Name That Pet: Stutterfly’s Moth

Name That Pet: Stutterfly & MothFinal Name: Valwyn

In honor of Patch 3.0, today’s Name That Pet request features the prettiest of the new pets: a shimmering, royal blue moth!

With the new patch, I’ve learned that – finally – I can tame the one pet I’ve wanted since I first saw their majestic beauty in Bloodmyst Isle … the shimmering blue moth.

To make sure this was a pet that I would want to keep and level up – after all, it’ll be tough to stable my cat named Zella (originally the rare spawn Rak’shiri, tamed well before Shy-Rotam was summonable by Alliance) that I’ve had since level 58 through 70 – I transferred my hunter, Stutterfly (from the realm Cenarion Circle US) over to the PTR.

I tried the exotic pets. Devilsaur was, to me, a disappointment, especially after how tough he was to get (took me three days of constantly trying to find one of three Devilsaurs and there were always at least five other level 70 hunters in the zone who, I guarantee you, were looking for the same mobs as me). Core Hound was … rather unsightly, really. I tamed The Kurken and it was just … big. Really big. And the graphics (especially the white fire on his back) were rather annoying and I know would get to me sooner rather than later.

I just about gave up trying to tame the new pets and relegated myself to my old tried and true friend, Zella, when I remembered about the moths being tameable. I checked Petopia and headed out to the Eco-Dome in Netherstorm, where I tamed the beauty in the picture. Even at level 68, I was having fun killing things with her, and more importantly, the moth was fun and aesthetically pleasing, which, let’s face it, has to be a factor as a Beast Mastery hunter – your pet is your life.

So, when the 3.0.2 patch finally went live, the first thing I did was head out to Netherstorm to get the shimmerwing moth for real. The question is… what should I name her?

The only real criteria I have for names is that they are female (nearly all of Stutterfly’s pets have been female, so it’s more just a running thing now) and sound at least somewhat RP-ish (i.e. no names like “HordeWrecker” or “KillerMoth”, as funny as those are, lol …) and other than that, just something that sounds beautiful, I suppose. I’ll know the right name when I see it, as any good hunter should.

So how about it? What great suggestion do you have for this gorgeous creature?

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