On Purpose

[Editor's note: This has nothing to do with hunters or pets. Feel free to skip it.]

I’ve been trying to write this post for some time, but it keeps coming out wrong. You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much here lately — where ‘lately’ can mean anything up to and including all the way back to the launch of Wrath of the Lich King, depending on what you mean by ‘much’.

Part of that is my day job (a.k.a. my day-and-night job), which I’ve ramped up in deference to the recession. Some of that is other professional projects that my husband and I have voluntarily taken on in the hopes that one day we will find someone to give us massive amounts of money to implement our dreams. And a decent part of it is that … well, expansions are exhausting. I needed a break.

Recently, though, I started to get the bug again — that itchy under-the-skin something-is-missing feeling, that why-am-I-lying-awake-thinking-about-The-Barrens feeling, that if-I-can-just-finish-this-bloody-PHP-I-can-log-in-for-an-hour-or-two-and-just-putter-around-and-won’t-that-be-nice feeling. In other words, I’ve wanted to play.

But there’s been a problem … For example, last night I finally had some time cleared to sit down and play WoW. And what did I do?

Mostly I stared at the character creation screen.

I started off by logging in Mania, my main. But she’s currently nude and untalented — a sure sign I was doing pet testing last time I was on. And I just didn’t have the heart to go through retalenting right now, given that I’ll have to do it again in a week or two for Patch 3.1. Plus I can’t decide whether I want to play with my limited-edition slime or my cat Cloud, who’s been with me since level 23. Eventually I’ll need to make a decision about that. But I’m not in the mood to make decisions.

So then I looked at my alts. But I don’t even remember where most of them are, much less have any visceral enthusiasm about what they are doing.

Maybe a new character? A fresh start! Just playing around! Nothing serious! Pure fun!

Yeah … I couldn’t do it. Somehow it seems like a terrible waste to be starting yet another new character when my main has so much still left undone. I feel like I should be working on something worthwhile — like completing achievements or collecting mounts or gathering data on pets — on a character that matters, instead of futzing around with something I’ll abandon in a week.

And this is the same problem I am having with the alts, in fact. I want to play, but I also want my playtime to mean something — to be advancing me in some way or another that feels ‘real’. This is why I play MMOs instead of single-player RPGs, after all. The shared world and long-lasting community makes the time I spend on these games feel more worthwhile to me.

But there’s a vast difference between feeling worthwhile and feeling like work. The fact is that any playtime on any character is equally worthwhile — in the sense that it connects me to the experience that I enjoy — and simultaneously worthless — in that all characters will cease to exist at some point. So the fact that I’m hung up on this right now, unable to enjoy the play experience unless it somehow also feels like work, probably means I’m still partially burned out.

But I want to play! So what to do?

My husband actually helped me come up with a solution to this. We were talking about the upcoming changes to engineering mini-pets and I mentioned that one of those annoying decisions about Mania that I don’t want to make right now involves her professions.

Mania has been a dual gatherer since the Burning Crusade expansion in order to provide money to the lower level alts. But if I am serious about collecting all the mounts I can with her then she needs to become a tailor/engineer. Ironically, my Horde bank alt is already a talior/engineer — and I don’t want two of them — but I’ve already collected enough mounts on Mania that it would be a waste to switch to mount-collecting on the bank alt.

My husband said, “So the bank alt can switch professions later. Don’t worry about that now.”

Me: “Yeah, but that still means moving away from dual gathering, which means less money.”

Him: “So before you do that, you need to get another character to 80. But that’s perfect — now you have a reason to level up another character! Like … maybe your bank alt?”

Me: “No, no, that will never work. First off, the bank alt stays in town. You can’t gather in town! And secondly … I know very well that if I start a new character my chances of getting it to 80 anytime soon are nil. I always bomb out in the 50s.”

Him: “So start a death knight.”

Me: “I only play hunters.”

Him: “They get zombies, right? You’ll be like an undead hunter.”

