Minor Interruption in Service Possible

Turns out I need to move this blog to a new server today. Who knew! (Apparently I was supposed to know but I forgot.) *grin*

Anyway, all the work should be taking place on the back end and completely invisible to readers, but it is possible that if you comment at exactly the wrong time, your comment may be eaten. So be aware of that.

[Update] Theoretically we are now transitioned to the new server. Please let me know if you see any irregularities. Thanks for your patience!

9 thoughts on “Minor Interruption in Service Possible

  1. Mania Post author

    Ironically, I think I had more trouble than most of you did. I posted the first update before we had actually moved because I’m an idiot, and then my ISP didn’t update to the new DNS until this morning — so every time I tried to get to the site last night I ended up on the dead version. (This is why I left the embarrassing “Uodate” typo on the front page all night.)

    We did lose two comments to this post, but that’s all I know about. Anyway, things seem more or less normal now.

  2. Mania Post author

    Yup, those were the two! They were both posted to the old server location, so I could see them, but when all the DNS’s kicked over they got left behind.

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