PTR 3.2: Skoll – Wolf or Spirit Beast? [Updated]

Skoll[Update] And the answer is: Spirit Beast! More details at the end of the post.

Commenter Clawclaw pointed us at this post on the MMO Champion forums about a new Northrend beast named Skoll that was found on the PTR in the Snowdrift Plains.

Skoll is … well, as you can see here, he’s an ice-blue worg with built-in lightning bolts which are constantly flickering about his body. (Even with the model viewer it was hard to get a pic that does justice to the lightning.)

We don’t have a lot of information on this creature yet. Skoll is described as a neutral (yellow dot) tameable rare. Unfortunately the only in-game screenshot shows him dead already so we don’t have confirmation that he can be tamed.

And assuming that he can be tamed, we also don’t know for certain which pet family he might be in. Yes, he is clearly a saberworg … but he is also a neutral rare beast with a spectral look and built-in lightning. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that he qualifies as our first non-feline Spirit Beast.

Safrienaer And SkollWhat we need most now is data! If you happen to be flying over the Snowdrift Plains on the PTR, keep an eye out for a yellow dot below you — and let us know what you find!

[Update] Commenter Safrienaer (aka Nanyana on the PTR) has tamed one of these bad boys and confirms that they are spirit beasts with the skills Prowl and Spirit Strike. And yes, Skoll keeps his lightning effect when he’s tamed. (You can just see the lightning around his ears in Safrienaer’s pic.)

162 thoughts on “PTR 3.2: Skoll – Wolf or Spirit Beast? [Updated]

  1. 84

    nice.upgraded ghost wolf.think ill keep the one iv got now though.maybe ill get this one later once the campfest has died down.i hope its not on that damn achevement list..

  2. Safrienaer


    It was around coordinates 29 50. I was planning on taking a screenshot of the map should I find him, but seeing him just standing there shocked me too much to think of anything apart from “tametametame!!!” XD

  3. Rundas

    Hey tzivya :D
    Was wondering where you went
    after you came a few other alli hunters showed up :(
    Well gratz to you safrienaer :)

  4. Kaïna

    I totally need more Stable Slots! :O I will tame this pretty wolf for sure! :) I jsut have 1 question. Is it the only zone in Storm Peaks where you can get him? If yes, it’ll be easier for me to watch if he’s there…(not like Gondria or Loque…)

  5. Tori

    Oh my god! A spirit beast I finally want!!!!

    This is both good and bad. This means I’ll have to camp for him. xD I love him though. I’m not sure if anyone else is aware, but in Norse mythology, Sköll (Old Norse “treachery”) is a wolf that chases the horses that drag the chariot which contains the sun through the sky every day, trying to eat her. Sköll has a brother, Hati, who chases the moon.

    Pretty awesome. :)

  6. Ichigo

    I have Gondria on my live hunter… I’m guessing this guy is a rare? T_T Damn. I can’t wait to get my hands on him. This thing is gorgeous. HOORAY FOR BM! :D

  7. Jenata

    Heh to the guys who said “no no, spirit beasts are cats. End of discussion.” on my realm. And personally, I love the way the new worgs look, my favourite pet look in the game! I’m not a fan of the new Howl, and I just love the colour this pet is dreamy. ^_^ It’s kind of odd..wolves are super-awesome in real life, but I don’t really like the old-style wolf models. These new worgs really float my boat, though, so all’s good. Here’s to more spirit beasts from all sorts of families!

  8. Gelannerai

    Oh man. I don’t know that I can ignore this SB like I ignored Loq and Gondria. My Corehound might be taking a hike unless we get some more stable slots (oh please oh please, ‘locks get 7 pets why not us???). I would definitely appreciate subbing out Prowl for Furious Howl, so hopefully that’ll happen before 3.2 goes live.

  9. Tori

    Well, been camping for him on the PTR for the last couple hours, no luck yet though.

    I did, however, make some friends with a few other hunters who stopped by in the same spot (funnily enough we were all there after reading this post on Petopia! xD )
    We chatted for a while just passing the time, so that was pretty awesome.

    With any luck perhaps one of us will find him soon. :)

  10. Stranger

    This new wolf is a spirit beast, and what is its focus-dump skill? Claw or bite?
    The previous spirit beasts are cat-form and have the same focus-dump skill (claw) as cats. But this new spirit beast is wolf-form. Should he has the same focus-dump skill as wolf (bite)?

