PTR 3.2: Skoll – Wolf or Spirit Beast? [Updated]

Skoll[Update] And the answer is: Spirit Beast! More details at the end of the post.

Commenter Clawclaw pointed us at this post on the MMO Champion forums about a new Northrend beast named Skoll that was found on the PTR in the Snowdrift Plains.

Skoll is … well, as you can see here, he’s an ice-blue worg with built-in lightning bolts which are constantly flickering about his body. (Even with the model viewer it was hard to get a pic that does justice to the lightning.)

We don’t have a lot of information on this creature yet. Skoll is described as a neutral (yellow dot) tameable rare. Unfortunately the only in-game screenshot shows him dead already so we don’t have confirmation that he can be tamed.

And assuming that he can be tamed, we also don’t know for certain which pet family he might be in. Yes, he is clearly a saberworg … but he is also a neutral rare beast with a spectral look and built-in lightning. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he qualifies as our first non-feline Spirit Beast.

Safrienaer And SkollWhat we need most now is data! If you happen to be flying over the Snowdrift Plains on the PTR, keep an eye out for a yellow dot below you — and let us know what you find!

[Update] Commenter Safrienaer (aka Nanyana on the PTR) has tamed one of these bad boys and confirms that they are spirit beasts with the skills Prowl and Spirit Strike. And yes, Skoll keeps his lightning effect when he’s tamed. (You can just see the lightning around his ears in Safrienaer’s pic.)

162 thoughts on “PTR 3.2: Skoll – Wolf or Spirit Beast? [Updated]

  1. nobbie

    No, Skoll has the standard roaring/barking sounds of this type of WotLK/Northrend wolves, plus a unique “electricity on fur” sound when you stand next to him ^^

  2. Magnakilro

    Dang it! Thx for giving my orc a pet dilemma Blizz….gg. Might hafta take him outta “taming retirement” for this one rofl. Dunno if I should ditch Loque for him tho……

  3. Rayquaza7996

    Yay! A spirit beast I like the look of!

    Spawncamps, here I come! I’ll pack plenty of marshmellos and chocolate! Ohhh, and grahm crackers. Smorcs and wolves :O I guess it’s time to say goodbye to my Vargul Bloodhound.

    Now to hope for a spirit hydra…/cry
    I missed out on the ghost hydra and I’m very sore about it, but oh well. I’m sure we’ll get a hydra eventually. Maybe in the next expansion if there is one.

  4. Mania Post author

    Thanks, nobbie! Sorry I was slow pulling your links out of moderation. :> I made a new post for the video, though — I know everyone is going to want to take a look at that.

  5. Scott

    Yeah, I was pretty sure spirit “beast” meant we’d see a non-cat sooner than later… that said, I’m guessing they won’t use any families outside of the ferocity tree, or at least not tenacity models – even as a semi-corporeal entity, the idea of a stealthing bear/rhino/etc just seems too goofy.

    Incidentally this seems like a decent compensation for taking spirit wolves away from us, IMO…

  6. Rikaku

    Now I like the static lightning effects, but I don’t know how I feel about the sound. Flapping pets annoy me enough (which make me re-think keeping the sunreaver hawk after all XD) but that lightning might drive me nuts after awhile. Hmm I’ll have to think about this guy XD

  7. Rayde

    The sound of the lightning is very low, you’ll barely hear it. I only turned up the volume of the vid so you can hear the lightning clearly.

  8. Rikaku

    I can tell the sound is actually loud. i could tell when the person casted Eyes of the Beast, but the lightning effect is as clear as bell chimes to me even when I turned my sound down to compensate what would be the level of sound I use.

    The slightest sound, like Core hounds with a flickering fire effect, or flapping wings, or lions yawning all the time, drive me bonkers. I would love to get this wolf, and I probably will. But I’ll probably stable him for Loque since I know that one is silent XD

  9. Devin

    So basically another badass pet that I get to look at in my stable since BM is a Joke Spec right? Bummer but cool…

  10. Emowin

    YESSSS! Finally a wolf skin to tame in rememberance of my lost puppy Xena. Some of you may recall my post of my search for a ghostish puppy to tame and name after her. Skoll is deffenatly worthy of being named after her.

  11. zifero

    I think i just died a little inside, unlike the opinions of most ive always liked the northrend wolf model, and this is iceing on the cake! (and ive always wanted a SB wolf, grimtotem spirit guide ftw) However i cant let my DPS suffer for the sake of aesthetics…and i dont have the money for duel spec…i suddenly regret spending 2kg on making my twink the best it can possibly be lol

  12. Kristy

    I gotta say I really like the shooting electricity on this new Spirit Beast. I might Tame this. But it’d really put me off if it barking “vocals”. I hope it keeps the “deep voice” that Loque’nahak has. I’d love different, additional Spirit Beasts. Preferably an albino (I adore albinos!) Spirit Beast(s).

