PTR 3.1 – Build 9626

Only a few days after the 3.1 PTR goes up and we already have a new build! The official patch notes don’t appear to have been updated yet, but MMO Champion noticed some hunter pet changes while looking at client data. (Note that this method can be innaccurate, which would mean that these changes are not happening. We’ll have to keep an eye out an see how it goes.) Allow me to quote from MMO Champion:

  • Thunderstomp (Gorilla) has been removed as a pet skill and replaced by Pummel – Pummel the target, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. (20 Focus, 5 yd range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown)
  • Thunderstomp is now a pet talent available to any Tenacity pet. Now your bears, crocs or ESPECIALLY CRABS can join in the AE tanking fun.
  • Savage Rend (Raptor) now temporarily boost the raptor’s damage by 10% for 30 seconds.
  • Furious Howl (Wolf) now only affects the wolf and its master, duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.

(Incidentally, my head has been buried in Java all day. So thanks to those intrepid readers who e-mailed me about this new build and/or posted on the comment thread for the last build — I appreciate your efforts to help keep me and other hunters up to speed. *grin*)

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  1. Jaeger

    Double post sorry…

    I still think it would have made more sense to turn the existing “Taunt” into the AOE Taunt … the now “Thunderstomp” for tenacity pets… and then that way we would pick it up anyway on the way to Silverback.. as it is then Taunt is going to be a useless talent now we have another aggro manager.

    Growl and Thunderstomp together will mean you never need Taunt. (infact Growl on its own (With Guard Dog obviously) was adequate for single targets – sometimes you could still pull aggro from pet but it wasnt a permanent problem… MD and FD aswell of course if needed)

    So why now do we even have “Taunt” … in the tree replace it with Thunderstomp me thinks

  2. Gwelynora

    I hope this goes live! I was really disappointed in my pets’ ability to (not) hold agro no matter how I spec’d them or myself. Long live Thunderstomp!

  3. Rikaku

    You know, I’m not sure what changed, but I’m getting very good test results for Devilsaur and Spirit Beast. Devilsaur is breaking 4k dps at times, averaging at 3.9k dps, and Spirit Beast is also hitting about 3.7k dps. The only way my cat is catching up is if that (rogue ability i think it is) rogue ability to increase the damage of bleed effects is up.

  4. Jaeger

    Hey Rikaku…

    Those are some nice numbers and I’m seeing similar and some higher even over on the EU Forums aswell… most are clocking in around 50-55% damage done by pet… stats for AP and Stamina for the pets because of Wild Hunt are also pretty impressive I must add..

    In work now so havent had to chance to get on the ptr myself yet but im looking forward to it now…

    Only problem Im having is the tenacity tree should be reshaped to :
    Guard Dog 2/2 -> Thunderstomp 1/2 -> Silverback 2/2 and Taunt removed completely.

    Is the Devilsaur your using spec’d straight DPS as we spoke about yday or does it also have the survivability talents?

  5. Jaeger

    Apolz – typo in above post – should read:

    Guard Dog 2/2 -> Thunderstomp 1/1 -> Silverback 2/2

    That way we remove the now redundant Taunt if pet is gonna multi tank will need the SB health also so may aswell link them together…

  6. Shagrat

    Yea, I don’t understand why pets even need a taunt. It has absolutely zero solo use due to feign death and its use in a five-man is extremely limited. If pets were viable off-tanks in a raid situation, I could see having a taunt actually being a good thing but since most bosses will one-shot a pet anyways, no use at all.

  7. Jaeger

    Well its definitely not needed now…

    Growl + Guard Dog + Thunderstomp + Misdirection + Intimidation + Feign (emergency)

    Single Targets:
    Only difference is remove Thunderstomp and again plenty of aggro.. there should almost never be a need for Taunt imo. Get rid of it and we save ourselves a lost talent point that is invaluable in the Tenacity tree.. the other trees are looking pretty nice currently (again 1 extra point might make or break it though)

  8. Kitairra

    I jumped for joy when I first read about this change to Thunderstomp! It means I can get my warpstalker JubJub back!! Always loved warpstalkers,and they are sooo much better looking than gorilla’s! (not hating,just saying is

    Thank you Blizz!!


  9. Saranette

    Haha, I actually removed my golden scorpid for a Sapphire Hive Drone. Gave him the same name since I roleplayed him as changing class and sprouting wings (ala the old Ogrebattle games,) since they kinda look like flying scorpids anyway with just a little bit of figure reforming. The prospect of a scorpadin (an almost true golden paladin even!) is very tantalizing. My pvp rundown hyena may be taking early retirement since going into Pvp with a huge wasp looks and sounds way cooler to me, and I don’t dare part with my trusty blacksting…

  10. Ryinnik

    I am as happy about this as everyone and I am extremely optimistic that of any changes, this will make it through! Accordingly, I had to post for no reason other than to share in the joy and express excitement at waiting to see the piles of mobs I can aggro on my nearly indestructable turtle tank… I wonder how many can be pounding away since there is no worries about Mend Pet pulling them off… Yippee!

