I Despair

There are way too many gorgeous pets in WoW for me to ever feel like I have fully experienced and appreciated all of them. Even with five stable slots per hunter, and multiple hunters, there just isn’t time to take all the pets I love out for a proper spin.

I tell you, life is hard. *grin*

42 thoughts on “I Despair

  1. Glassdragon

    I hear ya. All my slots are full and everyone is rare/non-replaceable.
    So if anything else comes along (and it will) then I am pretty much outta luck, or will have to let something special go.

    Will never be replaced:
    Ghost Wolf
    Slime from sholo.

    King Krush

    Plus all the ones I wanted that you can no longer get like the black warp stalker and the Sapphire hive queen, ect ect ect.

    When I was in the beta, they toyed around with the thought of have pets be a tab like vanity pets and mounts, so no limit on how many you could tame. I really wish they would have went this route. :(

  2. Palladiamors

    *laughs* I was always pretty happy with the basics. A wolf and a cat. A white owl here, a white warp stalker there. The devilsaur made me VERY happy.

  3. Wain

    Mania makes a good point. Even if more pets and more quirky pets would be fun, there really are an awesome number of cool pets already available, especially after WotLK. More than it’s really possible to appreciate fully.

  4. Wain

    … which is probably a bad intro to what I was going to post! What I thought I’d do was post on the suggestions forums asking for rare spawn tamable beasts based on some of the currently untamable skins. I’d suggest rare spawns for two reasons: (i) it’s much easier to make room for a single rare NPC without disrupting a zone or going to a lot of effort, (ii) many hunters love the challenge of going after something special or unusual, not because they need to show off but simply because the challenge is fun and makes them appreciate the pet more. Currently there are so few unique rare skins that the few available make the hunter inadvertantly look like one of the “me too” crowd. Adding a wider choice of beasts to track down would make the experience more unique.

    As mentioned before, the list of untamable skins I compiled is here:
    in case anyone has anything further to add before I make use of it in a suggestions post. Thanks!

  5. 84

    spawn camping isnt fun for most people.all it takes is one idiot greifer to kill the beast.sometimes npcs will kill a beast mid tame.
    i see most of the unique skin rares just standing around in dalaran.except old cliff jumper and king krush.i think iv seen ocj ONCE in all the years iv played wow…

  6. Palladiamors

    Indeed 84, spawn camping just sucks. I don’t really think having to rely moer or less on luck to make a tame is a good way to equate to fun, personally. That’s why Loque and Goneria are such a bad idea in my head. You hear all the success stories, but what about all the people who can’t tame them for one reason or another? I camped in Sholazar for THREE MONTHS, from January until I quit in March, looking for Loque. And there were never less then thirty people looking for rare spawns as well, most if not all of them on epic flying mounts.

    It was a…..nice idea, but they need to do a bit more thinking on things like that.

  7. Izsera

    Heh, I kind of have the opposite problem–most tamable beasts are pretty, sure, and I will occasionally go out and tame a new one to play around with, but I have trouble finding ones that “stick”. I just don’t like most of them very much, at least for myself, though I do notice and appreciate how well they can fit with other hunters.

    My Night Elf has three pets that she will never get rid of–ghost hydra, demon wolf, and red wind serpent–but those last two slots just can’t seem to get filled for more than a week. My Troll is even worse off; she’s gone through a new pet every few levels since 40 or so and still can’t settle on one. Devilsaur is too big, most cats just aren’t too attractive, I’m not too big on the furry wolves, and I don’t want to have her tame a duplicate of one of my other pets. (Except a hydra, and of course that’s not an option anymore. =p) I’m hoping when I eventually level her up to the point where she can tame a spirit beast that I’m able to track one down and that it’s a good fit for her. For now she’s just using a plain white kitty, though.

  8. Tsani

    It’s the one thing that I miss from the old tame-a-beast-for-five-minutes-to-learn-its-skill days. Yes, the system was irritating to put it very mildly, but it did enable you to give different pet families a kind of test-drive without feeling like you were wasting even more time.

