Blackmaw: The Next Spirit Beast?

Blackmaw, Stable Master Andurg Slatechest's PetYesterday BRK forwarded me a fascinating screenshot from one of his readers.

Algörithm of Khaz’goroth snapped this shot of a gorgeous pet snoozing behind Andurg Slatechest, the Stable Master at Bouldercrag’s Refuge in the Storm Peaks.

Algörithm wrote:

I’m assuming it’s a Spirit beast based off the glowing eyes and the unique skin. I wonder how many Spirit beasts there will be when everything is fully released.

That’s an excellent question, especially considering that just a few days ago, Ghostcrawler responded to a post about the difficulty of taming Loque’nahak by saying:

We wanted to have a difficult to get pet for those hunters who enjoyed the challenge of it in the old days. We wanted to make sure the Spirit Beast was not absolutely the best pet for that reason.

We will probably add more over time.

Of course, “probably” and “over time” does not equal “for certain” or “anytime soon”, so we may have to wait awhile to see exactly what Blizzard has in store. But I’d love to have another Spirit Beast available — or two more, or six more — and I’d love to see something like Blackmaw on that list.

But for the moment, it’s unclear whether Blackmaw is really a spirit beast. If you use Beast Lore on Blackmaw, it says he cannot be tamed and gives his diet as .. well, everything. Which means that he is either a boar or a bear … or something entirely new. (Or, I suppose, that since he is never intended to be tamed he just has default data.)

On the other hand, some of you may recognize Blackmaw’s model as being the same as Soo-Holu, a god of the Oracles that you are transformed into during the Oracle daily quest “Will of the Titans”. Since Soo-Holu is a god much like Harkoa (and presumably Loque’nahak, as Harkoa’s consort, has some godlike qualities), that’s strong evidence of spirit-beast-hood.

On the third hand (we have lots of hands around here), the underlying model used by Blackmaw (and Soo-Holu) is the same as that used by the Cursed Offspring of Harkoa. And as gorgeous as those cats are, they are still classified as cats — despite their relationship to Harkoa.

So … Blackmaw’s family is unclear. But suffice it to say that no matter what he is, I’d love to tame him!

85 thoughts on “Blackmaw: The Next Spirit Beast?

  1. Lucasta

    I try to find Loque myself , in fact I am lookin for it for more then 2 weeks now. Its just no use to fly around and search for it if you read constantly ” I offer 1000 g for the one that finds loque and let me tame him” . I dont mind competion of other hunters but i cant get along with all that others that want to find him just for the money. So its not just to be lucky , its seems to be a matter of money to. Sad, very sad.

  2. Sigrdrífa

    @Lucasta It isn’t? Better English than me and I am a native speaker. :)

    So Blackmaw has Elvis hair (sideburns, etc)? I can see it now (Siggy goes into a dream state) “Ladies and Gentlemen, BlackMaw has left the building”, oh boy thats good, Sig.

  3. Zyroos

    Hmm… seems like theres two discussions here. On the topic notice; this cat i found a while back while leveling and i must admit was very disappointed when i lored it and saw it wasnt tameable, but if you do the orical dailys in SB theres 1 that transforms you into a beast with the skin of said cat, this is some what of a consolation but i still want it to be tameable. On the note of the spirit beast, i farmed for 2 days for him noever even saw his corpse before giving up, i really dont think he is worth being BM for as i love my raid spec sur/MM. But i do agree however that he relys on luck more than skill to get, which imho was a major flaw blizz overlooked.

  4. Palladiamors

    You did just fine, Lucasta, no worries. Trus’ me, I’ve seen much, much worse, from native English speakers no less. I am just glad to see people posting.

  5. Nachtwulf

    I’ve been disappointed with the exotics in general. My main is still fullspec BM but I get way more mileage out of the 4 extra talent points than I do out of the new species. The two families I was most excited for (devilsaur/corehound) both have graphic issues that aggravate me so much I can’t bear to use them… their gait is awkward/stupid looking, they lack many animations (swimming, for example), and they have (more) frequent pathing problems… plus… stomp. God, the stomp. I still have my red corehound on my b’elf because he was damn hard to tame, he’s a real pride bonus, and my guild banded together to help me get him… but I hate using him. Stompers give me a rampaging migraine within 30m, without fail. Removing stompers, this leaves me with worms (utilitarian but bad at keeping aggro while soloing), silithids (awesome, but bad for aggro and mostly for PVP, also venom web breaks CC), Spirit Beasts (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA*cough*), and Chimerae (big and awkward, have broken attack sequences, poor damage)… so yeah.

