Raw Data on Pet Stats in PTR 3.1 [updated]

[update] Please take note of the update on pet Stamina at the end of this post. [/update]

I found some time this evening to tame myself a level 80 dragonhawk and wolf to match my level 80 “crocolisk” and compared all their stats, with me buck naked and both me and the pets completely untalented.

(Hurray for the equipment manager and dual specs! They make it quick and easy for me to strip clothes and talents both. Now if only I could respec my pets anywhere …)

Naked, my Stamina is 180, my Armor is 356, and my Ranged Attack Power is 328. I contribute [edit]45%, or 81, Stamina[/edit] and about 35%, or 124, Armor to my pets. They also get 72 Attack Power (about 22%) and 42 bonus spell damage (about 13%) from my Ranged Attack Power.

The stats for pets of all three trees — Ferocity, Cunning, and Tenacity — were exactly the same. These were all level 80 pets, freshly tamed, and all unhappy because I didn’t bother to feed them just for this quick comparison.

Their final stats aren’t terribly interesting given that I was naked, but the base AP for all three was 642, the base armor was 9729, and the base health was 6373.

The health bonus and armor bonus for all three pets was clearly +5%. I’ve never had a great method for working out the damage bonus precisely, but I will trust Blizzard that it is also +5%. *grin*

I know that a lot of you will disagree with me on this, but my overriding feeling about standardizing the stat bonuses between the talent trees is … relief. I see a lot less testing and a lot fewer arcane spreadsheets in my future now.


The numbers I originally gave above for pet Stamina inadvertently caused a lot of consternation, because pets are *supposed* to get 45% of the hunter’s Stamina, not 30%.

And indeed, they do. I had originally reported that I contributed 54, or 30%, of my Stamina. But my numbers were wrong. I actually contribute 81 of my 180 Stamina to my pet (naked and talentless), which is 45% — as expected.

Whoops. *chagrin* A minor display bug got me. See, the character panel says that naked I contribute 54 of my 180 Stamina to my pet, which is just about 30% of my Stamina. But the pet panel says I contribute 81 of my Stamina. (This bug is not new — it also affects the live realms — although I have no memory of having noticed it before.)

Now I saw the discrepancy, but I ignored it and went with the character panel numbers … because I got confused and thought I was looking at Armor values. This will take a short explanation … And keep in mind for the next several paragraphs that I am only talking about a naked, talentless hunter with a talentless pet. Otherwise it gets even more complex.

When you look at the pet panel numbers for Armor, the base (white) number does not include the +5% bonus to armor from the pet’s talent tree (which is +0% for Ferocity pets on live). So all pets show the same base (white) Armor values. The green bonus listed after the base Armor value includes both the bonus armor from the tree and the extra Armor contributed by the hunter.

But Stamina is different. The base (white) Stamina value is the same for all pets, like Armor, but the green bonus Stamina includes only the extra Stamina from the hunter’s contribution. The +5% health bonus only shows up in the total Health value (and in the bonus Health tooltip under the Stamina field), not in Stamina itself. Which makes sense, I suppose, since it’s a Health bonus and not a Stamina bonus.

At any rate, I’ve gotten used to ignoring the discrepancy in the Armor bonus between the character panel and the pet panel, at least when I’m just glancing at the values, because I know that it’s just the tree armor bonus … which I can ignore unless I am testing that specifically.

When I saw the discrepancy between the character panel Stamina bonus and the pet panel Stamina bonus, I got it confused with Armor and ignored it, although it should have indicated a bug to me and I should have looked harder.

So the good news is — no nerf! The bad news is … well, I didn’t even know there was a bug there so I’m surprised it didn’t get me before. But now we can report it and maybe it will be fixed. So I guess there is no bad news!

49 thoughts on “Raw Data on Pet Stats in PTR 3.1 [updated]

  1. Ethgrí

    I don’t know how I like Evening out the pet trees. I can understand evening the field on choosign your pet, (which seems to be their latest push) but it also moves players into having to spend useful points into just making up for what used to be standard.

    But Mania, I’m happy you don’t have to do as many spreadsheets. (plus I don’t have to read them)

  2. Gryion

    I actually like this as well. Now decisions will be based on pet tree specialty and pet family ability. Definitely a simplification for numbers.

