Ghostcrawler Says Pets To Scale More

As I sit here working on this very boring contract, I just happened to see a blue post slide by that I thought you guys might be interested in.

Ghostcrawler has posted that Blizzard is working on a new way to let our pets scale with all our important stats.

Here, I’ll let him say it:

We think it’s probably time to let pets scale, to some extent, with resilience and spell pen.

The way pets scale from the master’s stats was implemented (on our side) in a slightly clunky way which made it difficult to add additional stats. In BC, it took some effort to kill a pet so it wasn’t a burning problem for us. In LK, we have bumped up pet health a few times, but we are thinking now that the balance will never work right without some crit mitigation. Pets will never scale right with gear as long as the master improves in ways that don’t benefit the pet.

We have a new way to let pets scale, and assuming it works, we should be able to give the pets scale with all relevant stats from the master, from hit to haste to crit. Some things will need to scale at 100%, since it’s silly to have your pet inherit part of your +hit.

No promises until you actually see it live, but that’s what we are thinking at the moment.

It’s back to work for me, but I expect you guys to discuss this at length so that those of us who aren’t steeped in theorycraft will know if this is important or not. *grin*

28 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler Says Pets To Scale More

  1. Ethgrì

    Agreed. It’d be nice to let my Bm spec get some sun. it’s been in the back closet for awhile. only seems to come out when I wanna solo group quests. I’m interested to see how this turns out. Especially if this impacts the talents that increase master contribution.

    “Only time and Blizzard can tell, and bliz aint talkin.”

  2. Rottingham

    Yeah, this might actually make BM a spec that people will actually choose now not just for the Spirit beast but because of it’s new skills or talents:)

    Also, I haven’t posted for a while, and so some of you know that I didn’t like the Spirit Beast… Well that’s changes. I still never tamed one but I figure that if it’s something that people like, then go for it :) It’s not my choice whether you get it ot not. Besides, I like the newer one that came out :)

  3. Saranette

    This is interesting. I wonder if when it comes down to it being finally patched in, the form will look something like having to drop pet talent points to gain a factor of hit or resilience or even spirit!

    Course forcing the hunter what stats to contribute to the pet, that would be just plain evil and prolly wouldn’t happen. But it would be humorous if focus was redesigned to regenerate based on pet spirit/hunter contributions from spirit (stay positive puppy woooo go go go! Maul! Maul! Maul!)

    Perhaps stacking intellect will make your pet actually jump off cliffs with you in instances! Or keep cower/growl turned off!

    I’m kidding, not trying to whine or anything. I’m actually looking forward to the Hunters Mark boost since I talented and glyphed it last month and have been pretty happy with it!

  4. Makoes

    This is certainly a good bit of news for us BM spec’d. Its always bugged me, the limited ways that our armors affected our pets. that and how most classes have 3 diff tier-spec sets to choose from, we only get 1…..maybe now we’ll get more to choose from!?!

    If blizzard actually takes the time to work on this and get it right…maybe my pets will actually be able to off-tank for more then a few hits.

  5. Rikaku

    I find this really ironic after there was a blue post saying that Hunter representation in Arena was too low. And now, we finally hear “resilence” while involving pets.

    Now if pets will actually scale more with it’s Hunter, we might just see BM become more “in-line” with it’s fellow specs. Given that alot of BM talents are % based of the Hunter, we might just see BM get a buff that is needed while also buffing the pet of the other specs.

    It’s too early to judge, but I think this is going in the right direction for Hunters.

  6. Rikaku

    % based of the Hunter’s pet (which is a lesser extent of the hunter)*

    I just woke up… where’s my hot chocolate! I can’t write blog comments without it! *stumbles away*

  7. Palladiamors

    What’s kind of funny about this is that Death Knights Ghouls already get haste from the death knight, so it isn’t like they haven’t implimented pets getting different stats from the master. That being said, does it bother anyone else that GC there flat out admitted that pet scaling was implimented in a clunky way, and has remained that way since its inception just before BC?

    Now I haven’t played in a bit, but when I was playing, if some one wanted your pet dead, they’d be pretty dead pretty fast, talents and mend pet on them or not. I mean pretty fast in relative terms, mind you, so anywhere from ten to twenty seconds, and there wasn’t a whole lot you could do about it. I can only imagine how much worse it got when the new gear came out. It really is a nessecary buff at this point, and honestly probably could have been used back in BC.

  8. Rikaku

    Agreed. I don’t know who thought it was ‘hard’ to kill a pet in BC, but explain that to my pets who kept dying to a damn rogue in relatively few hits.

    Players have been asking for resilence for a long time now, and over and over Blizzard didn’t listen, but now they’ve admitted it was a clunky system to start with.

    Now what I am thinking is…Haste & Armor Pen. Now Haste is never something we stack as BM hunters (well to go out of our way to stack), and Armor Pen is relatively interesting because there’s not alot of information on it yet. Now, if BM start stacking Haste, and if Haste starts to affect our pet, abilities like Rabid may be going off quite a bit. Now, I wonder if they will implement a haste-cap on pets or not, because suddenly I’m getting Classic wow flashbacks with 0.64 Attack Speeds and how much QQ that earned.

