Ceron Tames Aotona on the 3.1 PTR

Yesterday, Jadvya posted on our forums that a Wowhead reader was reporting in the comments there that Aotona could be tamed on the 3.1 PTR.

Aotona is the huge rare parrot you sometimes run across while hunting for Loque’nahak in Sholazar Basin.

I immediately logged into the PTR and … failed to find Aotona, which didn’t surprise me. So I hit Dalaran and asked if anytone had seen a hunter with an enormous parrot in tow. Other than some rude whispers, that didn’t net me much.

But now Ceron has come to the rescue (again!) by going out and taming this unusal beauty himself, and posting screenshots for us to drool over. (I’m stealing one here, as you can see.)

Ceron also says:

Aotona has the animations and skills of a Bird of Prey but she sounds like a parrot when attacking. Its pretty funny.

I can’t wait to see that!

45 thoughts on “Ceron Tames Aotona on the 3.1 PTR

  1. Flinkbaum

    I’ve spent weeks in Sholazar and never run into any of the rares. But if this thing is tamable now… I WANT one! *^_^*

    Given that it’ll spawn maybe once a day and last a couple minutes, anyone have any advice on how to actually get one?

  2. Pepsi Jedi

    I have Loq, and I’ve turned down Krush, I’ve never even seen this birdy, but I must admit,, if given the chance I might fill my 5th stable slot with one. The novelty of an attack parrot would rock

  3. Mazil

    Wow, wow, wow.

    I saw her the other day and was disappointed to see she wasn’t tameable. Knowing my luck, now that she is (or might/will be), I’ll never see her again!

  4. Saranette

    Well when 3.1 hits, I think I’ll know how all those Beast Master who do the Lasercat hunt will feel. I’m sooo taming this bird.

  5. Ariamodasu

    I last saw her when she accidentlly came in Starfails range, I felt bad as she looks beautiful. Guess I might have to free up a slot on one of my hunters again though…

  6. Ryai

    WELL. Two solutions for my problem.

    Don’t let Aria use Starfaill when I enslave her with Tame Beast and drag her around for a Hibernation slave. And get my damned Belf up to lv 75.


    But I am very happy about this- because of Aotona is becoming tameable, MAYBE MORE PETS WILL BE.

    Please Blizz. Please. Hydras. Please. /target Blizzard /beg /pathetic

  7. Ariamodasu

    Hey she came in chilled meat farming range, I never realised she was there till she started whamming my head :(

  8. Kitairra

    Birds have never been my favorite pet…after a while,the flapping wings start annoying the crap out of me…but parrots have always been a “why not,Blizz?!” with me…

    I WANT THAT PARROT,BLIZZ!! (and more parrots=win!)


  9. Seryth

    if this rare is now tameable

    can someone check the rare spider in zuldrak?
    oder the spiders in icecrwon that share the same model?
    u know bone spiders ;)

  10. Wykea

    Let’s deeply hope this is not a bug or something to be removed in live – and that includes the parrot noises.

  11. Gimlion

    Meh, im not crazy about a new bird pet tame… we have two different pet families for birds for God’s sake… lets try adding to the very empty Dsaur or Spirit beast families plz.

  12. Ryai

    Tbh there are enough Devilsaur’s, 4 is ALOT more than Warp Stalker’s 2 skins. And while I admit Spirit Beasts need moar in the family, atleast another, maybe two more, I am not going to shoot down them making Aotona tameable.

    Because if they do intentionally make her tameable, you have to ask yourself what next? Because sure, more of ‘unloved families’ would be nice; I also find it as nice for new creatures to be tameable.

    But I’m biased because I want Hydra’s dammit.

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  14. nobbie

    Agreed, need bone spider for my t7.5 set ^^

    @topic: A nice bird, indeed. Though I personally will stick with Loque and my new white bear (with Thunderstomp).

  15. Rayquaza7996 (Raydex of Dawnbringer)


    Okay, so I can’t tame it yet. I’m only 40 levels low xD
    But i 40 levels, I will get one. If they’re still tameable. This could’ve been a mistake on Blizz’s part…But I sure hope not. I think this would look really cool with the Hyacinth Macaw non-combat pet :D Since the Hyacinth Macaw is like a mini-verision of it.

    Hydras FOREVER! Blizz really needs to make hydras tameable.

  16. Wykea

    I’ve never had a bird pet – heck, I’ve basically just had my green Wetlands raptor from the first day I could tame it – but if this pet makes it to live, I’m definitely gonna do my best to tame it. I LOVE unique and unusual-looking pets.

  17. avatarshaoran

    I tamed Goretalon Matriarch last week, although she’s so pretty with her white body, Aotona looks cool too, I love Birds of Prey and it will be an awesome add to the family ^o^ I’ll try to tame Aotona as soon the patch is released hoping blizz won’t maker untameable again…

    By the way, Goretalon M is far the most awesome and powerful bird I ever knew, she can take lots of damage in Raids and instances and she always survives most of the times which has lead me to receive lots of gratz while on groups, Yay!!! I’m so proud!!! Hunters FTW!!!

  18. Icecrystal

    Damn, I might have to abandon my Sapphire Hive Wasp for this one :O
    (Rofl, it matches my “Bloodsail Admiral” title so perfectly! xD)

  19. Icecrystal

    Oh, and btw, I agree with you guys on hydras should be tameable (and threshers, marsh walkers and pterrordaxs too xD) A gryphon could be cool too, but they’re more like a mount, so that is probably too unrealistic or whatever…
    Anyway, taming Mragesh would be so freaking awesome!!! :D

  20. Oturiel

    Congrats on the new catch!

