Skoll in Action – Video

The illimitable nobbie from had posted a great video of the new wolf-like Spirit Beast Skoll in action. Skoll is a new addition in Patch 3.2 that can currently be found on the Public Test Realms (PTR).

The video includes the tame itself, Skoll in Prowl, Skoll out of Prowl, shots of his skills, Skoll in combat, walking and running, and lots and lots of gorgeous shots of the lightning flickering around him. The subtitles are in German, I believe, but I could figure most of them out with the help of the visuals.

nobbie writes:

As promised, the ‘Skoll’ video (taming + preview) is now online. I found him on the 3.2 PTR in the Foot Steppes near Brunnhildar Village, though, not the Snowdrift Plains. This is apparently a 2nd spawn location.

You can download the video file (WMV, ~32 MB) here:,1500350
and watch the flash stream here:,1500352

Thank you very much to nobbie and for sharing this beautiful video!

25 thoughts on “Skoll in Action – Video

  1. lianardo

    That is awsome i wish i wasnt Survival lol. id love to get a red oen of those then i would defenetly make my main spc BM jsut for that (if it was red)

  2. nobbie

    You’re welcome, Mania, and thanks for pointing us to this beauty!

    Yes, subtitles are in German, but they’re just general notes such as “Skoll has the ‘ferocity’ talent tree, and so forth. Pretty self-explaining stuff for newbies ^^

  3. Emowin

    Thanks for posting the wonderfull video. Now all I have to do is weight for it to go live. And for some one to make a spawn point map lol.

  4. Jadvya

    *Rikaku, oy.

    To make this comment constructive… As long as he doesn’t have 6 all spread-out around the zone, I’m happy. If I do decide to go after him, I’ll do what my sister did for Gondria: sit and WAIT at one. Patience is key.

  5. Jinza

    Ah, what the hell?! Claw and Prowl better be replaced with somehting unique for the worg. Bite is fine, but prowl better be changed to something else.

  6. Rikaku

    Rikaki, I like that XD I might use that for an alt some day =D but I hope he’s not like Loque AKA spawn in a 20 min window every hour. So far he’s got 2 spots, but I’ve got 2 guesses on other spots (using a theory based on the previous 2 spirit beasts and their locations) so I’m doing some tests.

    If I find anything, Petopia will be the first to know.

    But first, server stability please!

  7. Epacsten

    It’s a beautiful pet, but some things about it don’t make a lot of sense.

    First of all, Spirit Beasts shouldn’t prowl. They should have a unique skill that phase shifts them like an imp, so you can keep them passive on fights like heigan and they’ll never die. That would give them a much needed utility and help separate them from cats.

    Claw, Bite, and Smack are all the exact same skill with a different name and icon, so I don’t care which one it has. Spirit beasts might as well have an alternative focus dump that’s just for them. Something more appropriate for a spiritual beast.

    If those two things were done, you could make a spirit beast with any appearance at all, from a crab to a t-rex.

  8. Rayde

    Ah, what the hell?! Claw and Prowl better be replaced with somehting unique for the worg. Bite is fine, but prowl better be changed to something else.

    I spirit that can’t go invisible?

  9. Aquillian

    Wow. He’s… prettier, than I thought O_O;; NOOOO WHYYY *stares at full stables… and current char parked in ZD* >_>;

  10. Brim

    hey all, i had a quick question, will this new spirit beast have the same unfair 10 hour plus spawn cycle like the other two spirit beasts? And if it does, is there any info on if blizzard will make a spirit beast for the rest of us to get? Thanks all.

  11. L

    Why is everyone so against Prowl on Spirit Beasts? I think it’s just a lack of imagination.

    ‘Spirit’ is a synonym for ‘ghost’. Ghosts can become invisible. The ‘Prowl’ skill causes the Spirit Beast to become invisible.

    Am I the only one who thinks this makes 100% sense and that Skoll doesn’t need a skill other than Prowl?

  12. Grimhawk

    But… but… it’s just another spirit beast. Just another under powered pet. A pet you have to give up all your damage for, and that doesn’t do as much damage as a run of the mill Devilsaur. You like it cause it’s blue?

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