is [updated] no longer down


The normal home of Petopia is back up and operation. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your great patience as we worked through this problem.



Earlier today, the hosting service that we use for Petopia suspended our account. Brash is even now trying to find out what happened and get the situation straightened out. (Thank you, Brash! I hate dealing with that end of things.)

In the meantime, if you really need access to Petopia’s data, I’ve made a copy of Petopia at

This domain name has redirected to the ‘real’ Petopia for awhile now and will do so again as soon as this present crisis has passed. So feel free to use this alternate address now and in the future … especially if, like me, you have trouble spelling ‘endeavors’. *grin*

One thing to be aware of, though: I’m having some trouble with my domain registrar, so right this instant (with the www) is not working, but (without the www) is working. Hopefully that little glitch will be worked out soon.

(Aside: I was unable to force myself to capitalize any words in the title.)

[edit] Oh, a second thing to be aware of: This temporary copy of Petopia is running on the same machine that hosts Arcania — a machine that isn’t quite as sturdy as the normal host. So if it overloads, which is possible, this blog will probably go down too. But I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.

21 thoughts on “ is [updated] no longer down

  1. Darknez

    Hi Mania,
    Hope you can sort it all out soon :)
    I’ve been missing the site since it’s turned to PowWeb nonsense. :(

    It’s set as my homepage afterall!

  2. David

    thanks for letting us know whats going on, hope you’re able to get everything worked out. It was the first site I checked this morning and my stomach lurched. Yes, I am a pet addict…

  3. Brash

    Problem now seems to be resolved and I expect us to be back online any minute now, yay!

    Thank you everyone for your patience!1


  4. Beachcomber

    So glad to hear that you have a backup site, and are close to solving the problem with your webhost.

    Your Petopia website is one of the most outstanding resources in the WoW community, and you deserve a great deal of recognition for it.

    Although I kinda like the new shorter domain name… :)

  5. Tori

    I can’t tell you how much of a scare it gave me to go on to Petopia today only to see the ‘Site has been suspended’ message. I think my stomach dropped a little.

    Petopia is such an important site to me, and it’s at times like this that I truly realize how much I appreciate such a concise, updated, organized resource.

    Good luck on getting it back up, you guys are awesome.

  6. CB

    I was like “NOooooooOOo!!!11one”

    I went to and found you’d moved it so it’s easy enough to find the temporary location if you look for it. It’s not that I even use the site so much these days as my hunter is about 5th in line to the main char throne but I still love the site and would hate to see Petopia disappear

    Good luck with the hosting issue!

  7. Brash

    Ya, I am getting more than a little frustrated with our ISP at this stage, but the original issue is resolved and hopefully it will be back online very soon.

  8. Brash

    Well I posted a grumpy “public” note on the ISP support forums about my unhappiness and two minutes we were switched back on. Thanks for all of your patience, we should be back up fully now.

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  10. Mania Post author

    It seems okay for me, Gimlion. Can you try doing a force-refresh (Control-F5 on most Windows browsers) for me? You may also be running into some sort of ISP caching, but I’m not sure how to get around that.

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