Quick Pet Hotfixes

It looks like we might be getting a small client patch tomorrow morning — and if we do, Blizzard says our talents will be reset again to help fix some of the many talent weirdnesses that have been happening.

[edit] We did get a patch this morning. Minuscule patch notes can be found on the forums this time, but there’s nothing of real interest (although I am hoping the GeForce fix helps me not crash twice an hour.) [/edit]

But we’ve also been received a bunch of server-side hotfixes all this past week that I’ve been largely unaware of. I read through them tonight, though, and two stuck out at me:

You can no longer check the box to make your character “at war” with the Sunreavers faction.

Unfortunately this means that Horde can no longer tame the Sunreaver Dragonhawks from Sunreaver’s Command in Crystalsong Forest. Ryai mentioned this in a comment a few days back, but now it’s official.

That makes me rather sad, since those were the only available Cunning pets that were already level 80. I’d love to hear if Alliance hunters can still tame these guys. (By the way, note that I haven’t updated that Petopia page yet — it still says both factions can tame these dragonhawks, but it’s wrong.)

Hunter pets should now have their talents refunded when a hunter switches talent specs, even if they are dismissed at the time.

This may have been causing some of the problems with pet talents and dual specs. I guess we’ll find out with the next patch. But I think this was already supposed to be happening, so I don’t expect that it’s much of a change for anyone.

38 thoughts on “Quick Pet Hotfixes

  1. Ethgì

    I’m glad they’re fixing these issues. One of my guildmates has been EXTREMELY frustrated by the issues with dual talent specs. Hopefully this fixes that issue.

    I haven’t run into this issue yet, but i didn’t do dual specs on any chars (plus my hunter’s not 80 yet)

  2. Ryai

    Lol you didn’t have to say I mentioned it, think it’d have dawned on us all at the time- it only dawned on me cause it was only after the last quest turny quest that I saw I got sunreaver rep.

    I WAS CAUGHT UP IN GOLD. I mean. Dailies. shh.

    I hope this fixes the other bugs, my pets keep fluctuating from 12k to 16k hp and it’s annoying when I’m killing mobs, thank god it doesn’t happen that much when I’ve gotten a few instances, but it’s really annoying when you’re Hydralisk has only 12k hp.

    Think I’ve pinned down the pet bug too- think it’s tied to the glitch of ‘you spent talent points but your talent points appear unspent’, but seems to just affect Stamnia/Wild Hunt.

  3. Makoes

    had a guildy whos duel spec page appeared “stained glass” like, and his telants were showing as 3/3/0, and he had no telant points left. Although I myself experienced no issues with duel spec.

    ah well, we should be use to issues occuring after patch days lol.
    Hope the horde find some way of taming a lv 80 cunning pet…

  4. Ryai

    Well it’s not only that Makoes, that was the only red dragonhawk tameable outside a raid/instance. I mean I don’t really mind leveling pets up, it’s just obtaining a red hawk that’d be hard, it’s what put me off it before.

  5. Jet

    Anyone else tired of respeccing your characters every time you turn around? Just got done with one of my 80′s today. Still have a headache from that,and I have to do it again tomorrow? come on!

  6. Rasta

    Oh, come now. If Mania – the self-proclaimed lazy hunter who doesn’t group to save her life (almost) – can properly spec without any issues, nobody should have room to complain about it.

    Good to see the talent issue being fixed, along with the Argent Tournament thing. Yes, you may lose the ability to tame a level 80 cunning pet, but that’s a small sacrifice for disarming the droves of douchebags who think it’s hilarious to camp the horde questgivers and feed off of the resulting tears.

  7. Mania Post author

    Yeah, but I just throw points in any which way.

    You should have seen me trying to respec my death knight — if I had known that I’d have to do that again so soon I would have written it down!

  8. Ryai

    Yeah but when you have about 20 characters high enough to use talents, it gets a bit auuuurrrrgleeeemaaargleeee.

    And then being the only ‘hunter’ expert in my group of friends, I had to headbash out some new talent builds for Aria and Gex’s hunters.

    Atleast I can fix Zeldei tho, spend a few more points wisely.

  9. Witrely

    I tamed my sunreaver dragonhawk ages ago.
    named it Hudson.
    (would have named it Hudson’s if I could)
    always knew this day will come and they will cancel the ability to get them.
    it was only to be expected.
    at least the skin is not unique.

    as for respecng for free yet agin. no complaints here.
    ty for saving me another 50g.
    was going to do that anyway.
    all these changes take time to fine-tune.

