Name That Pet: Stutterfly’s Moth

Name That Pet: Stutterfly & MothFinal Name: Valwyn

In honor of Patch 3.0, today’s Name That Pet request features the prettiest of the new pets: a shimmering, royal blue moth!

With the new patch, I’ve learned that – finally – I can tame the one pet I’ve wanted since I first saw their majestic beauty in Bloodmyst Isle … the shimmering blue moth.

To make sure this was a pet that I would want to keep and level up – after all, it’ll be tough to stable my cat named Zella (originally the rare spawn Rak’shiri, tamed well before Shy-Rotam was summonable by Alliance) that I’ve had since level 58 through 70 – I transferred my hunter, Stutterfly (from the realm Cenarion Circle US) over to the PTR.

I tried the exotic pets. Devilsaur was, to me, a disappointment, especially after how tough he was to get (took me three days of constantly trying to find one of three Devilsaurs and there were always at least five other level 70 hunters in the zone who, I guarantee you, were looking for the same mobs as me). Core Hound was … rather unsightly, really. I tamed The Kurken and it was just … big. Really big. And the graphics (especially the white fire on his back) were rather annoying and I know would get to me sooner rather than later.

I just about gave up trying to tame the new pets and relegated myself to my old tried and true friend, Zella, when I remembered about the moths being tameable. I checked Petopia and headed out to the Eco-Dome in Netherstorm, where I tamed the beauty in the picture. Even at level 68, I was having fun killing things with her, and more importantly, the moth was fun and aesthetically pleasing, which, let’s face it, has to be a factor as a Beast Mastery hunter – your pet is your life.

So, when the 3.0.2 patch finally went live, the first thing I did was head out to Netherstorm to get the shimmerwing moth for real. The question is… what should I name her?

The only real criteria I have for names is that they are female (nearly all of Stutterfly’s pets have been female, so it’s more just a running thing now) and sound at least somewhat RP-ish (i.e. no names like “HordeWrecker” or “KillerMoth”, as funny as those are, lol …) and other than that, just something that sounds beautiful, I suppose. I’ll know the right name when I see it, as any good hunter should.

So how about it? What great suggestion do you have for this gorgeous creature?

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  1. Choo

    I tamed one of these moths as well and I have to say, they are quite beautiful.

    A few pet names I’ve come up for the moths are:

    Flutterby (or Flutterbye if you want)
    Ecowing (for the Eco Dome that you find the moths in)

    And I named my moth Starshine, if you want to use that. -Huggles Starshine- x3

  2. hyena84

    SereneGrace springs to mind for some reason (probubly because i was playing pokemon while the realms were all down).i wish i could be more help but im still trying to come up with a name for my own moth.moths are quickly becomeing one of my favorite pets,right after wolves…

  3. Tandah

    Well going on the scientific:

    Lepidia (the order of butter flies and moths is Lepidoptera)

    Chrysiridia (after the Madagascan sunset moth)

    You could also go with a simple

    Luna (since moths are nocturnal and somewhat in connection with ellune)
    I’ll think of others…

  4. E. Jacobsen

    How about Tranquillity :)?
    I just recently tamed a moth of my own, quite a struggle getting one as a lvl 26 orc hunter but I must say that it was totally worth it. Now it is time for me also to name my little beauty and I’ve gone over names like Luna and Tranquillity, nothing is decided yet though and I will check some latin names tomorrow (time to sleep for us swedes ^^).

    Good luck with your pet!

    Yours sincerely, Erik

  5. Kamalia

    Gratz on being Petopia’s first exotic Name-That-Pet! :D I found a couple (Ok, a lot more than a couple) names that I found were quite pretty and suited the look of your pet. Good luck with naming! =)

    Ileana – An incredibly beautiful woman in Romaninan folklore, sometimes said to be a princess among faeries.
    Ariella – Ethereal, Airy
    Azura – Sky jewel
    Carita – Moonlit beauty
    Celenette – The moon
    Estrellita – Little star
    Ilona – Beautiful, of the light
    Breena – Fairy Land (Don’t ask me. That’s what the description said on the site I found this name on. Still a nice name, though)
    Eolande – Violet flower

  6. Mazil

    I was thinking of “Luna”, as has already been suggested :)

    Along similar themes:
    - Serene/Serena
    - Drift
    - Glide
    - Meander
    - Flurry
    - Breeze
    - Zephyr (“a soft gentle breeze”)
    - Whisper

  7. Rottingham

    I had just recently tamed a moth on my 30-39 twink, and they are good pets and rare. you never see anyone with them. I just finished watching the SNL thursday update that I recored and called mine “JoePlumber”. but that’s not a really moth-like name. try these:

  8. Mitsuhide

    Mosura ya Mosura
    Dongan kasakuyan
    Indo muu
    Rusuto uiraadoa
    Hanba hanbamuyan
    Randa banunradan
    Kasaku yaanmu

    Also, has anyone else asked Blizzard to make the ones on Bloodmyst tamable?

  9. Nyx

    I went with a drug-associated name for mine (I won’t share it, I like it too much) because of the Serenity Dust ability, but may I suggest “Lethe”, “Morpheus” (not the Matrix character), or “Hypnos”? I also liked “Angeldust”, but it’s not very RP-ish. :D

  10. Stutterfly

    Hehe, I lol’ed at Butterfree and Mothra. That’s why Butterfree left Ash – he came to be my pet! :P

    Out of the names so far, I’ve really liked Kamalia’s suggestions – those are more along the lines of what I’m looking for. I actually had considered Luna before, but I’ve seen two other hunters with moths named that already (and numerous black cats… so it’s a bit overdone – I want mine to be one of a kind ^_^)

  11. Hemingway

    Hi Mania and everyone… I had recently sent in a “Name That Pet” request for MY very own moth, but this one happened to pop up first.

