PTR 3.1 – Build 9626

Only a few days after the 3.1 PTR goes up and we already have a new build! The official patch notes don’t appear to have been updated yet, but MMO Champion noticed some hunter pet changes while looking at client data. (Note that this method can be innaccurate, which would mean that these changes are not happening. We’ll have to keep an eye out an see how it goes.) Allow me to quote from MMO Champion:

  • Thunderstomp (Gorilla) has been removed as a pet skill and replaced by Pummel – Pummel the target, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. (20 Focus, 5 yd range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown)
  • Thunderstomp is now a pet talent available to any Tenacity pet. Now your bears, crocs or ESPECIALLY CRABS can join in the AE tanking fun.
  • Savage Rend (Raptor) now temporarily boost the raptor’s damage by 10% for 30 seconds.
  • Furious Howl (Wolf) now only affects the wolf and its master, duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.

(Incidentally, my head has been buried in Java all day. So thanks to those intrepid readers who e-mailed me about this new build and/or posted on the comment thread for the last build — I appreciate your efforts to help keep me and other hunters up to speed. *grin*)

93 thoughts on “PTR 3.1 – Build 9626

  1. krikkett

    Oh man oh man oh man… I shouldn’t get excited yet, but the prospect of my warp stalker being able to thunderstomp and hold the aggroes…

    It’s really hard :D

  2. Ryai aka the airhead of the moment!

    ‘Thunderstomp is now a pet talent available to any Tenacity pet. Now your bears, crocs or ESPECIALLY CRABS can join in the AE tanking fun.’


    Screw gearing up I can just farm for pony! \o/

    My Hydralisk can now come out of the stables and annoy everyone with his constant complaining!

    Happy day happy day.

  3. AnotherClown

    This makes me wonder whether the 51pt BM skill will be going back to 5 points since they’ve basically thrown in a must have talent where we would have tamed a gorilla instead. I’ll be glad to see less gorillas but I’ll be sad to see less of a reason for keeping mine and making a turtle that much more attractive.

  4. Aquillian

    “Incidentally, my head has been buried in Java all day”

    You too? Lol. D:

    I am /so/ excited about the Thunderstomp change O_O Finally I have a reason to use a tenacity pet!

  5. Kikaku

    Is no one else pissed about the wolf nerf? Do any of our pets have anything that buffs the party now..?
    Also, I’m surprised about the thunder-stomp being for all tenacity pets. I suggested something like that back when they had the pet suggestions forum, glad some people noticed and may have repeated so Blizz acknowledged.. . . . Still doesn’t make up for the wolf-destruction though. ><;

  6. Ryai

    Er Kikaku, as someone explained, this fixes, the wolf’s howl, as now it WON’T be overwritten for you or wolf by shout or BoM. This is a FIX not a nerf, and granted that most groups I run have a paladin anyways, as tank or healer or dps- or a warrior.. that needs to l2play, this is a blessing in disguise.

  7. Jaeger

    Time for good ol’ Turkle to make a reappearance.. and Bad Attitude now looks like one of the strongest Tenacity Talents out there (behind Bear’s swipe because of long cooldown)… Time for me to stop complaining and go plan Tree…

  8. Seryth

    Can someone please check if the “new” Furious Howl will now stack with Blessing of Might or Battleshout?

    It´s now only affecting the Wolf and the Hunter so i guess it should, but we all know Blizzard and what strange things they do.

  9. Bodpa

    This means gorilla’s will not be the best tanking pets anymore, and I will teally miss mine if I deside to replace him.
    And boo for bliz for changing wolfs howl.

  10. Nakari

    Ghostcrawler mentioned they specifically changed Furious Howl to only work for the Hunter and Wolf so they could let it stack with Blessing of Might/Battle Shout. The initial idea was for FH to be a replacement if no warrior or paladin was present, but since that happens like… never, they decided to make it a little more useful outside of 5 man groups.

  11. Jaeger

    New thunderstomp means we now have a host of:



    Just wish I could find somewhere with an updating Pet Talent Calculator that will reflect these changes…

  12. Bidzill

    Wow, what a day!

    First, Lost comes out with a killer episode, then I learn that Thunderstomp will hopefully be trainable by all Tenacity pets. When Thunderstomp became the best tanking talent, I became sad that the boar I’ve had since lvl 30ish was going to be in a perpetual stable… I also loved the rhino, but alas, the long cooldown on the knockback ability made it crappy to AE tank with.

    I’m guessing that this ability will probably be the final tier for the venerable BM hunter, which is fine by me since I’m BM for life (at least until dual-specs allow me to play with survival :-P).