    Somuch to think about and so little that we know so far about this future change….

    Where’s the PTR at already? XD

  9. Emowin

    Am I the only one who thinks adding pet armor with stat increasers like ours would maybe possibly be easyer? I could be wrong I’m not a game programer or any thing. Or maybe the thought of my spirit kitty wearing armor makes me drool. (dribble dribble)

  10. Palladiamors

    *Laughs* Emowin, we have been asking for pet armor or accessories for years. I LOVE the idea, but most likely it ain’t gonna happen.

  11. Palladiamors

    You know, that kinda got me thinking……wouldn’t that have been an easier solution in the long run? Pet equipment? I don’t mean like make an entirely new loot table to dedicate to them, but things to boost them up to the required level of stats? It seems like it would have been a lot less complicated in the long run then trying to balance what stats the pet gets from the master and how many….plus it would have allowed for some seriously cool customization options.

    Eh, at the end of the day I am glad they decided to do SOMETHING to help pets.

  12. Rikaku

    It wouldn’t so much have to be a loot table for pets. What if it was sold by like Braenni’s pet supplies? For gold, emblems of heroism, etc etc. Different little trinkets for your pet. Or maybe a glyph system for pets, just for the pets themselves. The possibilities are endless, but as you said, probably never implemented =/

  13. Palladiamors

    Thats what I was thinking, Rikaku, something fairly easy to obtain that wouldn’t interfere with normal drops. Then you could have PvP, token, and what have you for sail. Minimize pet scaling with the hunter, elminiate the double bonus from buffs, and impliment pet armor and or accessories. Then you can determine the stats of your pet based on it’s gear, as well as on talent spec.

    Of course it won’t happen, but it is a nice thought.

  14. Palladiamors

    For….sail? For SALE. Wow, fun typo at least.

    As a side note, I wonder when Blizzard is going to learn that hunters will probably always be screwed in PvP and arenas? See, the problem is that our crowd control SUCKS, and anything that needs to get out of our snares can EASILY get out of our snares and close distance. The real problem is that, as I have harped on so many times before, hunters are the only class with a real and ((Relatively speaking)) easy to exploit weakness.

    Rant time! You have been forewarned. I am a fan of having to use some amount of skill or intelligence to play a class. However I do think there is often a gap in between the amount of skill needed to play classes. As far as that goes, hunters are probably the hardest class to play effectively in a PvP enviroment. The smaller the scale of PvP, the harder. A hunter has to be aware, at all times, of distance to the enemy and of what their pet is doing, on top of what shots they need to be firing. I can’t tell you how much easier it is to play a demonology warlock over a beast master hunter, and that just elimates the distance watching. We aren’t even going to go into death knights. It may be true that hunters may be one of the easiest classes to level, but they are easily one of the harder classes to PvP as. Here is where my real complaints come in: One is the difference in skill needed, obviously. I don’t really think it makes a whole lot of sense for a hunter to have to run around like a mad man, using traps, disenage, and whatever other little tricks they have just to survive, while classes like death knights or the current paladins can push two or three buttons and do just as well as the poor hunters who actually have to use skill. I also don’t think it’s fair that the old ‘paper rock siscors’ attitude now only seems to apply to hunters.

    Am I saying our classes is horribly broken, and totally unusable? Hell no. Before I stopped playing, I enjoyed going into BGs and stomping on people. My favorite fights were actually the fair one on ones with close to equally geared people. Win or lose, I’d enjoy the fight. The class IS lethal, it just has it’s quirks that could use some addressing. I really think that one thing that would up the lethality of the class in general would be to either allow the use of shots in melee range, or giving a melee variant of shots. Nothing is quite so frustrating as having a warrior or death knight ALMOST dead, but running out of little tricks at the end and not being able to melee them down. Masters call is a huge help though, at least we did get that.

    Wow, hasn’t been a Palladia rant in a while….

  15. Makoes

    I agree with you Palladia, Hunters are thee ONLY class that has a melee range limitation on 98% or our abilities. Every other class can cast spells at melee range, but not hunters. If Blizzard removed that ranged requirement of our abilities, we would in essence be on par with every other class…

    Blizzard also stated that they wanted to give tanacity pets the ability to off-tank in intances (there was some discussion on this in one of manias arcania, long time ago…when pet talant spec was first hinted at) However, since pets can’t be Deff cap’d, there was a major flaw were pets just couldn’t handle off-tank…let alone trying to convince a healer in short time to heal the pet when the tank died to avoide wipes…
    I guess having a hunter has made me more aware of pets in that scense, when I play me resto druid. I find myself keeping close tabs on pets health.

    I have alwas thought that being able to equip pets with thier own armor was about the easiest way that blizz could fix the issue with things like resil,def, etc. They did do an alright job on the resistance aspect though. I also like that idea of pets having thier own glyph sets…both the above ideas are good not only for hunters but also for proffessions, as well as for those unused emblems and shards.

  16. Palladiamors

    We can use our traps in melee! Oh, wait, they have a .5 second arming time….and a 30 second untalented cooldown…..and are broken if you so much as sneeze on them….

