Ghostcrawler on Loque’nahak

Our favorite Blizzard poster, Ghostcrawler, stopped by the WotLK Beta Hunter forum today to comment on the availability of Loque’nahak, the one and only Spirit Beast:

In case it’s not obvious, we added that creature and let it be tamable as a challenge for dedicated hunters. One of the things we hear from hunters often is that some of them liked the old-school gameplay of having to work really hard for a rare pet that would garner lots of attention. With so many new pets available, we didn’t think it would be a problem to have one that was relatively difficult to tame. He doesn’t provide a huge dps increase, so there shouldn’t be a need to tame him.

On the one hand, I can see what GC is getting at. On the other hand, I think he may be underestimating our definition of “need”. *grin* What do you guys think?

107 thoughts on “Ghostcrawler on Loque’nahak

  1. Maree

    A spirit beast for each family, you say?
    Hell yeah, I’d die to get a spirit crab. Glowing eyestalks and everything.

    Now we’re talking, if there’s any MM’ers or survalists around, who want a rare, but doesn’t wanna respec for it, there’s plenty of rare (With rare, I mean pets that almost nobody have) non-exotics.
    For example, if you’re a low level horde, having an owl from Elfland shows that you’re srs bznz. Or if you’re alliance, and have a horde-only pet. Like the red kitty from Bloodelfland.
    Ok, I better stop now, before I get too carried away, eh.

  2. Tzia

    My thoughts on the whole Spirit Beast Thing, which my guy chirpped in on… went something like this. Its a rare-spawn, okay. Its a hard to get rare spawn (like Grunter) Okay. How often is this thing going to be running around 6 months down the road? He’s gonna be EVERYWHERE. How many people do you know that have Humar? I’ve had him on 3 diffrent hunters. I waited for six hours on one, just to get ahold of that cat. On the other two? I just happened to be running by so I swung up and checked. Got it.

    I’ve also had Rak’shiri, Sian Rotam, Shy Rotam, Eche, and just about every other rare-spawn you can tame with the exceptions of Old Cliff Jumper (killed him w/o realizing it was a rare spawn),Grunter, Agra, and Broken Tooth.

    This pet is going to be one of those that every hunter wants because it looks cool and everyone else will get sick of it pretty darn fast.

    Ah well, this is life. And I think I’m going to go check and see if Grunter is up… never ran into him back in the old days… might as well!

  3. shadow

    @tzia the spirit beast isn’t just another skin his technique is different from regular cats and also exotics do 10% more damage with their special techniques this might mean that if your a bm hunter it would be better to have him since he’d do a bit more damage then a regular cat

  4. Kristy

    Eh, I do not like the idea of making the one and only Spirit Beast so extremely rare. There really do need to be alot more Spirit Beasts. And I hate having thought of what Ghost Crawler said (I knew this before this post). But after some thinking, I’m gonna maybe have 1 of those Exotic, Northrend worms, just for raids, until I can replace that stupid thing with a Spirit Beast.

  5. draco

    I agree with kristy there needs to be more spirit beasts I want the spirit beast because of his technique and because he’s exotic since their specials do 10% more damage he might be better than a regular cat.

    I could careless for the skin I just want it for the technique but since it’s gonna be so hard to get and because I have a life i’m definately not getting it I really like cats so I want it but it’s just too much trouble.

  6. Rykros

    Hmm, I think I may have a solution to the whole no skill needed thing. Instead of making tames just rare; put the spawns themselves in almost unreacable locations, somewhere that would take a LOT of effort to get, i.e. a high mountain somewhere in Azeroth(So you cant just fly to it). Imagine having trekked for about 2 hours, through Snow-Covered mountain peaks and across deep, tropical valleys; only to reach your destination and find your quarry. Silhoutted against the Evening Sun, powerful and imposing, waiting for its master. If you ask me ^^ Thats hunting.

