PTR 3.1 Build 9637

A new Public Test Realm build snuck up on me today, but as soon as I freed myself from the sticky bonds of Java I headed over to take a look. (… And immediately exclaimed “Why am I shirtless?!” at the character loading screen. For some reason my sexy new Undercity shirt doesn’t show up there. But thankfully I am still clothed in game.)

So what changed in this build? Well, it looks like the updated patch notes we saw on the WoW website last week are now in place.

For example:

  • My hearthstone has a 30 minute cooldown.
  • The ammunition in my quiver was still in stacks of 200, but I was able to drag them together to make stacks of 1000.
  • My Clefthoof Hide Quiver still exists and still holds 18 stacks (now 18,000!) of arrows. But it no longer has an equip effect that: “Increases ranged attack speed by 15%.”
  • Instead, the Auto Shot ability now has additional text that reads: “Ranged attacks fired by a Hunter all benefit from 15% haste.”

So there aren’t many surprises here — most of these changes were already on the official PTR patch notes page. Our pets are supposed to get more of our spell hit, but since I can’t directly see pet hit ratings I can’t verify that yet. All three pet talent trees should also now have the same stat bonuses but I need to swap my stable around a bit before I can verify that. (I’ll be doing that tonight though … assuming the PTR is stable. It’s going down for a restart as I type.) I also haven’t checked out all the little pet skill tweaks, but they have probably already happened or will soon.

MMO Champion is reporting a couple of undocumented changes based on their data-mining:


  • Wyvern Sting now has a 1.5 minute cooldown. (Up from 1 minute)


  • Pummel (Gorilla) cooldown has been increased to 30 sec (Up from 10 sec.) and silence effect duration lowered to 2 sec. (Down from 4 sec)

But Ghostcrawler had mentioned that the cooldown on Pummel would be lengthened, and the other bits are fairly meaningless to me I’m afraid.

Today we also learned from Ghostcrawler about a change that isn’t in this build, or the notes, yet:

Wild Hunt is being changed to 10/20% extra AP from the master. There was a bug where the talent was just applying the hunter’s AP to the pet twice, which is too generous.

If you have 6000 attack power, your pet probably gains 1320 attack power from you. With 2 ranks of this talent, it should gain 1580 attack power instead. Your pet’s attack power will be higher than this by a few hundred from other sources.

So keep that in mind as well.

Now I’m going to go grab some lunch while I wait for the PTR to come back up. *sigh*

40 thoughts on “PTR 3.1 Build 9637

  1. Dimion

    i think the AP from pets has changed though, my pet went from 670.9 previous ptr damage to roughly 413ish so i think the 22% AP from the hunter +20% = 26.4% rule from wild hunt is in effect.

  2. Magnakilro

    I think I speak for many WoW players when I say…..WEWT LOWER HEARTH CD EPIC WIN FTW!……in any case, now that I’m dun spazzing, I also like the ammo change…not as many trips to the vendor =P

  3. Chrizesu/Moltenrain

    I like a lot of changes, but I really don’t see how the changes in survival is to even out the differences between it and marksmanship. Mostly it just looks harder to pvp with, which is what I thought surv was originally tended to be. Each day it continues to look more like a raiding spec to me.

  4. Rikaku

    Well the Wild Hunt I expected to be nerfed, but I’m alright with it. That’s still an immense upgrade from, well, nothing! XD

    I’m so glad I’m not SV though, that tree just feels so bloated now. I thought pet talents and skills were bloated…

  5. Rikaku

    Yep. I called my pet several times right after I saw your post (the time is on the minimap). Those screenshots are taken from the 2nd and 3rd time I summoned/dismissed/summoned.

  6. Leozero

    sooo i think that the talent adding 20% of 22% is crap i mean its barely 5% more ap wich is bullshit it should be 22% plus 20% of our ap wich should be 40% (and that will damn even bm with surv builds) still need to dummy test on ptr if numbers are even then its of if not they will have to change that talent or give bm hunters 5 pet talent points again

  7. Mania Post author

    Rikaku: Thanks! I hope there isn’t some random bug affecting the animation, but at least it’s not completely gone … (And egad that’s bright!)