    Are devilsaurs ‘better’ than a cat/raptor? Maybe. But only fractionally so and definitely not enough so to make me endure their brokenness. What I want is Blizzard to introduce more exotics that are viable to someone that wants to play with their sound on. Oh, and fix the damn movement so it doesn’t suck, mmkay?

  6. Palladiamors

    My devilsaur swims just fine….well, considering his liddle arms. But to be honest, my wolf and cat both take priority over my other pets. Meaning I’ll hit eighty, and have to level everything else five times. *shrugs* The exotics are a good idea, marred with the feel of ‘not enough’. I love the four extra points, it does add some oomph, but….. it is a fifty one point talent. It SHOULD give us access to a level of pets unavailable to non-BM hunters. Not broken, or over powered. Just stronger, and a clear cut above normal pets.

  7. Palladiamors

    May as well go for a double, Raptors savage rend has WAY to long of a cooldown for what it does, or rather doesn’t do. It deals a fairly small amount of bleed damage over time, and if it criticals raises the raptors AP. Ooookkkkaaayyyy, nice, but not once a minute/fourty seconds nice.

  8. Sergis

    To be honest the cat looks amazing but blizz is rlly lettign hunters down half of the beasts in the game that SHOULD be tameable arnt. i think the current spirit beast is pwng,but iv heard it has a bug anyoen no wat the bug is?

  9. Pepp

    This may be a clue: In Crystalsong Forest there are spirit Wolves wandering amid the ruins… and they are clearly labeled as “Spirit Wolves…”. I tried to use the identify skill on them but not working. Weird. I will keep an eye on the buggers :p

  10. Sigrdrífa

    @ Nachtwulf Chimys- I use 2 of them on my 70 hunter (bm/mm) and outside of that first attack at range with the halting, they hold their own for me damage is good – I really like using them! If aggro breaks, it is because I forgot to turn off that *(&%^$%$##$#@ cower.

  11. Palladiamors

    Heh, same here, Sig. I tend to keep it on my pets action bar now, just so I can tell if it is on or not. Worms were actually amazing when I tried them.

  12. Kai

    Yes the big issue with this pet is the fact that it is a rare spawn and that it’s also needed for the achievement and while flying around I have also seen a number of non hunters flying around and around as well.

    I found this SB once. and in the middle of taming it I had THREE non hunters come up and start ganking it. And they admited they wern’t in party either.

    So yes there are a lot of thing’s against hunters taming this pet. The rarity, the achievement, and the random jerks that will wait until you are in mid tame to come in and ruin it for you.

  13. blake curry

    i think that spirit beast are cool i dont have lok yet but im a 65 hjunter ne i think that theres gona be alot about them maybe even a faction or instance that woukd be coolk like a trutle spirit beast devilsaur and all like gods of eack pet family ya know who knows tho

  14. Glassdragon

    @ the people looking for a challenging tame.
    Go for King Krush, the green devilsaur in Shologar. He’s rare, elite and hits like a truck.
    Takes 2-3 people to tame him. Need fort/fear ward/pally bubble. I am more impressed when I see a hunter with that pet because I know it takes not only luck, but a group effort.

  15. Fireshade

    I do like the look of this beast but I agree that it is really to blocky in apearance, cats should be sleak and smooth. my only other real grip is the head down whil it does ad a sinister quality that I like in some ways it also has the side effect of making the cat look like its neck is broken when you are standing still. allong the lines of people attacking a beast while its being tamed.. I realy think blizz should do something about it mabey not for the common beasts but deffinetly for the rares. make them un targetable or unattackable once the tame has started. I have had my share of possible pets taken away byt inconciderate people in my time playing my hunters and the sad truth of the matter is there is nothing we as players can do to stop it.

  16. Kalli

    Glass, I’m in the process of trying to tame him (not for the challenge exactly, but because I think he’s amazing) and I *think* I’m going to be able to do it solo. I’ve had guildies (very very kind guildies) trying to help me with him, but I think in the end, once I get all the timing down, I’ll be able to do it alone. I just need BW to not wear off too early.

    I dunno if he’s as heavily targetted on your server, but both of the solid attempts I’ve had on him have been ruined by fellow alliance players killing him. (IMO, hunter or not, if you see someone trying to tame this guy, you should leave them both alone, since it’s just not something for the faint of heart.) I think that my luck with other players is going to factor in as much, if not more so, than my haste/BW vs. fear luck.

    I agree, Fireshade, there needs to be SOME sort of protection for hunters trying to tame rare/unruly pets. Sometimes it’s so difficult that we can’t get it on the first try, or we can’t spare the gcd to tap him properly. I guess that could be abused potentially for reverse griefing, though. Meh. Guess I’ll have to get lucky on a spawn in the wee hours of the morning.