    I haven’t hit the stable slot barrier yet, but that’s partly because I could let the gorilla go free when my warpstalker learned the thunderstomp ability and could hold group-aggro without me having to go tab-clickity-crazy. As a skinner/LW on both hunters that little gem was the best news of that patch. I have assigned certain pets on the wishlist to my Horde -OR- Alliance toons, but that wishlist only holds a handful of names.

  9. Ethgrì

    I agree with not being able to settle on pets very well. I’ve generally hopped between pets on my hunter. When wrath came out I abandoned all my old pets and went through taming exotics and other cool stuff. Eventually I came back to my hunter after playing with alts and realized; I didn’t like ANY of the pets I’d played around with. So I started a grand tour of all the species.

    The only two I settled on are the Ghost Jormungar for my solo play, and the giant blue wasp for instancing. Before I came along them I adventured with the white two headed vulture. Although I still love it and won’t abandon it, I just don’t find it as appealing of a companion. My wasp has been the only pet to have ever captured my full attention, and it hurts me to use him in my SV spec where he’s as fragile as glass and gets smashed all the time.

    Elsewise, the warp stalkers are great leveling companions. Many of the pets with unsatisfying abilities are also appealing companions, but fall short in gameplay. Nuramok, the purple chimaera, is a shining example of this. I had one for awhile, even had a “Name that pet” section on this site for it. But as far as using him… he was just a show pet to parade around Shatt/Dal. Tallstriders also fit in this spot. Ah, the delemma’s of the hunter…

    Ps: sorry for the long post

  10. MelRedcap

    @Ethgri – gotta second the ghost jormungar love! I took my main hunter through the entire Hodir quest chain and rep grind JUST so I could tame my own ghostly worm; it didn’t seem like it would be “my” pet if I just tagged along and tamed one that someone else had summoned. Yeeeah I know it’s silly. :D

    My latest acquisition, tamed by a baby BElf hunter named Timmei, is the prairie wolf that barks when you click on it. Puppy has been named Lassie… and at some point when I’m in the mood to hang around starting areas and pay for sigs, little Timmei will be creating a vanity guild named something like . *snicker*

  11. MelRedcap

    Ah foo, pointy brackets turn my proposed guild name into pseudo-HTML fail!


    Timmei’s vanity guild will be called something like [Is Down The Well].

    *slinks off*

  12. Blacksands

    This just in for patch 3.1.3 (thought you should now, if you haven’t caught up yet, but if you already have…. “oops, my bad for repeating it”?):


    Hunter’s Mark: The ranged attack power bonus from this ability has been increased from 300 to 500.
    Master Marksman: This talent now also decreases the cost of Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot by 5/10/15/20/25%.

  13. Icecrystal

    I’ve just had alot of problems choosing my last pet. I already had my black Devilsaur, Loque’nahak, a Chimaera from Winterspring and the Hydra from Sholazar, and I just couldn’t decide which pet should be my 5th. For now, I have my Dire Raven from Blade’s Edge Mountains, since I kinda missed him :P (had him before WotLK, but had to abandon him in order to try out all the new pets, lol)

    So, for now I won’t change my pets (I hope, lol), but I agree with you guys – it’s hard to choose pets, even though we can have 5 now.

  14. Snowtiger

    Being along time fan of petopia and my first comment!! I to have have a passion for the pets I have tamed. My hunter is now dual spec’d Bm and Survival.. What got me is that when i was leveling I had Brokentooth the rare cat from the badlands and tho he wasnt a real powerhouse he had a sweet attack speed 1.0 or 1.5 and he was great for PVE!! but then I started to play the BGs and did great there too especially against casters but then before BC came out they slowed him down. Then while I was leveling in BC i had tamed a Lynx that had some power to him and was a great cat also but then again he was nerfed too. but it could have been a glitch that he was so powerful. Now WOTLK has come out and I have tamed pets more for situation like instances and raids and BG’s But happy with having the 2 spirit beasts plus a tenacity and a cunning pet and Rak Shiri the rare from Winterspring..

  15. Wain

    Here’s a challenge for a hunter who is running Ulduar:
    In the fight with Auriaya, her four Sanctum Sentries are reportedly untamable. She also summons a Feral Defender, which is probably also untamable, and has a skin like a tamable pet anyway. BUT she can also summon a host of non-elite Swarming Guardians, which have the same coveted “black gem” skin as the untamable Blackmaw. Wowhead lists them as level 81, making them out of taming reach anyway. But can anyone confirm: (i) if they are all 81 or if some might be 80 and (ii) if they are theoretically tamable, regardless of level (though might have to wait for the next expansion to get one!)

