PTR 3.2: Skoll – Wolf or Spirit Beast? [Updated]

Skoll[Update] And the answer is: Spirit Beast! More details at the end of the post.

Commenter Clawclaw pointed us at this post on the MMO Champion forums about a new Northrend beast named Skoll that was found on the PTR in the Snowdrift Plains.

Skoll is … well, as you can see here, he’s an ice-blue worg with built-in lightning bolts which are constantly flickering about his body. (Even with the model viewer it was hard to get a pic that does justice to the lightning.)

We don’t have a lot of information on this creature yet. Skoll is described as a neutral (yellow dot) tameable rare. Unfortunately the only in-game screenshot shows him dead already so we don’t have confirmation that he can be tamed.

And assuming that he can be tamed, we also don’t know for certain which pet family he might be in. Yes, he is clearly a saberworg … but he is also a neutral rare beast with a spectral look and built-in lightning. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he qualifies as our first non-feline Spirit Beast.

Safrienaer And SkollWhat we need most now is data! If you happen to be flying over the Snowdrift Plains on the PTR, keep an eye out for a yellow dot below you — and let us know what you find!

[Update] Commenter Safrienaer (aka Nanyana on the PTR) has tamed one of these bad boys and confirms that they are spirit beasts with the skills Prowl and Spirit Strike. And yes, Skoll keeps his lightning effect when he’s tamed. (You can just see the lightning around his ears in Safrienaer’s pic.)

162 thoughts on “PTR 3.2: Skoll – Wolf or Spirit Beast? [Updated]

  1. Buttons

    i’m getting Skoll and Loque’nahak :3 yeesh stop complaining on how there arn’t many pet slots in the stables if u want him u want him if u don’t u don’t yeesh >.< BM hunta goin PvP don't complain that BM sucks for everything like my brother does ppl can spec wut they want… only getting Skoll and Loque cuz i want to keep my rare cat duskstalker niknamed Dusky :3

  2. brom

    i got skoll at 2:35 am night of the patch on ravencrest in the same spot that is on the video he is awesome im either the first or maybe sec one awesome pet

  3. Louis A

    Found Skoll (the new spirit wolf) yesterday in the southern part of Snowdrift Plains, just sitting there waiting to be tamed. Makes up for the long hours of searching for Loque.

  4. Moogar

    So I tamed Skoll my problem is that he has less paper doll dps than my normal wolf. Same spec same lvl.. can someone explain ???

  5. Moonmystery

    I tamed Skoll yesterday (august 20th) at 11.35 in the morning on Terrokkar server at the spawn location in Bor’s breath . There’s a map for his spawn locations on there are 3 locations known so far and he walks about at 5 places (including the 3 near Brunhilldar village) I know that he spawned 3 times at the excact same time as when I found him at the excact same place but almost every time there was a 12-48 hour respawn time so i waited two days every time I heard he had spawned somewhere. I hope I can help another hunter with this bit of info.

  6. Pilon

    Just to let you know i tamed skoll today, this is one very happy hunter :) only been looking for him for 3 days, and i beat 2 hord hunters to him.

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