PTR 3.1 – Early Round-up

For many of you, the information in this post will be redundant and stale. But since I’m just catching up with everything myself, I thought it might be helpful to write up a round-up for others as well.

Dual Talents

You can unlock Dual Talent Specs at level 40. The cost to unlock this feature is 1000g regardless of the character’s level. Respec’ing one of your dual specs still carries the same increasing costs as before.

Switching between your two specs no longer requires an object (and therefore no longer requires a group to use the object) and no longer has a cooldown. You can do it anywhere, anytime, with the press of a button — well, except in combat or the Arena, I believe. And there is a 5 second ‘casting’ timer as you actually switch over.

Oh, and be aware that switching specs will immediately drain all your mana and dismiss your current pet, and that there appear to be some bugs with pet talents and switching between dual specs right now. (Actually, there seem to be some bugs with assigning pet talent points in general.)

Remote Stable Access

The skill Call Stabled Pet can be purchased from the hunter trainer at level 80 for 25g 50s. It has a 30 minute cooldown.

Choose one of your stabled pets to replace your cirrent pet. The selected pet busts out of its stable to join you no matter where you are. Cannot be used in combat.

Call Stabled Pet was initially broken, but now seems to work. When you use the skill, it opens a stable interface just like the stable master does, and you can drag and drop your pets from there. Note, however, that just opening the interface triggers the cooldown so make sure you know what you’re going to do when you use the skill.

I am very much hoping that the level on this skill will come down now that Dual Spec is available at level 40, but I haven’t seen anything about that yet.

Untraining A Pet

Untraining a pet is now free. You still go to the a trainer and request that he or she untrain your pet, but no money changes hands.

Pet Talent Preview

There is a new interface option that allows you to ‘preview’ your talent choices before you actually spend the points. Basically you can left-click to spend a point and right-click to unspend a point, and when you are done you click a “Learn” button to lock in your choices.

This interface option also affects pet talents. However, the pet talent trees do not appear to have a “Learn” button at this point in time, which means that you can’t actually spend the points unless you first turn off the preview option. I suspect this is a bug that will be fixed shortly. In the meantime, don’t use the Preview option when you are spending pet talent points.

New Pet Talents

Cunning pets have one new Tier 5 and two new Tier 6 pet talents available:

  • Tier 5: Grace of the Mantis: Reduces the chance your pet will be critically hit by melee attacks by [2%/4%]. (2 ranks – No prerequisites.)
  • Tier 6: Wild Hunt: Increases the contribution your pets get from your Stamina by [20%/40%] and attack power by [20%/40%]. (2 ranks – Requires 1 rank of Wolverine Bite.)
  • Tier 6: Roar of Sacrifice: Your pet absorbs damage done to you, transferring 30% damage taken to the pet. Lasts 12 sec. (1 rank – Requires 2 ranks of Grace of the Mantis.)

Note that Grace of the Mantis and Roar of Sacrifice are identical to (although in a different place than) the existing Tenacity tree pet talents.

Ferocity pets have two new Tier 6 pet talents available:

  • Tier 6: Shark Attack: Your pet does ab additional [3%/6%] damage with all attacks. (2 ranks – No prerequisites.)
  • Tier 6: Wild Hunt: Increases the contribution your pets get from your Stamina by [20%/40%] and attack power by [20%/40%]. (2 ranks – Requires 1 rank of Call of the Wild.)

Tenacity pets have a new Tier 3 talents and two new Tier 6 pet talents available:

  • Tier 3: Thunderstomp: Shakes the ground with thundering force, doing 161 to 163 Nature damage to all enemies within 8 yards. This ability causes a moderate amount of additional threat. (1 ranks – No prerequisites.)
  • Tier 6: Wild Hunt: Increases the contribution your pets get from your Stamina by [20%/40%] and attack power by [20%/40%]. (2 ranks – Requires 1 rank of Roar of Sacrifice.)
  • Tier 6: Silverback: Your pet’s Growl also heals it for [1%/2%] of its total health. (2 ranks – No prerequisites.)

In addition, the Tier 3 talent Intervene has moved to Tier 5 to make space for Thunderstomp. It is otherwise unchanged.

