BRK & Mania’s Wrath Launch Non-Event

Tonight — that is, in less than 24 hours, on Wednesday November 12th — BRK and I will be joining forces to … line up and quietly purchase our pre-ordered Wrath of the Lich King boxes. And yes, that will be exactly as exciting as it sounds. There will be no smiling celebrities (unless you count BRK), no marching bands, no helium balloons, no clowns (unless you count me). But if we’re lucky, Fimlys might be able to make it too!

Still, if you happen to be in the area it would be neat to meet you. The main reason I like midnight openings is that I get to meet other WoW gamers, and meeting pet-obsessed hunters would be even cooler. We’ll be at the GameStop in Waterford Lakes in Orlando, FL starting around 10-10:30pm. (That link has a map.)

And we won’t be alone! Well, we might be alone if no one else shows up. But metaphorically speaking, lots of other bloggers — and even Blizzard themselves — are doing midnight launch non-events. (Okay, Blizzard’s probably counts as an event.)

Let’s see what we’ve got here …

Oh boy … I really hope no one thinks we’re organized or anything! *sweats* I mean it’s just going to be me and BRK and maybe Fimlys and probably a whole bunch of random gamers who have never heard of any of us and a couple of GameStop employees who couldn’t care less either way. It certainly won’t be fun.

Okay, it might be fun.

But anyway … Blizzard themselves will be at four different US locations: New York, San Francisco, Anaheim, and Austin — plus, internationally, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Taipei, and Seoul. (The one I would most like to attend would probably be Austin — lots of MMO and ex-MMO designers in that line I bet!)

If you’re going to a midnight release tonight, drop us a comment and let us know where — who knows, you might meet someone else in the same area! And if you’re not … well, enjoy your probably-much-more-exciting-evening-not-in-a-line. *grin*

(Aside: I love it when I’m browsing the TV and I come across some sort of show on ESPN-18 or some such that’s labeled a “sporting non-event”. Those poor uneventful schmucks, I say to myself. They think they are doing something worthwhile — but ESPN spits on them! Heh. Yeah, I know that’s not really what it means. But I still think that every time regardless.)

45 thoughts on “BRK & Mania’s Wrath Launch Non-Event

  1. Jayhawk

    Hope you will have lots of fun. =)

    PS. The Netherlands one will be in Rotterdam, Binnenwegplein 50-52 3012 KA Rotterdam, rather than in Amsterdam.

  2. Kikaku

    *cry* I wanna meet you and BRK! You two are my WoWGods! I told one of my friends who lives in Casselberry and WOULD go, but has no ride. I think I ruined her day.. She loves BRK..’s voice? XD

  3. Rikaku

    If anyone is going to the midnight release (and 10 PM event) at Ontario Mills of California, I will totally be there.

    Waaah Mania! I wish I could meet you two! You guys are like my idols!!!

  4. Pike

    If anybody is in Bozeman, Montana, and wants to meet a real live Pike, speak now or forever hold your peace, because I am planning on being fast asleep at midnight, unless somebody changes my mind before then… =P

  5. Rapps

    I could drive but i don’t have the lust of wasting SO much gas to meet someone for a night =p Deltona to Waterford lakes is atleast an hours drive. lol my brother goes to UCF thats nearby. Shame i’m not visitng him this weekend.

  6. Theaah

    I have a CE edition ordered that won’t arrive until sometime next week. >_>

    At least I’ll be missing the massive lagfest and fighting for quest mobs in the starter areas!

  7. draiggoch

    Cancelled my online order when they said it wouldn’t be dispatched ’til next Monday


    So tonight me and Mrs Draigg will be standing in line – ok we may be the ONLY line – in a store in Buckinghamshire that’s open at midnight.

    You don’t know where Bucks is? It’s sort of just north of London.

    What’s a Welshman doing there?


  8. Sandfur

    omg, i can’t believe its so close!! anywho, i’m heading to gamestop in Issaquah Washington, hope some other pet lovers here will be there too!

