Want a Retired Pet? Now’s Your Chance!* [Updated]

Ryna with Sunreaver Dragonhawk[Update] Unfortunately we’ve learned that previously-tamed Sunreaver Dragonhawks will not be getting the cool new look when Patch 3.2 goes live. See this post for more details.

* … if, that is, you happen to be a level 80 Alliance hunter.

Sunreaver Dragonhawks can be found on the live realms right now as the ‘taxi’ mounts at Sunreaver’s Command in Crystalsong Forest. They use the Sunreaver faction, so they can only be tamed by Alliance hunters.

(In the past, however, Horde hunters were able to go ‘At War’ with the Sunreavers and tame these dragonhawks, so some Horde hunters may still have one in the stable. I wish I still had mine on Mania, but I released it for Patch 3.1. Argh!)

Right now, they have a red dragonhawk appearance. But on the 3.2 PTR, the Sunreaver taxis have switched to the new black/red dragonhawk appearance — the same one that is used for the upcoming Sunreaver Dragonhawk mount. Unfortunately, Patch 3.2 also renders the Sunreaver dragonhawk taxi completely untameable by anyone.

But according to Ryna on the Arcania forum, existing Sunreaver Dragonhawk pets get the new appearance. That’s her with her amazing new dragonhawk on PTR above.

So if you want to own a soon-to-be-very-cool-and-retired pet — and you are a level 80 Alliance — you might consider picking up a Sunreaver Dragonhawk before the next patch.

Of course, this may change before Patch 3.2 goes live. There are no guarantees: Blizzard may decide to replace the entire dragonhawk instead of just reskinning it so that the existing tamed versions don’t get the cool skin. But if you’ve got an open spot in your stable, what do you have to lose?

40 thoughts on “Want a Retired Pet? Now’s Your Chance!* [Updated]

  1. Witrely

    thanks Mania, you bring hope to my stabled Hudson* that it will one day get a shiny new look and get to see the world once more.

    *named for Hundson’s Hawk movie as a reference to the cat burglar since its a stolen mount and GTDH is an odd name for a pet. hehe

  2. Moltenrain

    If anyone finds out a glitch to get them onto horde, that’s be nice. It’d be good for any hunter starting a collection of pets that look like mounts.

  3. Tzivya

    Got mine! Let’s hope for the best. Naming will be a pain, as always, and I can’t say they will really be raid-viable, but why would I let that stop me? :)

  4. Makoes

    well, decided to “abandon” my worm…great thing about them is they’re tamable at lv 80, so if these dragonhawks dont get the new skin, i can easily re-aquire my worm. (one of the reasons why I choose one as my 2ndary tank pet :P)

    Tamed a Sunreaver Dragonhawk, hope the skin changes to the new one after patch day. If nat…ah well.

    naming is easy for me since I am FF7 themed…just got to find the right monster look-a-like lol….Maybe “Ironite”…

    Thx Manis for the tip, greatly appreciated

  5. Aleu

    -sigh- Why can’t I just place myself at war for a moment with Sunreaver? x.x If anyone does find a way for Horde to tame it, I’d love to hear of it.

  6. Kai

    ……….I just rushed out and tamed it this very moment :3

    It was cute too, a horde DK ran up and I was worried that he was going to pwn my poor night elf while she was taming, but he was a good sport and cheered/congrated/saluted me after :P

    …I still booked it back to dalaran though lol

  7. Rikaku

    Just got back from getting mine. Fairly simple, couldn’t find a way to make horde get one though, which sucks D=

    Really hope these make it to live though, as I would love to have a sweet looking dragonhawk. If not, ah well. Still need a name, but being the nerd I am, I’ll probably make a Transformers reference as that armor kinda reminds me of one XD

  8. Hordz

    Sunreavers, alliance? I’m playing horde and I’m exalted with the sunreavers, so I don’t quite get what ur saying :)

  9. Safrienaer

    Ooo, Now I have to get one! Stupid me for taming one earlier and then abandoning it. >.< Luckily I’ve been looking for a nice Cunning pet to fill my last stable slot with. This sounds like an opportunity. :D Usually I don’t like Cunning pets much, but a retired skin should make the pet worth keeping.

  10. Nachtwulf

    Hehe… I tagged one too. We shall see…

    If nothing else, and it stays the gray/red… I suppose I can just keep it open for the next shiny new thing.

  11. Tyuriwen

    Just tamed mine! I’ve always loved Dragonhawks, but their family skill really is pathetic…Ah well, I’ve always been known to choose looks over functionality. =3 I really hope they keep the skins, they look amazing, second only to the untameable ones in Sunwell Plateau. <3 Sorry to all you Hordies out there, and congratulations to everyone who will be keeping this beauty. ^^

  12. Ryai

    Tyuriwen: It used to be a decent skill before they ‘fixed’ it, was an AoE if I remember right. And they aren’t bad persay, it’s just they like Wind Serpents would be better off as DPS pets like Hyena’s and Core Hounds [thanks to their special skills secondary abilities] would be better pvp pets.

