PTR 3.1 Initial Patch Notes

After a week-long saga of soon, the US Public Test Realms for Patch 3.1 (widely known as Ulduar) appear to be coming online. Or at least that’s what Blizzard says.

While I am still downloading, MMO Champion has been kind enough to post the PTR 3.1 patch notes. (The official PTR patch note page doesn’t seem to have been updated yet.)

Keep in mind that pach notes for PTR realms change — a lot! — so these are by no means the final notes for Patch 3.1. Nevertheless, they are an interesting read. I’ve snipped the huntery bits (and some other neat stuff) below for your delectation.


  • All Ground Mounts may now swim without dismounting the rider. Flying Mounts still may NOT, and will dismount the rider upon entering water.
  • Ulduar is now available for limited testing. Please visit the Public Test Realms for more details.
  • Players at maximum level will now be able to visit their trainer to pay a one-time fee and access the dual talent spec feature.
  • A new Gear Manager feature has been added. Players will now be able to save gear sets for easy gear switching.

Classes: General

  • Hysteria, Tricks of the Trade, Enrage, Wrecking Crew, Death Wish, Arcane Power, Owlkin Frenzy, Beast Within, Avenging Wrath and Hysteria damage bonuses no longer stack together.


  • Frost Trap: If the target who triggers Frost Trap is immune to its effect, the Frost Trap area effect will no longer be triggered.
  • Talents: Beast Mastery
    • Improved Aspect of the Hawk now has a new spell effect.
    • Improved Wing Clip: This talent has been removed.
  • Talents: Marksmanship
    • Piercing Shots re-designed: Your critical Aimed, Steady and Chimera Shots cause the target to bleed for 10/20/30% of the damage dealt over 8 sec.
    • Ranged Weapon Specialization: Points reduced from 5 to 3, 1/3/5%.
    • Wild Quiver: Chance increased to 4/8/12%, up from 4/7/10%. Damage increased from 50% of an auto shot, to 80%.
  • Talents: Survival
    • Hunting Party: This talent has been reduced to 3-points, and now increases your total Agility by an additional 1/2/3%.
    • Lock and Load re-designed: You now have a 33/66/100% chance when you trap a target with Freezing Trap, Freezing Arrow or Frost Trap and a 2/4/6% chance when you deal periodic damage with your Immolation Trap or Black Arrow to cause your next 2 Arcane Shot or Explosive Shot spells to trigger no cooldown, cost no mana and consume no ammo. This now has a new spell effect and sound.
    • New Talent: Trap Launcher: When activated, your next Trap will be launched instantly at the enemy target. 1 minute cooldown.
    • T.N.T. re-designed: Increases the damage done by your Explosive Shot, Explosive Trap and Immolation Trap by 2/4/6%, and gives your Explosive Shot a 33/66/100% chance to refresh the duration of your Immolation Trap effect on the target.
    • Trap Mastery: This talent has been moved up to tier-2, up from tier-9.
    • Wyvern Sting duration increased from 12 sec to 30 sec. PvP duration reduced from 10 sec to 6 sec.
  • Pets
    • Roar of Sacrifice can be used on the hunter only.
    • Stampede (rhino) only affects 1 target, but adds a 25% bleed damage debuff (that does not stack with Mangle etc.) in addition to its knockback.

Clearly there’s a lot missing from these notes, including all that juicy info about remote stables and ammo going away … but I’m sure we’ll get that eventually.

Oh, and while you’re thinking about it, check out these fascinating beast models that Congafury noticed on MMO Champion

[edit #1] Also check out Wowhead’s lovely annotated patch notes!

[edit #2] I am still unable to log into the PTR, but as Congafury noted in the comments, MMO Champion is now listing some interesting undocumented changes that they’ve arrived at by comparing the old and new client data. (Not a foolproof method, but pretty fun for discussion when you can’t log in!)

