Community Round-Up: Hallowed Edition

I am spending today explicitly slacking off (which right now means flapping five characters around the world to hit every damned Candy Bucket in existence, with occasional interludes as a zombie). So while I slack, here’s some interesting links from around the WoW web that you should check out:

Ihlos at Big Red Rhino has introduced a new advice column called Ask a Rhino. This first question is about Roar of Sacrifice. I love the idea of a rhino-written advice column and I look forward to seeing more like this from Ihlos and Ohta.

Oh, and while you are at Big Red Rhino, don’t forget to check out the Tenacity Pet Feats and perhaps submit some of your own!

Speaking of pet feats, steady shot has started the Battle of the Pets, a no-holds-barred arena-style DPS competition between hunter pets. So far we’ve seen match-ups between cats, devilsaurs, wasps and moths, and I can’t wait for more!

Hydra at Almost Evil posted a great look at pets for hunter twinks. Switching pets has gotten somewhat less nail-biting for twinks since a new pet no longer needs experience in order to be fully functional. But the new pet system does have some interesting implications for twinks — for example, a level 19 pet has no talent points to spend, which puts a lot more focus on the family skill and underlying stats.

In addition to needing more names for the Pet-o-licious Namerator, Faeldray at Petoholics Anonymous has also been trying her hand at a Warp Stalker Soloing build. I’m fascinated to see what builds my favorite hunters are trying out these days!

And speaking of specs, Less QQ, More Pew Pew shares some of Drotara’s hunter specs. I’ve been getting e-mail from hunters looking for advice in this area, but it’s really not my thing … so I’ll send you to an actual expert.

Warcraft and Other Hooha has a great guide for taming the Kurken, while Too Many Annas has a list of pet name inspirations to share.

And last but not least, I never plan to touch on politics here. But you really should check out Big Bear Butt’s recent post about his devilsaur

31 thoughts on “Community Round-Up: Hallowed Edition

  1. Kristy

    Eh, I don’t like the “Battle of the Pets” right now. The Epic Devilsaur should be at the top. They’re just gonna have to re-do all the Battles again when Exotics get their Epic 10%.

  2. batgrl

    As soon as I go through my screenshots I have got to blog about the zombie thing – I’ve had the most fun turning into a zombie and running amuck! You have to hide from the healers though, or else no zombifying for you. Interestingly when it happens to a hunter the pet just despawns.

  3. Featherskiss

    Is anyone else having issues with Cower not turning off like it should? I have to turn it off every time I resummon, switch zones, get out of flight.. So basically anytime I dont have my pet out and she comes back out, I have to go into my pet spell book and return off my cower, I personally think thats a big ol’ pain in the ass..pardon.. Is that how its suppose to work now?

  4. Shagrat-Turalyon

    @Featherskiss-Put cower on your pet’s skill bar. There is a bug with skills turning themselves off and on in the spellbook and if you put it on the skill bar, it won’t turn itself on.

  5. Cotytto

    Make the following macro:
    /petautocastoff Cower

    Use that as you will be turning it off constantly.You really do need it since it has been known to turn itself on in the spell book while it appears off on the pet bar.

    This issue was reported on the PTR forums,but they rushed the patch out without fixing it anyway.

  6. Koriani

    Hey Mania – dont know why you hadn’t heard or haven’t covered it – but BRK released a video and showed that you can now tame the collared/saddled blacked wolfies in the Hellfire Instances! WOOTS! Its true!! ((ok, now tame as in WOTLK Beta …heh)

  7. ihlos

    Thanks for mentioning the pet feats page! And I thought the feats were flowing in before! I’m glad to see all the sucess pet tanks are having on outlands content.

  8. Makoes

    yeah, i am having a heck of a time with cower…to be honest, I dont think there’s any hunter who really uses it…I think blizz should just stick it in the talent tree’s and make it an optional ability to learn…
    Managed to “Follow” an infected player and get myself zoombified when they turned, lol its alot of fun.