    Regarding comments on spawn camping and rares: I understand and take that on board. That’s not fun for anyone. On the other hand, Loque’nahak was a particularly special case, and while I don’t want to be insensitive, anyone who tries the “brute force” approach and camps for days or weeks at a time is really setting themselves up for misery. Also, I’d hope the point of introducing a bunch of rare skins around the game (with varying degrees of desirability to different players) means potentially less competition. I’ll reconsider what I was going to post, however.

  16. Feraleth

    i recently started playing my hunter again.. bot was that hard transitioning back from a dk.. anyway my favorite skin even though it isn’t a rare beast.. is the Vargul Blighthound. when i started right after bc i got out to undercity and saw the plague hounds and wanted one. im really happy with that.. although gondria or loquenahak would be nice. ;)

  17. Feraleth

    oh shoot.. this may be the wrong forum.. but i was wondering did they remove the scroll of rename pet or w/e it was. sorry again forgot that twice.

  18. Diaone

    I just currently have the Ghost Saber, and Gezz. I have a Tundra Crawler from my BM days, but when i dual spec’d, I did MM and Surv, so it’s stuck there for now. That still leaves two slots open, and I did have a Goretalon Matriarch but I don’t really like PvP so that one didn’t last long. I really prefer unique pets, but I’m too picky to choose which ones I wanna tame.

    I like the idea of being able to have multiple pets, then I could just go out and tame them all.

  19. Tsani

    @ Wain: I don’t mind more skins to lessen the competition, especially with the Spirit Beasts, as long as Blizz doesn’t set them up as a “walking loot bag + achievement on a timer”. Competition for rares is bad enough amongst (BM)hunters, but add in every Tom, Dick, and Harry with loot or achievement fever and it makes poor Loque a sad kitty.

    And I agree, camping is bad. I tried camping Loque for a few days, then just looked when I was doing Oracle dailies, and of course I stumble over the dear (literally) when just passing through the zone.

  20. Frostfire

    That’s funny that you posted about wanting more pets today, since I was especially thinking that same thing this morning (again). It was great to get two (really three) more slots, but I want MORE!!!! I’m with most of you with having several pets that I cannot give up, which leaves no room to play with the others who look so appealing. With the ability to have so many companion pets and mounts, it seems to me that it shouldn’t be that hard to have more regular pets. I wouldn’t mind paying for more slots, if that’s how they want to make it harder. This comes from someone who has three level 80 hunters (that happened more by accident than by planning – refer a friend, different professions, etc.). I can’t raid because of family commitments, but I love pets!!!!

    My other complaint is that I think that pets level much slower than they should at the top levels.

    Thanks, Mania, for Petopia. I’ve told others about your web site, and have used your valuable research many, many times!

  21. Noba

    Removed scroll of name pet? O_o oh my, I hope they didn’t! I named my now-unavailable ghost crocolisk Minty at a bad breath joke suggestion of a guildie, figuring I could just rename him in the future if necessary.

    Rare spaws are fun to HAVE, and fun to /tame successfully. But not fun to hunt down. I tried getting Krush last christmas-season, searching 9 hours a day for weeks. Every time I found him, people killed him just to be jerks since they wouldnt even get credit most times.
    I’d like to see a new type of rare tamable for hunters. Maybe the next spirit beast can be extra ghostly and pre-tame,be invisible to players except hunters with some ridiculously named rare finder goggles on. That way you can go around LOOKING for it, but when you find it, you actually “win” like you should, since other players can’t see it to interfere. Of course it’d have to not be invis after tame… But I think developers would rather saw off a toe than try to code something like that into the game. >.>

  22. Vilebite

    I always thought they should open up the A-Me robo-gorilla skin for hunter/engineers. seems a shame to have that nice skin do no more than a lev 50 escort quest. would be a good craftable pet :P

  23. Tsani

    @ Faraleth
    Scroll of Name Pet = Certificate of Ownership, needs 1 Common Parchment + 2 Celestial Ink (or 4 violet pigment total).

