Patch 3.1 is Live!

Patch 3.1, the most recent long-awaited content patch for World of Warcraft, is now live and available on US servers! (Realms are just now starting to come up as I write this.)

I feel like I’ve already spent half my life talking about Patch 3.1, so rather than do any more I’m just going to point you at various bits of information.

First, some stuff I’ve already written about Patch 3.1. This list is more or less in reverse chronological order, meaning the later ones are from the PTR and may reference things that have changed.

In addition, you may find these resources handy:

(I feel like I’ve missed several resources I wanted to call out. Hmm .. if you think of something I missed, feel free to add it in the comments.)

58 thoughts on “Patch 3.1 is Live!

  1. Ariamodasu

    Yeah I tamed a turtle pre patch as I was trying the three “tank” pets near and around Barrens to see the aniamations (Understandbly if it’s gonna irk me too much like seizure croc it’s better to know before a commit) and now I actually have little Karaji, he does seem rather small.

  2. Tim

    One change that will benefit leveling hunters and pets is that the stats on low level leatherworker crafted gear are now often better for hunters. The 7 pieces of Tough Scorpid mail armor with levels 39-45 now have a total of 63 stamina instead of 63 spirit to go with the 85 agility.

  3. Korzak

    Anyone else disappointed in Thunderstomp? My gorilla seems WAY less able to hold aggro now. COuldn’t even keep 4 lousy skeletal things off me in Icecrown: they were 77, pet was 80.

  4. scott

    I’ve found a confirmed bug that came in on or a few weeks before 3.1:

    Silithids now come tamed with dash, but it doesn’t give you credit for it in the pet talents window, meaning A) you cannot ever get mobility and B) it now takes 4 points to unlock tier 2 instead of 3, since it doesn’t give you credit for the point in dash even though the point is deducted from your total points available.

    Note if you had a silithid prior to 3.1 and simply re-applied his talents after the free reset, dash seems to be bug-free, at this is the case on my orc hunter who had the tan silithid, tamed back in February I think… but for my male nelf hunter who just started trying to tame a silithid, any silithid he tames comes with the dash glitch.

    And from posts in the hunters and bugs forums it appears some have encountered this just by untraining their pet talents.

    Blizzard so far seems to just think it is a “display issue”, so I have done my best to clarify it for them in their bugs forum however I’d recommend that anyone who has or wants to get a silithid head on over to let them know people care about this.

  5. scott

    BTW IIRC I think TS does like 1/2 the dmg it used to, however it still works well enough if you prep with misdirection+multishot… plus it always seemed a bit OP to me so I’m happy enough with the latest incarnation…

  6. Amaya

    So after the patch I went and tamed a wolf pet, one of the ones that have the coyote/shaman gost wolf shape except black. For some reason I remember these wolves having an audible howl occasionally.. it still does a howl animation.. but theres no howl sound to it, its just silent. Am I losing it or did blizz really take away its howl sound?

  7. Thaylla

    @Amaya – You’re not losing it, they used to howl. I’ve had a wolf for ages and his howl was one of my favourite things and now it’s gone since the patch. *cries*

    I’m hoping it’s just a glitch and they’ll fix it, because I miss it dearly. :(

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