Me: “…”

I’ve always wanted an undead hunter. I’d kill Mania herself if it gave me the opportunity to play an undead who can tame undead beasts. And I did really love the bit in the Death Knight intro quests where you turn miners into zombies and they call you ‘Mama’ …

And so the notion grew on me, until I was almost — dare I say it? — excited. Plus, taking the short path to 80 for dual gathering helps ameliorate the weird guilt I feel right now with pure frivolous play.

I won’t be posting about my pretty little semi-insane zombie-hugging chickadee here. (Her catch-phrase: “You can’t spell ‘Zanica’ without ‘zany’! Except you have to replace the y with an i, of course. Or the i with a y, depending on which word you start with and which you want to end up with, I suppose. I didn’t mean to imply one was better than the other. And really they aren’t pronounced at all alike. And as a proper name, Zanica doesn’t have as much linguistic context as it does phonetic context, so the pronunciation is pretty important. So anyway … what was I saying?”)


But I am hoping that having an outlet that I am excited about will help me reconnect with the play experiences I’ve been missing lately.

Sometimes you need a break. Sometime you need to realign your priorities. Sometimes you need to try something completely different.

95 thoughts on “On Purpose

  1. Sigrdrífa

    LOL, I haven’t been played since January. Instead, me owner has a death knight who she loves – “Deathwasp”. Now before anyone says anything – wasps/bees can kill me in real life. Thank goodness for epi-pens.

  2. Palladiamors

    Ryai, it isn’t uncommon for my death knight to regain hit points left and right. Usually through death strike, but I can nom on my ghoul for a good deal of my hit points back as well.

    Take ghoul frenzy. Love ghoul frenzy. Ghoul frenzy is mend pet with a haste bonus, AND it scales. 60% returned, the downside is that it’s over 30 seconds. Still, it’ll allow you to let your ghoul go eat somebody while you kill something else and not have to worry about your little rotting…buddy….thing. This more or less eliminates the desire to corpse explosion them, but that’s okay.

  3. Jolyroger

    Mania, I know what you mean about taking a break. Happens to us all at one time or another. Hope you like the DK, I know I do. Unholy/Frost is what I did. The new changes I am still checking out, but I really need to lvl my DK to 80, 72 at the moment.

    But the idea of an actual undead hunter is really cool. Only able to tame “undead beasts”. But I bet we will never see that happen.

    RAPTORS ROCK!!!! Just wish we had some white ones to tame.

  4. Rottingham

    Well, Mania, you’ve done so much already on the sites that nobody blames you if you don’t comment or update for a little while. And DK’s are sorta like hunters, pets with different colors and different names everytime you create a new one. I have one, but never really played him much because he’s on my friends’ serveron Illidan, not mine which is Muraudan (or however you spell it). If he were on mine then He’d be up there. My brother has one and says that they’re the greast. (I of course disagree because I’m a hunter kind of guy…) But I do admit they are fun to play.

    I also create new people all the time. I love to make twinks for the lower BG’s, Just because horde (no offense) Ticks me off in Warsong when they camp the GY and just cheaply kill us, or when people can’t fight a fair one-on-one and always have to kill me with multiple people. So I twink out and make a warrior that hamstrings the flag guy and eventually kills him, or a warlock which just dots everythig in sight before you die and then they die (I hated that when the horde did it to me, it was time to return the favor >:D) I don’t know if you have any twinks, but when there is nothing else to do they are fun to play. My hunter twink Twinkmiser (the one with the crab, hyena, and scorpid) just dominates in the Bg’s and is so much fun to play. and even if we don’t win, It’s still fun just to go off and serpent sting that rouge that always saps the guy and takes all the flags in AB (uuuggg…)

    Or, I know you might do a lot of this already, but go to a movie or something with your family. there is nothing that ever comes before family.

    Well, I hope that in some small way I helped, and hope that if you get mad at me in some way from this comment that nobody will post nasty things about me later :P
    That you for your time :)

  5. Ryai

    Palla: I know that one of the strikes does regen health, what I meant was an insane ammount, the DKs I saw use it would regen about a few k in hp, pretty much full health, and realise this to late when the deathgrip snatched me by my face.

    And by few k I mean like 4-6k.