This includes, for hunters:

  • *New Skill* Call Stabled Pet – A pet of your choice busts out of its stable and joins you no matter where you are, replacing your current pet. Cannot be used in combat. Instant. 30 min cooldown. Requires Level 80.
  • *New Talent* Black Arrow (Tier 9) – Fires a Black Arrow at the target, increasing all damage done by you to the target by 6% and dealing [ 10% of RAP + 785 ] Shadow damage over 15 sec. Costs 6% base mana. 5-35 yard range. Instant Cast. 30 sec cooldown.

… and a whole bunch more.

83 thoughts on “PTR 3.1 Initial Patch Notes

  1. Saranette

    question; was the rhino bowling that overpowered? I mean, I never seen anyone use a rhino in BGs, and I thought about it for kiting in arena, but again, I’ve never played BM… It sounded more like a deterrent/escape than a tactic…

  2. Ryai

    Saranette: It was HILARIOUS Rhino bolwing before I switched out Rhino for Sithilid and Sithilid for Core Hound and might have to switch MC hound out for a cat and go sv and I don’t want to ._. and I’m just conflicted…

    But no it wasn’t OP it was nothing worse than a Death Grip or HoT and both have MUCH shorter CD’s than the Rhino’s bowling. It was also useful in pvp to knock people away and also I had it stand over the FC in one WSG.

    I just can’t understand why several people all a sudden attacked my rhino.. and then go flying…

    But now with RoS being made Hunter only, this nerf happening and all that goody crap… tenacity pets will be useless in BG really, Rhino and a few others were doable, and could be deadly if played right. But now they’ll be annoyances like Gorillas I take pleasure in kiting away from the hunters on my DK.

    It’s like a warlock in plate. Catered to by Blizzard and I smash my face and get 200k dmg.

  3. Ryai

    Edit: Btw I would love to have one of those cat models, granted it’s not ‘flashy’ or ‘exotic’ but it is a big change to all the other cats, and most people would probably abandon them after taming anyways for something else.

    That and hopefully Blizz still does something right, I still remember, was it GC? who said they could be implimenting more pet familes.

    Tho granted, I want HYDRAS. The orange ones in Azshara are lovely <3 and the red and purple and white and black… just not outlands.

    Outland Hydras are on acid.

  4. Leozero

    well, im bm marks spec (55/16) 4.1k ap just with dhawk on and i have a friend wich is survival with around same ap (and a shitload of agi) and while i barely reach 2700 dps with devilsaur he gets to 3k and sometimes even more than 3.5k hes an awesome hunter but have crappier gear than me, so now you telling me il keep doing 2700 while he will do 4000? ppft il fucking reroll surv

  5. Ansawa

    Roar of Sacrifice was buggy anyway, and given they made Call of the Wild hunter-only, I’m hardly surprised at this change.

    I like the removal of the random stun procs from TNT. A lot of people were bitter that still existed, when stuns were getting stripped left and right from the classes who had them long before hunters did.

    And no, these aren’t Survival “buffs”. Survival was stuck with a crappy, broken 41-point talent, which people appear to have overlooked in their frenzy to label Black Arrow a buff. Marks is being streamlined and having some of their talents buffed, and BM is … apparently right where Blizzard feels it should be, while they’re working on the other two trees. And it looks like Survival IS getting a covert nerfbat, between the removal of the TNT stun proc, the reduction of things LnL will proc off of, the change to Sniper Training that encourages Surv hunters to stand still (thus penalizing them on kiting/running fights), …

    Yeah, overall, I’m not seeing Surv getting buffs poured on them here. They’re just getting some love to make up for the fact their talent tree was, in fact, a sodden mess at the end of Wrath’s development.

    And given I haven’t seen the next tier of pet talents that are supposedly going to make Beast Mastery worth the investment, I can’t comment on whether or not Surv will continue to be “top DPS” (which I find laughable anyway).

  6. Ryai

    Ansawa: This stopped being fixing when they nerfbatted BM and buffed SV, then buffed it again. It’s not gone from ridiculous to just, beyond that. I don’t mind if BM is really useless in pvp now, but to be beyond sub-par?

    Even when I get buffed to 3.9k rap, and even when my pet is buffed with BoK and BoM as I am, I still struggle to get to 2k dps, I doubt I even come close to reaching it half the time.