    If this goes through, I will finally look at using another tenacity pet. Huzzah!

  13. Wardley

    Apparently, I’ve been told Thunderstomp is going in the place where Intervene is currently in the tenacity tree – so you don’t even have to be BM spec’d to get it for your tank!.

    On the Furious Howl ‘nerf/buff/fix’ issue, I actually like this. Being selfish, and not in a ‘serious we’re going to be the first on the realm to clear this raid’ guild, it’ll personally help my DPS and, in reality, it doesn’t actually help the raid DPS at all anyway at the moment.

  14. Jaeger

    Apparently its going to replace where Intervene is in the tree.. so it will be accessible by all Tenacity pet owners…

    The top tier for tenacity pets will be Wild Hunt and Silverback
    # Silverback (2 ranks) – Your pet’s Growl also heals it for 1/2% of its total health.
    # Wild Hunt (2 ranks) – Increases the contribution your pets get from your Stamina by 20/40% and attack power by 20/40%.

    Thunderstomp being available to all Tenacity is great…

  15. Jaeger

    Also been looking at this…

    Raptors went from:
    Savage Rend – Slashes the enemy with the raptor’s talons for [rank] damage, and causes the target to bleed for [rank] damage every 5 sec for 15 sec. Successful critical strikes with this ability temporarily boost the raptor’s attack power.


    Savage Rend – Now temporarily boost the raptor’s damage by 10% for 30 seconds.

    With Longevity the cooldown on Savage Rend goes from 1min down to 42 secs so thats a 10% increase to dps for the raptor almost always up.. (12secs down).. I think they will be jumping back up the dps table now also

  16. Stranger

    Thunderstomp for every tenacity pets is welcome.
    But what are they given to Cunning and Ferocity for BM hunters? Higher DPS, self healing? That’s not fascinating.
    I have some idead maybe more fascinating.

    New talent for Cunning (BM hunters only): trap carrier (1 min CD)
    When activated, your next frost trap, immolation trap, explosive trap or snake trap will be placed on your pet. The trap will be triggered when your pet hit the enemy. The pet must be within 5 yards to use the ability. The trap will stay on the pet for 1 minute.

    For Ferocity (BM hunters): stinger
    Each time when your pet hit the target with its special ability will refresh your serpent sting, viper sting, or scorpid sting. (like Chimera shot but no secondary effect).

  17. Jaeger

    Ferocity get Wild Hunt and Shark Attack

    Shark Attack (2 points total) Requires 1 Point in Rabid, and 15 points in the tree.
    Your pet deals an addition (4/8%) with all attacks.

    And Cunning get Wild Hunt and Grace of the Mantis (same GoM as already in Tenacity Tree)

    So each tree shares Wild Hunt and get the extra Talent which differentiates them (GoM not so much haha)

  18. Suzi

    I read the change to Thunderstomp and I immediately thought “uh-oh! After the change to Rhinos people are going to be mad!” but then I read on. Perhaps this is why they nerfed the Rhino spell, because knockback by 10 yards + AOE within 8 yards seems kind of counter-intuitive.

    Personally I can’t wait to see my little Warp Stalker Thunderstomping! It’s such a great solo-levelling ability that it’s nice to see all of our pet tanks getting it.

  19. Wardley

    Hmm – maybe GoTM is just a ‘placeholder’ talent in the Cunning tree while they work on the real one?

    Although, I can see why it would be useful for those pets as well – the Cunning ones are good PVP pets and GoTM would help to try and stop your pet getting one-shotted with a huge crit.

  20. Ryai

    Tbh in pvp, if your pet is going to die, it’s gonna die. Because chances are if it’s anything like AV or WG, if your pet gets out of sight, or into a bunch of alliance, it’s dead. No ammount of minus damage buffs are gonna save it.

    For true survivability why not HotP? Or just make it a talent the hunter learns at lv 76/78/80, whichever, so all pets benifet from it and you’d not have to sacrifice durability/survivability for damage.