  7. FoxOfWar

    I liked getting my pure white Wind Serpent back when only the couple of rare spawns were ones with “normal” (non-caster) stats. Now that they can gotten by pretty much anyone since they can be gotten by whoever happens to prowl through 1k Needles, I feel rather miffed. This is the one point where I don’t like caster stats being gone. xD

    Having a rare spawn being in it’s own family feels weird. But having more unique skins on tamable rare spawns – count me in. I also don’t want all the “really cool” pets/skins be Exotic, because that would piss my particular “pet-centric Survival” game :P

    I want my blue or bright red Tallstrider, dangit! :D

  8. Makoes

    …I just dont like the thought of blizz making yet another Camp-o-thon pet…Yeah, arcane damage dealing pet might be fun, and the internal glow is cool, though the fact that its a cat model miffs me a bit, which is why I am hoping they bring out another spirit beast so we can get a better ide of where they’re going with this. But really my main big miff is the whole “camp-o-thon” Rare is starting to get the deffinition of

    Rare: To park your character inactivly in one are for an undertermined amount of time till the spawn timers up on wanted pet.
    Said pet will be common companions for those hunters with no life.

    Rare pets arent rare, they’re just blizzard being to lazy to come up with a better way to make Hunters HUNT pets…

    ….I really shouldnt be posting at 4am….

  9. Morgrimsson

    I find myself very conflicted on the spirit beasts. While I don’t consider myself to be an especially gifted “player” of the game, I do pride myself on being a “hunter” of patience and skill and have been able to catch many rare pets because of this. Humar has been Morgrimsson’s primary pet since he could first get him, and my next dwarf made the long run to get a springpaw stalker as soon as he was level 10. Cats have long been my favorite pets in game, and as previously stated Humar is my main’s pet, and he also has Rak’Shiri. I love hunting rares to tame, and the prestige that goes with them at least early in their availability. Loque’nahak fits that description, and his catlike skin makes him even more appealing. However, I don’t like the anger and spitefulness that staking-out such a singular pet fosters between hunters, especially amongst younger and more self-centered hunters both within and across-faction. Also, as several have mentioned killing him is also the object of Northern Exposure, and this will only add to the chaos and bad feeling as warriors, rogues, warlocks and every other class gets in on the action. I feel for the hunter that finally finds him and almost completes the tame only to have a non-hunter ride up and slaughter Loque regardless of the hunter’s efforts. But that is just me. Bringing my rant to a close here, I am a solo hunter to the hilt, and while this behavior makes it basically impossible to get some pets I want (ghost wolf and ancient core hound to name a few), I like that Loque fits that availability profile and I will probably be one of the many getting cozy in Sholazar until he stalks into view. However, I worry about the player-dynamic that will result from his desirability and his exclusiveness as the sole Spirit Beast. I like that he is unique, but in the end perhaps it would be better to have another, more common (though differently skinned) Spirit Beast to at least lessen the bad blood that will inevitably surround him should things stay as they are. Regardless of what happens, good luck and good hunting everyone.

  10. Tabmow

    personally i hate the has nothing to do with skill,it is luck.i have been camping it for over a month now with no luck and i have seen people who have been there less than a day or so lucky enough to be there as it spawns.
    plus once wotlk goes live it will be hunted constantly by the achievement junkies.

  11. Opossum

    I have two 70 hunters and the fav thing i always liked was waiting on that rare spawn. I remember waiting like 7 hours i think it was on Rak’Shiri back when alliance had to work to get those two cats from Everlook. I love the idea of the hard tame. I didn’t read alot of the above posts but I think it would be awesome to have a pet “reward” for taming all the rare spawns in the game. Like the achievements with the mounts and vanity pets. We would just get a chance to go up against a very unique pet to tame to show other hunters our dedication that we put in. You always read about the hunters who camped a spawn for days for that special pet that caught their eye and you also read that those other hunters out there just bump into that same pet without waiting at all. So with all this being said, bring on the grand beast and let us dedicated hunters show off how much we really care,want,love our pets. Shoot, I even miss the old hunter quest to get our bow and stave.

  12. Kitairra


    Otherwise it will all come down to luck whether or not any hunter ever has this beautiful pet by their side.I would love to have her,but not with 500,000 other
    hunters camping her,and the other 8,625,942 warriors,rogues,druids,shammies,pally’s
    and death knights all waiting just to kill her for their achievement.Bah!

    Blizz needs to remove that achievement ASAP,imo.


  13. Thranos

    I have been talking about this idea for some time now and I feel it would be a great idea for hunters.

    The idea is to have a Quest line that you get from the hunter trainer at certain levels or as you reach certain acheivements that allows you to do a line of quests that leads to a great Beast. It could be kill so many of a certain type and then the MOTHER of all of that type will appear in a glorious shiny RARE skin with a special ability. After this point you can tame this creature.