Note that Thunderstomp is identical to the old Gorilla family skill (except with only one rank). In particular, it is still: 20 Focus, Melee Range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown.

Pet Skills

There is one pet skill change listed in the patch notes:

  • Stampede (rhino) only affects 1 target, but adds a 25% bleed damage debuff (that does not stack with Mangle etc.) in addition to its knockback.

Moving Thunderstomp into the Tenacity tree, however, means that gorillas need a new family skill: Pummel. There is only one rank of Pummel.

Pummel the target, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. (20 Focus, Melee Range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown)

And More!

There’s still quite a lot to be discovered on the 3.1 PTR, and I haven’t even covered everything that you guys have e-mailed me and posted about so far! But that’s all the round-up I have time for tonight. … Now it’s back to Java until my brains run out my ears. *sigh*

43 thoughts on “PTR 3.1 – Early Round-up

  1. Blacksands

    Ouch…. 1000g….. bet this will go over well with newbies whose only toon IS lvl 40. This won’t be hard on seasoned players, we already have a high level main to farm for our low level toons, but why the increasing cost of respeccing the dual spec talents??? I understand if you make a boo-boo it has to be done again to get it right, but that’s what online talent calculators are for so you won’t make that much of a mistake. I’ve pretty much stuck to BM ever since pre-BC days and haven’t respecced a third time since. I would try out Marks or SV just for the heck of it to help in raids or whatnot, but my main hunter is strictly a farmer — so no respeccing much there when I have another level 80 hunter for my raids/instancing. The only problem I can see with this are for those who keep experimenting with different builds even when they already have dual spec, but then again, not much of a disadvantage when you’ve been at it long enough than the newbies with a main who can supply your other toons the dough… er, gold.

  2. Korzak

    Wow. This is extremely great.

    So with dual-spec being instant, does that mean you can go into PvP with BM specced, and swap over to SV when your pet gets ganked? That would be…amazing!

  3. Leozero

    well i hope that with the 40% contribution from ap i can actually reach surv hunters dps using my spirit beast (i like devilsaur too but i hate to have to use it to maximize dps)

    still i would like to get more bm stuff, bm is not really an easy spec as most think, manage pet in bossfights in naxx can be really hard with some bosses (specially heigan) while mm or sv can let their pet die and loose like 100 dps and forget it the whole fight

    yeah we can rez ours faster but that also drops our dps and mana (if HoP is on cd)

  4. Blacksands

    To Wellhungbull: hope you can afford the 1000 gold to unlock it the first time if that’s your only toon. If yes, good. If no, then “ouch”. That was the point I meant that its kinda bad ju-ju if someone has only one starter toon on their account at lvl 40. Then to unlock it and at the same time with its 1000 gold one-time fee regardless of level just to start, you’d have to wait.

    The rest of the patch changes look pretty good for hunters, but since its not yet the “whole” enchilada to a final complete patch, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

  5. Ryai

    ‘Note that Thunderstomp is identical to the old Gorilla family skill (except with only one rank). In particular, it is still: 20 Focus, Melee Range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown’

    I iz not happy. Mostly because since Growl still uses focus, and bite, and my crits don’t happen all the damn time I need them [have GftT and 2/2 improved pet regen], my pets still sometimes, when it’s needed, don’t get enough focus.

    Blah. Atleast they get thunderstomp.

    @Blacksands: NOT ONLY THAT, but that’s as much gold as buying cold weather flying. Buying Flying skill in general [lowbie], and enough to buy lv 60 skill AND a mount or two.

    @ WHB I don’t see how anyone would be happy to have such an expensive option available to them, especially if it’s their first character. Yes you can make gold, but on my server outside of mithril, silver, iron ore, and a few outland materials, the only things that are selling, are twink items, enchants, AND, northrend items.

    All of which you really can’t get to Wellhungbull, so I don’t see why you should be happy when this is a big, big, crippling thing for you to be gleeful about. This is why, as Blacksands said, it was pretty much better left off as a lv 80 talent, because by then you’d most likely HAVE the spare gold to sink into this.

