Ghostcrawler on Loque’nahak

Our favorite Blizzard poster, Ghostcrawler, stopped by the WotLK Beta Hunter forum today to comment on the availability of Loque’nahak, the one and only Spirit Beast:

In case it’s not obvious, we added that creature and let it be tamable as a challenge for dedicated hunters. One of the things we hear from hunters often is that some of them liked the old-school gameplay of having to work really hard for a rare pet that would garner lots of attention. With so many new pets available, we didn’t think it would be a problem to have one that was relatively difficult to tame. He doesn’t provide a huge dps increase, so there shouldn’t be a need to tame him.

On the one hand, I can see what GC is getting at. On the other hand, I think he may be underestimating our definition of “need”. *grin* What do you guys think?

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  1. Lynch

    The idea was good

    up to the point where you decided it to be a rare spawn, and a part of a achievement.
    thus making it nigh impossible to just plain stupidly hard to find due to the ammount of idiot druids / locks soloing it for blues to place on the AH.

    the ghost wolf part was brilliant, a pet that needed coordination and dedication to find and tame, aswell as a team mate or two.

    The rare spirit beast is wholeheartedly dependant on luck to find.

    Do i even want to begin discussing the respawn timers on rare elites?
    no. better not

  2. Quel

    I agree with some of you how blizzard had the right idea about giving hunters a hard to obtain rare skinned pet. A couple in fact (king krush can’t be soloed for example). But I do think they implemented it rather wrong. A spawn that still doesn’t have a confirmed respawn timer, and for some reason its the animal EVERYONE i’ve come across is going after for the achievement. Only 2 on that list are tameable, and only 1 is soloable. And thats the one everyone wants to kill. Woot to hunters!

    I found that getting my ghost saber was kind of tricky, and while it still warranted patience, it was a gaurantteed pet if I chose to put the time in, and waste affect by others in the same area, even trying for the same pet. Maybe don’t imlement the same thing of looting statues, but a similar idea that will eventually reward the player with what he wants after effort has been put in would be a good way to go. Relying on shear chance that you a) find the right spawn point he’s at, and b)get that tame off before some jacknob comes by and interrupts your tame and them kills it, to me at least isn’t quite a ‘fair’ way to go about it. Even long after someone has the achievement done, they can still just ‘oh hey, look at that. Lets go grieve the hunter again’. We saw it COUNTLESS times doing the hunter epic quest, and blizzard ended up making that quest so damn easy it no longer became a sign of how good a hunter you where.

    Maybe give long, arduous questlines have pet rewards in the end. Even 1 or 2, maybe some requiring items, mob kills or such from 5-10mans, and some other pets from heroics/25mans. Then everyone would have access to ‘special’ pets, and while it would take effort, weeks, possibly even months, you could eventually get the pet you where working so hard for, without having to worry about weeks upon weeks of greivances.

    Just my opinion though. It ultimately comes down to blizzard. /sigh :(

  3. Beor

    This has been a major disappointment for me. Again blizzard totally missed the point.

    I got really excited when I saw Loque’nahak on Petopia, really an “exotic” pet worthy of the talent (even if just on looks alone). But after days and days of non-stop searching I’ve come to realize how futile this is.

    Humar was never as rare as this, he also had a single spawn point. Hell it took me a year of on and off searching to get Grunter, but it was still better than this.

    1: Spawn points. Instead of one place to camp we have 9, and thats all people do, is camp, or patrol. Having a set number of spawn points does not make the hunt to find him interesting. Hell 3 of the spawn points are in heavily populated quest areas… Blizzard rewards dumb luck more than the skill of dedicated hunters.

    2: An estimated 12 hour spawn, on the only beast in the game in its class…. means that dozens of hunters are constantly hovering around the known spawn points. Sadly many of the ones I see are level 71-72 etc.. so what will these people expect to do when they do chance upon him and find out theyre several levels too low? Kill it probably. Again, the “dedicated hunter” loses out.

    3: Finally, on servers like mine where the population is so high, theres just way too many people constantly running around, the chances of such a rare surviving more than a minute or two is extremely slim. I can live in the Basin 24/7 flying around the spawn points or searching, and its much more likely statistically that someone else will come across the spawn on dumb luck and shoot it dead… How is THAT supposed to be a challenge for hunters? Its more of an insult.

    If Blizz would spend some time over this they could make the pet still a rare find, yet make it at least somewhat fair for dedicated hunters.

    One solution, would be a quest chain spawn, but I doubt they would devote the time required. Another would be to make the pet friendly, so he could not be killed, only tamed. The simplest and one I’d be happy with, is a much shorter spawn time, say 3 hours, and a totally random spawn point. The pet would still be very hard to get, would certainly be more interesting to hunt down, and would deter campers and encourage hunters.

    I highly doubt anything will be done mind you.

  4. Cuchullain

    The rareness of Humar has bee thwarted by the black lion in Sholazar named Pitch – who isn’t rare at all. Aside from the spirit wolf that can no longer be tamed – Loque has got to be the rarest of the rare when it comes to hunter pets. King Krush a close second. I tamed Loque about a week ago and he really pushes some serious DPS. If you don’t believe me find me on Bloodhoof and challenge me to a duel. I cannot pull agro from this pet.

  5. Faernu

    i totally agree with “Blizzard rewards dumb luck more than the skill of dedicated hunters.” taming this pet or King Krush is purely dumb luck. I have mined at least between 50 and 100 stacks of ore and done all the quests in shalazar and have yet to see any of the 3 ultra rare spawns. i keep all 3 on a hot button and go from one spot to the next etc etc and zilch. there are always several hunters from horde side and who knows how many from alliance plus the players that kill them just for their loot. stupid stupid stupid Blizz.

  6. Raygar

    This is bullshit. Making it a challenge like this would be cool if ONLY hunters could attack it. Theres so many assholes that kill this beast just for spite using the “i needed the achievement”. GG on that blizz. How about making it where we have to get our ammo from the opposing faction’s major city next? Sounds Challenging!

    Change the damn thing to where only hunters can tap it. Anyone else its a green friendly mob. The rarity of the spawn is somewhat o k but ive lost this pet three times already to someone that wasnt even a hunter.

  7. Raygar

    Id also like to add today this pet spawned in the area and i had a macro asking politely if someone saw it to tap and hold it for me to tame. Even offered 100g. Some guy was asking 300g or he would kill it. Some people get outrageous and want 1000g and shit. Blizzard hates hunters. The people that work at blizzTARD and play hunters have no care or feeling for the class. I dont mind putting in time to do something…i farmed the famous baron mount at 70.

    The sad sad thing is once everyone gets this pet it will probably see the end of being tameable just as the Ghost Wolf was. Which means all the time you put in to try and get it will be wasted and you have nothing. What kind of ass clown system is this?

    Also as stated in my last post about it being only attackable by hunters. Also make it where once you do tap it it is immune to anyone else not in your party. This would prevent other hunters from fighting over it. FIRST COME , FIRST SERVE, no ifs ands or silver spoon fed brats that probably shouldnt be playing an r17 rated game anyway to come by and giggle at griefing you.

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