Glyphing the Lackadaisical Hunter

Mission accomplished: My little insane Death Knight has gotten me to log into WoW more this past week without immediately getting confused and disenchanted and logging back out.

On the other hand, she’s mostly just been collecting flowers and pretty gems and occasionally beating the snot out of innocent pterodaxi in Un’Goro. And while she’s fun enough to play, she’s not really satisfying my WoW itch quite right. Apparently I really am addicted to hunters.

So I started thinking (again!) about projects for Mania. I came up with something I think I’ll enjoy (which I’ll tell you about in more detail later). But the first step is getting Mania set up properly.

Getting Set Up ‘Properly’

You may remember — and if you didn’t you should have been tipped off by the title! — that I consider myself a lackadaisical hunter. I am fundamentally lazy when it comes to WoW. I play for fun, not challenge; I’m not interested in min-maxing; I solo almost exclusively because it’s easier and less annoying for me. In short, I putter about like a retired shopkeeper with a basketful of hobbies.

So getting Mania ‘set up properly’ has a very specific meaning to me: it means improving her peripherals (equipment, glyphs, spells, talents) without changing my play style — and without spending too much time or effort figuring out what constitutes an improvement or working to get the upgrade.

The most important component of this philosophy, to me, is that I don’t require myself to change my preferred play style. Not to put too fine a point on it, but what other more knowledgeable hunters consider ‘learning to play your class’ I consider ‘tedious button-mashing’. I am a bad hunter — and I’m very upfront about that!

I don’t deal well with the notion of shot rotations. I turn with the keyboard and get dizzy when the camera moves too much. I am especially bad at using situational abilities because I never pay enough attention to know when the situation is right. So I really heavily on passive abilities, auto-cast abilities on my pet, and a small repertoire of buttons for me to push.

Starting with Glyphs

So anyway, I decided to get Mania set up ‘properly’ as I see it. And I decided to start with glyphs. Talents will be reset with Patch 3.1, and anyway talents and skills are both going to take some study to see where the best lackadaisical choices are. And equipment is a whole big mess (which I will nevertheless start on soon). But glyphs — glyphs are easy!

I started with a post on The Hunter’s Mark and quickly picked out the six glyphs I wanted. I bought the ones I was missing, mailed them all off to Mania … and then remembered that there are some cool new glyphs coming up in Patch 3.1. So then I started all over using Wowhead’s PTR glyph database.

Minor Glyphs

There are only six minor glyphs total (with no new minors in Patch 3.1), so choosing three minor glyphs was no problem. My choices:

  • Glyph of Feign Death: Reduces the cool down for more get-out-of-death-free chances.
  • Glyph of Mend Pet: Makes the mended pet happier.
  • Glyph of Revive Pet: Reduces push back while reviving a dead pet.

I wouldn’t be using the Revive Pet glyph except that the other minor hunter glyphs are even more useless to me. Sure, I get my pet killed a lot, but the chances of me living long enough to revive it *in combat* are almost nil, glyph or no.

But I don’t group, so Glyph of the Pack is pointless. I’d never remembered to use Scare Beast even if I did have somewhere to put it on my hotbar where I’d see it. And the Glyph of Possessed Strength? … *slow blink* …

Major Glyphs

Unfortunately there are lots and lots of major glyphs to choose from — 27 of the suckers! Of which I can only use three at once. My choices:

  • Glyph of Aspect of the Beast: Increases the AP bonus of AotB.
  • Glyph of Mending: Increases the healing of Mend Pet.
  • Glyph of Bestial Wrath: Reduces the cool down on Bestial Wrath.

I spend most of my time in Aspect of the Beast, so that glyph makes a lot of sense for my existing play style. And Glyph of Mending just seems like something I really, really should have to help keep my pet alive — given that I tend to get myself into situations where my pet is sorely wounded due to my own inattention.

However, you might wonder why I choose the Bestial Wrath glyph, given that Bestial Wrath is an active ability and therefore another button for me to press. But between Longevity and this glyph, Bestial Wrath is available often enough that I can put it smack in the middle of my hotbar, train myself it hit it when it lights up, and use it in most fights.

And somehow it really seems like I should do that … like Bestial Wrath is a core ability for Beast Masters, almost. Well, it’s worth a try.

The Runners Up

Some words about the glyphs I passed over:

Glyph of Disengage: I am very fond of Disengage as a skill, but my hope is to avoid situations that require the use of Disengage quite so often. So decreasing the cool down on Disengage didn’t strike me as a great choice.

Glyph of Freezing Trap: This glyph seems really useful to me since I use Freezing Trap a lot … except that it I generally use Freezing Trap to stop enemies attacking me while I help my pet finish off a ranged target. Since I never bother to move away after trapping the attacker, the reduced movement speed after the trap breaks is useless to me.

Glyph of Hunter’s Mark: I had to convince myself not to use this glyph. Opening a fight by marking the enemy is ingrained in my notion of what it means to be a hunter, so of course buffing Hunter’s Mark is good! The problem is that I don’t actually do that any more. I stopped opening with Hunter’s Mark for most fights when Wrath of the Lich King launched. Part of it is that pets no longer benefit from the bonus AP and part of it is that I no longer have to explicitly send my pet to attack, so I don’t pause (and Mark) before attacking — I just right-click. But regardless, if I’m not Marking then this glyph won’t do me much good.

Glyph of Kill Shot: Despite the fact that I prefer passive abilities, I really like Kill Shot. This is entirely because the icon is bright red and only lights up when you can use the skill, generally (for me, solo) once a fight. Since it doesn’t start out red, I really notice the pop when it lights up! On the other hand, if I am only using it once a fight anyway then what good is a slightly shorter cool down?