    That’s why I have to agree that below lv 80, when things are still uneven and all, DK’s and Retris are a tad OP, followed by Warlocks and Rogues, as for the most part every other class feels ‘fine’ imo.

    And further offtopic: Rotting, sorry but I just don’t love twinks or feel the love for them, it’s why I don’t bg much at lowbie levels and have to seriously crunch it, sickingly so at later levels on alts. Mostly because imo it does ruin gameplay, and about 99% of the twinks that are in the BG’s I run are either A: stupid, B: Stupid, C: can’t play any class if it has more than one ‘i win button’, D: Insulting, mean, spiteful, arrogant little creatures that seem to take pleasure in harassing and spoiling any attempts of fun for you, and when the going does get tough, they AFK in the GY or leave the damn bg.

    I know there are some nice ‘twinks’ but in general, I don’t like them, and don’t see how it can be fun when the majority of the population on my server are like that.

  6. Ryai

    Double Post: Mean just the other day was in an AV on my paladin and this twink DK [seruiously 10k hp at lv 60] starts screaming at everyone, about being ‘stupid’ and ‘noobs’ and all that crap and then leaves.

    Ofc we were losing AV, not because of our skill, but the fact it was 30 alliance to 15 horde.

  7. Palladiamors

    Death strike, Ryai. Death strike restores hit points based on damage done. Early on a critical death strike will restore pretty much most of your hit points. As for later, death pact restores 40% of your hit points by sacrificing your ghoul, so when used in combination with a death strike or two on a target……kinda see the picture? It’s a wee bit hard to really keep a death knight down if they are well played, especially when you consider the array of defensive skills they have.

  8. Rottingham

    Well, I play a twink and I’m not like that. And to those people who do, I just tell them it’s a game, and if they continue to be jerks I just make fun of them. They hate it when you make fun of them. I kept making fun of a warrior one time because I had a higher “Healng Done” then him. He just kept telling me that he wasn’t supposed to do healing, but I still made fun of him. then to shut me up he went around banaging everyone and kept dying because he was doing it, and I made fun of him for having the most deaths and how I passed him in damage done.

    But enough about how I can tick off jerks. You can find jerks anywhere. Heck, you could fnd a guildie ninjaing something that they don’t need because they’re a jerk, or have someone in PvE yell at you because they’re a jerk. But that’s how things happen.

    I just wanted to see if trying a twink would be helpful to Mania. That way she doesn’t have to get past lvl 50 and she can still have someone to play while events like this one are going on. It’s NEVER a bad time to BG… well unless you’re in a raid group going to some dungeon and they are counting on you. Then It would be a bad idea to say “Sorry guys, but I have to capture this flag two more times before we can get started.”

    But oh well, I’m not trying to convert anyone to “Twinkology”… if there is such a thing… There are people that love BGs and people that hate BGs. I was just merely suggesting to maybe play a twink to pass the time by and still play when occations like this ever come up.

  9. Faeldray

    Definitely don’t feel bad about playing something different. Sometimes you need that just to get away for a while and when you do get back to your hunters, you may be more than happy to get working on them because you miss them. Enjoy your DK and enjoy WoW. After all, that’s what it’s all about. ;)

  10. 84

    my bank alt is an undead warrior.if they ever add hunter to the list of undead classes hes getting remade,getting some kind of scavengy pet,and i will miss his sinister squashling…
    they wouldnt even need to add some new beast mobs.undead have the spiders,bats,and wolves right in their starting zone…

  11. Knarcus

    Honestly I know exactly how you feel. Though my main isn’t a hunter, I do have one..stuck at level 74. My main is a mage, and needs only Malygos to have Champion of The Frozen Wastes title..and yet I can’t seem to force myself to farm heroics/raids to get ‘geared’ enough for Malygos. I decided to play an alt..so I logged my druid who had been stuck at 53 for months..he’s currently 69 but I ran out of game time. Can’t honestly say there’s anything in the game that makes me want to come back. :(