    And as far as new pets go, I’ve been hoping for a pterrordax for a long time. Come on, Blizz! Please? *crosses fingers with an evil grin*

  21. Pikaley_Brad

    kinda off topic, but does anyone know if they fixed the bugged fast walk of the vargul blighthound, my fave skin of all pets but the animations were too annoying and id like it to be a bit bigger since it was bout half the size of my other 80 wolf

    on topic =P i can see why threshers arent as the have no feet per say just fins, but hydras on the other hand id love to see tamable, i have the oracle one but there are other skins i like better aswell as more skins for my fave warp stalker would be nice too

  22. Jessie

    I’m going to camp this parrot when the patch goes live!

    I camped Loque’nahak and now my guild wants me to be Survival for raids. Dual speccing will allow me to use Loque’nahak whenever I’m not raiding, and it’d be really great to have this unique pet by my side for when I’m Survival!

  23. Ryno


    All Birds of Prey are identical, including the Goretalon Matriarch.

    But on Aotona; very shiny, hehe. Being a parrot will make this an obscure hunter pet, and most people I think will tame it just because it’s rare and hard to find. Props to the hunter that will tame it and also has they matching vanity pet. ;)

  24. Ryinnik

    Okay I know I am just being crazy now, and there are many many reasons against this. But I can’t help thinking that now that there is an underwater only mount there should be underwater only pets as well. Who else wants to tame a shark for when they are riding on that ray thing? It is not like we are required to go back to town to change pets with this patch…

    Dream big. *grin*

  25. avatarshaoran

    @ Ryno

    So all are identical isn’t it?

    So Aotona shall perform exactly as Goretalon M right?

    Although… a parrot is not a Bird of Prey… either a Carrion bird… maybe that’s why Blizz made her untameable from the begining… but hell yeah who cares!!!

    And you’ll hate me I just killed Aotona last night lol, I was searching for the Devilsaur and that bird popped north of the Oracles town… It was sad… and painful… but I got an achievement XD

  26. Ryno

    Just throw some wings on the underwater pets or magical sparkles. Heck, that’d work enough for me.

    Correct. All pets of the same family should be identical except for their appearence. Or some graphic animation when summoned (very few differ this way).

    And killing Aotona is fine for the moment, heh. Once the patch comes out though I’d pick up some change of homepoint forms on the way back from Sholazar. ;)

  27. adam

    @ Jessie
    I don’t know how strict your guild is about stuff like raid specs, but if it helps your case at all I will share with you that one of the hunters in my guild had no interest in speccing survival when Blizzard nerfed the BM spec and so he refused. And while initially his DPS was far, far below what he used to manage, and what those of us that did respec were now doing, by now he has rediscoverd how to make the spec work, and he does perfectly respectable dps in raids as BM, standing next to survival hunters just barely keeping a lead on him.

    Unless Ulduar is really, really, really hard, and unless Blizzard fails to bring the three specs closer in line with each other (as they are actively trying to do on the test realm and in live hotfixes), then there is no real reason that a guild should restrict your choice of spec as a hunter.

    EXCEPT if they have no other source of replenishment, in which case I am afraid it would be best for your raid to spec survival. Giving your healers the MP5 regen buff that the developers expect to be there when they design the encounter is not something I’d advise any raid team to neglect.

  28. NanoTrev

    Someone on the PTR should check to see if the Warp stalkers in Arcatraz are tamable, speaking of neglected pet families

  29. Ryai

    Already can say if I do roll Ryai as MM or SV, seriously, after the patch goes live [unfortunately ptr has made me sorely aware of how poorly I've been dpsing as bm :/] for the second dual specc, I am getting Aotona, just tamed her on the PTR and have to say … it’s disturbing feeding a parrot meat.

    She must be the Bloodsail Parrot’s cousin.

  30. avatarshaoran

    Yeah, there is no reason to make Aotona as Exotic (Unless Blizz classifies her family apart from the Birds of Prey which is quite impossible ^o^) and would be unfair if that happens, I badly want to tame her as soon the patch arrives.

    @ Jessie

    Adam is right, there’s no reason to change to Survival if you don’t want to, although SV is far the most strongest DPSer of the talent trees, if you find a way to play as a BM and you feel comfortable then go ahead, no one can push you to respec, just have fun playing, it is just a game not an elitist club XD

  31. Cavernaugh

    YIPPEE!! Always like a new rare challenge. Now I just need some to have one of my more quirky hunters tame it. An attack parrot, after all, isn’t just for anyone!!! (No, I don’t RP but as an old gamer I need a mental back story for my toons.)

    @ Jessie

    Specs (like my need for a toon back story above) are part of what makes this game fun. You choose, you play. While I understand the post that referred to what the game designers expect to be present in a raid, imo the true fun in gaming happens when your party isn’t “perfect” and you find a way to make it work!

    As a side note: Maybe that’s why guilds are so messed up on so many servers as people are all seen as interchangeable and the synergy of a good group who works together starts to mean nothing.

  32. Clawclaw

    Awesome. Ever since I saw that NPC on “talk like a pirate day” with the Hunter pet-sized green parrot, I’ve been hoping they’d add that model :D
    My only sort of complaint is that Sholazar is like the time-killing Hunter capital of Azeroth even more now that ANOTHER unique tameable rare is there, and the other zones could use some love o.o (King Ping anyone?)

  33. Grandfather

    Manage to tame her yesterday, just pass midnight.Easy tame, without freezing trap.Kicked me back one time, and break the process, next time was nice and smooth (I was too tired to remember to put the trap;). But the thing is for all the hunters out there, install NPC SCAN addon, constantly scans for rare spawns and when any appears it warns you with flashy message and loud sound so you don’t need to make ny macro, and it saves you all the time camping.Good luck to all the hunters, she’s a beauty and real trophy to have..

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