Ghostcrawler’s Arcania: PTR 3.1

I wanted to call two GC threads to your attention this morning. The first isn’t real big but I know a bunch of people have been asking about the effect of the ammunition changes on Steady Shot.

Q u o t e:
Does this mean that steady shot is no longer effected by the haste bonus?

No. We just wanted to remove the quiver without losing its haste bonus. Except for inventory changes, you should not notice a difference.

The second thread is all-together longer and more amusing.

Basically someone named Driizzt posted on the Damage Dealing forum that Thunderstomp was being removed from gorillas … but he missed the bit where all Tenacity pets get Thunderstomp. Ghostcrawler responded (many, many times) and hilarity ensued.

There’s some useful stuff in the thread about the cooldown on Thunderstomp Pummel (which will be increased, and will probably end up at a bit less than a minute) and how worms can stomp (setae), as well as some nice info on the change to Furious Howl:

The original LK idea was to make it a substitute for Battle Shout / Blessing of Might. We took a similar tact with several of the pets being able to bring great buffs if you were missing them.

Unfortuntely, those buffs tend to be exceedingly common and wolves are such an iconic WoW creature that it felt unfortunate for them to be sidelined.

The new ability *stacks* with those buffs. It only affects the hunter and her wolf. We changed the cooldown and duration because we thought it was more interesting to try and time your cooldowns (like burn Rapid Shot during Howl) rather than just have the bonus up 100% of the time.

Wolves should be good now. We hope.

I could wish that the information was a bit easier to find (and I strongly suspect that I missed important bits but I’m sure you’ll let me know what they were) but I have to say that I really love the tone of the post.

Then again, I’ve been awake for the past 20 hours and I’m beginning to get a little punchy …

[edit] Ack! My apologies! I meant to type Pummel above when talking about cooldown changes and instead I typed Thunderstomp. I knew I shouldn’t be posting exhausted!

Sorry about that …

30 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler’s Arcania: PTR 3.1

  1. Ryai

    ‘(which will be increased, and will probably end up at a bit less than a minute)’

    I want to ask … why? I’d rather have lower damage output- high threat output, and a 10-15 sec cd on it. Why you ask? Because then it’s still an effective output, and would allow tank pets to tank multiple mobs safely.

    This would also keep it from being abused in BG- but still DK’s get an ability they can spam every 15-30 seconds, paladins get a spamable ability every erf, 8 seconds, warriors can spam their own thunderstomp aslong as they have rage.

    Granted I’m not saying tank pets need to be on par- but having a 30+ cd on a talent for aggro management is just.. utterly.. silly.

    GG blizz.

  2. Indy

    No, I read that as the cooldown for Pummel, the gorilla talent that replaces Thunderstomp, will have it’s cooldown increased (apparently it has thunderstomp’s cooldown at the moment as a placeholder).

    Read GC’s comment on that, he’s talking about stuns, not threat. Mania misread here.

  3. Ryai


    I am slightly pleased now- still irritated about a few of the ‘fixes’, but now appeased.

    I don’t really care about the CD of stuns for spells anyways since usually I’m dead from retrilols and nothin short of a trap/intimidate stops them.

  4. Mania Post author

    I’m terribly sorry — I typed Thunderstomp when I meant Pummel (in regards to the cooldown). I’ve fixed the post now (with a line-through and an edit) so hopefully no one else will be mislead by my mistake.

  5. Nakari

    Well, with 3/3 Longevity its up for 20 seconds with a 28 seconds cooldown… a roughly 71% uptime isn’t too bad.
    Unfortunately Furious Howl is bugged in the current PTR build and only works for the wolf, if that gets fixed eventually my wolf from Hellfire Ramparts surely will spend some more time outside of the stable. ;)

  6. Cerryl

    I’m gonna say three cheers for GC, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed reading a thread as much as this one.
    I’ve heard some people talking about these changes taking away the uniqueness of the Gorilla as a pet but I think they’re trying to do the opposite, making it so all the tenacity pets are viable tankers so hunters are able to choose their pets based on appearance, personality and other factors rather than ability alone. Hunters that like gorillas will still be able to tame them and still be able to use thunderstomp, all this did was make the other tenacity pets a viable option.