  13. Solumas

    Oh man, I was so excited when I saw the mount with this skin, and now my Blood Elf hunter’s dragonhawk is possibly gonna have the same skin? Awesome.

  14. Rikaku

    Not *all* dragonhawks with this skin will be changed. Only the dragonhawks who are actually *at* the Sunreaver’s Flight Master will be changed. Unless you tame those 2 specific D-hawks, you won’t get this skin. This much I do know for certain as I have seen other hunters with the original-skin still running around on the PTR.

    So long story short, if you want this skin in 3.2, tame this *exact* dragonhawk, not dragonhawks with this color.

    Just wanna be clear on that =)

  15. Rikaku

    You know, this marks the second Horde-themed pet we can tame. Now, I love red/black color schemes as much as anyone else, but we need to get a pet that (like the wolves in Hellfire) anyone can tame and it needs to be like an Alliance’s Black War Tiger mount. That…would be AWESOME =O

  16. Maree

    Sounds nice – Good thing I’m just a half lvl from 80 now (After 3 months of being lvl 78, eh)
    But I’ve a question for you PTR-people. When you start taming it, do you get PvP on?

  17. Rikaku

    When you start taming the Horde Sunreaver dragonhawks on the current live realms, yes, you will get flagged. However, only the one you start taming will come at you. On the PTR realms, they are untameable, but I’m sure the “any hostile action towards the sunreaver dragonhawk” clause would flag you for PvP.

  18. Blacksands

    Speaking of pets…. can anybody on the PTR confirm if any of the long-suffering pet glitches that they’ve never been able to fix are still there?

  19. Rikaku

    If you mean the infamous auto-cast bug (like cower turning itself on, or other spells turning themselves off/on), Yes. It’s still present. *stab motions at Blizzard*

  20. Clawclaw

    I noticed a thread on mmo-champion mentioning a new rare blueish Northrend-model wolf added in 3.2 in Snowdrift Plains, Storm Peaks:
    http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?topic=68547.45 (if this doesn’t link to the page, it’s on page 4 of that thread, near the bottom-middle)
    They mention it’s tameable, but it’s shown dead, so I wouldn’t believe that as 100% confirmation of its tameability.

  21. Elsi

    I already have the red dragonhawk skin from Tranquillen. And I have to say, I don’t feel this is a week pet at all. I enjoy bringing her with me on 5 mans (I use the Wolf for raids though).

  22. netheray

    Thanks for letting us know! I ran off to tame it right away too – I’ve always thought I should try out a dragonhawk. There’s a place to the side of the flight area, underneath a tree, that you can stand and not aggro any of the guards while taming. Worked very well, after a few false starts from other angles. :D

  23. lianardo

    those are awsome wish i was alliance for a day back in patch 3.0 so i coudl get it or even jsut wish it was 3.0 again so i could go to war with sunreavers lol. oh so i wish for that.

    -lianardo gyohoof

  24. Mania Post author

    Clawclaw: Thanks for the link! I saw that model in the model viewer and immediately wanted one. I assumed it was a boss or something, though. I think I’ll pull that out into it’s own post.

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  26. Wain

    Out of interest, your page for the Sunreaver Dragonhawk still says it can be tamed by both Horde and Alliance, even though it’s currently tameable only by Alliance (and soon to be nobody) :)

  27. Johnny

    *Prays that there will be a Rep gain so that we can BUY these as Mounts for Sunreavers*..But first things first. There’s gotta be a new Dragonhawk Mount animation. *Tauren riding on Dragonhawk Head* OMFG NO WAI!

    Anyway, its a shame I only have my lvl80 Tauren Hunter. This guy looks awesome.

  28. Kel

    Haha what are the odds? My friend and I tamed these last week cause we wanted pets that matched the Fire Festival. Now they get an awesome new skin!

  29. Scott

    Figures – my only toon that’s currently made it to 80 is an orc hunter… that said however I can’t stand that they removed the AOE effect from FB and so even if he could get it, it would only be to throw it in the stable in hopes they might one day restore firebreath AOE, so… eh. Grats to anyone that got one though.

  30. Aleu

    It is true. =/ They will not be getting a re-skin. I was the one who asked the question if they would since someone else expressed concern and the Mods answer confused me. DX

    Not a really big blow to me… Since I can still get the mount. >_>

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  32. Mania Post author

    Thanks for letting us know about Blizzard’s decision! As you can see, I made a new post about this, which will hopefully help get the word out.

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