Liveblogging the 3.2 PTR

The Public Test Realms for Patch 3.2 finally came up this evening, so I logged right in! I haven’t done a ‘live blog” in a while, so I thought it might be fun to relate my not-very-adventurous adventures on the PTR as I have them. I’ll keep updating this post as I go, but I’ll update it one final time to let you know when I’m done.

So! When I logged in I found four characters — two from the Patch 3.1 PTR phase and the two new ones I copied last night. (Note that copying characters before Blizzard gives the go ahead is always a bit iffy, but I tend to copy at least one as soon as possible regardless because I can’t stand waiting to get in.)

I logged in on the fresh copy of Mania and recalled to Dalaran. I decided that my first stop would be the Argent Tournament to check out the coliseum, the new daily quests, new mounts and new mini-pets. I hit a snag almost immediately, though — the Dalaran flight master wouldn’t give me an option to fly to the Argent Tournament. Now I’ve had that flight point forever (well, okay, since Patch 3.1) so this was a bit of a surprise. I logged out and logged in the older copy of Mania, from the 3.1 PTR, but she didn’t have the flight point either (although she should have since she got it on the 3.1 PTR).

Okay then! I’ll fly there myself. So I flew up to Bouldercrag’s Refuge and then flap manually over to Icecrown. Once there I talk to the Argent Tournament flight master — who obviously recognizes me (no green !) and who is perfectly happy to give me a ride anywhere I like — but when I fly back to Bouldercrag’s … well, I *still* can’t find a flight path to the Tournament.

Other people don’t seem to be having this problem, and when I manage to get a pre-made to Northrend he does have the flight point. So for now I just report it and go on.

Oh, interesting thing: I noticed Midsummer Fire Festival tents in the Storm Peaks as I flew over. I could have sworn that the Midsummer event wasn’t happening in Northrend yet, but Midsummer will be long over when this patch goes live. Did I just miss a bunch of tent in the live realms, or is this new?

Anyway, back to the Argent Tournament. First I hit the Sunreaver Pavilion to see what new goodies the quartermasters are selling. And … I don’t see anything new. But then I realize that there is a new quartermaster in the tent! Vasarin Redmorn, the Sunreaver’s Quartermaster, sells:

  • Sunreaver Tabard – 50 Champion’s Seals
  • Sunreaver Dragonhawk – 150 Champion’s Seals
  • Sunreaver Hawkstrider – 100 Champion’s Seals
  • Shimmerling Wyrmling – 40 Champion’s Seals

All of these items require you to be Exalted with the Sunreavers. The Tabard doesn’t seem to do anything special.

Unfortunately, like an idiot, I spent all my Champion’s Seals on a hippogryph just a few days ago so I can’t afford any of these items to see what they look like. However it seems likely that the Sunreaver Hawkstrider is akin to the ‘vehicle’ version that you ride as an Aspirant, and the Sunreaver Dragonhawk presumably looks like the new dragonhawk at the flight master — a rather metallic dragonhawk with black and red armor. (Interestingly, when I flew out of the Argent Tournament area my taxi was a lovely unarmored black dragonhawk.)

There are also two new daily quests in the Sunreaver Pavilion: A Leg Up (recover tallstrider meat from Hrothgar’s Landing) and You’ve Really Done It This Time, Kul (rescue people from Deathspeaker’s Watch). I’ll try those out as soon as I have a chance. Both of these seem to require Sunreaver reputation since the pre-mades can’t access them yet.

The Argent Tournament has a different feel now that the coliseum is finished. It has’t much changed the surrounding area, but the coliseum looms over everything else now.

Oh wow! The most gorgeous cat just ran by me! And … it’s a druid! A black Tauren druid. When I whistled at him he stopped to preen and turned into a bear. The bear looks nice, but man is that cat an improvement! I’m really impressed.

Okay, let’s hit the Argent Pavilion. Several new daily quests in here as well — which presumably require Argent Crusade reputation. It looks like you’ll get one of either The Fate of the Fallen (kill Fallen Heroes) or Get Kraken! (kill things from a hippogryph vehicle) each day, and always be able to take Mistcaller Yngvar (kill him) as well. There is also a continuation of the Black Knight’s tale, The Black Knight’s Curse. That one’s not a daily, but I’ll check it out after I finish here.