  9. Shadowkaizen

    Yeah I was having the same problem with my cower..Ima put it on the bat action bar like that suggestion eariler and see if that helps.

    BTW thanks for the links…very intresting reading

  10. Dweezill

    OK,I have a question that maybe somebody can answer… and sorry, but it’s not about a pet name. OK, I have been camping Oozeworm and Grubthor since the patch came out, and i haven’t seen any trace of them… not alive, not dead. I am on the Sargaris server, and I am wondering if this is a bug or something. I realize they are rare, but 9 days of not seeing them? That is a bit rediculous. So, if anybody from sargaris has seem them, or even if you have seen them on other servers, could you please let me know. Thanks

  11. hyena84

    dweezill.have you tryed focusing on one at a time and getting guildies to help?if theyre skinnable they might not have corpses to look for.i heard someone talking about haveing tamed one of the yellow ones,but i barely see anything other then devilsaurs/corehounds on my main realm.i think iv only seen one other person with a worm besides me and two other silithids.saw a couple chimeras though.
    good luck…

  12. Dweezill

    Yyyyup. Have camped Oozeworm for 9 days. His “location area” is a lot smaller than Grubthor’s, so I have been camping Oozie. Once in a while I do check in on the Grubthor locations, but no luck with him either. Oh well, eventually i will get him.

  13. Shagrat-Turalyon

    Dweezill-Oozeworm has like a three day spawn time. It took me about two days of on and off again camping to finally tame him. (also managed to tame Araga last night) He does exist, you just have to be persistent and patient :) Good luck!

  14. MyhealthisOPlol

    there are really 3 ways to get the plague, one way is to kill a new critter called the “plagued roach” I see them crawling around orgrimmar all the time, another way is like what mania said, you can get them from crates in bootybay, but I’ve also found them in orgrimmar as well, and lastly you can get it from another player who is a zombie.
    Me and my friend are taking over durotar as we speak :D

  15. Shagrat-Turalyon

    I’m fairly certain the Conspicuous Crates can be found in any capital city. I found some in Silvermoon last night while toying around with my spec.

  16. Shadowkaizen

    dun worry mania! we will defend you!! ^.^

    oh and on a more serious note…I cant seem to find any information aside from what you have about the new worgs..Cant find youtube vidoes or even at wowhead there not only no page for them but no 3d avatar viewer either..ugh…

    Although I appreciate all the info you have Mania I was just hoping for a look at how they actually look in game…I guess that sounds kinda silly as your pics are models from the game but the 3d viewer just gives new light on how they look.

    Eh anyways im just rambling now…Maybe im impatinent for the realse or something.

    Anyone in the beta caught one yet? How do they move? worg like or wolf like?

  17. Deathbang

    Speaking of Hallowed my Devilsaur just successfully main tanked the Headless Horseman. Aggro holding is beyond it’s needed level :)

  18. Palladiamors

    Heh, Mania has a zombie fascination……. *Coughs* Anyway, computer is in the shop, hence no computer. Posting via my PS3, interestingly enough.

  19. Moiri

    And on a new note, on Drenden, one of the floating castles just showed up outside of Ironforge…

    And if you do not want to turn into a zombie, look for the glowing columns of light that denote an Argent Dawn healer, and talk to them, and they will cure you before you turn. The times seem to be a bit random, though. I have had 10 minutes, 5 minutes and 2 minutes so far. Do not know if it has to do with how you got infected or not…

  20. Sandfur

    Hey Mania, about Hallow’s end, pets who eat bread will eat the candy bar treats, i’m not sure if they’ll eat any other treats, i’ll have to go test out that later! just wanted to let you know about it, cause while on my hunter alt (one of my many hunter alt, lol according to my guildie, i have millions of hunters) i had tamed a wind serpent, and i didn’t have any food that he liked, but i did have a few candy bars, i tried it out, and he liked ‘em! so this could be useful for hunters who tame pets who eat bread but don’t have anything that the pet likes, they can just grab some candy for the pet!

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