    As for the DK idea…I already have a dk 80 too. :(

    Any suggestions for another class to try as an ‘escape’ alt?? :(

  12. Shirate

    Honestly, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing.I log onto WoW and Vent, and end up running around Dalaran for 30 minutes doing nothing but chatting with guildies. All I do in wow anymore is log to run 25 man naxx every week. I want to play again, problem is, I already have an alt of every flavor, and none of them seem to taste very good anymore. Who knows, maybe it’s time for this hunter to hang up his bow, and set his companions free…

  13. Saranette

    It’s kinda funny, last night, I fired up one of my DKs as well. I roll’d a few between servers friends and family were on to get rest bonus, but I actually almost finished the starting area on one! Wow!

    I kinda like those hadouken-erm death coil thingies I can fire after building up enough energy…erm runic power…

    if there’s one thing I can’t stand about DKs, it’s the charger. I’ve heard that crying baby roar sooo many tiems (god especially the start of BGs), the first thing I’m doing when I start one is changing out my mount afaik.

    (Pike: that teacher wasp on your blog is adorable!)

  14. Nachtwulf

    Let me again share in the brief ‘YIKE’….but having gotten that out of the way with a resounding “phew”…

    I have two DKs I enjoy a great deal. They honestly don’t play like hunters even if you’re unholy (…though while I had a permaghoul, I found myself siccing it and then standing back at range…. like a dork… with my sword in the air… ah, three years of ingrained habit…) but YES. Sometimes it just feels good to wade into the middle of things and beat stuff to death with a hunk of metal the size of a car fender. Enjoy the change, and I seriously doubt anyone will have the least objection. It’s a game! Play it and enjoy it! Don’t treat it as a job, fr srs.

  15. Ziarre

    Welcome to our ranks, Mania. :)

    And by that, I mean those of hunters-who’ve-found-themselves-addicted-to-DK’s. Mine has even, somehow, become my main–although I will always have a strong emotional attatchment to my lovely BM hunter, Ziarre. I would call them both my main…but unfortunately, I had to make a choice when it came to raiding. So Availia is my brutally efficient killing machine for raids, and Ziarre is who I play when I’m up for some pure, lazy (I know it really isn’t, but it does feel that way after playing DK) fun.

  16. Korzak

    Ha! I did he same thing. I wanted an enchanting alt for disenchanting, but didn’t want to have to level it up. BAM! Death Knight :) Right now he is specced for Blood, because it’s fast leveling, but Unholy is super fun. I think you will like the perma-ghoul pet.

    Just pretend you’re an ex-hunter and your gorilla pet crossed over from the grave with you ;)

  17. Ryai


    I’ve not gotten Vaek to lv 65 yet even so D8

    But mean at higher levels everyone is pretty much as balanced as balancing is gonna get in WoW- that’s what I’m getting at, at lower levels some classes are just OP, before it was rogues and warlocks, and BM hunters, now it’s moved to DK/Ret and etc. It shifts and fluxuates but what I was trying to say is, well played or not [alright mostly well played] the top two classes in the op status in 60 bg are retri paladins and DK’s, in 70 bg it seems to be starting to even out- but retris and dks are still on top, over rogues, I’d rather try and fight a rogue 1v1 than those two.

    At 80 is when as I said everything starts to balance out.

    Tho as fun as Retri was- I am finding Prot even more fun, just still mastering it.

    I am still trying to figure out how to DPS and Tank on Vaek tho- mostly as why I’ve not really leveled him, keep getting whispers of u want 2 tank BF/Ramps, u want to come depeEz?

