No Sexy Dragonhawk for You!

Well, as I said in the original post on this topic: there are no guarantees with content on the Public Test Realms.

In a post on the PTR Forum today, Blizzard poster Kisirani said:

The Sunreaver Dragonhawks that have been tamed will keep the coloration they have on live realms rather than getting a new texture.

In other words, taming a Sunreaver Dragonhawk now on the live realms will NOT get you a cool retired pet with a unique appearance.

If you tame a Sunreaver Dragonhawk now, or if you have tamed one in the past, you will not lose your dragonhawk — but it will continue to be a standard red dragonhawk even after the ‘wild’ version changes to the new mount-like appearance in Patch 3.2.

Kisirani also explained a bit about why this situation is different from other retired pets:

This is not a “grandfathered” situation as with other similar situations, as the new look for dragonhawks has not yet been live and this is a bug existing on the Test Realm alone. The new texture is being introduced in 3.2, but will now be applied to a new Sunreaver Dragonhawk that cannot be tamed.

Of course I’m sad about this — more pet appearances are always welcome — but I also understand their decision. … And at least this way the hated Alliance aren’t taming a beast that should be all rights be available to us Horde. *grin*

(My thanks to Beasthunter and Brio for bringing this to my attention.)

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  1. Mania Post author

    Huh. I was working under the impression that — while only regular readers might know offhand that I play Alliance as much as I play Horde, everyone else would be tipped off by the light tone and big *grin*. Guess I was wrong! :>

  2. Ryai

    .-. not really saying they shouldn’t. It’s just why are people like Dweezill complaining when a new exotic is released, when last patch Aotona was made tameable- and this patch someone found possibly new tameable bone spiders. I’m not saying their shouldn’t be more skins to tame [personally I would love the brown-white of the worg pup for some alt], but to be complaining about new exotic skins when to be frank, there’s so few already?

    Look at it this way, Devilsaur’s have three common skins. One RARE skin. Spirit Beasts are ALL Rare. So you have tyo have dumb luck like I did with Loque or patience. Core Hounds come in only three skins, Fuzzy, Acid trip and THE DOG IS ON FIRE!!!.

    And Raptors -alone- out number three exotic species. spiders outnumber tameable sithilids, and this boggles me as why not make tameable sithilid wasps- surely it wouldn’t be hard to make them a wasp species, but an exotic version like Sithilid tanks are to spiders?

    Cause to be frank it’s not really normal pets lacking in options, it’s exotics.

    I mean I am all proud to say I tamed King Mosh! But not many people probably believe me because poor Mosh is the same Bronze red as every normal Saur, unlike his jungle green cousin of the north.

    I’m not trying to say one side should be favored over the other, but when you start complaining about normal pets that already have so many choices of skin and model as it is, it irks me because BM have so few choices with exotics.

    Especially AFTER Blizzard ‘fixed’ several.

    Releases of each should go hand in hand; with Gondria came Aotona. With Skoll, comes apparently, more spiders.

    And remember how Blizz does do things? SUDDENLY WITHOUT SAYING. If I remember right there was little warning with STD cat, and look at Skoll. No warning at all. So I don’t think they will announce new releases of pets northrend, new or not.

    So go get on the PTR and start beast loring everything.

  3. Dweezill

    Been using a Spore bat for raids for quite some time. I tamed Sporebat, and love using him in raids where most of the raid can benefit from 3% armor debuff. So, hell yeah, some others use them too.

  4. Kedaar

    Mania, if you’re going to insult your Alliance readers, I don’t think I will follow your blog anymore. If that wasn’t your intent, then I apologize.

  5. Nirvana

    Gotta agree with you Kedaar – feeling the Alliance hostility since the whole Dragonhawk issue. As Alliance, I may occasionally complain about Horde getting more aesthetically pleasing gear/vanity items, but I’ve tried to avoid being outwardly hostile about it. I love Taurencows, for one, because my first ever hunter was one, and I’ve written plenty of stories about her. Don’t hate on the Alliance :( Hate on Blizzard for having given the Alliance something you wanted but couldn’t get yourself, and then ask them to make it available to you as well instead of demanding they take it away from us all.

    Just my 2 copper.

  6. Saranette

    This is humorous because unless the posts were appended or removed, I’m not seeing offending remarks anywhere.

    Grass is always greener…

  7. Rowdypotter

    HA! I know about Mania having an Alliance toon from her earlier posts long ago — saw her (mania) on my dwarven hunter a year ago and waved at her… point is…. while this is just indeed a game to most casual players, some DO take it seriously……. almost too seriously. Topics like these tend to go either way to a reader…. especially with word-twisting on an already “volatile” topic such as this. I get that Mania was trying to be funny, but I guess it backfired. Never underestimate the power of how words affect certain people, even in supposed jest.