    And overall in general, I am still annoyed the +% talent is 1/2, I am still annoyed it’s not a glyph. And still annoyed it took them this long to think of something decent.

    Still annoyed about the 2/2 shark frenzy too.

  6. Blacksands

    @Ryai: Exactly my point…. for a first timer, no ONE has that much gold after just hitting level 40. Yes, its good to have it at level 40 — the reason is that anyone looking to instance at that level and above always ask for a HEALER in a group (those who do it without an overpowered level 80 to bulldoze their way through)…. meaning respec time for some pallys, shadow priests, and shamans just for that, then back to a leveling spec to move onwards. It would also give the other players a chance to learn different spec dynamics in an instance so as not to waste time having to LEARN it at level cap. I know a LOT of people suck horribly the first few times they start out a new spec when they have been stuck with only one from the get to til endcap. I would welcome that dual spec starting at level 40 as long as they make it at a reasonable price…. maybe the same price as a lvl 60 mount riding skill or less. 1000 gold to a newbie is like holding up Fort Knox (or Gringotts to some) when everything has already been cleaned out.

  7. Izsera

    The main thing people seem to be missing on the dual specs thing–you don’t HAVE to buy it. It is nowhere as essential to gameplay as flying/CW Flying, especially not at low levels. It’s nice, sure, but how many level 40 players regularly spec between PvP and Raid DPS? It’s a nice perk when you get up to the point where you are raiding or running heroics, but there’s no need for it before then. A simple gear change or a normal respec should suffice. Seriously, if you are changing your spec often enough while you are leveling for this to be absolutely necessary you are doing it wrong. Buying dual-spec at 40 is a little like buying epic flying at 70–you can, but why on earth would you?

    The new talents and such are looking good, though I’m not sure the Cunning changes are enough. Maybe if there was a talent to let the pet inherit a small percentage of the Hunter’s resilience?

  8. Blacksands

    @Izsera: you’re half right about dual spec…. it IS an option, but a good one that is essential to other classes. I don’t care much about pvp or raids, its the “instancing” and group quests where people LFG that I am aiming this at…. especially for those that are needed in them: Priests, Shamans, Druids, Paladins, Warriors. Those classes are where dual spec becomes something like a godsend. No more long trips to a trainer, etc. No more long waits until the important “man”/”woman”/whatever comes back from respeccing.

    Hunters rarely need it so its nothing more than an afterthought for us.

  9. Comett

    Blacksands- That’s a fair enough comment, but most newbies won’t have to bother about that sort of “hardcore” respeccing. If they find it too hard to level as a holy/resto character, they can still pay for the other respec and continue on their way. In fact, most toons up to about level 50ish with healing spells and decent mana pools, shadow or elemental or balance (etc), can still heal those sort of instances… even a lvl40 prot pally with holy gear could probably manage okay. Proper group builds aren’t really a big thing for pre-60 instances.

    I think the real plan for dual speccing was for those players who wished to both raid and grind on their mains, or otherwise, raid with two specs. 1000g is an awesome price for my poor druid, who respecs every other week depending on what she’s doing. And she never reached the 50g respec cap while she was levelling even though she was respeccing almost as often. So the option *is* still there for lower level toons (if I understand correctly).

    The point I’m making is just that if your first toon is level 40, you won’t epicflail if you can’t afford the dualspeccing ability. You don’t need the hardcore dps of a raid spec, and you can still manually respec if you would really like.

  10. Izsera

    @ Blacksands — Hunter isn’t the only class I’ve played–I’ve leveled a Shaman to 70 as Resto, and while I have no desire to do so again, it should be significantly less painful with this newfangled “spellpower” thing. And if it is, well, like Comett said, most lower level instances can be healed (or tanked) simply by switching out gear.

  11. Jaeger

    If characters need to respec at lower levels and cannot afford the dual spec then the original method is still an option..

    pay the one off cost to respec.. same as before

    so nothing has changed… just an option has been added… there really shouldnt be any problems with the addition of this to those who want to invest in it…

  12. Pepsi Jedi

    Yes I too will be bringing my slime out of the stable and let my Gorilliadin go. I had the Gorilla for the aoe tanking and grinding for things, but never loved the skin. (( even had a white and blue one))

    But now that my slime can do what Gorilladin could, I don’t need gorilladin.