    This doesn’t mean they’ve made hunters ‘easy button’ – now it’s not stats but your build and play style that make pets more or less valuable. That, imho, is a good thing.

  3. Solius

    Keep the good work up Mania, your fantastic!
    I read this blog everyday and i must say i like it.

    /Fan of you from Sweden =P

  4. Satyrmeister

    The ONLY, and I mean only, benefit from a total standardizing of pets would be to remove pets from being in any exclusive tree. What I mean is I tame a wolf, currently Ferocity tree only, and CHOOSE the wolf to be tenacity instead and spec it appropriately.

    That way a hunter can truly design his pet the way he wants to. Sure some pets are better at certain things than others due to their exclusive special attack. But this way the hunter can run with whatever desired pet he wanted to. If he wanted to have 3 wolves, one is each tree, he can.

  5. Mania Post author

    Indeed, I would love to see us able to choose any tree for any pet. I still remember how angry I was when I first learned that that wasn’t the plan. The system hasn’t worked out as horrifically as I feared, but … I would still dearly love my Ferocity crab. (And my Cunning crab. In addition to my Tenacity crab.)

  6. Gravity

    I love how all tenacity pets get thunderstomp – since I can then use a scorpion gorilla – but man it would be AWESOME if my Ramparts wolf could thunderstomp too :(

  7. Ryai

    ‘What I mean is I tame a wolf, currently Ferocity tree only, and CHOOSE the wolf to be tenacity instead and spec it appropriately.’

    Hahahaha… no.

    The wolf would still be DPS. As a Tenacity pet would still be tenacity. It’s alot like DKs now. O SHURE U ALL CAN TANK. But each tree still has a damned primary, DPS, PVP and TANK. So while a wolf CAN tank… it’s only for solo, cause trust me, just because Blizzard patted pets on the head and said ok boys no one’s going to be special anymore you’re all +5! in everything!

    Doesn’t mean all a sudden you can safely tank/offtank elites. Or multiples.

    Yes- now everyone can bring a pet and there’s less shame and yada about the pet’s damage; but why? This means that now, there’s no longer… any true trees. So the next step? Let us choose the trees for the damned pets, because if they’re now equal..

    Well then let me have a DPSing Hydralisk.

  8. Ryai

    Edit: Sorry misread. But my point still stands. Standerizing is still not really EPOX in my my eyes, even if it is ‘easier’ for testing.

  9. Regolith

    Can you imagine the utter coolness of being able to choose the tree of your pet?! In the first place, Abram the Crab would positivity own every dungeon ever (I don’t watch dmg meters much) just for his total coolness! And dwarf hunters could finally bust out their Ferocity Bears for so much RP goodness it almost makes me weep into my beer. I seriously think that I would make Rufus the Hyena a Tenacity pet because TStomp + Snare is too cool! Come on, blizz, come on…..

    I DO think that once a tree is chosen then all the points need to be spent in that tree until respec… there is too much overlap between them for it to make sense if they could pick and choose like players do.

    On second thought I can already see the problems with this idea. Imagine a Ferocity Scorpion… wouldn’t the stacking dots with all the talents make it a ridiculously OP pet? Or Not… I’m no number cruncher.

  10. Talonatreyu

    hmmm choosing any tree for a pet. Some pet moves like the bears ” i swipe u all in the face move” might be alittle much if u back it up with ferocity deeps to. But then again i would love to be able to take some of my fav. Tenacity and cunning pets to a raid and have them be comparable to the other hunters Ferocity pets. hmmmmmmm. Think Blizz should give us the option to choose are tree. Start a post on the forums, ill back it :)

  11. kaempfer

    I will say i would be thrilled to see all pets have access to all three trees. Yeah, some people would complain about it, but it think it would make pets even more interesting… i mean, someone may have a ravager, but who is to say it specced the same as the guys next to him? and as a added bonus, it will make some of the favorites in the cunning tree 90% more usefull for raiding. I miss my creepy crawly ravager.=D

  12. tony

    I could get used to blizz making pet stats the same for the three pet categories. If, they re-tool the talent trees a bit. I would love blizzard to give all pets more talent points to spend, the ammount we get now dosn’t seem to cut it, and ends up with too much picking and choosing, and unblanced pets imo.

    Some specs make it impossible to give your pet all he needs through his talent tree, especially for non BM hunters. Like being able to max avoidance, and still make sure your pet can choose all the stam talents for example, or being able to fit in other talented abilities.