  11. Rikaku

    Devilsaur is specced straight DPS, like I mentioned yesterday. The numbers were crazy this morning, though it seems a hotfix went through to fix the bug. If this is the case for BM hunters now, I’d start stacking up on AP now more than ever if BM take the 51 talent. My Spirit Beast is bringing the pain on the ptr @_@

  12. Tarjin

    Yay! Fear Buster, the thunderstomping blue crab!

    This is a very good change if it actually happens. Thunderstomp made gorillas a practical requirement for serious pet-tanking. It does mean that every Tenacity spec will have to include it though.

  13. Leozero

    id just wish they could add some kind of increase damage effect to ferocity pets since raptor and devilsaur will now the most wanted dps pets, ctas will also be good tho.
    i just wanna use my loque wish is the pet i most ever liked

    hmm thunderstomp for all tenacity? w00t i can use gezzarak for tanking, i always hated gorilas, theyre dumb looking in wow.

    with the new only bm talents i guess we can now reach damn survival hunters

  14. Koriani

    ON a TOTALLY Different note – but related to pets – Mania could you possibly find out if any of the new cat models (shown on MMO-Champion) will be tameable?? Those spectral tiger mobs look soooo awesome!!

    Also any word on wether our black warpstalker is tameable again? Or if Blizz considered it an actual Bug that will never be put back? :(

  15. Ansawa

    Oh man, hydralisk with thunderstomp and bad attitude is going to be sweeeeeeeeeeeeet.

    Intervene was so hard to make work anyway that I’m glad to see it moved up in the tree to optional territory. :] Silverback and Wild Hunt will be awesome.

  16. Ansawa

    Doublepost, whoo, but I had to reply to this–

    I still think it would have made more sense to turn the existing “Taunt” into the AOE Taunt … the now “Thunderstomp” for tenacity pets… and then that way we would pick it up anyway on the way to Silverback.. as it is then Taunt is going to be a useless talent now we have another aggro manager.

    Growl and Thunderstomp together will mean you never need Taunt. (infact Growl on its own (With Guard Dog obviously) was adequate for single targets – sometimes you could still pull aggro from pet but it wasnt a permanent problem… MD and FD aswell of course if needed)

    So why now do we even have “Taunt” … in the tree replace it with Thunderstomp me thinks

    “Taunt” is not aggro management. Taunt is for emergencies, just like with all the tanking classes. A paladin doesn’t taunt to gain aggro; he uses consecration, shield of the righteous, hammer of righteousness, etc. to build it. Righteous Defense and Hand of Reckoning are for EMERGENCY situations, where non-tanks have aggro, or another tank needs a mob taken off them.

    If you were having your pet taunt every time it was off cooldown as a part of aggro management, you were Doing It Wrong, I’m sorry to say. You may notice in the Taunt tooltip that it “has no effect” if the target is already attacking the pet; that’s because it behaves like a TRUE Taunt effect and automatically raises the pet’s threat over the threat of the mob’s current target. This is in contrast to a pet-Taunt effect, which simply increases the pet’s threat by a set amount. This is the same difference as exists between the way Distracting Shot used to function, and the way it functions now, only the Distracting Shot effect resets the hunter’s threat to its original value after it ends, while Taunt doesn’t.

    So Taunt will still be a worthwhile talent–provided you know what it does, and how it works.

  17. Rikaku

    Why can’t you use your Spirit Beast? Mine (on the PTR) is blowing my cat out of the water right now. Devilsaur is beating him only by 200 DPS. Raptor might be just below the Devilsaur (maybe, havent tested) but a 200 dps difference isnt going to make or break any raid fights.

  18. Ansawa

    Triplepost! I’ve been corrected on my description of exactly how Taunt functions:

    Taunt doesn’t raise your threat over the target’s. It sets your threat to theirs and gives you the mob’s attention. The threat modifiers are what allow you to keep aggro.

    Even so, I hope it now makes sense why we have Taunt in addition to other high-aggro pet abilities. :]

  19. nobbie


    A quick question regarding spiders: Are there finally any other “bone” spiders (new WotLK model) except those of quest phase 1 near the Argent Crusade camp in Icecrown that can be tamed?

  20. Bidzill

    @Ansawa: Granted Taunt is still a useful ability, but I always thought it was lame being in the final tier after Guard Dog. I like Jaegar’s suggestion of a swap with Thunderstomp… I’m not picky though… as long as I can get TS with any tenacity pet, I’m excited.

  21. Ryinnik

    It would be a concern in my mind if the new Thunderstomp pet talent was placed too high in the Pet Talent Tree. I would want to access this one at a relatively low level for its dominant usefulness in leveling and farming. I wouldn’t be to great if it was there to assist in aggro for 75 – 80 or something similar!

  22. Ansawa

    @Bidzill: That wasn’t my deal with Jaeger at all. I do agree it should be lower in the tree, maybe, but assuming that Growl and Thunderstomp make Taunt “unnecessary” shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what Taunt is for. It’s not for building or maintaining threat; it’s for getting threat back when a mob is on something else.

  23. Ansawa

    Doublepost again!