  10. Ariamodasu

    Anyone else pissed off this talent reset in the hotfix is coming when they already had to manually reset theirs this week? The next day after I was trying a talent I reset them, mine glitch reset just to rub it in I paid 15 G :( Mind given this patch has been extremely messy with things breaking or disappearing hope most of it at the very least gets fixed, more so growl snapping.

  11. Seryth

    whats this pets always reset talentpoints when switching crap?
    i was glad to find out that everytime i switch my pet is dismissed an that a pet you only use with one specc would keep it´s talents …

    spirit beast for bm, wolf for sv

    is ist to hard to let pets have two speccs too? or just save a standard pet for a specc which keeps its talents and will autamacially be pulled out of the stable when switching speccs?

  12. Ryai

    Seryth, it’s most likely tied in with BM’s 51 pointer talent, but Blizzard is to lazy to just lob off the last four talents used [most likely it would have been shark frenzy and wild hunt 2/2 2/2 each], but hey it lets you have an on the fly respec.

    But I can understand it getting tedious and annoying after awhile.

  13. Witrely

    its more then that.
    we each allocate points differently and I would not want to have blizzard’s idea of how my extra 4 points should have been allocated or removed.
    I prefer my own choice without having to go to the trainer to reset what blizzard decided for me when I change spec and it influences my pet.

    I would rather have a dual spec option for the pet talents but since they did not build that option I prefer to have the free choice to do it myself.

    I expect not to change pets and specs so many times that it will become annoying.

  14. Jaeger

    Ya that would be my understanding also Witely… Its not as if you would be changing every 5 minutes .. and 20 clicks or less to respec your pet shouldnt be too much to ask.. expecially since its a free respec also each time.. which allows for a lot of customization also. I like that I could “try-out” any spec now on my pets for free with the knowledge that it just takes a free respec available on a half hour min to change it.

    Also preview talent changes prevents mistakes so its not as if you would be making drastic choices by accident.

  15. Dweezill

    I never really had the trouble with talents points themselves. All my talent points apeared fine. Every once in a while, when I changed back to my SV spec, I would get two unspent talent points and have to put them back into black arrow and explosive shot. That wasn’t too terribly bad. The main problem I had was my pet not recieving the stam/AP buff from Wild Hunt. It was kinda frustrating knowing my Slime should be at about 24000 hp and not 21000 hp. If this problem gets fixed, I will be a happy camper (hunter).

    I do like that my pet’s talent points get refunded. The only time it happens though, is when I go from BM to SV. If I got back to BM, I only have to add the extra 4 points back on.

  16. Dweezill

    Sorry for the double post… but I have been piddling around with pets again, and I have to say (please don’t laugh), Sporebats are rockin! Been using one for a few days now with my SV spec, and I like how things are going.

  17. Korzak

    Patch is done, but servers are all offline.

    There’s a list of bugs for 3.1 up, but no list of what changed in this patch that I can find. I patched, but there was no “Here’s what’s in this patch” list like normal, just a link to the Blizz forums, and I don’t feel like searching through it all.

    About a 7meg patch.

  18. Jaeger

    Korzak.. you must have already patched to 3.1 then.. as it was a HUGE patch compared to 7Mb.. :P

    Your only seeing 7Mb and a list of bugs fixed because that is all that is contained in the patch you just downloaded.

    Take a look at the other threads on here or on the official WOW website which outlines the changes…

  19. Anskar

    Well it’s very disappointing to hear about the sunreaver dragonhawk’s,and i’m kinda disappointed with blizzard(why did they have to make both spirit beast look like cats,they could of made a spirit beast of each tamable pet in game or atleast gradually do that,don’t get me wrong i like gondria,and louq but why more cats to tame,or atleast why not just have louq a cat,and made say a wolf(or something different)).Good to hear they’ll be fixing dual-spec,cause as it stands i only have 1talent

  20. Sarissan

    Yay now I get to respec to BM again…wait….I never was not BM and my Dual Spec will probably be a variation(solo-questing/pettanking build) of BM…oh well. Free respec, free is good :)

    And I need to go buy more bullets…I’m down to 25k, yes I kept my ammo bag. The thought of buying ammo once every 2 weeks or so makes me smile.

  21. Rikaku

    You mean I can’t be a 150/0/0 BM spec anymore with a pet that’s 35 points into Ferocity? D= THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!

    I kid, but armory mess ups are rather funny ;)

    Anwyas, dangit! I don’t like that system one bit. It’s going be annoying to re-do your pets talents everytime you switch, man, nevermind, dual spec is totally not worth it for Hunter.