  21. Jaeger

    Yeah I agree there alright… your pet is gonna get more crits against it when in pvp than it ever would in pve…

    Letting your pet outta sight or into a bunch of alliance?.. well thats gonna end up as a fail nomatter what talents it has.. characters die, nevermind pets, when bombarded by a group to be completely honest… so the only solution there is to try and avoid that situation…

    I think with the un-nerfing of KSpirits and SSwiftness along with the changes to the pet trees that we should see a huge buff to BM… I’m happy with the changes currently and infact I think we’re gonna see them realise they may have to use the bat a small bit again to reign us back in…

    But all in all I think its a good result and hopefully the numbers that come back from test will show we are back in the game again…

  22. Boing747

    I love the changes to Thunderstomp, but I wonder about Pummel… forgive me for saying this, but that ability needs a bit more “Oomph!” (maybe an overall stun) for targets that aren’t casters because I think it will be useless on non-casters….. I’m all for silencing casters for 4 seconds on a given spell school….. but it looks like the sort of skill you really need to watch and do it manually (either by macro or the by clicking it on the pet action bar) whenever you’re fighting casters. I’ll have to wait and see since there is no damage listing yet on that skill or if it simply just interrupts/silences a mana-using mob only — making it useless for anything else. I know a lot of people are sick of gorillas, but I just had to point that out.

  23. Vish

    Finally, someone important noticed my 3 months worth of complaining to tenacity pets (apologies to all the GMs I annoyed).

    Hydradile is my tanking pet anyway. But Thunderstomp + Bad Attitude = Awesomeness.

    My dual specs are gna be SV dps / BM tanking. First ever time I’m gna take Catlike Reflexes


  24. Vish

    Sry for double post^

    Pummel seems okay. Without doing damage, it SHOULD only auto-cast when the target is casting. If they make it do damage the pet will never have it timed right. Plus, 4 seconds every 10 a school can be locked out is a good down time for a single-specialised caster.

  25. Nimizar

    GC indicated that the current CD on Pummel is a holdover from Thunderstomp. Expect to see it go up into the same ball park as Nether Shock (i.e. around 40 seconds).

    One of GC’s other comments also suggested that Roar of Sacrifice would also be making an appearance in the Cunning tree, since that is currently one of the key talents that makes Tenacity pets so popular in PvP.

  26. Wardley

    I think Pommel would have to not be set to auto-cast. You’d have to manually cast it when it’s the right time – much like Intimidation is now. I wonder if Pommel would interrupt caster bosses though like back in Kara with Juliet’s healing spells (which I don’t think intimidation did). Could make it worth bringing your gorilla out for particular bosses fights as well.

  27. Drina

    # Wild Hunt (2 ranks) – Increases the contribution your pets get from your Stamina by 20/40% and attack power by 20/40%.

    Just to clarify as I havent been able to download the ptr patch.. Is this suggesting that it increases the current contribution by 40% (i.e. 30% of stamina = 36%/42%) or increases the total contribution (i.e. = 50%/70% of stamina)?
    The former seems at best to give it ~1500+ health, the latter gives it ~4750+ health. So the former is marginal whereas the latter actually gives the pet some true survivability.

    So can anyone tell me which is correct.

  28. Korzak

    Guys, read the changes carefully. This change does NOT mean all Tenacity pets get a Thunderstomp-type ability.
    Thunderstomp is GONE. Pummel is not a replacement for it.

    Thunderstomp did damage, Pummel only affects spellcasters.
    Thunderstomp generated extra aggro, Pummel does not.
    Thunderstomp was 8 yards range, Pummel is 5.

    Thunderstomp would aggro and hold aggro on a group of mobs out to 8 yards.
    Pummel is only going to interrupt casting on casters within 5 yards.

    Pummel in no way will allow you to do what you could do with Thunderstomp. I am very disappointed.

  29. Wardley

    Korzak – read the changes very very very carefully.

    Pommel is a brand new spell for Gorillas. Thunderstomp has now been added to the Tenacity tree for all tanking pets in the spot where Intervene used to be – so all hunters can spec Thunderstomp for their pet if they want to.

    Intervene has been moved to a higher tier.

  30. Korzak

    Hahaha, I am an idiot. I am the one who should be reading the posts carefully. this is what I get for posting online before having morning tea :)

    Wow, any Tenacity pet can Thunderstomp…this opens up a LOT of potential! :)

  31. hy88

    finaly my hydra and Gezzarak can tank groups =D
    But downer on the wolf howl, it was really nice to have with you in a party with no pally to give better ap buff.
    oh well. i see our pets still gets some lovin but these are talents ALL hunter pets can get (unless all are in last tire) so this will bost Survival and MM a lil bit too. Im stil wanting so see the BM hunter itself get something extra.

  32. Korzak

    Thanks Wardley, I was just typing that out :)

    So does this now make Bears the kings of the AoE grind?

    Thunderstomp and swipe both pop pretty fast. Versus melee mobs, that’s a lot of AoE going off.