    It still pisses me off that Warlocks get a glyph for each minion, death knights get an AMAZING glyph for their ghouls, and beast masters get a cooldown reduction on beastial wrath. It’s good and all, but the other’s are effects that are on ALL the time, and not just potentially once a minute, at a button press.

    This is not something I ever thought I’d say, but it’s probably time to just retire pet happiness now. Back in the day it meshed well with pet loayality, but now it just seems like an un-needed hindrance. It only really effects one spec out of the three, and can end up to be a huge hit if your pet dies at the wrong time, or at ANY time in PvP. Especially in PvP, since its entirely possible that they are going to die again very soon at that point.

    For the record, I don’t like the dumbing down of WoW. But there is a difference in dumbing down the game, and making it fair for all classes. For years hunters had to keep a large store of arrows and several stacks of food, something no other class had to do. Even warlocks simply needed to soul drain something, and not spend money. With pet talents, it isn’t like happiness is a huge deal anymore, but it is still a deal. It used to fit the feel, but that time has passed.

  17. Sarissan

    regarding the pet off-tanking my pet seems to be doing just fine. My “Achu” (Spirit of Koosu) or as my guildies call it “Sari’s booger” tanks the horsemen in the back at Naxx 10 on every guild run, and 25 depending on healers available. I have also used Achu for quite a bit of other off-tanking in heroic instances This is entirely from a BM perspective however as it is the only spec I have ever truly played and after having toyed around with survival and hating it for an offspec I’ll be returning it to being a secondary BM spec

    Also I’m definitely cheering the idea of shooting at melee range though and think we do need better pet related glyphs and possibly pet armor. On a side note is it just me or is that glyph for eyes of the beast the most useless thing ever? I don’t know about you but I only use eyes of the beast for scouting with a stealthed cat or for goofing around.

    anyway cheers to all the hunters out there. Once again thanks for all the pet info on the site :)

  18. Noba

    I’m happy they’re looking into giving our pets resil, armor pene, maybe haste… That will be nice. And play nice-nice to GC for admitting their old system was clunky, admitting there’s a problem is the first step.. and its better than the standard “um..working as intended..yeah.”.

    Visible pet armor would be fun, as long as you could choose to/not to have it. If only blizzard could make a “for giggles” realm, in which it implements things people want. Pet armor, mount names, pet and mount “paint” or “dyes”. All the silly things we’d like to mess with… Pet murlocs, all types of disguises to make your char appear like various mobs.. Mages with free-form/flowing fire and ice elementals that look chinese dragon-esque… Could babble forever all the stuff that would be fun, but I’ll refrain from continuing.

  19. Jet

    How about just giving me back my good ol’ thunderstomp? It’s horrible now. Gorilla is pretty much useless. Can’t hold aggro,which is true of all pets in my experience. Volley? That’s useless. Nothing like having to use autoshot almost exclusively unless you want to be in melee. I’m not talking about raids here. I know a good tank will hold aggro. I’m talking about just simple questing. “Hey I’m gonna shoot that guy,my pet is on him….aw here he comes.”

  20. Makoes

    *Jet, pets have growl (works great if you have cower off) tanacity pets can have improved growl/taunt, and dont forget the hunter ability Intimidate.

    My main issue with pets tanking is that a lot of the time healers don’t automatically heal the pet. my guilds not so bad for it, but pugging is a pain.

    As for pvp, keeping ranged is an issue, especially while waiting for cooldowns on things like disengage and deterance. pets go down far to fast against other players. Pets are a part of the hunter, and when the pet falls, there goes a good portion of or damage (though, I am looking at it from a BM pov)

  21. Arnen

    I really hope they improve how pets scale with stam. Even in my fully-survivabilitied-out BM spec and using buff foods and stam scrolls, my bear just can’t catch up to my 18K HP. *sigh* He can hold aggro over me just fine, since I don’t have the spec set up for me to outdamage him by a whole lot, and he can hold off four or five non-elite 80 mobs, but it’s just a bit depressing to look at his health compared to mine when -he- is supposed to be the tank.

  22. Lori

    Didn’t they tell us they were going to make KS available in melee range? Never happened. The thought of pet armor and enchants and glyphs is exciting. That would be awesome, but highly unlikely, I think. Mmmmm….. /drools

  23. Arjuna

    Pet stam has been nerfed; most tenacity pets lost a few k hit points with the patch that leveled the field to +5 across the board. At that time lock and DK pets also took a big blow to hp I find it really hard to believe bliz wants us to use pets to off tank inside an instance. Likely this is just an attempt to help pvp durability. Wasnt it just a little while ago that pets were doing “too much damage” and BM got that rather heavy handed nerf Hmmm could this be a little apology ;)

  24. Dino147

    lets wait and see what actually happens.Because one thing is certain out of all of this.Any changes made will probably just put us on par with other classes with pets,everyone but rogues and warriors who just dont have the ability ……yet.They arent going to give us armor or anything cool like that.We will get a glyph just like the other classes only not as “working as intended”.

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