    And they better not reset talent points, I *just* got my druids talents and action bars finished @_@

  22. Arjuna

    Ive had a 0 points left 0 to spend talent box (at 80)on one of my toons. On a good note they seem to have fixed the rinse and repeat hydra sfx so they can come out of the stables now without annoying everyone.

  23. AJ

    Not sure if it’s just me but playing today I noticed my spirit beasts (Loque) special attack has a new and less interesting graphic as far as I can tell – it’s just a blue energy circle on the target not the death star strike it was yesterday.

  24. Rakkis

    Slightly off topic I know, but can I just celebrate the new tenacity pet talents, they are truly amazing and allowed my hunter to go back and kill various elite mobs I was never able to solo before, as my previous pets all died very shortly into the fights.

    I love ‘em.

    I should point out I also got the new 140% pet heal glyph, so that also contributes. Now a ‘tank’ pet really is a tank.

  25. Aeira

    aaaahhhhhHHHHHHH -runs onstage with an outraged, in-pain look-

    Did you know?! They took out Gezzarak the Huntress’s summon animation! For the few of us who managed to tame her, I believe this is a grave offense. It’s akin to taking the Grimtotem Spirit Guide and turning it in to a regular wolf. How cruel! Is there a way I can petition Blizz to see the errors of their ways and FIX this monstrosity?!

    AAAAaaaaahhhhhhhh….. /endrant

  26. Nachtwulf

    The daggercap hawks still follow you in ‘at rest’ pose though. They fixed the d-saurs and the plaguehounds, but I guess lowbies don’t count. *shrug*

  27. Saranette

    Oh there’s knockback to it! Knocked back a few patched down the road that is.

    Wild Hunt bugs seem to be fixed and looks like my pet hp is about correct now.

    Spent the majority of yesterday planning out how I wanna set up my specs. Finally set up a strange Hybrid spec for pvp, but I’m afraid it’s damage will be gimped. Moreso than expected.

    Finally tested things out on Recount and the dummies, trying to fix the royally screwed up macros, and decide if SV is what I wanna stay with. After a while, it felt like I was doing less damage than pre patch (though I still need to test out w/ ES glyph, so that may fix that.) Only reason I tried to pick up some complex shot rotation macros was that once I go into raids, it’s nearly impossible to manually weave at what, 6fps? I’d say it’s worse with the addition of Black Arrow. I’m still not too thrilled with it: you affliction locks can have your dot back for my old ES!

    Like I said, I’ll stick with it for a bit, but this is the first time in a long time I’m thinking about leaving the SV tree, I mean to drive the point home, it rewards you for standing still, and to properly achieve DPS with it now, you cannot trap. I still remember BRK talking about it ages ago, where what would really be lovely is an ability to use multiple traps at once. I know it wouldn’t sound too useful in PvE instances/raids, but at the very least, a proper trap launcher would’ve been acceptable.

    So, does BM bring anything to groups? I’ve had my replenishment, and I assume Trueshot is for Marksmen, but I don’t see much under Beast Mastery that says GET THIS GUY IN OUR GROUP NOW! Unless it’s that small mana restore on crits or something.

  28. Ryai

    Saranette: Did you even look at the trees? No offence, but the mana replenishment is ALL SV. AP buff is MM. BM brings in a raid wide +3% buff [I assume raidwide like all other buffs] to damage.

    BM also brings in damage- or well it did before Blizzard decided to fix a well working workhorse.

  29. Saranette

    oh I did. I saw said raid buff on crits. Just didn’t seem that good compared to the other trees.

    Still not really having any fun with either newly made Hybrid/SV specs yet…Black Arrow is just a pain to me, and I would assume skip it if it weren’t required for ES. Yeah I know, damage is better, but I miss tying a lock and load into a fire trap and starting with burst that way… Something about traps that doesn’t feel like an outright boring dot spell. Just seeing an enemy run into it, having the claws set on the ground, I miss that. Yes, I know it’s all pixels, but after a point, it just isn’t as fun a use of said pixels.

    I really wish they’d quit trying to fix happy accidents, the niches. The stuff that isn’t gamebreaking, but fun to those who find it. That said, anyone notice the Kaluak fishing pole had it’s damage significantly reduced? I don’t understand the thought process on the dev teams part – I’m seeing all these post-its on a bulletin board, crusty and dusty, waiting their turn as well as a lifeless piece of paper could. Oh! time to fix these longstanding non-issues!