    I really feel some of the pets talents could be combined to make pec specs more complete and give our pets what they really need. An example merging the tenacity talent to boost growl by 10-20% with the taunt talent. Little changes like that, would free up a very valuable talent point to flesh out pets our better. Especially in pvp when our pets can be insta nuked, or by hard hitting bosses.

    Also, to give pets the same stats across the board, I think reduces their viability at the moment. How the talent trees are, all three have quite a bit in common, with stam and armor talents, attk speed boost and dmg per hit boost etc, that does not for me make the three trees different enough, to blanket the pet stats on all pets.

    I would really like to see the pet trees revamped to something that makes more sense. Ferocity should deal significantly more damage after talenting, tenacity should be vastly better tanks by talenting etc. As the trees stand, and pet stats being normalized, they feel much less unique family to family in function than the customizing pet craze blizz started and intended.

  13. Rikaku

    Unlesss I can choose the spec of the tree my pet gets (see tenacity wolf above), I don’t think there should be any equalization.

    Because then one of the buffs (Shark Attack) is basically nullified. Except for a 3% dps boost.

    Now if they made it to where Ferocity got 10% damage, and Tenacity 10% etc etc., AND let me choose the talent tree of my pet, I’d die in glee.

    I’m glad Hydras aren’t really raid pets. Not to be mean, but those things are noisy O_O I might have to quit raiding if someone brought one. XD

  14. Makoes

    Funny, I believe I’ve mentioned in several posts on this site how I wish we could choose the spec of our pet like we can choose our own.

    I kinda like the equalization of the pets more for the simplicity of it, though I feel like some peta are getting a bit of a nerf…ah well, I’ll have to see how it all works out.

  15. Rikaku

    Even with this standardization though, no pet families are “viable”. Thanks to the tenacity talents, despite your gorilla or warpstalker having +5% more damage, your Gorilla/Warpstalker/bear etc is NOT going to be a “viable” choice to bring to a heroic or raid as opposed to high dps cunning pets or ferocity pets.

    That same theory flipped around, your Spirit Beast is not a pet that’s going to be main or off-tanking a 5 man.

    So I fully believe that the standardization needs to go. Unless we can choose our own pets’ specs, there’s no place for this standardization. A pet is not a pet; a bear is not a cat and a cat is not a bear. This is only hurting the pets more than actually helping.

  16. Zwicky

    So is the hunter stamina contribution % back to what is was before 3.0 i.e. 30%? Currently on live is it at 45%. If this is the case it is a huge blow to pet health across the board as even with 40% more from Wild hunt you can only achieve a 0.3*1.4 = 42% Hunter stam contribution.

    I really hope i’m missing something.

  17. Talonatreyu

    I think this all needs to be said on the ptr and hunter forums. Maybe someone will listen. More then likely it will be flamed like everything else on those forums by kids though.

  18. Ziboo

    Thanks for the test Mania!

    As for the specs – give each ‘family’ it’s fairly equal but different ability (like they have now) and then let us spec each pet how we want – that would be cool for the person that wants three wolves or turtles – they could be spec’d out for dps or tanking or utility.

    A tanking moth or dps croc – how cool would that be . . . lol!

  19. Rikaku

    Talonatreyu & Ziboo:
    I did actually make a feedback thread about how the standardization needs to go (aka back to the old system) because this “half-ass” revamping isn’t helping at all.


    Of course, I’m not saying standardization is a bad idea. In theory, it isn’t. In a perfect world all pets would be equal and it could be based on the hunter’s choice of pets as to which pet they want to bring to a group or raid.

    But this idea isn’t helping with the status quo. Unless pets are made to where you select your pet’s spec *regardless* of it’s species, standardization doesn’t work. It only gimps what pets were made to specialize in.

  20. Noba

    I was quite excited by the new bottom tier talents, but now i’m not so sure. It seems to me, if what ive read by people is true, that all hunter pets are being essentially nerfed in stam and dmg/attack power.. and the bottom tier talents will simply allow BM hunters to return their pets to (or maybe only close to) where they stand on live now. Is this true?