Ooh, and here’s the Crusader’s Quartermaster, Dame Evniki Kapsalis. She sells:

  • Argent Crusader’s Tabard – 50 Champion’s Seals
  • Argent Warhorse – 100 Champion’s Seals
  • Argent Crusader’s Banner – 15 Champion’s Seals
  • Argent Pony Bridle – 150 Champion’s Seals

The Tabard allows you to teleport to the Argent Tournament with a 30 minute cooldown. The Warhorse is an epic ground mount and the pony provides a mount for your Argent Squire that “allows your squire to run distant errands for you.” That’s presumably the thing that let’s you use your squire for mail, bank, or vendor. It requires level 78 but doesn’t mention a cooldown.

None of the Crusader items mention a reputation requirement, but I assume that there is a requirement of some sort on the quartermaster herself. I really, *really* wish I had saved some Seals, though, because if you didn’t catch that above … Mania can get a pony! Yes, the Argent Warhorse is available to Horde. I think I’m going to faint …

Speaking of which, the new Quest panel is very nice — just like the DoubleWide addon. It makes quests much easier to read. Unfortunately they haven’t done the same with the profession window yet. But it’s a start. The quest objectives on the world map doesn’t seem to be operation yet, though, or perhaps it doesn’t work for daily quests. Oh, no, I take that back — they are working for some quests but apparently not for the newest ones yet.

… Ugh … Short break while I mollify my husband. No one seems to be reading yet anyway so you probably won’t even miss me. *grin*

[edit] We had an emergency contract come up. I’m going to have to continue this later (in another post, most likely). Sorry about that, everyone! Feel free to tell me what cool PTR things you discovered in the comments. *yearnful face*

[edit #2] Ahha! I’m back! Probably not for long, since it’s already 4:30 am here and I need to get to bed, but I can sacrifice a little sleep for the PTR.

Obsidian HatchlingHere, for Ryai, is a screenshot of the Obsidian Hatchling sold by Breanni in Dalaran for 50 gold (minus faction discount). I want to try finding some of the other raptor mini-pets as well, but I haven’t had a chance yet. The angle isn’t the best on this shot, but it’s really hard to find an angle that doesn’t make him look even weirder than he is anyway because .. well, he’s pretty weird-looking. (Reminds me of a mal-nourished Savannah I had once.)

Well, hanging around Icecrown begging other people to buy an Argent Warhorse so I could see it didn’t work, but Rikaku did send me this screenshot (and thank you very much for that!).

Ochre Skeletal WarhorseAfter that failure I headed for a mount I can afford — the new skeletal warhorse. I have a thing for horses — even skeletal ones — so I am very happy to be able to buy another fast bony pony to ride. Especially for the new low price of 8 gold (after faction discount)!

The Ochre Skeletal Warhorse has some very interesting tints that show up differently in different lights. The shot here is from Dalaran to give you an idea. Notice that it has the same striped trappings as the expensive purple Argent Tournament skeletal warhorse.

While I was taking the screenshot of the skeletal warhorse, a player linked their new Venomhide Hatchling in Trade chat. I didn’t see it myself, but the item information says that the hatchling may only be summoned in Un’Goro, Tanaris, or Silithis. So … not a normal mini-pet. The owner told me that he got it in the new quest line in Un’Goro that took a long time — so long, in fact, that he wasn’t going to bother continuing it for the mount. On the other hand, the PTR hasn’t been up that long so it can’t be that bad, right? *crossing fingers*

Shortly after that another interesting item came through Trade chat — there are new categories in the LFG tool, including ways to look for any dungeon or heroic dungeon or any daily dungeon (regular or heroic). Not something I will ever use, but I’m sure those will be popular.

Striped DawnsaberI relogged briefly onto an Alliance pre-made to check out the other new racial mount, the slow Striped Dawnsaber (now available at level 20!). Unfortunately I forgot that I wouldn’t have enough Darnassus reputation on a pre-made to buy one, but there were plenty of night elves in the area who were willing to let me get a screenshot. This cat looks a lot like the Striped Frostsaber, except that it has an interesting cinnamon cast.

So it’s getting late and I’m getting tired. Time for one more thing before I go to bed. Ravasaurs or Northrend orphans? Hmmm …

Ravasaurs. Definitely ravasaurs. *grin*

Mor'vek the Ravasaur TrainerFlap flap flap down to Un’Goro, reading Junkfood Science while I fly. Then gallop gallop gallop down to the road from Tanaris, where we can once again find Mor’vek the Ravasaur Trainer, now mounted on a ravasaur (and oddly, with a Young Venomhide standing beside him). He tells me to go get poisoned by Venomhides 20 times … and he lets me know that learning to ride a ravasaur will take “a long, LONG time”. Oh, joy.