    I think it would be a great new twist on earning a rare beast to be proud of. Not just camping a area and trying to stop any other hunter from taming a pet by killing it.

  14. Ganieda

    I raid with a cat. I have always raided with a cat. Not doing so would be… just not right. With the recent posts saying that exotics are getting a 10% DPS boost, I would feel that I’m selling my raid short by not bringing an exotic. Solo and 5 mans you can use whatever, but in a raid if I don’t bring my A game I could be wasting the time and effort of 24 other people. Thus, I NEED a spirit beast, its the exotic cat.
    Hopefully its not going to be a big enough difference to make me feel I have to take an exotic, but I fear it will.
    Special skins should be rare, an entire pet class should not.
    Ganieda and Schrodinger, Argent Dawn

  15. MelRedcap

    Have to admit I love ‘rare’ pets, but I don’t like the type of rare that means “log in and out or run around for hours waiting for a spawn”. I don’t have the time for that, or the patience really. I DO have the time and patience to run long distances and do stupid things to get odd pets, though, and I’ve created multiple hunters JUST to get the pets I want.

    Some examples:

    I like Ressan, the white bat in Tirisfal Glades; even though he’s not particularly hard to tame, he’s cute, and his skin is practically unique. (I’m actually sad that Bats have lost Screech, I must be one of the very few people who like the way it sounds!)

    I have a level 12 blood elf hunter with a white bear from Dun Morogh (Bjarn). He’s rare because the two white bears in Dun Morogh are the only white bears under level fifty-something, and horde don’t have an easy time getting to them.

    Ditto my level 11 troll hunter with one of the white cats from Dun Morogh.

    My bank toon is a level 21 blood elf hunter with Zarakh, the unique spider from Bloodmyst Isle. You really have to jump through some hoops to get a Horde toon to Bloodmyst at low levels.

    My highest-level hunter (now level 68, go go Caleanon!) is also a blood elf; he spent levels 10-36 with a ravager. (Hoops. Trust me. The simplest way involves deliberately drowning yourself.) Now he has the Kurken, the white core hound (hmmm… why does the draenae start area have so many of the good pets?).

    Level 19 blood elf hunter called Beauty, with Deathclaw, the bear that’s the only lowbie sharing the look of the diseased bears in Felwood and the Plaguelands, renamed to Beast. (Bloodmyst Isle AGAIN!) Yes, I did it for the name combo, and I server-hopped until I found one where that name wasn’t taken.

    Another blood elf hunter, male this time, with Timber from Dun Morogh. Erm… this is embarrassing, but I named him Sesshoumaru and the wolf is now Inuyasha. *blush*

    Alliance don’t seem to have the same opportunities for “how the heck did you get THERE to tame THAT?” pets that Horde do, though at some point I guess I’ll take one up to Silvermoon for a red lynx… but I do have a level 16 draenae huntress that has tamed Echeyakee. On a PvP server, too, which made it interesting!

    Um… I think I had a point when I started typing this… oh! Right! *ahem* I agree with several other commenters, Mania; I love rare pet skins and ones that are difficult to get, but I don’t think a stupidly long spawn timer is the way to go. If I get to Northrend and see that Spirit Beast in passing, I’m likely to try to tame it… but I won’t camp it. (Make it a fast respawn and put it on top of a mountain through a spider-infested cave in enemy territory, though, and I am so there!)

  16. Nyx

    While taming the devilsaurs on opening day, I and several other hunters in Un’Goro came across a unique problem; another hunter (Pharazon, US-Norgannon-A) was attacking and killing devilsaurs as other hunters tried to tame them.

    The exact same thing will happen with the Spirit Beast, because apparently the day of hunter to hunter courtesy are over.

    While I’d like to tame the weird kitty, I don’t need the extra ulcer from competing with eighty other people trying to kill it.

  17. MelRedcap

    @ Nyx – that hunter sounds like a real charmer. On the plus side, his/her behaviour is not universal; one of my guildmates joined a queue of about six hunters, mixed Horde and Alliance, waiting to tame the Kurken on the day after patch. Apparently it was a lot of fun, with minimal ass-hatted behaviour and a lot of Feign Death, dancing, flares and random emotes while they waited. On the minus side, the asshat behaviour isn’t unique to Pharazon; when a different friend of mine went to tame the Kurken there was an Ally hunter there, killing it every time someone tried to tame it. *sigh* There are morons out there.

