Hunter Pets on the Armory

Blizzard has added two exciting new features to the WoW Armory, including the ability to see details on the pets in your stable and a Hunter Pet Talent Calculator!

I first heard about this when Pike from Aspect of the Hare posted about the new features yesterday, and then several readers sent me e-mail and posted comments about it. (Unfortunately at the time I was unable to get to my own blog to post — very frustrating!)

Pike posted a link to her own armory page, where you can see the details — including name, level, family, and talent tree — for each of her famous pets in the lower right-hand corner. Very cool.

Another example: here’s the Armory page for Kaet, my level 70 Dwarf hunter. As you can see, Kaet currently only has two of her three trademark crabs with her, plus an unnamed silithid. (More on Kaet coming soon.)

Anyway, here’s what Blizzard had to say:

  • Hunter Pet talent trees: Hunter character profiles now display their pets’ talent specializations. The currently viewed pet can be selected from a drop-down menu on the hunter’s talent page that includes the pet’s in-game name and creature type.
  • Hunter Pet Calculator: The Armory’s Talent Calculator includes a new Pet Calculator tab that displays the three possible talent trees for pets. Each talent tree (Ferocity, Tenacity, and Cunning) is accompanied by a grouping of the creature types that use them.

[Aside] You may be wondering why I didn’t post the Armory link for Mania, who is after all my main character. That’s a bit of a story, but the short version is that I transferred Mania to a new realm to help out a friend, which also involved a name change. My friend has requested that I stay more anonymous on the new realm for her sake, and I have agreed to that.

I’ll continue to refer to the character as Mania because that’s who she is in my thoughts (even though it causes confusion between me and her, as it were!). But that’s why there’s no Armory link here to my main.

14 thoughts on “Hunter Pets on the Armory

  1. saphia

    I suggest making a lowbie character back on your old realm with Mania’s name so you at least have the place holder in case you want to re-create her. I made a few “Saphia”s on realms to keep the name I liked on potential realms.

  2. Mania Post author

    That’s a good idea, saphia, and actually something I did already. (She’s level 1, though, so she doesn’t show up on the Armory.) As soon as the XP block is in place I may start leveling up a horde of test characters, and she seems like a good candidate. :>

  3. Rikaku

    Personally, I don’t really like this change. Maybe it’s just me, but the entire armory is like one big stalker place it seems now. Especially when someone can just pull up my armory and just view all my pets. I guess it’s not really a big deal overall, but I’d rather the armory show my current buffs (like if Im in cat form or aspect of the hawk) then show which pets I own. Oh well.

  4. Kate

    Grr, Ranshiin, now I’m gonna waste my afternoon wondering how to get it. *shakes fist*

    (Just kidding, I wasn’t planning on getting much done anyway.)

  5. Yojimbo

    just wondering about that worgen pet.. think it’d be possible to get on an MC’ed humanoid, get it stacked to 3 and turn then if it’s a beast release it from MC and tame it?.. just a guess but can’t test it miself unfortunately >< (3 more levels til i can try it tho lol)

  6. Suzi

    It’s rather useful. I’m a bit forgetful sometimes and apparently I forgot my level 80 pet’s last talent point! I obviously didn’t notice this when I last played so who knows how long it would have taken before I’d have realised.

    Personally I like this addition. My pets mean more to me than any armour, weapons, glyphs or talents that can otherwise be seen on the Armory.

  7. Ryai

    I think it might be the rarespawn Worgen from Grizzly Hills? I ran into it once on Amarai, all I cared about was killing the thing before it killed me lol.

  8. Niabi

    I for one, welcome the new features! I have always considered my pets like family members and to be an integral part of my hunter’s character.

    I think Blizzard has recognized just how much we all love our pets and thus, given them the prestige of having their very own place on our hunter’s armory page.

  9. Ryai

    The change isn’t on the EU armory as far as I can tell, has my double talent builds and glyphs showing, but no pets/pet calculator.

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  11. batgrl

    This is going to be SO helpful – in the past I’ve had to screenshot all that pet info while I then try and figure out why different pets have such different dps, or even if I’ve made their talents equal – it’s a pain to have to take the pet in and out of stable slots – now it’s MUCH more simple to compare choices.

  12. mysticat

    i had to change my main druids name… when i talk about her i still refer to her as Fireangel, her old name.

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