    I mean good god didn’t you read the notes? Just from that little tidbit, we see SV is getting another shot, and changes, MM is getting buffed, even a proc shot possibility.

    And what does BM have instore for it!

    ‘Improved Wing Clip: This talent has been removed’

    If things keep going hairy like this I think unfortunately, my warlock and dk will be my main because no matter what specc I roll, I facesmash and win most of the time.

    And also there’s a difference between ‘love’ and ‘roll this specc or have **** dps’, didn’t blizzard say OH ITS THE CLASS NOT THE TREE! Well seems to me BLIZZARD ONLY WANTS PEOPLE BRINGING SV?

    Why? Oh DPS and MANA REFUNDING! And what does BM gief a group? … +3% dmg increase. Goody. Everyone will love that more! ._. I mean wtf use is BM now, it’s akward to solo pve crap, my poor Hydralisk has no AoE threat generator, and misdirect doesn’t work with volley so can’t do that. AkA 3 shots and misdirect is gone, so three targets hit- eat Hydra, the rest come for meeeeee. And now I’m being punished more for my tree, this is just going to make more people go roll surv! at me.


    Why can’t BM get something cool- like an ability to call a second pet like ench shammies can call forth ghost/spirit wolves. Or something like that. Anything.

  7. Ansawa

    Ryai, I have less AP than you and I do 3k DPS standing still. In mixed blues and purples.

    I would suggest looking at your own rotations, rather than railing at Blizzard being “unfair”. Survival was in terrible shape at the end of WotLK and they’ve only just now fixed that.

  8. Saranette

    You know, ever since I heard talk about SV being able to use multiple traps out at once as it’s top skill, I was all for it. Made sense for a the utility tree standpoint. Now I’m hearing talk that BMs should be able to call a secondary pet, either 2 out at once at all times, or just a second to aid you for like 20 seconds on a 2 minute cooldown or something. I’d go BM in a heartbeat for that.

    But now, instead we’re getting trap launchers? Wait, wasn’t that essentially the point of stings? Are we just chucking giant metal bear traps at things now? What were they smoking on that one?

  9. Jaeger

    So very very upset at the changes to the pet tiers that have been suggested…
    Just to refresh the info from this thread:

    Shark Attack
    Your pet does an additional 4/8% damage with all attacks.

    Your pet’s Growl also heals it for 1/2% of its total health.

    Wild Hunt
    Increases the contribution your pets get from your stamina by 20/40% and attack power by 20/40%

    Now im sorry but that is just down-right awful… With all the extras being added to SV wtf were they thinking when came up with these?

    Ok first:
    Shark Attack : Ok perhaps for a ferocity pet in BM this is ok, but should be 1 point talent and 10% increase – Not two points (we barely have enough points even with our 4 extra as it is!)… This would mean having to drop lower dps increasing talents – just to get the dps increasing talents?!!!

    Silverback: Growl heals for 1/2% of total health, I’m sorry but this should be put straight into Guard Dog… otherwise again you would have to pass up on more important lower tier talents!… ffs like!…

    Wild Hunt: Ok this one does help out, but again its 2 points and means dumping something lower in the tree…

    Give us a 1 point talent for AOE Threat generation for tenacity, give us a 1 point talent for increased DPS for ferocity, and give us a 1 point talent to increase Cunnings usefulness…

    Otherwise at the moment the only spec to have is SV… aswell as that now the ONLY viable multiple target tanking pet is Gorilla (bear yes but targets need to be infront, croc must be attacked, rhino just died), dps – cat is as good as an exotic!?… wtf why! (sorry i hate cats) please fix that!… and cunning has very select purposes.

    Sorry for my ranting… I just needed to clear my chest…

  10. Shagrat

    I was thinking about those cats. Since they are found in the Ulduar raid they will most likely be level 81s, and therefore untameable at the current level, just like the purple spiders in Naxxramas.

    I’ve got nothing to say on the other hunter changes other than it’s apparent that Blizzard wants all the hunters to be survivals, with the occasional marks splashed in for color given the massive amount of changes to survival, the few for marks and the polished turd that BM is getting currently.