    Snotty will thunder-slime just as well.

  13. Bradagore

    The Thunderstomp change is extremely good. At last I can do away with the monkey and get an electric-explosive scorpid instead, or crab, or croc (synergy with Bad Attitude is obvious) or turtle or whatever, whilst those who genuinely want gorillas because they like them will not lose out, and will not be plagued by a host of imitators.

  14. Ryai

    ‘(synergy with Bad Attitude is obvious)’

    Yay more people are being influenced by the Crocolisk!

    ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF- er I mean er /cough

    And just realised something else about this change in dual speccing, more people are gonna pester me to be a tank on my DK when I just barely know how to DPS correctly, tank? That and HEALERS DONT HEAL ME /grump seriously hate it

    Also, I’d like to do a case in point- why I think this is a bad idea, is to people who never leveled a healing and or tanking class, or worse, both, because this won’t fix them. Why? I had to deal with a loldin who.. thought it could OT, MT and heal. All at the same time.

    It’s what installed my fear of pugging at a weeee early level.

    Anyways this isn’t going to help them, they’re still going to be crap >>

  15. Korzak

    One change they could implement is a counter that tracks how much gold you spend on respeccing BEFORE you buy dual-spec. Then subtract that amount from the 1,000 gold to buy dual-spec. So if you spend 120 gold on respecs before getting the skill, it would only cost you 860 gold to buy it, not 1,000.

    Do the other classes need to spend 1,000 gold for dual-spec? Maybe they think is this is some way to gold-drain hunters if we don’t need to buy ammo anymore?

  16. Jaeger

    Thats a great idea Korzak… you can either buy it now or buy it later…

    All classes can have the dual-spec for the same cost.. its not just us…

    I like that buy-now-or-later idea though and it would be easy for them to trace since they already count your respecs currently.

  17. Ronken

    As a four year player, the dual spec will be awesomesauce for my priest. I can lvl her dps spec, and then heal if the need arises – and we all know it does, almost every day. As for my hunter, I’m thinking that I may be respeccing back to BM. But, for those unfriendly pet fights, do an insta-respec and go surv or MM, AND change out the pet. This has it’s advantages, as does having played four years and stockpiling a heap of gold.

  18. scott

    Dual @40 – I was in the forums when one of the blues let that out of the bag – very happy news. Mainly for my non-hunters, but still. I do wish they’d scaled the cost to put it in line with the actual amount of talent pts being dual’ed instead of dumping the whole 1k on lvl 40′s, but beggars can’t be choosers – just having the option pre-80 was my main desire.

    Remote stable – personally I don’t mind this one staying at 80; it might be nice to be able to swap pet in the instance along with the spec, but it’s not like a hunter’s group role is as central as the tank or healer…

    New pet skills – look pretty nice. In particular, the changes to stampede now seem to make more sense given that TS is due to become universal. I’ll still miss the candlepins effect, but it’s worth giving that up for having more AOE dmg done (alot) more frequently. Guess I’ll be holding onto my rhino after all. :)

  19. Koriani

    heyy a benefit to bringing my hydro-lisk to play with – without really annoying everyone else around me with its constant triple-hissing noise (yea for some reason that really really really gets on people’s nerves…)

  20. J

    can this be comfirmed? i am on the PTR, and Cursed Offspring of Harkoa seems to now be a shiny dark black tiger with red eyes. Is this a bug?

  21. Sedna

    Awesomesauce, I’m very happy with the info on the changes to pet Talent Trees. One question- is there any difference between Spiked Collar (tier 2 Ferocity talent, 3 ranks, adds 3/6/9% damage to all pet attacks) and Shark Attack? They seem to be replicas of each other, albeit one is at T2 and the other’s at T6.

  22. Tony

    Im not happy about the Call Stabled Pet skill being only for level 80′s. This is a feature us hunters should have had in game since WOW launched. There is absolutely no good reason or excuse blizzard can argue about this skill being only available to 80′s.