  9. Selesti

    There will be no midnight lines for me. I have school in the morning. However, my husband works until 1am, so he plans to run by Wal-mart after work to (hopefully) pick us up a couple of copies…one being a CE for me (again, hopefully!). Otherwise, with all the lag, I may end up just leveling one of my alts until it dies down…and my husband expects tons of complaints at work with the lag (Comcast). Good luck to everyone, wish I could meet some folks.

  10. Bradagore

    Even if I was on the right continent, I don’t think I could survive finding out that BRK *isn’t* four foot tall with an enormous orange beard…

  11. Moiri

    Regretfully, I work a shift that has me working at midnight, and I will not be able to get out to buy the game until Friday morning. I am just hoping that some of the collectors editions are still available when I get there. I can not reserve a copy in store online, and the online store is sold out.

    Regardless, I am predicting a hard time for any real newbies out there for a while after WotLK comes out. All those Death Knights trying to level up their professions…

  12. Tashi

    Eh… I’m not going to a midnight release, but it sure would be awesome to meet Mania and BRK! It’s a shame!

    I’m not making a DK until a couple months from now. Obviously, there will just be too many. I don’t want to suffer another 3.0.2! :P

  13. Rahthiel

    Unfortunately, I have to work. My boss didn’t think it was a good enough reason to give me the night off. So I’ll be hitting a Wal-Mart at 7 am tomorrow morning after the day shift arrives.

  14. Emowin

    I am picking mine up tonight. Saginaw MI gamestop the one NOT in the mall, we wont be there long cuz my hubby and I are pre-payers. Look for the lady with a little black pup in towe thats me. Sorry I can’t meet BRK and you mania have fun tonight. I love doing the line thing like we did last year but Michigan is just to darn COLD this time of year for that. Hmm maybe we should have done the one in the mall lol. I look forward to maybe meeting some of you pet crazy hunters out there.

  15. Gwelynora

    We ordered ours online! >.< Regardless, we don’t have the time to drive down to Florida to stand in line at your particular gamestop :P

  16. Fimlys

    I will be there! At least that is the plan. It’s a 30 minute drive, but.. In the name of science (??) I’ll do it! I’m pretty sure I don’t qualify as a celebrity. Definitely not a marching band. Maybe a helium balloon? Possibly a clown… I WILL be bringing a camera.. I WILL be bringing a digital audio recording device to get official breaking news directly ported into next week’s Twisted Nether..

    I WILL be bringing some lootz cards to give away to people.. No idea what I’ll make you do for them.. Muahahaha…

    But yeah, I’ll be there :P

  17. Heifera

    I will be at the Gamestop in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, with several family members and friends. Would love to meet you and BRK, but that is just too far to travel

  18. Seraje

    A group of my buddies and I are turning a local Wal-Mart into a fun and exciting Mid-night release. Whooo.

    Ok maybe not exciting, but there will be a few of us. And it should be fun.

  19. Rikaku

    On a lighter note, I wish WoW was running. I’d really love to see the in-game event personally and finish my DK shopping before picking up my CE tonight.
    If anyone’s in my area, you can find me by my Blizzcon t-shirt, probably with my Blizzcon sweater too, I’ll be wearing an Alliance tag necklace along with my Blizzcon lanyard. If you still can’t find the WoW-fangirl well um, just yell Rika. I’ll be the only one to respond XD

  20. Heifera


    Yes, so? Stuff is always rocky with big changes. We will survive, it will settle down, and having been in the Beta, I am very excited that Wrath is going live. It is awesome, and now I will be able to enjoy it with family and friends. You enjoy yourself, OK?

  21. Aylfric

    No smiling celebrities? Does that mean that you wouldn’t be smiling?

    If I were there, ok, I wouldn’t be asking you or BRK for an autograph, but I think you are being modest, Mania. Hunter players the world over owe a great debt of gratitude into all you have done to maintain and upgrade this website, educating us about pets, helping us make informed decisions about pets in the game.