  18. Ryai

    Edit: btw Rotting I know you aren’t like that, you were you’d not be posting as nicely as you do, here and warcraft mounts, so I’m sorry if I made you feel like I was attacking you. It’s just for the most part unfortunately I don’t like twinks, I mean it’s fine if you want to get the best gear for your level [but I hate seeing rogues and wars running around with crusaders and that sword from that mob in northrend /shudder]

    Anyways I apologize for my rant- and forgot that stupid people are the stupid ones and I shouldn’t let that taint my view of others. It’s just so easy to forget sometimes :s

  19. Palladiamors

    Balances out is an interesting way to put it Ryai, though not entirely accurate. Things get better, but the imbalances never quite go away. Part of the problem is, and this was discussed before Wrath even came out, just after the briding patch, that at about sixty the damage is tuned a good deal higher. It get a little better at eighty, when your hit points start catching up, but doesn’t start to settle until eighty, when you have the hit points and can start earning the resilience to last for more then ten seconds. That being said, certain classes are just always going to have advantages. Warriors hit hard, hit fast, can generate enough rage to make you hurt, generate rage when you hurt them, wear plate, have an easily spammable snare, and have two ways to close distance. For protection and arms, this is a FREE close. For fury this close costs but also stuns, and has a talent to reset the cooldown. They also have spell interupts on a short cooldown. Oh, and spell reflect for protection, though admittedly that is one that isn’t used to often in PvP.

    Death knights are just as bad. Death grip to pull anyone to too, chains of ice to stop them from running, a fairly damaging ranged attack in icy touch and death coil, DoTs, a second snare for unholy, AoE damage, a temporary pet, a permanent pet and a summonable pet for Unholy, a summonable insane runeblade for blood, hit point restoration abilities, defense increasing abilities, both baseline and in every tree, howling blast for frost ((I really don’t need to say anymore about that one….)) the ability to freeze everyone nearby in frost……and the list goes on for a bit more. A well played death knight is darn near unbeatable.

    Rogues. Do I even need to go on? The only challenging part of playing a rogue is getting to your target without being seen or knocked out of stealth. If you can manage that, then the rest is history if your not fighting a paladin.

    And the last class to have an advantage in PvP……hunters. Hunters can do a good deal of their damage on the move, and have a form of escape, as well as a form of immunity…..sort of…ish…. Anyway, point being is that melee classes have to be in melee range to attack you, and hunters aren’t half bad at staying the crap out of melee range. Add that to the fact that you can have a pet to gnaw on your foe and you can drop traps as you run, and hunters don’t have it to bad against melee’s. And you can point and laugh at casters! Though I’d be careful of the mages, a fun little thing I like to do is let them get a second into casting fireball or what have you, and then feign. OR do it mid-arcane missle. We do have a bit harder time with mages now since the casting knock back was reduced, but you can’t still eat through them. Oh! And don’t forget to try to tranquilizing shot everyone! ESPECIALLY mages! IF you can get rid of mana shield, then you get to giggle with glee!

    *Coughs* I am done with the look at the classes with PvP advantages currently.

    Back on topic though, Blizzard seems to be moving more towards ghouls being a regular type pet for death knights, though I don’t think they’ll ever give them insane armor or anything. It’s kinda like the reverse, where the caster or hunter uses their pet or minion for a tank…..the death knight IS the tank, and the ghoul is the support. Though fun support. And they amuse me greatly. I love when they leap and chatter to themselves.

  20. Nachtwulf

    There’s a really cheap and easy way for you to offline an opposing member’s ghoul. I think it only works if you yourself are a DK, but it’s great to lay on people if they don’t know how to fix it!

    Glare at them. That’s right. Do ‘/glare’ at a ghoul sometime. The ghoul will cower, put its hands over its head, and do absolutely nothing until the owning DK does ‘/soothe’ to calm it down. Yes, this works on opposing faction ghouls! (It’s also fun to do in RP.)

    Enjoy! :D

  21. Korzak


    I know you are retiring, but would you consider writing a Hunter PvP guide? I think it would be amazing, and super-helpful t others trying to PvP without Pwned.

  22. Palladiamors

    I dunno, I’ve never done anything like that before. Well, aside from my little Tutorials here. Not really sure where I’d put it up or anything…..I’ll give it some thought, though.

  23. Palladiamors

    *pokes Mania* But would you want a PvP guide there?

    And out of curiousity, where I to write this guide, what would people want in it? With a little bit of effort I could probably do a tier by tier guide, and cover each rank of PvP. 19, 29, 39 and so fourth, and then do a great emphasis on high level. If people want I can also make talent suggestions as well as basic combat ones.