  13. sparrowsharp

    as a bm hunter i know we have a tough time putting out the dps these days… however, i’m stubborn, this bm of mine was primarily a farming toon, though over time i’ve found i’ve really enjoyed playing her… a couple of days ago i lucked out while lvling one of my first pets Mazzranache (i love it, how humiliating when you get your butt whooped by a p*ssed off looking pink ostrich) in zul’drak while killing the air elemental elites around the one altar and i stumbled across Gondria, i knew about this gorgeous spirit beast for awhile now and had spawn points marked on my cartographer but figured i’d never have the luck and assumed it would be severely farmed as loqu was…

    Skoll would make a nice addition, but to me it really depends on what tree it falls under, i already have 3 ferocity pets… if blizz would make more stable slots it wouldn’t be an issue… regardless i’ll try my hand at farming him if it ever hits live.

  14. Nelavair

    I really dont get people who sit there and complain “I WANT THIS SO BAD BUT BM SUCKS SO I CANT GET IT I’D BE SO HAPPY BUT IT RUINS MY DAMAGE”… like, seriously, if its the coolest pet on earth to you, just get it :S who cares if your not max dpsing, its not like people praise you for it, they just compete with you, everyone trying to have the biggest epeen. I know a common reply to this is “but i wont get in raids and i wont get gear” .. gear for what? gear so you can get more gear to max your dps further for…what? I could understand getting gear to look cool, then once you get it change to BM and get your dream pet, but just trying to be like everyone else and max dpsing and making yourself miserable is silly.

    Sorry for the rant, I just have a friend who’s all about max dps and shes miserable playing because she hates her pets she has to use and hates her spec, yet does it anyway because people put out this mentality that if you dont max dps, your a loser or a noob and its just stupid

    So everyone out there, just do what makes you happy and tame your lightning wolf!

  15. Wain

    The “do what makes you happy” policy is a good thing to remember, as it’s easy to get caught up in the arms race. But to be fair, while some people go after better gear for the addiction of getting better gear, many also want to get into raids to experience the game content and story (I’m still saddened that the most important conclusion to the Burning Crusade storyline was barred to all but the most powerful guilds).

    Having said that, if anyone loves this beast so much, then saving for dual spec should seem a small price. Use BM for solo play and enjoy the pet. And I have BM friends who have no trouble raiding with their guilds in that spec… not all guilds are that brutal or competitive and they still do well in Ulduar!

  16. sparrowsharp

    i agree, after all, we do pay to play, why pay to make yourself miserable in a spec you don’t like just to have access to the phatter lewts?

    that and as bm, especially at this point in the game, i’ve found that people aren’t as strict with who they let into the raids these days as long as you know how to play your character(s) and have a relative knowledge of the pulls. And i know people complain that PUGs suck, but if you’re in a casual guild that doesn’t raid all the time you find yourself having to resort to these, and really it’s not that bad, of course you find yourself in bad groups now and then, but generally speaking the overall successes out-number the fails. not only that but it’s a great way to get to know other players on your realm.

    (sorry for going off-topic).

  17. Kedaar

    I agree, I find the Northrend wolves pretty awkward looking. They look like they haven’t had a decent meal in ages…”

    That’s actually why I switched to a Northrend wolf for my dwarf. It’s all ragged and shaggy and Norse-looking.

    Skoll is incredible though, I might have to finish leveling her to 80 so I can try for him.

  18. Goraan

    Congrats on the Sexy spirit beast tame. now, only if i can get him since all spirit beasts on my server is scarse and all the alliance Bm hunters and a few horde Bm hunters have them but me.

  19. Alex

    I had just tamed Gondria with my Hunter… but I may have to replace her with this one. The lightning effects are to die for.

    And I have been a BM Hunter since I started playing the game (I just recently got Dual Spec, and use Marksmanship for groups without another MM in them), and I don’t think that the “BM Hunters have crappy DPS” is well-founded at all. My DPS is usually well up with the other MM and Survival Hunters in my guild (which is a raiding guild), so I don’t see much of an issue with being BM. BM DPS is going to be boosted slightly with the patch, though, as Kill Command can have a 30 second cooldown with Catlike Reflexes, which will help. That’s just my two cents, anyway.

  20. Guthorm

    i hope they make Spirit beast raptors and wind serpents, i think those would look the coolest, rhinos would be pretty sweet too.

  21. King Flanagan

    This wolf is attention catching.. I know that you all… are sick of Cats.. but they must make a fire-elemental lion.. as a Spirit Beast! with a blazing fire as his mane..! Whaddya say? You guys know it would be awesome!

  22. Kristy

    I’d absolutely love a cat/Devilsaur/rhino-looking Spirit Beast that’s as “attention catching” as this 1 will be!

  23. Zukiji

    I’ve only just this second found out about this, and omfg.. I actually need this pet.. I’m a sucker for rares etc and bagged myself Gondria as a server first tame on Agamaggan, but my god. I actually NEED this pet!! Have just been pacing back and forward in my kitchen waiting for the PTR to load, to no avail. Looks like I’ll be waiting on 3.2 hitting Live for my chance to tame this beautiful demon!