  11. Rikaku

    I’m not quite sure how you figure that if you have a ferocity pet that you can’t get all the DPS talents in the lower tiers. I managed to grab every dps increasing talent just fine, the only one I couldn’t grab was Charge, and I still managed to max out all ranks of the dps increasing talents. I had to give up Heart of the Phoenix, Boar’s Speed, Charge, and Lick Your Wounds total for my ferocity pet to achieve all that dps. So I’m not saying you have to like them, but saying you have to give up lower tier dps for upper tier dps is incorrect.

    Just keep in mind guys, this is going to be one long PTR. Things are bound to change, who knows, there maybe something else in store for Hunters.

  12. Jaeger

    Hey Rikaku,

    Apologies, I made that statement on the assumption that Lick Your Wounds and Heart of Phoenix was pretty much a mandatory talent for Ferocity.

    They are a huge sacrifice to make for 8% dps to be honest… and if you do take them then what do you drop?.. Spiked Collar 1/3?…
    So thats 11% increase total (3% from 1/3 SC and 8% 2/2 SA).
    So your technically only gaining 2% over Spiked Collar 3/3 with Shark Attack 2/2.

    Its pretty much the same for the other trees though.. if you want the new talents you have to make a huge sacrifice on the talents you would normally spec in currently. Im just not sure if its worth it to be honest…

    And is you did spec as you said – straight DPS with no healing/resurrect then whats then what is the overall difference in DPS…
    What i mean is… Your pet with Lick Your Wounds and Heart of Phoenix has roughly 2-3 times the life expectancy of your straight dps spec’d pet does because of full self heal and res. Surely that 3xLife Duration of Xdps is greater than 1xLife Duration of X+8%dps? If you get me?

  13. Ryai


    ‘I would suggest looking at your own rotations,’

    Basically Arcane Shot/Serpent Sting/Auto/Steady, rinse and repeat. Oh wait… that’s what most hunters do isn’t it? Oh wait…..

    Basically it seems I’ll have to >glyphjoygood< reason to specc BM …. to an extent.

  14. Ryai

    Damnit forgot the brackets/code thing again. Arg i’m an idiot.


    ‘I would suggest looking at your own rotations,’

    Basically Arcane Shot/Serpent Sting/Auto/Steady, rinse and repeat. Oh wait… that’s what most hunters do isn’t it? Oh wait…..

    Basically it seems I’ll have to glyph for more efficiency. Joy. Spend 50g for crap glyphs or wait for my friend to be able to make them…

    ‘Survival was in terrible shape at the end of WotLK and they’ve only just now fixed that’

    So this makes it alright for BM to be in horrible shape? And what specc are you anyways? If you’re BM and pulling this off, fine then maybe you have a valid point, But if you’re SV…

    ‘And this is STILL overlooking the supposed big treat for BM in this patch–the new tier of pet talents’

    And did you even LOOK at what we’re getting!? IMPROVED GROWL- what’s this for? Solo? PFFFFT. DPS and Tenacity already GET an improved growl! One lets them regen health and happiness, one adds threat and happiness! And this heals 1/2% health, that’s all! Yipeee.

    And as the rest; one only brings pets up to PRE nerfbat status with a +3 percent boost. >joygood< reason to specc BM …. to an extent.

  15. Ryai aka the airhead of the moment!

    And as the rest; one only brings pets up to PRE nerfbat status with a +3 percent boost. joy. The SECOND is something my DK was able to GLYPH FOR. I would GLADLY give up my imp Rapid Fire Glyph for what my DK got!

    But you’re saying it’s ok to waste talent points on useless talents because oh it’s a good thing and BM is fine as is? No, no it’s not. At lv 80 there is a big, big imbalance between the trees. I am NOT against SV being fixed, I am against it now being like what was said vanilla wow days; SPECC THIS OR GO HOME. Does anyone really want to have to ‘specc SV or have crap’? This is the same s- crap I’ve seen for Balance Druids, Retrilols, and several other speccs. No one likes being blacklisted, but oh if one tree is fixed, it’s alright when we get mediocre buffs?