    I haven’t seen anything in patchnotes about it being deleted, but my inscriber alt has been in limbo for a while now. I make these things only on request and the last request was months ago. On my server they simply don’t sell anymore after the market was flooded when we all powerlevelled Inscription. If you can’t find one floating around the AH, you can ask for a scribe’s services in trade.

  24. Palladiamors

    No worries Wain, I didn’t just log in to hunt for Loque. I’d do a once around, then go do something else. But it was still a consistent, three months search that got me no where, due to the fact that there is an achievement AND valueable loot tied to him. It was just a bad idea on Blizzards part to make the new, one pet ((At the time)) family a rare with great loot and an achievement tied to him.

    On subject now, I love my pets. I’ve had a white wolf/warg since level eleven. That pet has remained my constant for four years now. I tamed Rake back in the day for his 1.2 attack speed, because back then that was just love. My third slot was, like everyone elses at the time, reserved for learning skills. BC hit, and I loved the warp stalkers and dragonhawks. The problem was, neither of them ever really felt right, so I’d end up switching through multiple pets. Around that time I stumbled onto a lynx in Blades Edge. I tamed her on a lark, and suddenly I had my second permanent pet, Kiera. So Kiera and Lucretia took up my two major slots at the time. Finally, Wrath comes along. I go to tame a black/blue devilsaur…..and can only find a brown one. Unfortunately for me, Terminus there grew on me. Well, shrunk on me first, then grew on me. The same thing happened with the silithid I tamed just to test them. Their hyperactive nature just endeared itself to me.

    My final slot was, back then, my fun slot. My rhino. Because nothing makes me laugh quite so hard as watching unsuspecting horde or mobs go flying through the air. If I ever play WoW again, however, that’ll be the one to get dropped.

  25. Daginni

    I tamed Mazzranache, named it Floyd, been happy ever sence, even got a Mulgore Hatchling to match it. =)

    I wish blizzard didn’t make Talent Trees for pet family specific. I want a DPS Dragonhawk.

  26. Ziarre

    84: Heh…almost makes me wish I hadn’t released my Old Cliffjumper, back in the days when I kept taming and releasing different pets before I found one that suited me (for quite some time, it was Rak’shiri). My Rak’shiri is in the stable now, but he will never be abandoned–he has earned a permanent place. So, too, has my ghost wolf, and now…Loque. Longest four days of my life, watching some troll hunter zip around on his netherdrake, hearing the cheers in general chat as two lucky hunters found him…making a temporary friend out of a griefer after our spat in general, and then the moment of truth itself.

    Uh…if that didn’t indicate it, I’m definitely one that enjoys the challenge of a rare tame. I’d absolutely love it to see more unique rares out there, because the arenaline rush when you tame your very own Loque, or Rak’shiri, or Old Cliffjumper…it’s just something else. To me, something special.

  27. Grizzled Hunter Yojimbow

    No, the Certificate of Ownership hasn’t been removed. It’s really rare to find them in the Auction House, and yes, Inscribers can still make them.

    To the subject at hand- more pet slots or (the possible) infinite pet slot table? While that does seem like a rich idea and a grand one at that, I don’t (sadly) ever see that happening. It seems to me that if Blizzard wanted you to tame all the pets in the game possible, they’d have let you already. I wouldn’t, however, be surprised if in a future patch or expansion if they expand to a few more slots.

    I do like the idea of expanding on Spirit Beasts (this coming from a Hunter who happily tamed Gondria while shouting in Guild Chat “Oh crap a Spirit Beast!” over and over again) and their skins. I would like to see a SB-Wolf or an SB-Bear or something.

    Something that I would prefer to see, instead, would be adding more beasts to the ‘tamable’ list. Wouldn’t it just be freaking awesome for a Tauren Hunter (well, any Hunter, not just Tauren) to have a Kodo as both mount AND pet? To be quite honest, ever since I made my first Hunter years ago, I always dreamed of, one day, having a giraffe, zhevra or thunder lizard as a pet. Hey, they are beasts, aren’t they? I think putting a barrier on the can-be-tamed and cannot-be-tamed beasts is ridiculous and limiting in a way, as I would never tame a crab, sporebat, bat, nether ray, crocolisk, turtle or dragonhawk.

