off the new zeppelin. Surviving the fall is another matter.

  5. Aleu

    I haven’t bothered to farm up the raptors yet. I’ll leave that when the patch goes live. I’ve been looking for Skoll spawn points. X)

    You can jump off the Zeppelin, but… I don’t think you want to. XD I only survived because half a second after I jumped I decided, “This was a bad idea…” and hit my parachute cloak. Yay Eng. 8D

  6. Ryai

    Hehe wonder if there’s going to be new traffic into XR this way. Raid on XR? Lets rain low levels on them 8) step right up lowbies! For da hoarde!!111ioebe111!

    Seriously tho glad they put the zep in.

    Starting to wonder if the Gundrak hatchling might be prelude to another rare? Or oh hell what if it drops from king dred.

    Oh hell.

  7. Noba

    Are the heads on these mini raptor pets actually oversized for the body? Or is it just the “camera” angle? It reminds me of that “The Dog” theme that was all over kids school supply folders a few years ago.. Weird angle with the gigantic nose or face.

  8. Feralkyn

    Not sure if it’s been noted about 3.2 but the Necrotic Webspinners are now showing as Tameable. For those who don’t know, these are the Icecrown spiders that are identical to the ones you can no longer find after clearing the phased questchain at the Argent Icecrown base.

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  10. Seidouyumi


    If you are running in Color Blind Mode the way I am (even though I am not color blind), you will get the quest level noted. I don’t run with any mods on Live either. I went to the color blind mode because I was often confused by the color coding in the game.

  11. Dweezill

    OK, I have a question that doesn’t really belong here, but I will post it here anyway. the other day i was reading where pets are gonna start scaling better with the hunter. It was mentioned that possibly, if a hunter is hit capped, the pet will also becoe hit capped. Now, if this does take effect, does that mean Wolverine bite will no longer trigger? How would the new “mechanics” effect moves like WB? Anybody have any insite on this?

  12. Ryai

    In PVP it would probably still trigger as there’s insane amounts of dodge/parry skill. And even at hitcapped a rogue will still somehow evade your bullet and eat your face off.

    Rikaku/Noba, go google Chomper/Land before time, tbh that’s what the raptors remind me of the most :p

  13. Rikaku

    OMG I didn’t even have to google that. I thought the VERY SAME THING when I saw those raptors (especially the bottom middle one) XD

    And Mania
    there’s a new fad going around you must check out. Tamable. Worgen.

  14. Clawclaw

    I’d guess that the Gundrak Hatchling will be blue (like the non-elites outside Gundrak) since the Deviate Hatchling purple and not a color changer, and probably dropped from the two types of elite raptors in DTK (Drakkari Scytheclaw and Drakkari Gutripper), since they did mention “rare and elite raptors” and those are the only elites in the general area.
    Also here’s a link to the mmo-champion thread about the worgen Rikaku pointed out:

  15. Mania Post author

    Gazmik Fizzwidget and Seidouyumi: Thanks for clarifying that! You are entirely correct, and I added a bit to the post so I won’t confuse anyone else. :>

  16. Seidouyumi


    You’re welcome. I also tried out the new zepplin from Orgrimmar to Thunder Bluff. It does not zone, and it flies pretty high. If you don’t mind dying, you can jump off at any time. However, it does pass over a couple of mountains and over the bluff around Mulgore where you can jump off fairly safely.

    Take care,

  17. Ethgrì

    I don’t care for the mimi pets, but I know many will. The overlaying theme here (besides raptors…) is that blizz is prolly trying to get people into the largely forgotten old world. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if they did something with silithus next. After all, no-one’s touched silithus since vanilla wow except for achievements and cool looking weapons to run around town with. At least EPL got some attention with it being the new DK start area, now it’s time for the other continent, and maybe winterspring???

    Also Mania, plz tell us more about the cool new features. I think the Worgen glitch has been strangled to the point that it’s boring and could get hotfixed at any time. Besides, it has an EXTREMELY limited field of interested players that can use it in the first place.

  18. Emotion

    Guys, these tameable worgens aren’t going to be out long. Making a huge deal out of them is just gonna cause an uproar when they get rid of them, think of the spirit wolf, a few of my friends quit the game because they found out that their spirit wolf was gone.

  19. Seidouyumi


    The entirety of Kaldimdor and Eastern Kingdoms needs a remake in order to smooth out the run from lvl 1 to lvl 60 and bring those two continents more in line with what has happened in Outland and Northrend. Both Kali and EK have some dead zones which could be made into new content. For instance, it would be viable to restructure Stonetalon into a full blown home city and start zone for the Trolls. It would be possible to eliminate the instance of Gnomergan and create a start zone for the Gnomes west and south of Gnomergan with access to the city. Of course, there are also Mt. Hyjal, Gilneas and Kul Tiras. There is also Grim Batol which could be useful for an instance and Uldum as well.

    Take care.

  20. Bellerophon

    oooh Seidouyumi i LIKE YOUR IDEAS! XD the gnomes starting area mobs could be Leper Gnomes! an indoor starting area would be very neat!

    I can’t wait for the new pets, i’m 3 away from getting my skunk. i wonder if they will nerf the Winterspring mount quests, I’m only Honored :( I will have to lvl up my Tauren to take advantage of the 100% droprate before it gets nerfed.

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