  33. Shagrat

    Ok, we really, really, REALLY need more stable slots. I currently have: LSD wasp of doom (never getting rid of), spirit beast (also a permanent slot), a spider (gogo BG PvP), a moth (I’m unique. Yay.), and a gorilla (will definitely dump this if the T-Stomp change goes though and get a warp stalker. [Wish Gezzerak was still tameable. /sigh]). But now I will want a wolf. I could dump the moth but…raiding with a moth is a sign of a real man baby.

  34. Ronken

    So does this mean that the bears will be in favor with two aoe abilities, swipe and thunderstomp, on relatively small CD’s? I won’t miss my butt-scratching fugly gorilladin much, but now I wonder what will be best after him. I’m thinking the croc CD is too long and it only uses bad attitude on strikes against you. According to Mania:

    Bad Attitude

    Snap back for [rank] damage at any target that strikes you for the next 45 sec.
    Melee Range
    Instant 2 min cooldown


    Swipe nearby enemies, inflicting [rank] damage.
    20 Focus Melee Range
    Instant 5 sec cooldown

    So I’m seeing some big-bear-butt in my future. What do you guys think?

  35. Ryai

    ‘Bad Attitude

    Snap back for [rank] damage at any target that strikes you for the next 45 sec.
    Melee Range
    Instant 2 min cooldown’

    The CD on bad attitude is much smaller for BM hunters, 1.4min or something like that- and even tho it only works on mob strikes against it, that’s still a damn decent ammount of damage, I’ve seen mobs kill themselves on my Yasindra’s Crocolisk, and on Ryai’s Hydralisk, it dishes out 210/240 dmg per whack. Just because it has a long CD doesn’t mean it’s completely useless, when played right it is as good or better than Swipe.

  36. hy88

    yes bad attitude cd is bloody long and only affects mobs attacking the pet, meaning its useless in pvp. but for solo grinding, TS + BA, i see it working quite fine. the cd should be gone(or almost) by the time uve got to loot/skinn everything and collected up 5-10 mobs again.

  37. Ronken

    Oh, it’s not so much the damage I’m looking for, it’s the hold power of the aoe’s. Personally, I use a tanking pet to tank. Period. I dish out the damage fast enough for their damage to be somewhat insignificant as opposed to their tanking/threat/aggroing ability when grinding and farming, it’s just their ability to HOLD the dang mobs that is paramount in my book. So with a bear’s thunderstomp, swipe, and growl, I’m thinking this will be the next king of tanks.

    I do realize other pets will be able to thunderstomp and tank, but even with my gorilla I pulled aggro. I’m thinking maybe the bear could be like my old boar and that will not happen as much.

    RIP Boars ;*( I still have a beautiful armored one in my stable that I’m loathe to give up.

  38. Ronken

    Ok, well, I remember -not so long ago- some hunters using Bears for their aoe swipe that allowed them to aoe tank, although not as well as the gorilladin. I assumed swipe generated threat. Can anyone confirm?

  39. Ryai

    ‘hmmm for holding aggro.
    im not sure if Bad Attitude generates extra aggro.’

    It does- it generates enough threat for me to squeak by with a mend pet when there’s multiple mobs on the Hydralisk- now granted it’s NOT alot of threat, but it’s still threat, it’s like a Retribution aura or Thorn’s buff.

  40. DarkWolff

    Wow, I’m really looking forward to my turtledin. I have an 80 turtle in the stables for tanking odd mitigation stuff, and had a gorilla for it’s great aggro. Now I can ditch the gorilla for something else.

    Wow, I just realized my Hydra is going to be an aggro god with snapback. Between that and my turtle, I expect a future pet nerf.

  41. Shagrat

    IIRC, anything that causes retalitory damage (I.E. Thorns, Bad Attitude, and Retribution Aura, etc.) causes threat to the player/pet that’s causing the mob to take the damage. I see crocs being very good AoE tanks. (If they have their inhalers with them, that is)

  42. Ronken

    Oh boy, I just realized this and I just found something to make me happy. My beloved armored boar will get thunderstomp and I can lvl him up for some nostalgic good times! He will be usable again!

  43. Jaeger

    ha ha… reading through the posts on here.. seems like everyone is as giddy about these changes as I am… haha…

    Mania I hope your loving our new found “-adin” pets aswell!…

  44. Maebius

    never in all my years of being a Hunter, have I felt this happy.
    Not the rumor of ammo removal, not the new pet talent trees…
    My crab, who I’ve had as a solo pet since lvl 11, back in 2006, long before they were “cool”, now is all sorts of Awesome-sauce! Stomp those mobs, Kayrab!!

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