  8. Rikaku

    Not sure why it won’t load, sometimes Photobucket is mean though. D=

    Yeah, I got a new computer so I turned everything up on Max details. So Spell detail (which actually is part of pet summoning animations) will make gezz’s ability seems extrodinarily bright.

    What I just mentioned to Mania I meant to mention to you. In this latest build, there were some graphical changes. So perhaps you should try adjusting your spell detail a bit and see if that fixes your Gezzarak’s summoning animation.

    Keep in mind the other talent (+8% to ALL pet damage) is an immense buff when one takes into account the calculations. Also, I’m seeing very good numbers from the PTR with my spirit beast.

  9. Ryai

    Rikaku: You mean now there’s going to be less idiots at me all roll sv for dps lololol?


    Hate to see the SV tree getting bloated, even if I don’t roll sv. And that bloat’s probably all from Blizzard not wanting PVP and PVE available at once!!!! choose one or go home! Which is stupid imo. Seriously they nerf crap from some classes being op in arena- which heavily nerfs in general pvp and pve for other speccs. Then they nerf in pve, which nerfs pvp and arena for a class/speccs of the class not targeted. Then they nerf in pvp which hurts worse in pve..

  10. Talonatreyu

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this… But i brought my bear to Gimorak’s den in storm peaks to aoe kill 12 wolfs or so at once.. and well his swipe was hitting EVERYTHING in front of him. not just 3 targets. Use that in combo with thunderstomp and missdirect.. ya.

  11. Ryai

    Yeah swipe was being made unlimited like Drood bear’s claw swipe if I remember right. Why people before were saying the top two tanking pets are now going to be [added damage wise], Bears and Crocolisks. Not that the others aren’t viable contestants ofc.

    But remember, the targets have to be infront of the bear or swipe fails.

  12. scott

    “Pummel (Gorilla) cooldown has been increased to 30 sec (Up from 10 sec.) and silence effect duration lowered to 2 sec. (Down from 4 sec)”

    Considering the CD on other pet silence/interrupt spells, 10 sec/4 sec seemed (more than) a bit much, so this sounds more reasonable to me. Hopefully this will put a stop to the gorilla-favoring at Blizz… it’s a cool pet, I just don’t like feeling as though I’m being forced to choose it.

  13. Nessima

    I had hoped they would remove the need for quivers entiery.. Like an endless arrow or something.. But i can see why that is hard to implement

  14. Ceron

    The summoning animation works with calling pet now only. It doesn’t appear when you dismount though like it does on live. Sorry for the confusion!

  15. Rikaku


    Oh is that what you meant? Hmm well that sucks! I love dismounting and seeing a thundercrack D= I don’t like that change either…

    I say we petition. XD

  16. Sinjara

    “Nessima – March 4th, 2009 @ 10:33 am EST

    I had hoped they would remove the need for quivers entirely. Like an endless arrow or something.. But i can see why that is hard to implement”

    According to GC they are working on doing that, they couldn’t implement it in 3.1 so they compromised by making ammo stack to 1000 giving us approx the same ammo in 6 slots leaving us 14 extra slots usable in a 20 slot bag. Or as stated above 28,000 ammo in 1 pouch/quiver.

  17. Koriani

    Has anyone gone out and seen if The Huntress (black warpstalker) Is tameable again?? I was collecting the stuff to rez her a few times when they went untameable and I’m hoping it was a bug! (that she was made untameable).

  18. Teridom

    No she’s not. :( I was hopin the same thing – went out, farmed the dust/scrolls… nada. (As of 3/3 anyway. I do hope they bring her back. Having a pet with just two models seems… silly)

  19. Nimizar

    @Leo: Keep in mind that Wild Hunt is effectively only half of the 51-point BM talent. The first half is a flat +6% damage increase for a Ferocity pet.