  18. Shagrat-Turalyon

    Personally, I like the idea of a rare spawn remaining just that: a rare spawn. I spent about three days going back and forth between Duskwallow Marsh and Silithus trying to catch a glimpse of either Oozeworm or Grubthor and my patience paid off last night. I flew into Mudsprocket and as I was flying, I saw the blip on my minimap that said Oozeworm. As soon as I landed I abandoned my placeholder worm I got from RFC and hopped on one of my many mounts and tamed him. I’m now the owner of a yellow skinned worm and to my knowledge I’m the only hunter on Turalyon with the yellow skin.

  19. Bunky the Monkey

    Wow…(no pun intended) where to start?

    I love the thought of a spirit beast family, something unique that stands out, but I also agree that I think it needs to be represented by more than one beast. Bare minimum, I would think it needs to be at least one in each tree, but perhaps it should be one in each family, thus giving us the option to continue to play with that type of pet we enjoy playing with. The SFK wolves are ripe for the spirit beast pickings, and I won’t be suprised if we don’t see a few added when WotLK comes out…if you think of the ‘demon dogs’ in Trisfal Glades, for example, you could easily see them with a slight skin change and one being placed somewhere as a spirit hyena, etc.

    I have made the level 10 run from Azuremyst all the way to Eversong to get my red lynx, much of it in ghost form ;) and although it was long and boring and time consuming, their is a great feeling of accomplishment when, as I run through Westfall at level 14 with my alt hunter, I get tells “where did you get that cat?” “that cat is awesome where is it from?”…a sense of having something that, although not unique in the sense of hard to get from a game play mechanics standpoint, something that you rarely if ever see on the alliance side. They came (pre-patch) with no special skills, so you didn’t see them often on the horde side, either. I have also camped the rare spawns from Olm the Wise to Ash the white windserpant from Feralas, so I’ve been down that road, as well.

    Having 4 hunters on different servers (pve & pvp) I’ve done some pretty stupid things to get the pet I want and the skin I want and the look I want and the skills I want. I will, no doubt, camp this guy out, too, just to have the uniqueness of him in my guild. My red lynx is more well known in my guild than I am lol.

    Either way, I’m loving some of the changes and not as thrilled about some of the others, but that’s what it’s all about, right? Finding that pet that meshes with you and what you want from your companion.

  20. Dekota

    I am lucky enough to have a pet that “garner lots of attention” the day after 3.0 went live I tamed the beautiful and elusive Nuramoc from Netherstorm. Now I Cannot walk around in public with this pet without someone gasping and asking me where I got that Chimaera.

    I know you get an Achievement for killing this guy, I wish you got one for taming it as well. I was the first on Kirin Tor to have it ^__^

    But I very much agree with Ghostcrawler. We DO need harder pets to tame. Not just rare, but ones that take more effort then just dropping a freeze trap. I hope more pets like the Spirit Beast will be released in WotLK.

  21. Daetur

    Well, here’s the thing. I think that Blizard should make a point of making a larger number of pets LIKE Loque’nahak who are VERY unique and reasonably difficult to tame.

    When they make a SINGLE pet this kind of ‘status’ symbol, it suddenly becomes a pet that EVRYONE has.

    I’d like to see more variety in unique pets.

  22. Selesti

    I agree one cat shouldn’t be a whole family…and long respawn times are just rediculous. Perhaps Blizz could keep this cat as a rare, but put other models in a spirit beasts. Either way, I’m more inclined to kill this cat than tame it. My silithid is rare enough with everyone running around with devilsaurs and core hounds. Plus I have a worm…which I’ve seen NO ONE else with (not sure I’ll keep him, and I might get a rhino or northrend worm.) I’m all for hunting up rare and challenging pets, but this is rediculous.

  23. Selesti

    BTW, how the heck did you find Numeroc? I’ve read posts of people getting jumped and killed by her, but I’ve NEVER seen this thing…I even flew around where thottbot said she ‘supposedly’ spawns, but found nothing. I’ll probably just kill her when I find her out of frustration.

  24. Dragynphyre

    The issue is, the spirit beast is the raid friendly exotic, it doesnt have the massive size, and spirit strike is going to be the hardest hitting pet special, so every serious hunter will want one for PVE, but will have to compete with the LOLHuntards as well. A pet that is that good should have multiple avenues to be tamed.