  11. Nyx

    Very unhappy that this is a Spirit Beast – I never see my Loque (when I’m Beast Mastery, I’m tanking a lowbie instance or something with my bear), and so I’m running always with my white lion or ghost wolf.

    I’ll camp for it anyway, just… is this how the new pets are going to be? Any exotic skins will be Beast Mastery-only? Because, speaking as someone who played all the way from original beta, that would disappoint the crap out of me. I’m fine with them being ultra-super-special-secret rares that only appear on left-handed Tuesdays when the moon is flat and the sun’s shaped like a trapezoid, but let every hunter run with them if they have the luck to see them, please.

  12. Ryai

    Um Nyx, you do remember Aotona is an exotic skin and NOT an exotic, right? Skoll is an EXOTIC for a reason, please, listen. Sure it sounds bad but someone posted the most likely legend this WoW Skoll is based off of, and look at him. Just look. This is past Exotic. If he just -glew- -slightly-, I would have had doubts of being a spirit beast. But no look at the glow on him, it’s the exact same as Loque’s, he has lightning flickering about his body. No normal wolf can do that.

    If you want the super cool looking pets you’re either going to have to roll BM, if not please stop complaining, BM’s only compensation atm,are shiny pets.

    Anyways this made me think of something; guys what if there’s more spirit beasts? Or what if Skoll gets a brother? I don’t remember any Blizz announcing a new spirit beast, there could be more as ‘surprises’?

  13. Saranette

    Pretty much expecting this to be a spirit beast….yep…. Makes no difference either way, I find BM spec to be very boring to play, and can’t stand the Northrend anorexia-dogs…

    This and the insta-limited edition dragonhawks makes me sad, unintentional or not…

  14. Ryno

    Hehe, looks nice. Probably won’t take the time to camp it, but he is pretty shiny.

    I think Blizz will release a new spirit beast each patch probably, until each zone has a rare spirit beast spawn.

  15. irwinn

    sorry to be critical… just i tamed loque on the lich king beta… and another spirit beast is kinda anticlimatic.

  16. nobbie

    @67 – Wolfwings:

    We should have a video up within the next 6-8 hours (taming + action shots). Found him on the 3.2 PTR in the Foot Steppes near Brunnhildar Village, though, not the Snowdrift Plains.

    He’s a neutral rare Spirit Beast like Loque’nahak and he has the same basic skills. Until the video is up (I’ll post a note here), you can already find a dozen high-res screenshots (1440×900) of the blue “electric” wolf here (at the bottom of the page):


    If you want any of these screenshots for your blog or website, go ahead and take what you like. We have to thank you once again for the instant info about this beautiful pet. Keep up the great work! ^^

  17. Nyx

    While I appreciate the condescension, one or two exceptions don’t make the difference. And you know what? BM should be unnerfed and it should go back to being a reasonable damage spec with proper pet management. It’s not then especially fair to rearrange a mechanic that’s been in place since old Azeroth because there’s no other bone to throw to Beast Mastery hunters. You know what’ll happen? I’ll tame this, because I have dual specs, and then it can sit around in my stable because I run 5-and-25 man instances and don’t have the inclination to be doing 500 less DPS with a really cool pet skin. Great. We can all go back to having cats, so Beast Mastery hunters can feel special.

    Hunters have been camping rare spawns with funny skins long before this expansion and the daft “exotic” game mechanic. Bring it back to the old-school game, where the only obstacle was your patience and how long you were willing to wait for the mob to spawn.

  18. MintMazzo

    LOL I wonder if my pet will have to be renamed… I named my Vargul Blighthound Skoll after the wolf that chases the sun gods in norse mythology (no doubt what this spirit beast is reference to)

  19. Ryai

    Nyx, tbh now you just sound like someone doing the Sour Grapes ploy. If you’re not going to use it, if you’re not going to appreciate the pet. Why tame it? Why waste someone’s chance of getting it, just because you’re feeling sore that BM got a SPECIAL SKINNED BEAST. This is NOT like the old world rares, like Lupos and Brokentooth. Those animals are just the same as the rest, these are DIFFERENT. And NOT all the rares are exotic, and besides, as I said, at the moment BM compensation, are these rare special pets.