    Oh wait I forgot Killshot in my rotation- WHICH IS BUGGED BTW :D if I am standing ‘to close’ or ‘to far away’ I have to do the good old ohcraprange dance! Seriously I’ve been far enough away to auto shoot and crap away- yet I have to either back up, or scoot closer, to fire a shot off.

    And @ Rikaku; you have a point but this sacrifices as it’s been said, survivability and utility when the need arises for it. I know I shouldn’t expect to be able to switch from pvp to instance dps pewpew cat/devilsaur without having to re-talent or something, but they’ve bloated the trees too much, especially with three usesless talents such as this. IMO the 20/40 would have been better as a Glyph, or ONE point talent, if it’s SO high and ONLY obtainable with Exotic mastery or whatever- then it’s NOT overpowered and doesn’t crunch your talent points to much. Same goes for the +dps, if it was ONE POINT needed, as again it could easily be made where you HAVE to have the BM 51 talent to get, then it’s not going to be obtainable to MM and SV, therefor it would be a good reason to specc BM …. to an extent.

  16. Rikaku

    Jaegar & Ryai:
    Yes, they are IMMENSE sacrifices to make, I don’t deny that. I was just pointing out that if you wanted straight DPS, then you don’t have to sacrifice. So I’m not defending it by any means, I’m just saying to correct the facts =)

    The best solution I can offer is saying see how your raid goes? I know my pets don’t die often cept from usually some DoT after the fight. But fights like Heigan the Unclean will be a pain.

    Now lets think about the OTHER ramifications of having such an ability though. If you forgo Heart of the Phoenix, you essentially have to re-pick up Spirit Bond (if you already don’t have it) AND improved Revive Pet. That’s 2-4 talents on YOUR part that now you must sacrifice dps (since these talents would otherwise probably be in the marks tree somewhere) for pet viability.

    And this BS Silverback talent annoys me. Honestly, a BM’s pet is going to hold aggro (it should, cause if its not, then something’s wrong simply put), especially a Tenacity pet. But this BS talent is ridiculous. If anything, the only people to actually need this skill is the SV and MM hunters whose pets do not hasve the super-durability of a BM; yet this skill is BM only.

    So, what should be done? In my opinion, bring back that 1 talent point they took away from the Beast Mastery tree. If we have 5 talents we can achieve Heart of the Phoenix and the new talents without sacrificing pet’s versatility for extra dps to make up the spread that BM lacks behind in comparison to the other specs.

  17. Jaeger

    No prob Rikaku.. I should have been clearer in the first place.

    I totally agree with your Tenacity Silverback Issue… With Blood of the Rhino and IMP, and Spirit Bond its relatively easy to keep you pet alive, Last Stand is my last ditch “panic button” should i see my pet suffuring and then just unload everything to see off the mob and mend pet…

    But i would love to see an AOE Taunt (im sorry i keep repeating myself over and over on that point but if i have a tanking tenacity pet then i want it to hold aggro on multiples if necessary.. not always of course so it should be ‘toggle-able’)

    I have yet to see anyone using “Taunt” in its current state.. I hate it.. and why now should i be forced to waste a point on it to get the healing talent…

    I really dont want to spec SV – i love BM and will probably stay BM but i also dont want to be bottom of tables

  18. Ryai aka the airhead of the moment!

    ah sorry Rikaku.. just a little snippy. And yeah I agree, bringing back that 1 pet talent would be good, tho still doesn’t fix the broken and bloated tree syndrom.

    ‘I have yet to see anyone using “Taunt” in its current state.. I hate it.. and why now should i be forced to waste a point on it to get the healing talent… ‘

    Actually Jaeger, your memory seems a bit rusty, if I remember right, imp Growl is the pre-request to taunt. And yeah I’ve not used it ever either, I’ve picked up Last Stand and RoS, but not gonna have RoS anymore since it’s not gonna be useful anymore.