  25. Tashi

    @MelRedCap: Yes, you are probably the only one who liked how screech sounds. It gave me eternal migranes!! :P
    Anyway, I had enough trouble trying to tame the Terrokarantula, without allies killing it. I was level 65, and it was 65 elite. I failed about 20 times, died about 10, and when I finally got my best priest friend ever to log on and bubble me, along came a gnome. I began taming, and he started killing it! Then some ally shadow priest came along. They both died, and my friend and I were laughing to ourselves. The Terrokarantula doesn’t drop any loot anyway. So, now, I have my pretty red spider, after ally griefing, 20 failed attempts, and about 10 gold in repair bills.
    If it caused me THAT MUCH TROUBLE to tame a beast that respawns in 3 minutes, I don’t want to THINK about how bad things will get with the Spirit Beast!

    In the end, this beast will be EVERYWHERE. And thus, the non-rares will become the rares.

    I was originally a Survival hunter, but none of the Tenacity pets interested me in any way except the worm. I tried the crab, but didn’t like it in the end. So I had to respec. That kind of sucks, because now I’m just one of the crowd. :(

    @Dragynphyre: You are absolutely right. The Spirit Beast is a wonderful raid pet. But there shouldn’t ONLY be one! I hadn’t thought of it from that perspective, and so I disagree with my first post, and say that there should be more than one Spirit Beast.

    But I’m still not going to tame him. :P

  26. Xota

    The fact that it’s a spirit beast isn’t what makes it a trophy, it’s that its a rare, unique skin. Basically a Numeroc that is a cat with arcane damage. Adding in a handful of unique skins on rare or hard to tame mobs would reinvigorate the ‘trophy’ aspect of pets, they don’t all need their own families.

    And yes, ghost wolves and sabers should be the non-rare members of Spirit Beast. Sorry, marks and survival hunters, but extra awesome pets are for beast masters.

  27. Thalestris

    I’m all for rare and difficult tames, but like some have mentioned above I prefer them to be soloable (if outside an instance, I mean). If I had to round up the posse just to snag one beast, I might feel a bit less accomplished than if I died six times and fought alone to capture something few others had. Anyway, I think it would be great if Blizz introduced more Spirit Beasts as time went on, but I think making them easily obtainable would make them less unique, less exotic, and certainly not a mark of accomplishment.

  28. Nethris

    My thoughts boil down to a couple problems I see with the current setup:

    1) Rare hunter pets that are rare because of spawn timers shouldn’t give people reasons to seek them out to kill them – and not only are there achievements for killing Northrend rare-spawns, they’re easy to kill if you find them and have very good drops.

    2) Rare hunter pets really should just be about the aspect of having a rare, hard to find pet, and not affect class mechanics – so there needs to be a non-rare alternative. Seeing as how you need to be level 60 to be able to tame exotic pets, this alternative really needs to be something they add, not a conversion of a low level pet, even ignoring the problem of existing pets.

    3) Rare pets would be much more interesting if they were rare for some reason other than spawn timers. Having to solo into a level 80 instance and get past a couple sets of guards and patrols using feign death and a throw-away pet to spawn a beast that only spawns if a single person is in the instance and the guards to the area are still alive for instance could make for an interesting pet – and yes, it would be a bit reminiscent of the LBRS worg, but forcing you to solo :). Mechanics to make taming a specific pet difficult could also work, although it is less clear to me how this could be done without making it a total gimmick or making it much easier if you had, say, entrapment and scattershot. Either way, this would make it less objectionable to have such a pet have a unique mechanic.

    4) In this particular case, GC is seriously deluding himself if he thinks an exotic ferocity pet who’s special ability (not counting prowl that regular cats have) is damage oriented, but takes 28 seconds to stack to 5 won’t either be seriously underpowered, or do at least slightly better dps than most/all other pets if it manages to stack the debuff to 5 and keep it up. Since a single miss, CC, etc, can cause it to miss the one chance it has to refresh the debuff, and 28 seconds is a long time to reach maximum dps potential, in PvP and even some boss fights spirit beasts likely won’t do great dps – but both the fact that the ability appears to be similar to a harder to keep up scorpid poison on an exotic ferocity pet, and the issues with balancing it to be non-terrible until it gets a 5 stack up, make this very likely to be a very good raid dps pet for BM hunters when they can keep it on the boss – which directly contradicts the whole “shouldn’t be a need to tame him” part.