    Zwicky said: “So is the hunter stamina contribution % back to what is was before 3.0 i.e. 30%? Currently on live is it at 45%. If this is the case it is a huge blow to pet health across the board as even with 40% more from Wild hunt you can only achieve a 0.3*1.4 = 42% Hunter stam contribution.”

    And, I read that the 20/20% (formerly 40/40%) stam and atk boost pets will get from wild hunt… does NOT add an aditional 20% of the hunter’s attack power to the pet, as it sounds. I read someplace it is actually only adding 20% OF the 22% or so that they already receive. (for example, instead of receiving 800 more atk power because of a hunter’s 4000 atk power.. they would receive 20% of 880(22% of 4000), which is only 176.) I wonder which it is. There is a massive difference between a 176 atk power boost and an 800 attack power boost!

    Does anyone know on these things?

  21. Zwicky

    Everything I’m finding on EJ says that they fixed the bug in it and didn’t nerf it to 10%/20%. It was still at 20/40. Its this possible change to Stamina contribution number that has my feathers rufled. If they did indeed re-do the scaling on this back to the pre 3.0 this is a huge loss of health for pets. All you min / maxers are soon going to realize that having a glass cannon for a pet is going to become troublesome. Whoo ho it does 300 more DPS but at the cost of a bunch of health and all the Utility to keep it alive…

  22. Rikaku

    “It seems to me, if what ive read by people is true, that all hunter pets are being essentially nerfed in stam and dmg/attack power.. and the bottom tier talents will simply allow BM hunters to return their pets to (or maybe only close to) where they stand on live now. Is this true?”

    Sort of. It’s actually like this. Currently (live) it stands that Ferocity pets get 10% extra damage innately for being Ferocity. On the PTR, it only 5% (down from 10%). If the BM hunter takes the skill “Shark Attack” you gain +8%. This puts a PTR-Ferocity pet with this talent at +13% damage; whereas if this talent were on a live-ferocity pet, it would be 18% increased damage.
    Essentially a BM hunter who takes the talent can make up the lost damage from standardization and get a 3% buff, other spec hunters however, will have to take a loss of pet talents elsewhere to achieve this buff (since they do not get the 4 extra talent points).

    “And, I read that the 20/20% (formerly 40/40%) stam and atk boost pets will get from wild hunt… does NOT add an aditional 20% of the hunter’s attack power to the pet, as it sounds. I read someplace it is actually only adding 20% OF the 22% or so that they already receive. (for example, instead of receiving 800 more atk power because of a hunter’s 4000 atk power.. they would receive 20% of 880(22% of 4000), which is only 176.) I wonder which it is. There is a massive difference between a 176 atk power boost and an 800 attack power boost!”

    I believe it is not the 800 AP boost theory. As posted by GC,
    “If you have 6000 attack power, your pet probably gains 1320 attack power from you. With 2 ranks of this talent, it should gain 1580 attack power instead.”
    The reason it was changed from 40 to 20 is because supposedly the pet was getting the 40% AP PLUS the AP it already gets standardly from the Hunter (AKA the 800 AP boost theory).
    Why they nerfed it so much instead of just fixing the stacking bug is beyond me.

  23. Rikaku

    By the Way, Shark Attack got nerfed. At max rank it gives +6% damage (down from 8%). So plug that in with the standardization AND the Wild Hunt nerf, and you’re looking at the exact opposite of “making more pets viable”. If anything, it’s almost mandatory now to bring a Ferocity pet (and by ferocity I mean Cat, Raptor or Devilsaur) in order to get the now-1% buff to make up for the lost ferocity damage.

    GG blizzard.

  24. ihlos

    Yeah that 30% stamina scaling you are reporting is very disturbing. Add in the loss of tenacity’s 10% family modifier down to 5%, and you might only make up your lost scaling with the talent.


  25. Tarjin

    I’m having trouble seeing the reason for standardizing all the pets across trees. What was this supposed to accomplish? I suppose I could take my Tenacity pet and pick all the damage talents like Cobra Reflexes, Spiked Collar, and Wild Hunt; but that still wouldn’t make it like a Ferocity pet with all its additional damage talents.

  26. Talonatreyu

    well yes Standardizing the pets isnt the right idea. And its annoying that after 5 years of this game being out blizzard is just slowly dumbing everything down. Well i added a small tib bit to your post Rikaku

  27. Sodium Chloride

    the way i see it.. if they’re gonna even out all 3 trees and jsut allow talents to change their stats why not give everyone the option to make a pet cunning, fero or tenacity? for isntance, why cant we have the lovable cat pet become a tenacty pet to tank with, and have a huge rhino become a ferocity pet?

