We’re Back, Boxes in Hand!

Tonight I met BRK and Fimlys at Waterford Lakes in Orlando, FL. We had a quick dinner and then journeyed to the GameStop in search of Wrath of the Lich King.

GameStop was very organized: starting at 10pm they routed people through the money part of the transaction so that at midnight sharp they could just toss boxes at us and chase us out. It all went very quickly. Even the two-hour standing-in-line part wasn’t bad, since we had a variety of things to do:

  • Fimlys interviewed first BRK and then me for the Twisted Nether blogcast. (Well, I don’t know if interview is the right word, but I got to answer some questions.)
  • I ran into a friend from college and we caught up. (This was perhaps the most surprising part of the evening for me.)
  • We traded hunter stories with the handful of people who knew us. (And thank you guys so much for coming out!)
  • We talked to people standing in a similar line in Ottawa, of all places. (Hello, person who’s name I couldn’t hear!)
  • After Fim proved too shy on his own, I dragged him around getting quotes random WoW players in line in exchange for TNB stickers. (Unfortunately he only had four stickers to give out at the time.)

It was great hearing how useful people find Petopia, even when they aren’t entirely certain who I am. *grin* But the best thing was just being surrounded by people who understand the language of the game .. and the passion we put into it.

I also want to publicly thank my husband for making me really cool “Mania’s Arcania” business cards on very short notice. I wish I’d been less shy and given more of them out.

And now! … I’m going to frantically try to finish updating Warcraft Mounts. But after that, I may try to log in for a bit.

[edit] BRK captured the non-event much better than I could. Check out his post lamenting that There Are No Microbreweries in Orlando.

28 thoughts on “We’re Back, Boxes in Hand!

  1. Kai

    I’m waiting for the realms to go splood with this update as the flood of people entering northrend and the huge overload of DK’s enter the playing field.

  2. Chaix

    I’m with jester, go enjoy yourself now before the servers start exploding. and if they already have…. then try to enjoy it in little bits

  3. Sadrillil

    Mania, I really want to take this time and thank you for the hard work and efforts dealing with hunter pets. It really help me level my huntress and her kitty and has help with finding the current pets I have.

  4. Mania Post author

    Thanks, everyone — you are all very sweet. :> And in truth, I have spent most of this evening not working. Unfortunately I haven’t been playing, either — I’ve been watching my husband start his death knight. (I had to talk him into it and I was afraid if I didn’t sit and watch he’d give it up. But I knew he’d love the death knight class — and indeed he does! He’s already a master of ghouls, and very fond of little “Brainchewer”.)

  5. Tashi

    Surprisingly, I don’t have my WotLK yet. I like sleep. ;P
    I’m going to a Best Buy this morning or afternoon to pick one up.
    As far as DKs go… maybe I’ll make one 6 months from now. Lag – no thanks.
    I’m just about as crazy and excited as everyone else, but I got my Shattered Hand Warhound to level and a Swift Red Windrider to get, so have fun in Northrend guys! ^_^

    Oh, and if I had a business, I’d want a Mania Business Card! ^w^

  6. Bunky the Monkey

    Mania, you should be playing!! We will all get by without updates for a bit lol

    And yes, to echo the sentiment here, thank you very, very much for the hard work you put in to this site. I am definately a hunter pet dork, having tamed at least one of every family both pre- and post-3.0. You’re site has always been a wealth of information and I think I speak for all of the regular readers when I say that we all really do appreciate what you do.

  7. Dave

    Thanks for the shout-out to GameStop! Your site rocks and I am really glad to see you back! Warm wishes for the upcoming holiday season and beyond!

  8. Sterling


    It was great meeting you in line and I am glad you got Fim moving on getting reactions from the crowd :). He didn’t take my suggestion to get a whole bunch of the line cheering for the podcast :D.


  9. MyhealthisOPlol

    I cannot wait to get wotlk today, I’m kinda stuck on what to do first…I have a build for my dk and a build for my 70 hunter, but I cannot decide which to lvl first or how to proportion my time to lvl them both :*( but oh well I’ll get them both to 80 some time or later :D

  10. Deathbang

    I collect minipets so I mail ordered the CE. It should be here sometime between 7-9 so I’ve got a wait of anguish today…but to all who have the game, congrats!

  11. Seidouyumi

    I’m not getting Wrath for about two weeks. Part of it is just the memory of the aftermath of TBC. I hate the idea of waiting for three hours just to kill one mob.

    The second is that I’m playing Horde now rather than Alliance. All my 70′s are Alliance. My Horde is not lvl 41 and growing fast. I left Alleria server due to some major issues there and went to play with my real life friend.

    Take care, everyone and enjoy.

  12. Sedna

    Go have fun Mania! You work so hard to give us such a stellar resource. Go enjoy yourself for a bit. :D
    (Also, just in passing- I respecced my hunter last night and found that my pet had also unlearned all his talents. Anyone know if this is an intended behavior? Seems like a bug. I should go on tonight and see if my stabled pets retained all their talents…)

  13. Chaix

    Sedna i’m pretty sure that it’s intended to stop a BM hunter taking the +4 talent points for their pet, then switching to marks. or surv. and keeping the extra pet talent points

  14. breana

    OOO…why does Orlando need to be so far away! I called Fim last night while you guys were in line and he told was a great time he was having!!!! Now I can’t wait do the show this week so I can hear all about it!!!

    Krys, my friend and guildmate, lover of all things Mania and BRK was the guy in Ottawa you were talking about, who then screamed at me for not picking up the phone when he tired to do a three-way call with me and Fim, so he, and I qoute” could feel part of the party.”

    I am so glad you had such a great time. I definitely did in Miami, and being around so many people all talking WoW just made my geek flag fly proud!

  15. Sigrdrífa

    Well, I am not in Florida (be a good time right now – getting cold, drabby and wet, as we live in Nebraska) and I did go to bed early last night (sleep at my age is more important that getting a game, even if it is this one). Went to Wally-mart today at lunch time to buy one of the regualr editions and they were sold out :( .

    A person came out from the back, said “here ya go, we just got these in” and handed me 2 Collector’s Editions!!! Gladly, I presented the credit card and ran out with the booty. I felt so wicked…. LOL

    @Sedna – aye, Chaix is correct. It’s to keep a hunter from respecc’ing to MM or SS instead of the 51 in BM. Remember if you have an elite pet in the stables, if you respecc’ed to soemthing other than the 51 BM, you can’t remove the pet from the stables till you respecc’ed back to 51 BM :) (reported here many times). Good hunting to ya.

  16. Sedna

    Ahhhhh, yes, that does make sense. (I did know about the stable lockout for Exotics, but didn’t consider the pet talent point part of that.) Thanks folks!

  17. Daikyu

    Hmmmm that might be a good rumor to start, Chris!

    Grats on surviving the line-up Mania! I went to the local WalMart and walked out 5 mins later with a copy. My CE showed up yesterday at 11am. Time to get new pets!

  18. CT

    Well, I’m embarassed to say that my main, a 70 NEF huntress, has been shelved because I, uh, rolled two DKs and…just…can’t…stop…playing them!!

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