    @Ryinnik: They’ve said Thunderstomp will be where Intervene is in the tree. I think that’s…third tier? So it’s accessible in the mid-50s, if I’m doing my loose math right.

  24. Wellhungbull


    While I like the sound of every tenacity (tanking ) pet being able to generate aggro, I don’t like the fact that, once again, Blizzard will overlook lower levels. As a lower level hunter I count on my gorilla for aoe. If the other post are correct, hunters won’t gain the ever useful aoe TS for an addition 20 or so levels.
    Sure, for level 80′s it doesn’t truly matter where in the talent tree the TS is, so shouldn’t Blizzard keep the level requirement for TS around the same level. Second tier would make TS accessible around the level you first tame a gorilla so noobs aren’t harmed in the frenzy to fix a problem(tenacity aggro)

  25. Wellhungbull

    If any experienced hunters can keep on eye on pet changes that would be extremely helpful for a lowbie I’ll appreciate it.
    I just can’t seem to find any “buffs” to hunters that don’t apply to the higher levels. I meen, BM takes a hit and the fix is incorporated with a buff to the final tier talent. TS gets applied to all pets, but only to high enough levels.

  26. Ryinnik

    The first Gorilla in Petopia could be tamed at level 32 – that was when a low level hunter (like me!) could tame a gorilla and use its wonderful aggro management all the way to 80. So in fact despite being extremely happy about the change, it can be viewed as a low level hunter nerf if it is no longer going to be accessible until level 50 something.

  27. Dweezill

    OK,I see this now…. Thunderstomp on Croc = SICK! Thank goodness my slime and hydra will be usefull. If this stays, Tenacity just got a whole lot better. now, let’s hope they dosomething this good for Ferocity and Cunning.

  28. Jaeger

    Hey Ansawa.. sorry time-diff here so only getting back to you now…

    No I wasnt misunderstanding the purpose of Taunt, I am straight up saying it is not necessary… if your pet needs to grab attention from a mob then it has growl(buffed with guard dog) and Intimidation, it should take no more than 1-2 growls max for the pet to take the mob off you, usually as soon as it hits the mob its likely to turn unless your unloading on it and in which case then its your own fault for continuing aggro that you dont want..

    If its coming at you and you dont want this then you should be in defensive mode – there are so many abilities to slow/stop the target for your pet – trap, concus, disengage, feign, deterrence, etc etc… there are plenty of mechanics there to shield yourself if needed for that 1-2 secs before pet gets aggro – I honestly can say I have only used Taunt once when I had it … and because of that I respec’d pet to take it off and put the very valuable point elsewhere in the tree where it would make a difference on a much greater frequency…

    Granted if you feel your play style requires you needing Taunt then fine but it should be a secondary talent – ie not part of the chain needed to access the final tier.. similar to the way lionheart is – standalone. That way people can still take it if they so desire but it isnt mandatory to get Silverback..

    TS will be used, a lot, Taunt will not and so the one with greater frequency should be the one that fits into the chain where putting points into it doesnt damage your point-count. Otherwise you using a point just to open the tree and then talent sits there.

    WRT Hunters of lower level losing TS from their gorillas, personally I dont think this is a bad thing… I never had a gorilla until recently.. when they became so overpowered it was a no brainer to go get one.. but before that I found it to be a much better learning experience to be able to use your class fully rather than “TS + Volley” which a lot of the hunters starting out now (not saying anyone here) do far to frequently… you had to watch your aggro on mobs and deal with it effectively and use more talents to achieve this.

    Not being granting TS ’till 44 will no doubt improve their understanding of all the talents and the class and its role as a whole…

    At least thats my opinion anyway…

  29. Jaeger

    Double post sorry –

    Apologies – I have just seen now on Mania’s newest thread that Silverback is stand-alone and has no pre-req’s… meaning I dont need Taunt – :)

    Problem solved… Yeh!

  30. scott

    This is awesome news re: TS – initially setting it up as gorilla-only seemed like bad case of RP > game balance, so on top of making the tenacity tree alot more palatable this also restores my faith in Blizzard’s sense of judgment.

    Now if they could just get around to fixing dragonhawks and wind serpents…

  31. Pikaley_Brad

    kinda off topic but does anyone know if they fixed the animations of the vargul blighthound? last i checked it had a running animation but more often than not it would use a fast walk, and had no swim or jump animation

  32. Shir_Kirakira

    My guildies are going to be really, really happy to hear about the new Thunderstomp changes.

    For some reason, my guildies really like my ghost worm, SpookyJonson. I always feel bad when I bring him to groups though because, well, he’s not a gorilladin. But we can’t take all the butt scratching, and everyone finds it awesome that they can actually SEE THROUGH my huge worm and that he’s not blocking everyone’s view like some of the other larger pets. I really hope these changes go through so he can somehow mysteriously Thunderstomp!

  33. Icecrystal

    Hmm… I like the thunderstomp-thing – now I have a new skill for my Hydra :>
    But I really don’t like the Furious Howl change – I mean, they just did the same to Call of the Wild, and now Furious Howl too? I mean, is there any reason left to have a wolf then? Well, exept if you really love them ofc. :P

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