    That’s my two cents. Rant over. Thank you. *Steps off soapbox*

  28. Rayquaza7996 (Raydex of Dawnbringer)

    I know what you mean. Sentimental attachments to 3 pets, a Warp Stalker (Warp Chaser from Netherstorm), a Deviate Dreadfang (wind serpent) named Deadlock, and Old Cliff Jumper Paranoia (god, I love that wolf).

    I’m tenacity-obbsessed, my other slots are tenacity…
    And I’m REALLY mad about missing out on the Sholozar hydra…

    I’m hydra-obsessed and hoping very hard for tameable ones.

  29. Noba

    Blizz’s reasoning between tamable and not.. doesn’t make sense to me. I thought zvehras would be a fun pet as well, or even a talbuk. So a hunter can talk sense into a cat? sure! But…You can reason with a limited intelligence creature like a crab, or a gigantic dangerous tyrantasaurus about being your obedient pet… but not a zebra or giraffe, talbuk? Who knows! Maybe it’s based off picky-eaters being untamable…

    Then again more families and not more stable slots may be hard.
    It’d be nice if some of those unused skin colors blizz has laying around got put into play. Or if the newer pets actually got cute idle animations coded in. Some of those are what make me love old-pets sooo much, like the skinny old wolf model who sniffs, howls, ect… even the riding tiger model audible yawn. <3

  30. Saranette

    I honest to goodness don’t intend to always post after Pike, it just happens. Sorry!

    When people were crying about the new bottom tier pet talents and bloating, the Blizz response was that they didn’t want you to have everything. I believe this would carry over to pets as well. Let’s face it, as cool as it would be to have more pet slots, we would never be content with any set limit. We would always reach it somehow and want more…

    Having all families able to choose their trees would also be a nightmare to rebalance too. I recon some family skills would before far too powerful or obsolete when you change the fundamental tree they were based around. Say, a ferocity worm vs a ferocity wasp…okay bad example, but perhaps, the turtle’s family skill was never really meant to work round the improved cower damage reduction… I’d think that would be a significant issue to alter/correct right there.

    I will say, it’s allot easier once you’re at 80. On my roster, I will never get rid of Aotona, because she’s just too cool. Sadly, I’ve yet to see another hunter on my server run with one, but I’m sure some have her. The other my Bonespider, because well, I can never get her again, and she’s another pretty one that also sadly I’ve never seen anyone else use.

    I don’t feel bad about abandoning my others because I know I’m just gonna retame when I feel like it down the road. I don’t mind grinding them 5 levels, I just take them on dalies. It’s all in how you go about farming and grinding: when I tried the aoe-grinding gorilladin stuff, it got boring pretty quick. When I was kiting, or running’n'gunning, the approach to farming became more like a puzzle game than actual farming. How do you connect this mob to the next, tagging, geting the kites to die right at your feet or on your path, trying to kit 3 or 4 things at once, how many can you get before resting/bandaging, etc. etc.

    It’s funny, I know many folks round here swear by Beast Mastery, and that’s perfectly fine. But whenever I run by another hunter when doing the daily circuits, they just stand there. Usually it’s BM hunters, sometimes marks or even SV too. With BM, it just seemed to me that you had to do that, like patently waiting for your pet to finish up killing the creature. If the extent of leveling a pet or farming was so rigidly stop and go like that, than I could see why people really hate leveling up their pets.

    What I despair about? I really dislike Sniper Training too, or the thought behind it. I always thought of Marksmen as the Sniper, and he Survivalist as the chronic trapper and sprinter. Yet it’s very-much required talent in the tree.) The concept of making a game of granting a bonus to the hunter standing still is far from interesting to me because it removes much of the flow of how I play. Even on raids and heroics, the hurry up and wait nature of it bugs me, even though it’s a couple seconds. It might as well be a cast bar that automatically pops up whenever I stop running, it’s essentially a cast. It’s cramming that “your a castor lol cast!” crap down my throat when ideally, between the dps, heals and especially tanks, I enjoy being a humvee.