  17. Mitsuhide


    I’m sorry, but if every Spirit Beast is going to be a cat model they should just put them into the Cat family and say “Here’s a bunch of really fancy skins, enjoy”.

  18. Palladiamors

    Because then they’d have rake as a family skill, Mitsuhide. I understand people want new skins for pets, but face reality. Spirit beasts are GOING to be cat skins. Get over that. Start hoping for other either fancy looking reskins of old pet families with new special skills, or new pet families in general, but knock it off with the clamoring for ‘spirit crabs’ and such.

  19. Kikaku

    If you look at its portrait, it’d head is tilted downward, much like the Cursed Offspring of Har’Koa.. Has the same glowing eyes as well! If it ever became a tamable mob, it’d more likely be a cat than a spirit beast :P

  20. Mitsuhide


    Why? Because we should all squeal with glee whenever a new cat is revealed? It’s Spirit Beasts, not Spirit Cats, and it’s really showing how lazy and biased Blizzard is sometimes.

  21. Ahran

    Yesterday I beleive I saw a hunter in Ironforge with a tamed Blackmaw. Either that, or there exists another beast that looks almost like it.

    It might not be Blackmaw, but the black fur and those red glowing eyes from hell sure gave me a surpise

    Ahran, NE hunter, Frostmane

  22. Kalli

    Small update in case anyone was following my King Krush saga: I got him mid-afternoon, thanks to some guildies and no thanks to some Horde. ;)

  23. Glassdragon

    Last time i tried to do it alone i got down to 5 sec left and he crit me for 4k and i died. :(
    Sadly no one else was around, and the horde actually watched but didn’t interfear. Pretty unusual for my pvp server.
    Its only the second time I have seen him on my server, and i don’t think any hunter has him yet at all.
    But now I am spec’ed raiding and can’t try for him anymore, so its up to some other lucky hunter on my server to get a first.

  24. Palladiamors

    *rolls his eyes* Mitsuhide, I don’t even have to argue this point. Every spirit beast model in game is a CAT, and that is what its going to be. If I were you, I’d hope for a new pet family in general, and not a cheesy knock off from the spirit beast family. Not only that, but spirit beasts have PROWL, remember? PROWL. While it WOULD be possible for them to either remove that for other spirit beasts, or give them something else, I don’t see it happening, and honestly its a silly thing to hope for.

    No one ever said we should all squeel with glee because a new cat was introduced. What followed was a good deal more harsh, but I decided to nix it. This isn’t even worth arguing over, and I have no idea why your so intent on pushing your little dream off on everyone. Yes, Blizzard is very lazy when it comes to the hunter class, but our pets did just get a fairly major overhaul. I suggest you stop being so !@#$ negative, and try thinking on the bright side once in a while.

  25. Kalli

    Oh bummer, Glass! :( He never actually killed me, but I was lucky, especially on the final tame, where I still had aspect of the viper up from getting low between horde kills and taming. I’m still not entirely sure how all the timing worked out in my favor. x_x There’s definitely a certain amount of randomness in the tame with his mini-knockback and his fears, so if you do ever go back deep BM and try to go for him again, you probably won’t want to go alone.

    Kudos to your server’s horde for not getting in the way on the attempt, at least! (I myself have to thank the dwarf paladin who helped out outside the group instead of going after him and apologize to the undead warlock I had to kill on one of my failed attempts because I couldn’t take the chance on him taking advantage of me with no pet/allies.) I really hope that other hunters going after the Krushinator have similar luck to yours rather than mine, at least when it comes to other players.

  26. Bloodwin

    I think it’s something other than a spirit beast. Given that the Earthen are made of stone and deeply concerned in all things Titan and the Creation on Azeroth I think that that cat might be a very early form of beast. I wouldn’t say no to one, but then I don’t like the current Spirit Beast cat thing., so I’m not rushing. I’ much rather that metallic skin on a Boar or Bear.

  27. Bonekrusher

    This thread reminds me of the first real WoW rare that took days to get-Brokentooth.He was the cat in the Badlands and his spawn timer was ridiculous. But the feeling when you finally saw him on your map and fumbled for the tame button! That’s called the “Thrill of the Hunt”!

  28. Ringo Flinthammer

    I sure hope this isn’t a spirit beast. I’d love a Titan cat — I imagine they’ll be tamable in Ulduar — and would be disappointed if I had to drop MM after playing that way since the beginning just to get this cat.

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