  28. Chrizesu/Moltenrain

    I love the idea of being able to choose pet specs. Think, a tanking moth. Ok, that was a bit of a joke, even though the moth skill looks pretty good.

    Really, that’s the only reason I would support stat standardization too. Right now it looks like it will hinder the different pet trees. Especially as tank pets take more damage and dps pets loose some of their bite.
    Already while out of bm, a lot of pets are basically vanity to some hunters I’ve met.
    It will be like:
    me~ You going to let your pet attack?
    friend~ No, I really just keep him for the stat contribution, otherwise he’s just about useless. Plus I don’t want to feed him every time he dies just for a few meager bits of dps.
    me~ -_-

  29. Saranette


    Are you guys serious? Stamina contribution is being scaled back too on the PTR? So if I wanted to have my wasp’s hp back up to where it is now (stacked high, since I use it with bloodthirsty,) I can only do that by putting the last of my pet’s talent points back into silverback? Here I thought silverback was going to boost my pet HP further, now it’s sounding like the DPS issue with Beast Masters; get it back, at the cost of your pet’s….uhh, Survivability?

    (assuming I’d have to choose between lick your wounds/rabid)

    Wait, how is this sounding like a pet survivability/viability buff again?


  30. Jaeger

    Heya Saranette,

    Wasps are in the Ferocity tree so cant avail of Silverback (Tenacity Talent). But nonetheless it is not a boost to HP it is a heal cast on each growl.

    As commented on another thread here there seems to be extremely high numbers coming off Silverback currently on the PTR also but thats another issue.

    You can take a look at the new pet trees over on Wowhead (sorry for the reference to another site, but they are the only ones I could find with the PTR updated pet talent tree)

  31. Noba

    Has anyone brought the 30% (instead of 45%) stam contribution thing on the PTR up on forums? It seems wrong to me, how Blizz would only advertise the great pet talents… sneaky nerf everything, and now BMs must use the new talents ONLY to accomplish getting back to what we formerly were(at the loss of <3 Phoenix no less!). Maybe it’s a mistake. Maybe the PTR’s 30% stam contribution factor is just an accident… I hope this can come to GC’s attention so we can find out…

  32. Dweezill

    How about this? make it so there is only one tree for hunters to pick pet points from. but, make it a huge tree, kinda like a hunter’s tree. Now, i know you are thinking, why one tree? Well, the first tier in the pet trees are practically all the same. There are even a few moves shared in tiers lower than that. So, make one tree, and have all the pet abilites in that tree. Then hunters could pick and choose which talents they wanted to give toa certain pet. Want your hydralisk to be a dps pet? Spend his points on dps talents. want to take your crab into battlegrounds? Spend his points on stuff meant for BG’s. Want your dragonhawk to tank? Spend his points on tanking talents. If you condense everything to one large tree and let hunters navigate thropugh the tree how they want, they would make al pets viable candidates for anything a hunter would want them to do. FIXED.

  33. Rikaku

    I don’t think one big tree would ever be implemented. While the first tier of talents are essentially the same on all pets, that wouldn’t constitute having all the pets in 1 tree. A pet talent tier system wouldn’t work after that. I think it’d be better to allow the hunter to choose his or her pet’s talent spec. Though anything is better after this sub-par effect.

    I highly reccommend anyone who really wants to tell Blizzard “Hey, if you want to do pet standardization, implement a system where hunters’ choose their pet’s spec rather than spec based on the pet’s family” on that thread I linked above. That’s exactly what I bring up in that thread.

    Let Blizzard know your thoughts.

    (It’s on Post #20 if anyone is interested).

    If Blizzard wants to make more pets viable by using standardization, they NEED to change the system to where pets’ specs are chosen by the hunter.

    If they want to keep the pet spec system where it’s based on family, standardization needs to go.

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  35. grekb

    I dont know if anyone has mentioned it. Worms got a huge nerf in Acid Spit skill. It now reduces targets armor by 10%-20%(2 ranks). Previously it was reducing targets armor by a flat ~4k armor. To get the same amount of armor reduction now you need to have a target with 20k armor…

  36. Regolith

    The more I think about it, the more I like the idea that hunters can choose their pets talent trees. I’ve bumped your post, Rikaku. Let us know if you get a response!