  7. Makoes

    what I find to be a little bit of a downer is that many of these pet buffs are only affecting the hunter and pet…I dont see a problem with these buffs being raid wide. It would make hunters just that much more useful to the party/raid/guild runs. so far it seems all we’re good for buffing is that one aspect for nature resisatnce. Aspect of the pack is only usefull in very little situations because of the daze effect…which leads me to avoid it all together…(and getting mad at huntards who dont remove it in fights…)

    I love the fact that thunderstomp is getting moved into the telant tree (I flat out refuse to use a gorilla) Now my warp stalker and fuzzy worm will be much more useful.
    Likewise my V.B hound will find a use with the improved F.H.

    Rofl, GC sure is an awsome person, I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. The whole thing with the worm, that was gold! and that part about changing the name so it wasn’t so intimidating, lol.

  8. nobbie

    Are any of the new ‘bone’ spider models outside of Argent Vanguard (P1) available for taming now? Those near Icecrown Citadel still cannot be tamed.

  9. Selesti

    Finally…all tanking pets get a decent aoe taunt. I’ve always hated gorillas and always will. Now if I chose to get a tanking pet for solo play, I can get whatever the hell I want.

    Also, that forum was full of a ton of complaints…even when ghostcrawler explained the whole thunderstomp/pummel thing, it’s amazing how many continued to whine. Can’t satisfy everyone I suppose. The main issue people seemed to be bringing up was the caster interrupts. Someone even said, “Why does it only interrupt spellcasters and not melee?” Uh…how the hell would you really interrupt melee except through stuns? Unless I’m missing something…

  10. Ryai

    ‘“Why does it only interrupt spellcasters and not melee?” Uh…how the hell would you really interrupt melee except through stuns? Unless I’m missing something…’

    Maybe they mean like a Rogue’s er blind/Hunter’s Scatter shot? Or something like that?

    And doubt some people really grasp the concept of spell/spell interupt/silence and the other factors of most pet spell interupts.

    I’d still take a netheray/skate over a gorilla anyday tho tbh.

  11. Cerryl

    I guess an owl’s snatch could sort of count as an interrupt for melee, It does remove a good chunk of their damage for a short period of time and prevents several of their abilities which require an equipped weapon from being used. A gorillas pummel isn’t going to be an instant win ability though. The pet can still be affected by frost nova and kept at range, sheeped, feared, etc. Pets are more than just an extra attack on the hunters part, our damage is split between us and our pets, we have separate abilities that we have to juggle. It makes sense that another players focus would also have to be split between us and our pet.

  12. Ryai

    ‘The pet can still be affected by frost nova and kept at range, sheeped, feared, etc’

    Yeah but most people are idiots atm- alright in lv 60 AV. And even in the higher level BG; people still try and CC BM hunters, before and after big red button. Some still try and deadzone- so they usually get within range of a hunter. And if it’s a caster and you aren’t BM, but MM, you have silence shot, as it is a pvp talent.

    For SV I guess scatter shot, imp traps, and the like would work.

    There’s also detterence and disengage, I usually attempt to pop both so I can be ‘saved’. But it’s not stoping all damage even when the rogue is infront of me and I am not crippled and poisoned so…

    Also seems to be a new bug on live PTR, whenever I die, rez and had a tracking on prior to it, it either works half crap; only shows mobs inside OR outside, not both. Only select mobs if both, or it comes up perfectly.

    This is really annoying. Anyone with access to PTR confirm if this bug is known about/already dealt with?

    And now I drag my sorry sick self back to bed.

  13. Tarjin

    I just saw this in the patch notes:

    “Cunning, Ferocity and Tenacity pets now all have +5% damage, +5% armor and +5% health bonuses. This should make more pet families feel viable, while additional talents have been added to distinguish a pet’s abilities based on its specializations.”

    Have the new talent trees for pets been released yet?

