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The World Wide WoW Web (WWWoWW) is popping up great Wrath of the Lich King resources like mushrooms today! Before I disappear back into Northern and/or PHP, here’s some of the useful stuff I’ve run across.

Some of it isn’t strictly hunter-related, but in the face of a new expansion … well, we are all more than just hunters.


Northrend Info:




7 thoughts on “WotLK Resources

  1. Palladiamors

    MANIA, stop ripping off my spec. *mutters darkly* BRK used my spec to within a talent point, and it actually amuses me greatly. The only difference is I always go 5/5 Frenzy, because, well, I know my luck. I’ll be respeccing at 71 to pick back up Aimed shot because I loves it so, though.

  2. Shirate

    If you are a skinner, there is nothing you can do better than go around just…. NW? of valiance keep in Borean Tundra and skin the kills everyone doesn’t skin. I got from 375 to 425 in 20 minutes, and to 43 in another 20. :)

  3. Shirate

    Dang, wish there was an edit feature on our posts. Anywho, is there anyone that has taken BRK’s spec and put it in a builder? Or mania, could you export your build from the armory, and show a link to it here, or a screenshot?

  4. Sedna

    Here’s a link to BRK’s 51/10 build in Wowhead’s talent calculator; I also respecced to it a few days ago after listening to some of his rationale.


    Boy, that’s an ugly link…I’ve also heard support for a 50/11 or 49/12 build that incorporates the extra focus regen from Go for the Throat. I’m a little too attached to my Devilsaur to give it up at the moment, but if you’re having pet focus issues, it might be worth a look.

  5. Berg

    Thanks Mania for the links as the FP one was very useful. @Sedna, Thanks for doing the build link. Back to Northrend, had a late start but did get my Tundra Crawler. Awesome tank, IMHO.

  6. Palladiamors

    Sedna, let me reassure you that the extra focus from that one point in Go for the Throat isn’t worth the four extra talent points. I was going to post that on BRKs site, as well as letting him know that paladins can divine shield out of pretty much everything, but his comment blocker at my post. Focuc regenetion’s change was more then enough to keep your pet using their focus dump consistently. I may not even take go for the throat later, its so good.

  7. Seveil

    How did focus regeneration change? I know it’s now regenerating smoothly rather than in chunks, but I wasn’t aware of any change to the overall rate.

    I’m currently using a 44/17 build with GFTT, and growl + special skill + focus dump are eating all the focus I can generate.

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