I accept the first quest, Toxic Tolerance, and go find some Venomhides to poison me. I was hoping to run across the Ravasaur Matriarch as well, but no such luck. And there aren’t nearly enough Venomhides in the area, even with only a few people here. Or maybe I missed the bulk of them somewhere. Although .. I punch the first Venomhide once (unarmed) and then stop attacking while I fiddle with my inventory, and when I look back up he’s posioned me twice. Perhaps this won’t be so bad.

Unfortunately, after I kill him I can’t find any more.

Ahha! There’s one! I get naked and punch him to death as slowly as possible. He splashes me with his venomous blood. And again! And again! Whee!

*cough* Okay, I feel a little weird about this. Should I really be enjoying getting splashed with venomous blood while naked? Heh. Anyway, I’m almost halfway done with this quest.

Oh here’s an interesting thing: my pet has a new icon on the mini-map. Instead of a blue dot, he is now a yellow X with red outlines. I wonder what that’s about.

In fact it only took me four Venomhide Ravasaurs to complete the quest, but finding that last Venomhide took almost 15 minutes. I timed it. :/ And I suspect it will be a bit tougher for anyone who isn’t level 80 yet.

Venomhide HatchlingNext up: a quest called Venomhide Eggs in which you collect … Venomhide eggs! From Venomhide nests … oh which there seem to be plenty, thankfully. After that is They Grow Up So Fast, in which you get that Venomhide Hatchling I heard about on the Trade channel. Apparently it will shed teeth as I run around with it out and when I have collected enough teeth I can … grow it into a mount? I’m not certain.

But in order to get the teeth, it looks like I have to do daily quests. The first one (and possibly only one) my Venomhide Hatchling offers me is Hungry, Hungry Hatchling — collect 15 pieces of fresh dinosaur meat in exchange for one baby tooth. At this rate it will take 20 days to get my mount … although 20 easy dailies is still probably better than the Winterspring Frostsaber. Especially since I seem to be getting a 100% drop rate on the meat.

After feeding my hatchling 15 pieces of meat, he’s full … and I guess I am done until tomorrow. Which is probably for the best since it’s almost 7 am and I am supposed to sleep sometime tonight …

And so I’ll bring this live blogging adventure to a close! Good night all. *grin*

80 thoughts on “Liveblogging the 3.2 PTR

  1. Rottingham

    Hey, I know I might seem like a noob for asking this but I was wondering…
    Since the horde can get ravasaurs, what do alliance get? or is it a special thing for horde, and the new alliance thing is the dawnsabre? idk :P

  2. Rikaku

    The Alliance have always had something. They didn’t get anything “new” because they’ve always had the Winterspring Frostsaber (aka Wintersaber). This is the Alliance equivelent of the Horde’s new Ravasaur. Both are basically rep/quest grinds that earn you a Feat of Strength upon earning the mount.

  3. Mitsuhide

    Wow, a lot of nice new content. Can’t wait for Patch 3.2!

    Question about the Ravasaur mount quest. What’s the minimum level you can start it at? I really hope you’re not required to be 80.

  4. Knarcus

    I would say at least high 40′s to low-mid 50′s since the raptors in Un’goro are around 50-54-ish.

    Add on top of that the fact that you have to be poisoned twenty times for one of the first few quests.

  5. Mania Post author

    I’m having trouble with my network today, so everything is a bit slow. :> (Clarification: I am a bit slow because my home network is having problems. The site should be fine — or at least as fine as it usually is.) But I fixed the link to the screenshot — thanks again Rikaku!

    Mitsuhide: Whoops — I meant to include the quest level but I forgot. But I *believe* it was marked level 48. It was very definitely grey to me at 80, and completely doable by someone of appropriate level for Un’Goro.

  6. Rayquaza7996

    Strategy to do the raptor quest with one ravasaur-attack to low health. Feign death. Punch to low health. Feign death. Etc.

    Also, there are more quests than Hungry Hungry hacthling. Mine made me ger 6 6 Searing Roc Feathers.

  7. Mitsuhide

    @Mania – Ah, thank you. Excellent, I’m lvl 52 at the moment, so maybe this will be my second gift for hitting 60, the first being my Devilsaur pet :D Any idea when the patch will be ready to go live?