  22. Aoirselvar

    I’m thinking about going to the gamestop tonight in Davis county Utah. But I won’t play tonight (stupid job foils me again /shakes fists). So, I don’t know if I want to bother. But I might anyways, I’m sure the wifey will love that.

  23. Gort

    @Heifera. I am truly sorry for being so negative, but I took yesterday and the rest of the week off from work to finish up some Warcraft things to get ready for Northrend, and so far I’ve got about 1.5 hours of play time.

  24. Rasta

    Denton, TX – the gamestop inside the mall. Wish I could make (or justify) the trip to Austin.. but 5 hours both ways just isn’t worth it :(

  25. Daemetos

    GameStop in Rapid City, South Dakota. Hopefully they’ll be considerate enough to let us lounge in the food court while we wait, considering GS is on the edge of the food court. It’d be even more epic if they had some eateries open (They’d make hella goods money) for the addicts looking to get their WotLK fix.

    Will also be attending with Tzia and her guy. Should be fun.

  26. Rarako

    Hey guys I’ll be working the midnight at the GameStop on Barrett Parkway, Ga at the Town Center Prado location (next to the Barns and Nobles). We’ll have food, games, and a costume contest for a Collectors Edition! Plus two BM hunters behind the counter! ^_^
    If you’re in the area please stop by early to get us to hold a copy for you we sold out last year before 3:00pm. :_:
    Everyone have a fun night, and we’ll see you on the servers!

  27. Palladiamors

    Heh, Mania has this hang up over her fame. I really don’t think she knows how well known and loved she is. But thats just fine with everyone who knows her.

    It’d only be about a four hour drive from here, and well worth it! However with money being as tight as it is, I won’t be able to make the drive. Sorry! I’ll Send Kaet and apology letter in the mail on Sentinels or some such.

  28. Gunsnbutter

    I am just puzzled by one thing…..I though YOU were the celebrity and BRK was the clown!!! *snicker* Thank you both for what you seem to have fun doing…..great posts!

  29. Grim

    I will most likely wait until morning, not much of night person, plus all the crazy people out at that time (the WOW people, O.o ) hehehe. Would love to meet you but Tampa is a 2 hour drive to Orlando and work would still be a problem. I wish the best to all that attend

  30. Sigrdrífa

    @Gort you’re fine! I don’t blame ya. I needed to get one more full daily run in and couldn’t log on last night. Went to bed (actually feel asleep at the computer, till my fert woke me up) at 8:30pm, woke up at 4am got in a couple of dailies and server going offline in 15 minutes…. Jeeze, so what that folks couldnt get mail, lol. I want my dailies before they go to pieces tonight!

  31. Makoes

    poor me up in cold rainy Canada will be standing in line at Future shop at CountryClub centre around 10pm…good thing I only live 10min walk away!! I’ll be in my Team KAJEME jacket.

    Makoes(Royal House of Azeroth)-BM Hunter all the way, Arathor
    Charfire(Elders of Azeroth)-Usually Boomkin, currently Perverted Treant, Arathor

  32. Susurrant

    Me and some of my friends and family are going to a Gamestop in Brooklyn, NY for the release.

    I’d want to meet you…but I’m a bit young to drive. xD

  33. Thalestris

    Unfortunately I wont be one of the many in the midnight lines. I will be making the trip into town Thursday afternoon to grab a copy. I would love to get out there and meet my fellow WoWers, but alas I live nowhere near town and certainly nowhere near Florida! Have fun Mania :)

  34. Nachtwulf

    I will be at the GameStop at the Wal-mart center at First and Wetmore in Tucson AZ.

    And I suspect there isn’t anyone on this blog that lives within 500 miles, BUT HEY. There it is, and there I will be. In my BlizzCon hoodie ’cause it’s freakin’ cold even in the desert at 12:00 am.

  35. Salamandra

    lol-Game Stop in Coon Rapids, MN first thing in the morning. Oh and Mania? Minnesota is the icebox that sits directly west of Lake Superior. Emphasis on ICEBOX, woke up to a snow cover this morning.

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