    Also for a person who likes to keep a full stable , it would be great that a hunter of any level could use this new ability. While leveling especially, so you could call out another pet if you say just wanted to do some pet leveling and have a few pets below your level, without having to run all the way or hearth to a stable master. I think making this talent level 80 only is defeating the purpose.

  23. korq

    There is a somewhat small problem with the new thunderstomp though isnt there? It is only going to be on rank, and the damage output of that rank is only around half that of what a gorilla has at max rank. My hunter is only 52 atm so my main concern is that is this going to affect the threat so that you will have to be more careful using volley? or should I still be just worrying about upping my RAP so he gets more spell damage?

  24. Ansawa

    I can see Call Stabled Pet being moved to level 60, which is around when most hunters begin giving serious consideration to rounding out their stables–and BM hunters will be able to start taming exotics, leaving them open to being petless due to a respec in the field.

    Before that, most hunters seem to be fine with one or two pets, and the trek back to the stable master to switch them.

  25. Dave

    If you think dual spec is bad for hunters, you are crazy.
    Is your PvE raid spec good for PvP? Probably not, or if you took some PvP stuff with your PvE, this will allow you to drop those talents and improve your PvE ability.
    If nothing else, you could have a Raid BM spec and a solo BM spec that centers more around the pet being a tank.
    Also, This would make trying out new specs much easier. And, with the way Blizzard has been nerfing buffing nerfing buffing nerfing the hunters recently, it will be nice to be able to solo or 5 man with your beloved spec, but still bring out the raid DPS spec when the time comes.

    My only concern with the Call Stabled Pet ability is the CD. It would be crazy to call a pet every fight, but at 30 minutes, it does kind of hurt our multi-spec capability. I personally love BM, but even with the BM buffs, some raid bosses will kill a BM’s dps by killing or incapacitating the pet. You could have a SV and BM raid spec. Switch to SV for Heigan, send your spirit beast back and call out your wolf. After the fight, switch back to BM…and wait for 25 minutes to get your pet back…/sigh.

    Heck, not only could you run a couple different raid specs, but with some planning you could have several different raid pets. 1 with more health, another with a certain ability that helps in that fight. It would be cool to see the interesting uses people could find for their pets…but with a 30 minute CD we will be pretty limited.

  26. Korzak

    I don’t see the problem with having ‘Call Stabled Pet’ be at level 80. It is only really at level 80 that a lot of outposts do not have a stablemaster. Is it a pain having to go to the stablemaster? Yes…but at least we don’t need to do the whole Soul Stone thing to summon pets.

  27. Venera

    Not to go off topic or anything but could someone check and see if the Vargul Blighthound is still tamable? I’m paranoid that it will be ninja-made untamable before I can get to 74.

  28. Ryai

    ‘Not to go off topic or anything but could someone check and see if the Vargul Blighthound is still tamable? I’m paranoid that it will be ninja-made untamable before I can get to 74.’

    Someone confirmed with talking to a GM that the blighthound IS an intended beast to be tame-able.

  29. Tori

    Noooo! There goes my rhino bowling. ;_;

    I’m really going to miss that one. It was so fun running lower levels through dungeons like RFC and just aggroing the entire instance and then knocking them back. xD Ah well….

  30. Tony

    Considering a hunter does most of his learning,eperimenting and leveling, 1-79, before you hit 80, is a pretty strong case to lower the level on CSP.

    At 80 raiding youll have your dps pet with you anyways, and pvp you will be in a city with a stable master, or switched when getting in que. Certainly dosnt make any more sense to have the talent available at 80 only, then it would be for any other level, say level at least like one poster mentioned, that would be ok with me, as a last resort.

    It should still have the level cap reduced though. Especially being on a 30 minute cool down if it goes live this way. Considering hunters should have had an ability like this since the day WOW launched. If locks can pet summon whenever, wherever, then the least blizz can do is give us CSP with its 30 min cd to all hunters.

  31. Jaeger

    I think the level should be set to the same level Exotics are available.. otherwise BM’s could get caught with no pet when they use dual-spec switch… so 60 imo

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