    Hunters; be it horde and alliance both lose this time around in regards to the pet “mount skin”. Though not much of a fan of D-Hawks since the AOE nerf, I am only glad this didn’t make it live and for blizzard to hotfix it later without so much as a by-your-leave like what they did to the ghost wolves…. that one really almost drove me to quit the game right there when they told us it was there to stay and then YANKED it out without any explanation.

  8. Ryai

    Um I think everyone is jumping the gun about Mania- tbh if she had said it about Horde, if she was alliance I would NOT have taken offense, because none was meant. It’s basically like when I said ‘lol poor alliance’. I didn’t mean any harm by it :/

    And btw Nirvana; two words. Brewfest Mount.

    You ever see the complaining Alliance did for it? I did. They did it so much it was -removed- and it was going to then be Kodo for horde, Ram for alliance. Then it seemed everyone got into a riot. And guess what happened then.

    No more farming tickets on low level characters, now you gotta farm a seasonal boss!

    Tbh this was FAIR what they did considering the level of complaints. Because ally still have pets they can tame and horde have pets they can only tame. That can be tamed by opposing factions and it would have been impossible to tame it for horde anyhow- only Sunreavers have that skin for their mounts. How would Horde ever be able to tame it? We can’t go at war with them :/

    I mean the worst that could happen was all you got was a useless vanity pet unable to attack or do anything but look shiny.

  9. Arjuna

    What would the game be without I little friendly rivalry and to be honest thats is what has been carried on here. Lets keep the heat down though as this we are all pet lovers at the end of the day mania has done this in good spirit to add a little humour.
    It after all is a mount skin and unlikely to have been left as tameable. Bliz is getting more aware of us picking up unitentional pets as time goes on so they are going to be fixed before we see them live.
    I think bliz has done allot to correct “grass is greener” but can certify the horde dont get more favours from that side of the fence (yes I play an alliance hunter too)
    I dont think more pet skins are the issue as more stable slots are needed to put them in ^_^ Lets look at some of our posts and see how many say oh this new pet skin on a mediocre pet has come out; which unique pet am I going to abandon to tame it? I know there not real but the pets are becoming less of a best friend and partner and more of a fashion statement /sigh
    My vote is Bliz gives hunters a 5% damage and stamina buff for pets that have been withh there partners for over a year lets have some loyalty <3

  10. Rikaku

    Ok as an Alliance, I found no offense whatsoever in Mania’s post.

    I can see how some may have come to that conclusion, but honestly, the *grin* was a dead giveaway. Plus I’ve read Mania’s blog long enough to realize that she loves pets more than factions in WoW. No offense, but don’t get worked up over a single joking comment in a blog. =) It’s a game.

  11. Nirvana

    I never said specifically Mania, or even any commenter in this blog, had offended me. This isn’t the only forum hunters can commune on, and definitely one of the less-hostile ones (WoW forums, anyone?). Yeah, there’s a couple people on here I may feel a distinct dislike for due to the general attitude of their posting, but I try to hold my tongue because frankly, I’d prefer this place NOT become the WoW forum.

  12. Ryai

    Oh god wow forums. I still remember facepalming over a lv 40 hunter in cloth and tried to explain spell and stam aren’t hunter stats.

    Then some lv nelf mocked my hit rating. YEAH PVP GEAR HAD HIT RATING THEN .-. my welfare epix sure didn’t.

  13. Nirvana

    Heh, yeah. WoW forums are definitely more akin to a pack of hungry wolves than anything. I haven’t posted there in a long time…even if you’re offering helpful advice, you’re likely to be flamed into a fetal position. That’s why I prefer to hang around here. There might be the occasional argument – such as this dragonhawk – but most people here are very friendly xD

  14. Rikaku

    Nirvana & Ryai:
    Yeah I agree. The WoW forums are a horrid horrid place. I mean, when I was researching druid stuff, I wanted to stop by there for a few questions. Sure, I meant well but oh god, the posts. I ended up not posting and just reading other sites from sheer fear of the place XD

    Pack of hungry wolves is quite possibly the best term for them XD

  15. Rottingham

    Yeah, sorry Mania. It really doesn’t bother me because I’m not a “die hard” Alliance fan or Horde fan… coem to think of it I really haven’t played much since spore galactic adventures came out… But still I made my way to lvl 80 as a dwarf hunter faster then several horde hunters I know. Really there is no better or worse, just hatred toward people in a game that play an opposite faction then you. Why? Because they can’t walk through Ogrimmar without being attacked? Because it takes an encredibly long time for them to travel through stranglethorn in order to get to Ratchet and get a barrens pet? IDk, just that alliance have had tough breaks on pets too.the only real ones that come to mind on horde are low level ravagers and owls, but alliance got jipped on low level loins, raptors, wind serpents, bats, hyenas and of course this posts background, Marrarache (Or however you spell it, my bad)

  16. Kai

    This does make me sad, thankfully I didn’t chose to rid myself of my windserpant until I knew for sure if this change was happaning or not.

    Now I still have a 5th slot left open and debating on what kind of pet I want for it.

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