  29. Rasta

    All of these comments = TLDR, all the QQing of others is what makes owning a unique pet all the sweeter.

    As one who tamed BT and Lupos back in the day when they offered significant unique advantages, I say it’s about time they did this again, with real distinct uniqueness, both looks and utility-wise.

  30. hy88

    we need more rare beasts. was plenty in WoW. few in BC. seem to be just as little in Wrath. hunting down these rare creatures is always challenging and it makes u all warm inside when uve finally found and tamed it.

  31. Noba

    I agree with many here, in that the rare pets, atleast new ones, should have more of a challange than sitting in the same spot waiting. Perhaps the rare pet is in a prowl mode, and wanders a certain area, instead of sitting and staring at the screen, you’d have to actively track him down with track hidden. maybe the rare pet has a ‘strong willed’ buff, making him untamable until he is at or below 50% health and untrappable- now you have to tough out the taming pounding when you’ve already been fighting. pets in unusual places- why not make a rare pet worm that has a % chance of popping out of a body when a mob is killed (i guess he was eating in there- yum,lol). who knows, just various twists from the standard ‘wait for spawn’.

  32. Rikaku

    “And yes, ghost wolves and sabers should be the non-rare members of Spirit Beast. Sorry, marks and survival hunters, but extra awesome pets are for beast masters.”

    Ok, that is very very untrue. And in the defense of the MM and Surv Hunters, NO GHOSTSABER should EVER be a Spirit Beast. None. None of the already in game (live) beasts should be Spirit Beasts. Just new creatures in Wrath should be. That is unfair to the people who already tamed Ghostsaber.
    And as for Ghost wolves… eh thats just a lost cause.

    Many people seem to say “wait for spawn” “it’s like BT” “Keep it rare!” Yes. Okay, that’s fine. I think Loque’nahak SHOULD be rare. He should be a hard to find Spirit Beast. But he shouldn’t be the ONLY spirit Beast.

    How many of us old school Hunters went after Lupos and Broken Tooth back in the day? I sat for 6 and a half hours waiting for Broken Tooth for her speed. I know what it feels like to succeed. But imagine if back in the day Broken Tooth was the ONLY cat. Or if Lupos was the only Worg. That wouldn’t have worked.

    I compared Loque’nahak to Humar, and perhaps I was wrong on that (since he’s no longer unique and everyone and their grandma has him). Ok, let me put it this way.

    Loque’nahak should be to Spirit Beasts as Old Cliff Jumper is to Wolves. He shouldn’t be the only one, but he should be a unique rare hard to get spawn.

    Some Hunters love getting that one skin for their own personal joy and thrill of the hunt, then just any old cat or wolf. For those who want Loque’nahak, that should be the case, but NOT the only option. ALL BM hunters should have a chance at this FAMILY, not just the dedicated hard core campers (and I am one of those campers).

    Spirit Beasts for all BM Hunters, Loque’nahak for the rare-camping dedicated. That, my friends, is how it should be.

  33. shadow

    I agree rikaku he shouldn’t be the only spirit beast all bm hunters should be able to get a spirit beast if they want him not just the hardcore campers. i’m a casual player I just don’t have time to sit at my computer all day and compete with people that want the spirit beast. That’s why there should be alot more spirit beasts or at least one more like I said make the offspring spirit beasts they don’t look as cool as Loque’nahak but if someone wants a spirit beast just because their exotic and for their technique they should be able to get it without camping it.

  34. Rikaku

    Exactly. And Loque’nahak can be like the unique skinned rare he is. In other words, the only spirit beast to look like him. They can make different colored Spirit Beasts, like a grey one and black ones for example that are alot more common. That in itself solves the problem of “rare pet” and “pet for all bm’s”.

  35. shadow

    I couldn’t have said it better myself rikaku. If theres someone in the beta that looks at these comments they should start a petition on the beta hunter forums to make more spirit beasts but as i’ve said Loque’nahak should be the only one with that particular skin.

  36. Cotytto

    You know,I really hate long respawn times on rares that are tamable.I wanted Vultros for soo long on my Alliance hunter,but due to it ridiculously long spawn time that character is already high enough to get the exact same skin elsewhere.