  14. palladiamors

    Yea, but no promise that its final. Everything is in flux right now, and Blizzard is pretty satisfied with Beast Master at the moment.

  15. Nimizar

    I especially like the fact that Nether Rays have had a 40 second CD, 20 yard range interrupt since Wrath launched (that’s the ability GC was referring to in the thread).

    @Tarjin: (scroll down a bit – Mania gives a summary of the pet talent and skill changes seen so far)

    @Makoes: the reason Blizz are moving some of the pet abilities to be hunter-only is because they otherwise end up in one of two categories:
    1) Stackable, and hence required and/or overpowered (e.g. chaining Roar of Sacrifice on tanks, original stacking Call of the Wild)
    2) Not stackable with a common buff, and hence not desirable (e.g. Furious Howl)

    By making things like Call of the Wild and Furious Howl specific to the hunter, they’re still useful for us to take without becoming mandatory raid buffs that Blizzard then need to account for when tuning encounters.

    As far as hunter raid buffs go, each tree brings its own basic buff (3% damage in BM, 10% AP in MM, Replenishment in SV) and then pets either bring raw DPS or fill a gap in the raid’s debuff coverage.

    No warriors, but a BM hunter? Bringing a worm for Acid Spit is probably a better option than getting a rogue to spend combo points on Expose Armour.
    No druids or locks? Bring a Wasp for the minor armour debuff.
    No feral druid or arms warrior? Bring a Rhino for the bleed damage increase debuff.

  16. Blacksands

    Quick question about dual spec that may be off topic… what about the glyphs? I may have breezed through the patch notes, but I don’t remember if we have to “re-glyph” for each separate spec or if they are like the gear management that we can do via dual spec. Any confirmation on this?

  17. Mania Post author

    I *believe* that unlocking dual specs gives you a second, empty glyph ring … thingie … to fill as you desire. If you wanted to fill it with the same glyphs as your existing glyph ring, then I believe you’d have to buy two of each glyph.

  18. Blacksands

    lol thanks Mania, I hope you’re right on that one… well since you people are still on the PTR, let’s see what else blizzard can think of… or not.

  19. Rikaku

    Change to Wild Hunt:
    Is now a 10%/20% contribution from Hunter’s Attack Power & Stamina (down from 20%/40%)

    Supposedly BM is still on par with SV, but I guess we’ll see.

  20. Saranette

    Yeah the currant PTR changes are definitely making a full SV build less and less inviting. As long as I can have some sort of dancing aspect (and not the /dance kind)I’d be happy. I know I’m going against the norm, but shot rotations are damned boring.

    And I’m confused about the Wild Hunt change. Over at MMO-champ, they only mention the AP being reduced to 10/20% with no mention to Stamina…

  21. Nimizar

    @Saranette: GC flat out stated that the intent is for SV hunters to get their LnL procs from Black Arrow in PvE (with the occasional trap proc on trash or adds) and from Freezing and Frost trap in PvP.

    That 30 second CD on Black Arrow apparently *is* the shared trap CD.

    The other change clearly aimed at eliminating trap dancing is the new version of Sniper Training (a damage buff after 6 seconds of standing still instead of a range based buff).

  22. Tarjin

    “the intent is for SV hunters to get their LnL procs from Black Arrow in PvE (with the occasional trap proc on trash or adds) and from Freezing and Frost trap in PvP.”

    Blizzard’s division of things like this is what has made it so hard for me to settle on a good Survival spec in WotLK. I had a good PvE/PvP spec in TBC, but such a thing seems impossible now. Oh well, I don’t do deathmatches anyway, so I don’t have the gear to do objective-based PvP anymore.

    Thanks for pointing out the post with the pet talent information in it. I guess I’ve been taking a longer break than I realized and have missed some things.

  23. Saranette

    then it’s time to make a hybrid build on the ptr methinks. Honestly, standing still is about as boring as it gets, at close range or from far away. Dancing was the other part of what made me fall in love with th SV hunter for over a year now, back when it was the Unlinked-Melee/Ranged-cooldowns-tango, or the Fire/LnL trapdanncing today…

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