    (I need to stop posting before I go to bed. I go off on tangents too much)

  31. Nessima

    Its my drean that blizzard let us tame unlimted amounts of pets, and switch between them, like the companions :D That way i dont need 46 hunters to obtain a pet of every collor :D
    Yes im pet crazy

  32. Guthorm

    my main pet has been my ghost saber ever since level 25ish. and although i agree that more slots would be useful. im good with Ghost.

  33. Clawclaw

    On the subject of more rare spawn-only pet families, I’m pretty much against it. Skins, sure, families? No.
    If any of you have played FFXI, you’d probably know about Notorious Monsters. These, in endgame, would have like a 24-72 hour spawn timer. Linkshells (guilds) would basically camp out where and around the time when the NM would spawn (even odd hours of the day, if they’re dedicated enough) and just wait.
    If it spawned and they got it, they’d get to fight it.
    If it spawned and another group got it, their time waiting was wasted (unless the other group wipes).
    It just isn’t fun to have to wait hours, days, weeks, for the opportunity to tame a pet. Sure when/if you get it, you’ll be ecstatic, but what if people keep killing it? Or the opposing faction on a PVP server knows you want it, so they camp you? What if its spawn time favors really bad times for your real life?
    I think it would be better if they didn’t just add in new families that are only Rare like the spirit beasts, but things that are actually a feat to tame like Krush (but pretend he’s not rare) or the old spirit wolf.

  34. Ivanator

    ME!!! MU HAHAHA JK really though im grieving over the fact that i have 2 slots left and BLIZZ decided to not even put in a new skin for tallstrider let alone a model :( so far ive got the FLAMINGO(mazzaranche) the mother(strider cluthmother) and the LOST(lost torranche) each are named after jewls RUBY(mazzarannache)PERIDOT(stirder cluthmother) and OPAL(Lost torranche) *sigh* only 3 unique skins

    FYI: Mania Your missing a Dragonhawk skin I know its not tamable but good to KNOW:when fight the DRAGONHAWK avatar in Zul’aman when he turns into a DRAGONHAWK the skin will be UNIQUE to him

  35. feraleth

    TY guys i looked it up on a few sites and couldn’t find it i appreciate u letting me know. just haven’t played my hunter in a while.. until recently. :)

  36. Merrymaker Ikult

    The rare spawn issue with Loque and Gondria was a “quick fix” by Blizzard to make pets hard to obtain, to give Hunters a challenge. However, it fails miserably as they apparently don’t realize that forcing people to camp for days, months for a unique pet is NOT the fun way to put rare spawns into the game.

    What really ticks me off is not only are the rare spawns “rare”, which is a bit of a headache in and of itself, but they (i) drop blue quality randomized loot and lots of gold and(ii) part of an achievement; but they also SHARE spawn timers with several other rares.
    That means every 6hrs or so, you have a 33% chance (or worse) for that specific rare spawn to be up.
    Spawn timers are bad enough, but to make them share with others? That’s the worst idea Blizzard has had since they came up with Might tier set design.

    It’s a terrible “quick fix” to supposedly give Hunters what they want- more rare spawns and pets who are trophies. However, Brokentooth was an extremely wonderful prize to have back in the day, and she only had a spawn timer and four (was it five?) spawn points, near each other. She was hard to get, a great trophy pet, but not the nightmare rare spawns are now.

    That being said, I am one of the extremely lucky hunters to have both Loque’nahak and Gondria both gracing my stables- and only a few days of camping between both. I have several hunter friends that I cruise the zones with to help them find those precious pets, day after day. I think it’s awful to force us to scour the zones for a spawn that doesn’t even have a 50% chance to even spawn!!

  37. Snowtiger

    The best add on I could have gotten was silver dragon it detects rares close to you and either a portrait pops up or you can have a 3d Image and your own sound alert mine is a rubber duck while in a flyable area I drop down and if close enough click the bar under the potrait/3d image and if the rare is close but still cant see i use the good ole hunters mark to help!! Thats how i got Aotona the other day..

  38. Anjerith

    I camped Loque starting.. about a week after Wrath came out(?) .. and got him in March. Camped Every night. When I got him, I cried.
    I am a Casual Player for the most part, only partaking of a few hours per night at most (not much at all lately tho’)
    So, obviously, the method of making a Pet extremely hard to get works for some people ;)

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