    I can understand the camping thing.I had Lupos back in the day.But I’m not going to waste several days time camping that could be better spent questing and farming.

    It’s a neat skin but that’s all it is.

  37. Seansky

    I agree with mostly everything here. I do think they should make one spirit beast per tree though. Rare mammoth for the tenacity class, an ultra rare nether ray for cunning, or something. But one spirit beast? That’s not rare or epic or a mark of achievement, that’s boring! Putting him on the Achievements list is just dumb.

    It will cause griefing on PVE servers, while on PVP it will be a bloodbath.You probably won’t even be able to quest in that area because of the all out war going on between tamers and achievers. I mean seriously, in 4 years they haven’t learned that their goal of preventing the “one pet” syndrome is NOT solved by making “one rare pet”. Obviously they’re not paying attention.

    In my opinion I think they should reconsider their positioning.


  38. Tashi

    @Rikaku: Is it safe to assume that your main is a hunter? :P Wonderful insight on the Loque’nahak issue.
    I think we’re making great progress on this forum! ^__^

  39. Kristy

    I’m glad that some agree with me. Anyways on a different thing, I really hate that “cats” 2nd special skill got a damage decrease.

  40. Rikaku

    Tashi: You would be correct. Been a Hunter since WoW came out; it is and always will be my main =) I would love to post some sort of insight on the beta forum, but alas, I am not beta-worthy ;_;

  41. Rykros

    Look, the only waay to ever truly end up with a completely original skin is to make them customisable, which; while awesome, will never happen.

  42. Seansky


    Yeah that’d be cool! You know it wouldn’t be too difficult really. They could just add a “Pet Salon” across the street from the barber shop. Strap it down and dye away! Pink ghost sabers, white core hounds, purple devilsaurs named Barney…

  43. Ericire

    I agree there should be more TO a spirit pet. I think there should be a way for your pet to be transformed into a spirit pet by questing and “Hunting”. (Much the same as grinding the BG’s for that one peice of armor to complete the set) a quest chain for your pet to become a spirit animal that requires x amount of exp and y amount of kills assists, etc and maybe earns the title of tenacity or cunning or ferocity. That way a hunter that hunts with pet x can get that pet to become a spirit pet. For me its the travel and hunt for> like going from Durotar to Darnassus for a black cat with white spots as a Horde after getting to lvl 10 or going from Darnassus to Durotar for a black and orange tiger as a lvl 10 allie hunter. and yes Nilfyr on twisting Nether thought it was well worth openning 21 kittie statues and gaining a lvl an a half to get Ghost Sabre as a Blood Elf.

  44. Mark C

    *** as a lvl 10 allie hunter. ***

    For the love of God, has the educational system in this country (or whatever country) degenerated to the point that you don’t know that the word is “ally?” Can you possibly have gone through I-have-no-idea-how-many years of schooling and not noticed the basic pattern in the English language of “-y” = singular and “-ies” = plural?

  45. Mark C

    *** On the other hand, I think he may be underestimating our definition of “need”. *grin* What do you guys think?

    I think 51-point BM’s = noobs.

  46. Tarjin

    I like the general idea that Ghostcrawler has, but I agree that it would be better to make a pet like the Grimtotem Spirit Guide that is hard to tame rather than one that depends on camping spawn points. The Spirit Guide required assembling special equipment and a group of players to help; the Spirit Beast seems to depend largely on chance with a big helping of time spent waiting.

    I’m not interested in getting a Spirit Beast for myself, but those are my thoughts on the general issue.

  47. Epacsten

    Camping a spawn point for hours on end isn’t fun.

    If blizzard wants to give us rare pets that are hard to get, place them at the end of an instance on heroic mode.
    Make it so that you have to do a quest to tame them.
    Make it so that you need the help of a group to tame them, like the ghost wolf.
    Make it so that you need a random world-drop item to spawn the creature, so it’s based on luck rather than camping.
    Don’t resort to the stone-age methods used in everquest. Spawn camping is old and wrong, and players only do it out of necessity.

  48. Marcus

    I like the idea of having a rare spawn and be one of the very few Hunters with that Pet. However, I would like to see something more challenging than camping for days doing nothing but sitting there just waiting. I like the idea of a very hard pet to tame someting that test your Hunter skills to the max. This would be a mark of honor and prestige not a simbol of no life and too much time on your hand of the current rare spawn mechanics.

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