    But seriously… I need this pet…

  24. Tori

    Just wanted to throw out my own 2 cents on the ‘Do What Makes You Happy’ topic. :) I wholeheartedly agree with that statement!

    When I started the game I chose a hunter for my main character because I loved the whole idea of them. I’m a big animal lover in real life, so the Hunter class suited me perfectly. I tamed the pets that I wanted to, the ones that I loved. I didn’t care if they ‘weren’t the best’ for levelling or raiding. It was all about aesthetics for me. :) Same thing goes with my talents. I’ve always been a BM hunter…since day 1! And I’ve never switched. I liked the idea of focusing on your pets, and again…this is my game, I’m paying for it, and I’m playing what I want to. Regardless I’m still in a great guild that raids. We may not be up to Ulduar or anything, but I’m sure we’ll get there someday.

    I’m not overly concerned though. I hate when people come up and tell me that my Talent tree sucks, or that I should have put point in this or that. Not everyone’s obsessed with being the best DPS. Mine is still fine, I know it’s not epic raid worthy, but it’s not shitty either. I’m not going to change my character to suit someone else’s idea of the perfect play style.

    Enjoy the game your own way, otherwise why play?

  25. Pepsi Jedi

    *Just calmly smiles at those who called me an idiot when I said that spirit beasts wouldn’t all be cats*

    This one looks nice. Might have to punt Gondria for him.

  26. Palladiamors

    For the record, I never called anyone an idiot over it. The first two spirit beasts were both cats with cat looks and prowl, which is a cat ability. *shrugs* It was just logical that they’d all be cats’. Chain’s been broken now though, so we’ll see where it goes.

  27. Euphy

    is any one can help me ? i m looking for the place, but i m not sure. is at north of
    brunnhildar or near dun niffelem ?

    thx 4 help

  28. Hoogabooga

    I saw that “do what makes you happy” line, and I completely agree. Hell, even before Wrath when alot of pets sucked, I tamed a sporebat and went everywhere with it because of looks, and before Wrath sporebats couldn’t even learn a skill like bite.

  29. Black Lullaby

    Skoll! I love it! What a wonderful norsk lore reference!

    In norsk mythology, Skoll is one of the children of Fenrir, the great wolf. Skoll chases two horses across the sky that carry the sun every day. It is said that if Skoll gave up his nobel pursuit, the sun would stop moving across the sky and night would be eternal.
    He has a sister named Heiti that chases the moon across the sky at night.

    Gotta have this one!

  30. Yaone

    I just got Skoll today on the ptr, 10 am pacific. I was hoping I would see it on the ptr and tell myself that I did not need another spirit beast but here we go, I know where my hunter is going to be parked when 3.2 hits!

  31. William

    =( another Spirit beast i can’t find =’( any1 on tortheldrin server willing to help me find the Zul’drak 1 i say that 1 looks AWESOME! the wolf 1 isn’t really impressin me i say he looks cool but do somethin to the spirit beast make them have a freak worgen 1 ;)

  32. Yaone

    I’m not on your server but I can tell you how I found my Gondria. Providing you know where all the spawn points are you can go by the steps up close to Zim’torga. On the huge pillar on the right (when you are facing the stairs) You can fly up to the top of it and use eyes of the beast to look at all the spawn points for it. Just make sure your terrain distance is set to max~

  33. Hunter Pets

    I sure hope that Blizzard AVTI makes up for teh Worgen mistake and gives hunters a realy cool pet aside from a Spirit Beast.

    Cross your fingers it might just happen. But rest assured the they are no worse than the company the has teh distribution rights in China, cuase they sure make dictatorship decisions.

  34. bane

    wantwnatwantwantwantwantwant i don’t freaking care if i don’t use him in raids, i dont care if hes in the stables a good bit of the time, he looks BADASS!! while everyday i pray that they let non BM’s get a skill or something where you can get them to or that they just go for broke and make all beasts tameable for all specs, I WILL STILL HAVE THIS WOLF. as to how the NR wolfs look as i believe they look half starved for a reason, i mean consider this, NR seems to be a place of primal powers and might (best example protodrakes as compared to dragons) and so it makes sense that A) a lot of them are skinny because they don’t eat as well as the rest of the wolves in outland/azeroth and B) they look less refined and more robustly powerful than their counterparts. point being when 3.2 goes live i WILL HAVE THIS PET!

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  36. Johnno

    Wow, that is a very awesome spirit beast. I really cannot wait till we can get it, but then again everyone will be crouding up to get it. lol

    I can’t wait!!

  37. Darkbander

    I want this wolf so bad, but on my server, theres a bot thats permanently in this area farming anything that moves. Sucks for people needed the TLPD too.

  38. Champp

    Skoll is mine, got up before work this morning at 2:55am pacific, and tamed him at the 45,62 spawn point. I’m almost positive he shares spawns with the other 3 rare elites in the zone; Dirkee, Vyragosa, and the Time Lost Drake. I think they may have changed it to let two of the rares spawn at a time. A hunter I talked to who had the Time Lost Drake claimed he killed it the same time last night I killed Vyragosa.

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