    Say, the fishing pole dps, the summoning animations, tamables/untamables, model-swaps, tooltip clarifications on minor skills, etc… It begins to add up, and you notice that the time could’ve been better spent fixing cower/growl, or any other similar annoyance that needs to be worked around through addons and macros…

    I also recall the voidwalker getting a signifigant HP nerf in 3.1 as well, seemingly aimed at specifically discourageing them from tanking endgame raid content, nevermind the gross inefficiency.

    Somewhere in the balance of fixing bugs and making content, it’s like the Dev team gets embarrassed at the wrong things in their game. The fundamental concept of intended features and consequences needs to be looked at for a very long weekend at a retreat or something, possibly involving some drugs and alcohol, or SOMETHING! Course it doesn’t have to be those, just throwing them out – anyone who has heard stories of development in the Atari days knows what I mean.

    That’s the problem with the hunter class: it’s approach to the game, or variety, causes a small but noticeable want for uniqueness. Niches that some (but not all) players who exclusively play the class are attracted to. With all the talk community managers make about trying to make content for all classes, as in, it takes up time to specialize on quests for one class, why is time and (any) effort really spent on stamping out unintended quirks? Everyone knows the ghostwolf example here: the flub that they were planning on giving them to Shammies anyway is a pile, not to mention their official reasoning for removal. It is the prime example of a happy accident: it forced people to work together very carefully, spend money, and be a prerequisate level to essentally get an “epic”, and the dev team didn’t have to do a damn thing! It was literally a quest that wrote itself! The summoning animations are a new one, I remember enlisting the help of a lower level person out in thousand needles, as I did the Arikara chain months prior unknowingly. It sent us roaming round the zone for a good hour or two and was clearly a productive and positive experience for both of us! These pets weren’t flavors of the month, they were just Really Cool Things, much like any longish quest chain for a silly trinket or weapon that references pop culture. The only difference is, again, the Devs didn’t have to do a damn thing about what is essentially more quests. These are examples of what should be favorable, especially in MMOs: meta-quest content that pushes the player toward something that isn’t gamebreaking, nor entirely existential.

    The problem is that we can’t seem to convince the Dev team yet that they are profitable. Perhaps look at it this way: one of the reasons the trap launcher was shelved was because the back-end work wasn’t in place. I’d assume this would’ve meant the overhauling of old code and new bugs to core systems that have been in place for years. So they stopped with it. This is, what, the 3rd or 4th generation of programmers on WoW, so why feel that old non-damaging quirks from code that wasn’t even your creation in the first place should ever be a priority? I mean, I’d understand if creatures brought into Orgrimmar looked like little checker boxes to some players, but a tooltip-change on a staple pet ability that has had a very longstand bug that remains unfixed?


    I….really don’t know where that came from. I’m just tired I guess.

  30. Ariamodasu

    It is admittedly insanely funny watching a blue n’ white cube (Red n’ white when enraged) zooming after an ally. Happened a ways back when I was hleping my mother on her account, an ally came into Silvermoon and Ryai’s little cube zoomed past looking fairly pissed tyring to eat it :D

  31. Karyith

    Just tried taming one of the Flight Master’s Dragonhawks at Sunreaver Command Post. Alliance can still tame as of 12:30 am CDT 4/26/09. Good Luck to all the Hunters out there. :)

  32. Boudica

    I’m still after 3 days of GM’s looking into it, trying to get my rare silithid Bounce, to have his talent points sorted out! Not only is he missing points but some of the ones he has cannot be spent :S

    I was wondering if any other silithid owners were having the same problem or if its just Bounce being a litte….(insert naughty word here) :D

  33. scott


    It’s not just you – my nelf’s silithid (red, though I’ve tried taming just about every kind out there to see if any were working) comes tamed with dash on his pet bar, yet on his pet talents tree, dash doesn’t show as being bought (even though he uses it and stuff), and you can’t do anything to change that slot…

    Which means A) you cannot get mobility and B) it actually takes 4 pts to reach tier 2 since the point deducted for dash doesn’t actually give you credit towards pet talent advancement.

    From what I can tell this glitch appeared sometime in March or April, because my orc’s silithid (rare tan) which I tamed back in like Feb still has dash and mobility showing properly on its pet talents window… I don’t dare respec it though, lol.

    This is a confirmed glitch at least to the extent that others have posted about it and Blizzard acknowledges it as a “dash display issue on silithids” – is this anything like what happened to you?

  34. scott

    Also my vicious teromoth just lost his radioactive glow – he had it right up till today when I died and resummoned him; suddenly he was in his red bodied/non glowing state, and remained that no way no matter how much I resummoned him after that.

    Can anyone else confirm this or is it just me?

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