  37. Dweezill

    Ok, while we’re at it, let’s add a “family talent” for each spec for each family. Example: if you have a pet spider, and you choose to spec him cunning, he could keep web. but, if you choose to spec him ferocity, he would get some kind of poison damage ability. and if you choose to spec it tanacity, it could have some kind of carapce ability to give more armor. This would help even outt he playing files no matter what tree you want to spec your pet in.

  38. Saranette

    Thanks for the info Jaeger;

    My bad! I got Silverback confused with Wild Hunt. Still kinda sad though if I’m going to have to drop rabid in 3.1 just to get my pet’s stamina contribution back to what it is now though…

    (And again, yes, I play a fairly weird hunter. I also love bugs, even though they tend to scare the crap out of me in real life.)

  39. rokkitan

    grekb: Worm’s acid spit haven’t been nerfed in any other way than the warriors’ sunder armor (http://ptr.wowhead.com/?spell=7386).

    I’d personally love if they merged the pet tree’s and rather let us choose if a pet would be dps/utility/tank with talents. I’d also love if we could choose the pet skill from a limited number of skills, e.g. that my bat could choose either sonic burst/demoralizing screech/snatch/rake and similar utiliy/pve/pvp/dps skill for other families. I kinda like the exotic pets and that they have unique family skills, but they should be an option and not required for a full BM hunter.

    I would love to be free to choose the pet I like the look of for the task I want.

  40. Rikaku

    Regolith & The others who posted on my thread:
    Thank you a bunch for posting. I would love to see a blue respond, but perhaps soon we’ll get their attention. I would love to see them take a look at the hunter community’s feelings and realize that Hunters everywhere want *real* standardization to where we can choose the pet’s specs and thus make every pet viable for our situation =D

    Of course, Blizzard sometimes has the reputation of not being very logical, but here’s hoping!

  41. Noba

    Ty for starting the thread, rikaku. I sure hope GC or someone reads it. Maybe they just havent considered how the 5/5/5 normalization interacts with the “boost” talents. Giving them the benefit of doubt that they are not just being evil and underhanded, talking up a “buff” but sneaking an overall nerf on purpose. x.x
    Its also amazing some other class hasnt come in and derailed it, screaming about pets being OP and deserving a fleas debuff or something.

    btw, rikaku its so funny you actually put the animal farm reference in your sig, lol.

  42. Spiritbinder

    @ Rikaku

    I just posted on your thread as well to hopefully bump it back up to get a little attention. I have never posted of the official boards before but I truly feel it was a worthy thread.

    Keep up the good work.


  43. Zwicky

    I just realized something. I think Mania might have been right/wrong when she reported the 30% number. I went on live and noticed something, when you look at your stamina is says that so much goes towards your pets stam. This number is in fact only 30% of the hunter stam. However when i go onto the pet tab to look at his stam is is much different than the 30% number. It calculates out to be our 45% number that we were told was how they were scaling. I think that the % mania reported is just a bug in the Hunter char window (it says 30 when we are infact getting 45). I am not positive without mania letting us know how she came about this 30% number.

  44. Rayquaza7996 (Raydex of Dawnbringer)

    Awesomeness! The stats are like Cunning’s!
    I a lvl. 36 BM hunter, and I am Cunning-obsessed. Only three things could probably get me out of cunning-dragons (not gonna happen, we should be happy with our wind serpents) the Daggercap Hawk (it’s a carrion bird. MINI-DRUID!) and Hydras*

    Anyways, I think this’ll be really good for my Daggercap Hawk. It keeps dying. I should probably go after some tenacity pet, but…nothing odd and wonderful had caught my eye that I can tame. Now it won’t die as much, so it’ll live longer (duh) and I’ll be safer. (It pulls great aggro, but I’ve found Wind Serpents pull INVINCIBLY. Deadlock, my Deviate Dreadwing, is win.)

    Anyways…as for tenacity, I love crocolisks. All of them. Crocslime, Hydralisk, boring old Dreadmaw from Durotar, or Deviate Crocolisk (which=WIN). But I couldn’t keep one, because I needed more DPS. Now, though, they’ll have (if not great) better DPS than before.


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