    After reading through the suggestions, my girlfriend and I agreed to name my moth “Stardust!” So, thanks to Mania for this great service, and to Rottingham for suggesting the name we chose. :)

    (So Mania, feel free to disregard my request for the Name That Pet.)

  12. Felmist

    I wanted one from day one as well…and tamed mine despite all the snickers I got. It’s an amazing pet, both in battle and in all around ability to keep me pleased. I’ve already started using it as my primary pet until I can get that spirit beast.

    For names though, I’m not so good. But a friend of mine told me to name my chimaera (Numaroc) Beast, and the moth Beauty. I have to admit I like the names :P (Mothra was the other one that I thought of…even if just for giggles lol)

  13. Thoreau

    Sorry, I don’t really have a name suggestion. I have a reflection though and that is that to me the most surprising views of other posters on this site have always been the posts about wanting to tame moths. I have to say that never during the three years that I have now played a hunter in WOW have I ever felt any urge to tame one. Well, we are all different I guess and I definitely agree on the view that the pets have to be fun and aesthetically pleasing. More power to you!

  14. Kahlua

    Chrysophylax a dragon in tolkien ..but sounds blue
    Ethuil , elvish: Spring
    Fanui, elvish :Cloudy
    Gwilwileth, elvish: Butterfly
    Gaearon, elvish: Ocean
    Meldamirel, Elvish: Dear jewel
    Nínui, Elvish: Watery
    Pyihel , Elvish: Sapphire tears
    Valisilwen , an elven moon goddess

  15. Draiggoch

    I’ve got one and am still chewing over the name.

    There’s always Gwyfyn … which is Welsh for moth.

    And I wonder how soon those hunters will get fed up with all that stomping, thundering and screen shaking from core hounds and devilsaurs 0_o

  16. Kitairra



    LOL! The stomping and screen shaking set my core-hound apart from all others,and it
    really isn’t that big of a deal…to me,at least. What WAS annoying,however,was the
    walking animation of the Devilsaur I had.I let her go ten minutes later just for that rreason…ugh! If they fix that sometime in the future,I may get one again.

    But for now,I’m happy with the stomping and shaking screen that accompanies the killing machine that is my widdle Fluffy! LOL!!


  17. Seansky

    No worries, the stomping and screen shaking will be gone with the next update. Thank god. Bloody annoying trying to use the Bank and all of a sudden the screen is bouncing and your speakers are thumping. I mean, they’re like the WoW equivalent of Low-riders with their radios all on max when they drive by, rattlin’ and shakin’ and making a ruckus.

    I agree about the Devilsaur, they could have taken the time to scale it’s animation better.

    As for moth names, I like Mothra! ;)

  18. Selesti

    At least with the stomping, you know there’s a core hound nearby…but it is thoroughly annoying. And I’ll agree with the devilsaur walking animation.

    I tamed a blue moth myself, and while I was a bit skeptical at first, she’s really growing on me. I named mine Asami, Japanese for “morning beauty” (I know moths are nocturnal, but it was a pretty name.)

    I like to be different in regards to pet choices myself. I tamed a silithid as my exotic and I just love that guy. I’ve all ready had a guildie tell me how awesome my pet is. Hibiki (Japanes: sound, echo) is more uncommon. I’ve only seen maybe two or three hunters with silithids. I also grabbed a worm from mara to try out, and, believe it or not, I’m starting to like him.

    BTW…I have seen a hunter with a moth named “Mothra”…and I’m not THAT big of a nerd to name my pets in such a manner. XD

  19. Kikaku

    I’m still alittle bitter, since last night, when some orc slapped my wonderful Silithid, Spåzz, then BWed and walked away with his patheic ugly devilsaur. I almost wanted to whisper, “Yeah, you should be jealous with that pet pet of yours that looks like someone stuck a broom up its ass! D:<” but I didn’t cause I’m not that mean. …I DID slap HIM back though. I think that dino’s suffering enough. ^^;

    Anyway! As for your new pet, I think “Myuu” or, like what Darknez suggested, “Twilight” sound like nice names. I just like Myuu cause it’s cute and girly, and Twilight does reflect well with its colors ^^

  20. Sigrdrífa

    BlueMoon? I never get this right anyway. :( Heck, I even name my first non female pet (a big red monkey) LittleRascal :)

    How about

    Lua Azul (LuaAzul)? means blue moon in Portuguese.
    Lepidottero – Italian for moth
    Ballerino Dell’aria – Italian for air dancer.

    Well, I dont know about you , but Italian when spoken makes gets me excited, but enough of that, lol. Good luck and good hunting!

    One thing I have notice, very rarely do folks come back and say what they named their pet. Would be nice to know :)

  21. Peloquin

    I just got the one with the green glowing aura in Terrokar (BTW the moth loses that aura when first tamed, but if you resummon, it gets it back which makes for a really unique looking pet.

    I named her Acherontia. It’s the ‘proper’ name of the death’s-head hawkmoth (the one on the cover of The Silence of the Lambs movie) the name fits so well, it may inspire me to keep a pet which was only ever supposed to be a curiosity.

  22. Mitsuhide

    @Sigrdrífa: lol or you can name him Gorosaurus, and get two gorillas – a black one named King Kong and a white one named MechaniKong. Then you’d have the monster cast of “King Kong Escapes”!

  23. Stutterfly

    UPDATE: In case anyone’s wondering, and I know it was mentioned by at least one person here, I have finally settled on a name for my pet, and I have Mania’s Arcania to thank for it! ^_^

    Great list, and I loved a lot of the suggestions. I eventually decided to go with Valwyn, a shortened version of Valisilwen, suggested by Kahlua. So thank you again, and I appreciate all the help and naming suggestions! :D

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