    Hmmm, I think I’ll start sketching.

  24. Mania Post author

    Petopia has hosted all sorts of random guides. Adding new ones hasn’t been at the top of my task list for the site, but I don’t see a problem with it either.

  25. Palladiamors

    I think I might write one up and mail it to you then, you can decide what you want to do with it after that. It’ll probably take a day or two though, maybe longer depending on how much I want to research. *Laughs*

  26. Patricia

    Palla, I would love a PVP guide as I suck big lollypops at that type of play.

    As for myself, I’m giving my hunters a bit of a rest and have rolled a Mage. Melee isn’t my forte, and Mages are ranged, so, there you go. And I’m actually enjoying it. An undead mage who had a bunch of fishing achievements before reaching 10. lol

    I am enjoying her, though and am learning my hunter range mechanics for keeping her pretty much out of harms way. And when I get to mirror image, I get to have a bunch of me’s as “pets”.

  27. Palladiamors

    I am working on it a bit now, Patricia. It’s a bit of a mess though, I’ll have to clean it up as I go. Keep in mind that it will contain a good deal of my flair, though….

  28. Fobok

    I totally know what you mean!

    I’ve got my hunter up, geared enough (I believe) for heroics. But I could never bring myself to try. Not because I was afraid of failing (I don’t usually get upset until my gear starts breaking), but I just couldn’t bring myself to weave shot rotations anymore. What used to be fun for me, trying to find the right DPS while working to keep my pet alive, started to feel like work.

    I tried a mage, a warlock, a DK.. none of it felt right for me, though. It still all came down to just trying to do damage. And except the DK, it didn’t even have the thrill of managing a pet.

    Then I thought of healing. I used to love healing, when I played healers in other games. (Yes, I’m one of the weird ones.) But, when it came down to it, that would mean levelling another alt up from scratch, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go through all that content again. I could have gone Horde to do different content, but I had nobody I knew Horde-side on any server.

    I let my subscription lag for a few months. Then a friend asked me to join him on his server. I was at first going to just transfer my hunter over to play with him, but then I remembered: I had an old paladin I’d given up playing back in like patch 2.1, at level 66. Up until that point I’d totally forgotten I had him. I brought him over to my friend’s server, and switched him (ok, not really a switch since there was a talent reset probably a couple times since then, but still) to Holy spec.

    Now, I have some catching up to do, my friend and his regular group are all 70+, but even soloing the Holy Paladin is such a refreshing change of pace, it’s brought back my love of the game. Even solo, playing one isn’t about pumping out the DPS, but about staying alive. And the base DPS is still high enough that it doesn’t take me that much longer to level, especially when I can take on like 5 or 6 enemies at once. (I love Consecrate. And plate armour.)

    I’m back to playing every other day or so again, instead of every other month. I’ll still play my Hunter for the occasional guild group, and to keep in practice, but it’s my Paladin making me wish I could play all the time.

  29. Fobok

    Since I can’t edit my last post, I meant to say except for the Warlock. I don’t find that much management is actually involved in DK pets.

  30. Rottingham

    I know you didn’t mean it like that. I know that there are jerks and I make fun of them. Just got off from a BG where The guy stood from the GY yelling at everybody that they suck… He had absolutly no kills.

    Mania, My brother just showed me his DK. He finally got off of CoD world at war (awesome game btw) and shown me his Talent Tree.
    He too is Unholy, and he is one of the first people that the guold calls on when going to a Kara or whatever raid. He also has very nice PvP stats (Not better then mine :D) I’m sure you’ll love the DK. Best of luck to you :)

    lol, I was just listening to my dog snort at me uncontollably… when is Blizz gunna add a pug model to the wolves? A barrel chested pug though, They got some bulldog in them…

  31. avatarshaoran

    Yeah, although I love my Hunter a lot, and I consider myself a hunter from the deep of my heart, I didn’t get bored playing with her, but since my guildies are in the way to 80, I decided to roll on a BE Priest just to feel the challenge of leveling a clothier, IDK I’ve tried many alts, but the Hunter and now the Priest are appealing for me and I don’t mind to pass through the whole content again with him since if fun healing people and rezzing them also is more complex to play with them more strategy is needed in order to not draw lots of add and keeping him alive.