    ‘If you forgo Heart of the Phoenix, you essentially have to re-pick up Spirit Bond (if you already don’t have it) AND improved Revive Pet. That’s 2-4 talents on YOUR part that now you must sacrifice dps (since these talents would otherwise probably be in the marks tree somewhere) for pet viability.’

    I haven’t, I have imp mend pet, rez pet and HotP cause I’ve had runs go hairy on me in ways that are not fun. Like a UK run, healer pulled aggro, died, then tank died and it was just me and the other dps and we dps our brains out, I had to have my SB offtank a mob to give me and the warlock a chance to survive, blowing intimidate and then HotP when it died, then had to trap/kite/rez pet, pet died as I healed myself with a bandage and I was the only one to survive >.>

    … aha the irony, Survive/SV.. probably just me then

  19. Dweezill

    As for the nw pet talents…. if thy are at the bottom of the tree, there will be no problem getting 2 of them maxed. I didn;t have the 4 extra points frm Beast mastery, and I had every dps booster the tree had to offer. I have Rabid and Call oF The Wild already specced. So, if I got 4 points from BM, I would be able to spend the 4 points in any combination on the new skills. you just gotta sk yourself, “If ia m looking to bosst DPS, do i really need this?”. If you can’t get 4 points worth of the new stuff from the BM spec, you are speccing your dps pet wrong.

  20. Rikaku

    Getting 2/2 in each of the new talents ferocity spec isn’t the trouble, it’s what you must sacrifice to achieve 2/2 in those 2 talents that’s sparked the debate.

    We’re all snippy, trust me, I’m a raging ball of angry right now. Now, personally, if I take heart of the phoenix, I don’t take Imp. Revive pet as well (now I do take Spirit Bond and Imp Mend pet all the time). My pet never dies 2x in a 10 min period unless we wipe on Heigan or something drastic like that. What I’m merely pointing out is, is that my case is the same case for alot of BM hunters. Many hunters don’t see the point in taking both Imp Rev Pet when we have insta-rez. Of course, this isnt the situation for everyone, but keep in mind I was speaking on general terms.

    As far as tenacity talents go, I find them all pretty lackluster. I don’t take any of the last tier tenacity talents (they just seem so pointless to me if they’re for a group buff and I never use a tenacity pet in a group). Taunt I have taken, and it’s pretty lame that it’s manual cast. Taunt would be great if it worked alot like Voidwalker’s AoE taunt (in that whenever a new mob aggro’d suddenly, Taunt would automatically go off as an AoE threat ability).

  21. Dweezill

    Still don;t see what you are giving up. I personally have everything I need fr dps. I don;t take any of the other stuff. I very seldom have to revive pet and I don;t take the other stuff. Guess it just depends on who you are grouping with. Anyway, I personally don’t see the new talents being any kind of a fix, but I giess I am gonn ahve to wait to see what else Bliz has in mind. If t is anything like the last couple patches,i am sure I will be disappointed.

    I did it. I specced to SV. Not something I wanted to do, but it was somethig I felt that i had to do.

  22. Rikaku

    I would explain, but I covered it pretty thoroughly above (or so I felt XD), plus I’m short on time here (aaah classes! Midterms = death) so I shant lol In any case, I feel you. I don’t see these talents as any sort of fix either. I wanted to test the numbers from current to PTR, but with the PTR client crashing every 30 secs, it’s impossible (stable server yes plz!)

    And I feel you. I haven’t been anything but BM for well, since alpha of WoW and even I’m feeling like I’m boxed into a corner. Looks like I’ll be hitting that Hunter trainer soon too =/

  23. GraceAlone

    NOOOOO!!!!! My poor gorilla is losing Thunderstomp! It’s one of the many undocumented changes over on mmo-champion atm. The ‘rilla was simply l33t for farming and grinding. The new skill is showing as:

    Pummel – Pummel the target, interrupting spellcasting and preventing any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. (20 Focus, 5 yd range, Instant, 10 sec cooldown)

    Truly a sad, sad day :(

  24. GraceAlone

    Double post sorry,

    Thunderstomp is now a pet talent available to any Tenacity pet. Now your bears, crocs or ESPECIALLY CRABS can join in the AE tanking fun.


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