is up!

You may need to force-refresh the page once if you have a copy cached (I did), but the normal home of Petopia at is once again operational!

Please return to your normally scheduled Petopia-browsing activities. *grin*

(And thanks again to Brash for her quick and doubtless annoying work with the webhost getting this straightened out.)

5 thoughts on “ is up!

  1. Mania Post author

    Yeah, I neglected to explain, didn’t I? :>

    The host account is for the entire domain, not just Petopia. Some files on another subdomain at caused a server overload, so the web host shut down the account (including Petopia) until that problem could be resolved.

    Petopia load has taken the site down a few times now. But so far as I know this was the first time that Petopia itself wasn’t directly responsible for it’s own downtime. :>

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