    And btw I also have a Tanking Dk lol

  32. Korzak

    Palla, I think the best insight I have gotten into PvP from you has been in how it differs from PvE.

    I am a casual, PvE player, non-raiding, 99% of the time. When I go into BG’s, I PvP the only way I know how: PvE-style. I have mixed some things up, but there are things I never would have tried without your posts. The “never back up” thing is an example of this. You NEVER have to strafe in non-raid PvE. It was a totally foreign concept to me.

  33. Rakkis


    I’m a Hunter freak, I’ve never had time for any of the other classes, pre BC I levelled a Warrior to something like 58, and totally hated 90% of it. I have Multiple hunters, on Multiple servers, two at level 80, another two at level 70ish.

    However, the point is, I also have a DK, he’s mostly specced into Unholy, but officially a Hybrid and he’s around 74?

    DK’s level fast, they put out huge amounts of damage, and unless you fight something way out of your league they lose very little health at all (with a little bit of blood speccing)

    somebody comments above that they didn’t like waiting for spells… I rarely/never wait for spells, just rotate your rune usage, i.e. frost, unholy, blood etc. Later you get talents which help you get around this strict rotation.

    DK’s are great, quite similar to a Hunter (keep a fantasticly named pet), but also quite different (mostly melee based), the things I like best of all are the water-walking ability and 20% mounted speed.

    The whole class is cleverly designed to appeal to slightly jaded players.

  34. ophianth

    i came to the same conclusion but as you play them you realize that really you have an unfair advantage over other players, so their fun but really get addicting since hunters have been getting nerfed so much lately so try not to get too addicted, lol =D

  35. Arnen

    I was feeling burnt out for a while, too. Sure, my guild hasn’t finished all the Wrath raiding content yet (for some reason, no one ever wants to do Maly… bad Oculus memories, perhaps?), so it’s not like I’m sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for Ulduar in that respect… But I’d find myself sitting in the AH trying to think of things to check prices on to keep myself entertained.

    So what did I do? I bought WoW for my sister, and started leveling my hunter, Arnen, again with her on the new RP server all my friends recently transferred to! I’ve only leveled a hunter the one time, and only gotten past lv40 twice (not counting my lowbie-instance-grind-a-licious DK), so everything’s still relatively fresh, and I’m enjoying knowing what I’m doing with this hunter and watching my sister experience everything for the first time. :)

    And going alone with what someone said about forgetting to get into melee range on other toons… Well, after leveling a resto druid and a hunter, I always forget that my paladin needs to get -close- to things to hold aggro on them. xD “Hey, why isn’t Nilsa hitting anything? The mobs’re gonna go loose…” “…OH! Hunter moment. >.>”

  36. Ryai

    I was actually afraid to come back here after my last post, mostly afraid Palla, that you’d call me a whining idiot or something 8D

    That and caught up in playing my ally DK. Now I know why Horde lose AV and Ally win it all the time- Horde in WSG and AB. Ally all in AV. And sadly- lv 51-60 Ally on Strawberry’s server have very little skill D8 the grass is greener, yet it is just as dead.

    And also to correct something I said* Gargoyle is being moved up- not Ghoul. Unless I sayd ‘goyle.

    Also love what Blizzard is doing- just realised they got rid of the rez talent for Unholy DKs- ok I admit rezzing every time you die as a ghoul, is slightly op. But then the fix they implimented screwed it up, and now removed it entirely… D8

    But ohwell.

    Anyways I wouldn’t mind seeing a pvp guide from you if you do write one Palla, if it’s just not for hunters :p

    Having a challenging job playing as a DK, as I am.. keyboard turner and mouse clicker 8D

    … so yeah I admit it’s sad when I see berry top the charts sometimes as I know I’m not that good.

  37. Palladiamors

    Ryai, I have quit the game because of my issues with it. I don’t really have any right to call anybody whiney at this point.

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