  8. Rikaku

    As Mania has already answered it, I wanted to further agree with her timeline. The patch will not be out til probably late July to Early August. The reason being that the patch will also bring a new Arena season with it. Generally these seasons end on a fairly predictable pattern, so you can expect it to probably be a month at least til patch time (as Mania said)

    Does anyone else wish the cower bug was fixed already? This is sad that 3 major content patches in and its STILL not fixed lol

  9. Ryai

    Rikaku I really doubt the cower bug is fixed, tho I hope it is, having problems just pulling pets in and out of my stables. all skills on petbar on! all skills off! Growl off cower on and it’s like BAD EREBUS U R TANK U DONT COWER.

    [Ahune madness \o/]


    I would suspect that you can grind for the mount before lv 60, as my DK was I think lv… 59? when I started grinding rep for the damn wintersaber trainer. Dinged 60 when I got to friendly lol.

  10. ivanator

    im back!!!!!!!!!!
    ok for the leg up quest it did say tallstrider meat yippee looks like ther bringing back the tall the tallstrider that is

  11. Rikaku

    Oh I know it’s not fixed, I just joked that I know I can’t be the only one wishing it was. Seriously, three content patches is enough time to fix it D=

    Oh god, Ahune… *shudders* Poor Kokakola will never be the same after that madness XD

  12. Ryai

    The real madness was when the three of us tried to three man him in hc mode and Ariamodasu died and then it just went from crap to there.


    I think I might get a bear tho for Brewfest, Erebus is nice for ZG for the control fights, and for the raptor god, since Bad Attitude allows him to keep threat up on the raptor :)

    but just all the water elementals, my god. It was like, beees. BEEES.

    And sorry Rikaku, I didn’t mean it like that, just, as much as I do wish it was fixed, mean doub they are going to fix it Dx

    .. and scarily I think it’s getting worse.

  13. Ichigo

    The meat daily is not the only daily from the little Ravasaur. You can also get Poached, Scrambled, Or Raw? in which you have to get 12 Silithid eggs to feed to your little Ravasaur.

  14. NanoTrev

    So, I assume a majority of people have seen this on MMO-champion:

    Does anyone know if perhaps the warp stalkers from The Arcratraz are now able to be tamed or if perhaps a new model of these critters has been put in Outlands somewhere? Something else that comes to mind is the fact that ages ago MMO-champion had information in regards to a warp stalker mount that had the same skin as Gezzarak the Huntress. It never hit live realms but perhaps this is a different version of it?

  15. Jezpalimu

    Following up on Nirvana’s “Tameable Necrotic Webspinners” post, I’ve confirmed on the PTR that the Deep Crawlers in Old Kingdom are still not tameable.

    Feel free to check up on any other possible tameable bone spiders (Terror Spinner, Hadronox, etc.). The PTR keeps crashing way too much for me to do much testing. :(

  16. Meh

    anyone know if the quest items that need to be fed to the Ravasaur baby.. like eggs & meat are farmable now? would be a great AH item when the patch hits =D

  17. Clawclaw

    NanoTrev: There’s a new Stable Master outside the Horde tent at the tournament with that warpstalker as a pet.
    My guess would be that’s what that model is.

  18. Teridom

    Meh –

    No, the meat/eggs (and I just got a quest for Roc feathers from Tanaris today) seem to be quest items only…
    The quest for the mount requires:
    20 teeth (from dailies)
    80 gold (from pocket)
    and one stack of (20)Rugged Leather + one stack of(20) Runecloth.

    If you’re planning on farming anything, I’d stock up on those :)

  19. Ryai

    Well Rikaku it seem’s one bug hasn’t been fixed, Wild Hunt. well it has but hasn’t, decided to grab Aurelius out to stand out against ALL THE TROLLS WITH WOLVES- tho a tauren stands out anyways. I tab 2/2 wild hunt, doesn’t take effect, note Aure’s power before miounting, then dismounting. She went from 1440~ to 1600~ and gained about 2k hp.

    That seems to be fixed atleast- hopefully cower and etc are too.

  20. Ryai

    Ravasaur* not devilsaur. And no- just because he says he”s with the Darkspear tribe, doesn’t mean you have to be exalted. Ravasaur =/= Troll mount, even if it looks like one. It’s like the Wintersaber, tho you have to grind rep with them, not grow a hatchling into a mount.

  21. shibumi

    Savannah? you had a Savannah? Now I’m totally impressed and jealous. I hesitate to ask why malnourished.

    very nice. wanted one for years. and years. ::sigh:: actually, want a pair, so they can have a good time together.


  22. Nanotrev

    It’s advised that you don’t keep two monitor lizards together except for a few hours to a couple days for breeding unless you have a room-sized enclosure for with two basking spots etc. Just some advice from a savannah owner.

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