    I don’t complain when people have ghost wolves. I don’t complain when ally can tame a soon to be retired dragonhawk. I’m not complaining I missed out on it and Gezz.

    So please can you not rain on our parades just because unfortunately, SV and MM don’t get shiny special pets too?

    Thankyou .-.

  20. Witrely

    oh dear. now I really have to choose if to let the hydra go or the dragonhawk I kept since level 10… or the sunreaver dragonhawk.
    for now I will wait to see if the sunreaver’s dragon hawk in my stable changes to its new armored skin and then I will decide.

  21. Makoes

    A spirit wolf!!! YAY!!! I am happy that they’re adding a none-cat one to the family…hmmm if they have two cat models, and now a wolf…if they come out with another wolf…maybe they’ll be making 2-models per family for the spirit beast family. conspiracies aside :P

    This blue lightning wolf is awsome, I might switch loque for it…but only after I see an ingame example :P

  22. Suzi

    Skoll is beautiful!

    I can understand why people would want another wolf but I’m glad he’s a Spirit Beast – it never sat well with me that the only two Spirit Beasts were cats.

  23. Bunnyking

    This makes me wonder though… will they add a ghost wolf in the next patch as a 4th SB? Would make sense in some way…

  24. Arjuna

    -> Public test realm :)

    Spirit beasts are lovley and this one is a welome addition but the damage is poor for an exotic I really hope Bliz scale them up as they are a nice size to take into an instance. At the moment my spirit beast is really only coming out for my dailes as the poor dps of BM means MM or Suv for instance runs. I cant afford a vanity nerf on top of low BM damage ^_^ All the same I love my gondria especially enraged just looks evil!

  25. Caninese

    I go BM whether outside or inside raids, I don’t care who you are, I always rock the DPS meters, and this guy will hopefully help me out.

  26. Tsani

    A video of this beauty would be very nice, and please please please add combat sounds to it. Half of the pet families are added to or removed from my favourites list because of their sounds. Spirit Beasts are not just great lookers, but the sound department also did a wonderful job with those deep growls.

    Hats off to whoever made this little beauty… the only Northrend wolf I would even think about taming (like so many others I hate the eternally starved look of the saberwolf model).

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  28. nobbie

    Since my last post with the video links is still under moderation: My first post (no. 75) links to the ‘Skoll’ gallery images of the German Gamona WoW fansite.

    The same site also has the 4-minute video preview up now (see the news headlines there).

  29. Satyr

    Still no one has commented….

    Cat SBs have prowl, spirit strike, and CLAW

    Wolf SBs have prowl, spirit strike, and ? (bite or howl)?

    I would assume bite since claw is a focus dump. But as many have commented, howl would be better.

    SO for those who have tamed him on PTR, does Skoll have bite or howl?

  30. nobbie

    At the moment he has (after the taming): Spirit Strike, Claw and Prowl (along with Cower and Growl). This might still change, though, as we are in early beta.

  31. Talacocheta

    Skoll is really cool; tyvm for the info. Like others, I wish we could have more stable slots – at least as many as warlocks get pets. But further, I wish we could purchase stable slots, like we can with our bank. I’d happily pay gold to be allowed to keep as many pets as I wanted, since there are many different reasons for having various pets, and then so many shiny rares are out there. Because I like to raid and pvp, and collect rares, in order to tame Skoll, I’ll have to abandon a useful pet yet again.(rip Humar) Either that, or I’ll keep only one spirit beast, and that will be Loque instead of this guy.

  32. Ryai


    Warlocks can have; Imps, Felhunters, Succubus, Voidwalkers, and with talents, Felguard.
    Hunters now can have up to five pets.

    I don’t consider Doomguard, Infernal or being able to enslave other demons as ‘pets’ as they turn around and break my chains faster than I can sneeze and aren’t worth the troubles imo. So er yeah can we stop the ‘warlocks still have more minions then us!’? I know I might have started it; but at the time THEY DID. Now they don’t. Thank you.

  33. Spiritbinder

    If you watch Nobbie’s vid, you can clearly see it still has claw and all the same skills of the current Spirit Beasts.

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