    For Wild Hunt the increased stamina transfer is probably the more significant benefit (the AP increase will probably only be 15-20 DPS or so).

  20. Nimizar

    Actually, I forgot about all the damage multipliers a pet gets. Wild Hunt would probably be closer to a 35+ DPS increase, depending on gear.

  21. Seveil

    “Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity pets now all have +5% damage, +5% armor and +5% health bonuses. This should make more pet families feel viable, while additional talents have been added to distinguish a pet’s abilities based on its specializations.”

    Remember that Ferocity pets are losing 5% damage with this change, so most of the extra damage from Shark Attack will just be making up for this loss.

    To get both the new damage talents, a BM hunter will have to give up Lick Your Wounds and Heart of the Phoenix.

  22. Jaeger

    Logged onto the EU PTR there last night…

    Silverback is amazing… only had it on rank 1… but each growl my turtle was ticking ~1300 healing!!!… I left him off to solo 5 same level mobs… he could stand there for about 2-3mins.. so then joined in and downed them while he just stood there happy as larry…

    BM is now amazing… always has been in my opinion but wow… (no pun intended)

  23. Dweezill

    Silverback gives back 1% health everytime your pet growls, right? OK,I am no mathmetician, but in orderto get 1300 health bck every growl, wouldn;t that mean your pet has around 130,000 health? If so, you have to tell me how you are specced. I woould love to have a pet with that much stamina.

  24. Regolith


    Maybe Silverback stacks with other talents? Doesn’t Guard Dog and Spirit Bond increase the amount healed? IF Silverback is considered a heal spell, then wouldn’t the modifiers work that way? If that’s the case then that’s a really serious spell for Tenacity pets!

  25. Jaeger

    I know Blood of the Rhino affects healing to the pet also, and yes I have Spirit Bond aswell, but I dont expect Silverback to outheal my Mend Pet (for one tick)?…

    Ok I know silverback is every growl but my mend pet is currently healing for ~730ish a tick, and when i saw the green ~1300 on my pet without mend pet followed by a green ~1300 on the next growl i was like wtf!…

    It meant my pet (Turtle in ptr) never went down below half health on a boss I had struggled to defeat in the game as is the same day… Prince Valanar with my Gorilla in game.

    I couldnt believe what i was seeing. If Silverback remains this powerful it is a MUST have for Tenacity pets.

    Could someone else please check it out and check what numbers they are seeing?..
    Im only 73 BM with blue/high greens.

  26. Ghanur

    @Jäger: bug confirmed and reported to Blizzard.

    80 Hunter, BM
    80 Worm, Blood of the Rhino, Silverback

    expected heal: 328
    observed heal: 2169

    Would be nice, but looks like a bug ;)


  27. Spur

    I have noticed that Bestial Wrath will double the healing I get from Mend Pet, it’s possible the same thing is happening to the Silverback skill.

  28. Jaeger

    Hey Ghanur….

    You say your expected heal was 328?… how did you come to the number?

    Sorry just want to make sure calcs are correct is all and so I can work out the same for myself also…


  29. Ghanur


    2% of the pet health and the additional 40% increase in heal from Blood of the Rhino
    (probably missed something, but that shouldn’t add up to 2k heals *g*)

    But Beastial Wrath doubling heals – sounds cool *gg*


  30. Ghanur

    Spirit Bond is a heal of its own, it doesn’t add to silverback – at least it shouldn’t ;)

    Both heals are reported seperately in the combat log window.

  31. Jaeger

    Heya again Ghanur,

    Yes spirit bond is a heal of its own… but there is also the 10% increase to healing done to your pet aswell on Spirit Bond

  32. Rayquaza7996 (Raydex of Dawnbringer)

    I guess I’m glad about the nerf on Wyvern Sting. It was way overpowered. I was just walking over to a copper vein, waiting for my PvP to go on…a guy wyvern-stings me, nabs the copper, and then has a low-level (like 9 lower then me) come kill me.

    Not at dying. At loosing my copper!

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