Glyph of Steady Shot: I considered this one for quite a while, because Steady Shot is the bread and butter of my non-rotation shot-rotation. (I mean that I mash the button a lot.) And I do usually Serpent Sting first. But I didn’t want to drop any of the three glyphs I did choose. If one of them seems to not be working out, though, I’ll try swapping this one in. I amy also start with it if the Glyph of Mending is incredibly expensive right after Patch 3.1.


Advice this post is not! I have no real idea what I am doing here — and even if I did, my play style is so foreign to that way that most hunters play that it likely wouldn’t help anyone else.

And I’m not really asking for advice either. On the one hand, I’m just going to putter around with this and see how it works without worrying too much about it. And on the other, my play style is again so foreign that much of the best advice you wonderful, helpful commentators might give me would go right over my head.

But regardless, I am very interested to hear about how you glyph your hunters — what tradeoffs you make and why. (I am well aware that much of my value lies in letting my wonderful, helpful commentators give generous advice to anyone who swings by looking for advice, without letting my own weird play style get in the way. *grin*)

59 thoughts on “Glyphing the Lackadaisical Hunter

  1. Kalli

    I know this is probably a bit late, but I’d pass on the Aspect of the Beast glyph in favor of the one for steady shot. You’re probably putting serpent sting up on whatever spec you’re using, so regardless of min/maxing, you’ll benefit from the choice.

    There really honestly isn’t much reason to run around with anything other than Aspect of the Dragonhawk up, since you get the upped dodge/survival from monkey and attack power from hawk, but I figure you have your reasons. :) I mean, sure, aggro might be less of an issue based on above posts, but honestly, with ALL tanking pets getting thunderstomp today, that hopefully will no longer be an issue.

  2. Mania Post author

    I will be interested to see how aggro feels after the patch, especially since I also intend to upgrade some of my equipment at the same time. But keep in mind that I hunt primarily with a cat — and they, unfortunately, will not have access to Thunderstomp.

  3. Kalli

    Ah, good deal! So you’re pretty much focusing on single targets anyway then. DPS pets can actually be pretty good about holding single target aggro, especially when you’re BM and not doing as much personal dps (or at least that was the case when I was deep BM last and was wont to running around with my big green devilsaur rather than my crab). Makes sense! You’re probably more inclined to use CC then on multiple target pulls? Or no? :o Just trying to figure out what you’re comfortable with to offer appropriately helpful advice while still attempting to up overall passive dps. ;)

    Hmm…if I’ve armoried you correctly, you could always pop a point or two into imp hawk for faster autoshots (which shouldn’t mess with aggro too horribly much) and get the glyph for improved aspect of the hawk to give another boost to it. (I’d probably pull a point from frenzy and one from go for the throat to do it.) Just tossing that out there as a possibility. ;D And as a side note, WOW, the armory shows glyphs and such now, plus dual specs. That is pretty amazing!

  4. Jaeger

    I went for:

    Major Glyphs :

    Glyph of the Monkey : Increases healing done by your mend pet ability pet by 40%
    - The more healing the better!

    Glyph of Beastial Wrath : Decreases the cooldown of BW by 20 sec.
    - More beastial wrath.. need i say more?

    Glyph of Hunter’s Mark : Increases the AP bonus of HM by 20%
    - It was either this or a longer Serpent Sting.. I chose this as at 76 u get HM to give 300 AP.. with this glyph thats now 360.. an extra 60 AP on all ranged attacks is a nice extra IMO.

    Minor Glyphs :

    Glyph of Feign Death : Reduces cooldown of your FD spell by 5 sec.
    - Easily the best Hunter Minor Glyph!

    Glyph of Revive Pet : Reduces the pushback when casting RP by 100%
    - I always use a tenacity pet, so this isn’t a ‘must’ but you never know when ya might need it.. and the other Minor Glyphs suck

    Glyph of Mend Pet : Your MP spell increases your pet’s happiness slightly.
    - Again this is just to fill the slot.. But a happy pet is always a plus

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  6. Witrely

    for minor glyphs I use the same 3 you use mania.
    my choice of major glyphs depends on spec:

    for Beast master spec:
    bestial wrath- for the same reason you do- I like seeing my pet in big red form as much as possible.
    steady shot- since I mandatorially use serpent sting and steady shot I would like them to work together.
    kill shot- for long fights, either in raids or soloing elits, i found that this really makes a difference. when I am lucky and 2 kill shots crit the mob gets some 20k damage when I really want to end the fight already. it feels good to see nice chunks of hp go down so close to the end of the fight.

    for Survival spec:
    I spent most of my time in BM spec so my gear is more crit oriented and I am lacking alot of haste so glyph of the hawk combined with improved aspect of the hawk prooves to be a very useful combination.
    I also use rapid fire glyph for the same reason- to get some more haste- though really I would like to get better haste gear and change this to a new shiny post-patch glyph like explosive shot (once its available).
    and my last glyoh is my old favorit- steady shot which as I said above I simply like.

    I hope you found this answer interesting :)

  7. scott

    I generally take feign death, mend pet and scare beast as minors – occasionally I’ll swap in something like possessed strength or revive pet, but they tend to end up as “sounded fun but only got used once or twice” (now, if they would have left dragonhawk firebreath as an AOE, possessed strength might be something to rave about…)

    For majors, the only “must have” for me is Mending, which always comes through for me when I’m taking down a group of mobs… but for someone who primarily does raiding or pvp it may not be the best choice. The other majors completely depend on my spec (although as others have noted steady shot is always a safe choice).

  8. Cherrymint

    I’ve got the Mend Pet and the ranged Dragonhawk thingy glyphs… Like you, i also can’t be bothered gearing this toon much. everything she wears is from quest rewards, rep vendors or bought cheap from the ah. i only play her when i feel like questing again (my main is a lv80 holy priestess) or when i need meats!!

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