Meet My Exotic Elder Ashenvale Bear

Beast Lore for Elder Ashenvale Bear showing Exotic status.A couple of helpful hunters have e-mailed me in the past few days to let me know that there is something special about the Elder Ashenvale Bear — it’s exotic!

I swung by Ashenvale to take a peek for myself, and it’s true. Beast Lore says the bear is exotic and in order to tame one you must have the Beast Mastery talent.

Unfortunately, this also means that if you had previously tamed an Elder Ashenvale Bear you now have an exotic pet, like it or not! If you don’t have Beast Mastery you can stash your exotic bear in the stable, but if you aren’t level 60 yet you’ve got no way to get it out of the stable or to call it in order to abandon it.

I’m certain this is a bug: the Elder Ashenvale Bear still tames into ‘Bear’; it has no special skills; and its stats are the same as any other bear. Also, this problem popped up briefly on the PTR and beta realms. So now we just have to hope Blizzard can get it fixed quickly!

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  1. Tashi

    This explains a few things… On one of my hunter alts, I had recently tamed an Elder Ashenvale Bear (about August, pre 3.0) and I logged in a couple days ago with my pet dismissed. I tried to call it. All of a sudden, a message told me I “couldn’t control exotic pets yet” came up. I logged out and logged back in, hoping I could summon my bear. Sure enough, I couldn’t. And I haven’t been able too ever since! It cries in the stables now… D:
    Thank you Mania! I was wondering why this had happened. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon! :D

  2. Vish

    would be cool to introduce exotic pets within non-exotic families. Just be the same, just look different and MAYBE a lil increase in stats. A lil like harkoa and cats. We could have the Amani War Bears that all hunters would die for as an exotic bear


  3. Ixnay

    I’ve got one of these stuck in my stable. I tamed it pre-patch in order to learn either claw or bite (can’t remember which) and I went to get it out yesterday to tame a new pet, but I was told I am unable to control exotic creatures.

    I’m only level 38, so I can’t even respec to get rid of it, I guess I gotta cough up the 50 gold to get a new stable slot…

  4. Schadenfreude

    Someone was complaining about their bear being exotic on my server and we were all like “say what?”. I guess this is what happened.

  5. Drakkena

    Heart of the Phoenix hasn’t been auto casting for me as well. It’s more of a Passive Skill and you have to do a Manual cast for it. I don’t think it ever DID autocast unless you set a Macro for it. That’s the best way to do it so you can have it on your handle toolbar. Since I don’t think it autocasted before or ever for that matter.

    And interesting Bug o_O;;;;;;;;;; I feel for the people with this bear in their stables because of it D=

  6. Sybok

    Why can rogues disarm my ranged weapon? Am I the only hunter that hates playing his one and only class now. Hunters cant pvp at all now. I cant kite anything. Pallys have gone crazy. Druids, Warriors, are even more un-kite-able. Casters classes kill me in melee range with instant casts. Disengage is worthless if they give every class a counter for it; really what was the point? Hunters are now only a pve class. Exotics are not worth the 6 talent points. Why does no one at blizzard have a hunter main? I am camped everywhere.

    I’m seriously considering not buying WOTLK, whats the point if the only class i liked gets the shaft like this and Blizz is fine with it.

    now everyone type QQ like the internet nerds you are.

  7. Suzi

    @ Mania: Strange… I don’t have one but I hope this is one bug that gets fixed pretty soon, for the sake of low level or non-BM hunters that have it. It would be like all the non-BM hunters with their spirit wolves being told by Blizzard that they’re now Exotic Spirit Beasts (I know people want more of those types of Exotics but I hope they leave the current tameable pets in the families we’re used to).

    @ Sybok: Nice generalization at the end there. A little advice, try not to insult people before they have a chance to reply to you. ;) Secondly, this website is about hunter pets, a weapon stronger than any bow a rogue can disarm. You’d be better posting it on some other hunter-related forum or blog rather than here, in my opinion.

  8. Boudica

    @Sybok: If you think hunters are nerfed to the hilt now, try speccing for the exotic pets and grab yaself a silithi. The venom web ability will prevent mobs and other players from getting close to you long enough for you to get well out of their range. Also, have you forgotten, hunter dear, we hunters have an automatic speed boost that allows us to keep fighting while legging it for cover?! Hello! Aspect of the cheetah hun, aspect of the cheetah!.

    @Mania: small aside and slightly off topic but on the PTR I simply fell in love with the core hounds, however, I have to admit that since they’ve become so common (them and devilsaurs, its just not funny) I’ve discovered a new love – Silithids! Oh they’re simply adorable with the little hoppy out of frame thingy they do and the little mandibles chattering away. I was lucky enough to find (well I camped really :D) the rare silithid ravager and he’s wonderfull!!! Called him sandstorm. I was wondering how many others who tested on the PTR fell in love with one pet only to realise its not what they really wanted on the live realm and have fallen in love with something else instead?

  9. Shagrat-Turalyon

    This is amusing with such a garden variety bear being classified as an ‘exotic’. I’ve always wanted to grab a bear but between my core hound, wasp, worm, serpent, and beloved raptor, I don’t have any more room in my stables D:

  10. Kitairra



    This is not the Oboards where you Arena hunters can QQ about what YOU think is wrong with the hunter class…in PvE,BG’s and Instances we’re fine.I’m having FUN with my hunter..always have,always will.And so far,your the only one that’s QQ’ing.


    I wasn’t able to get on the PTR,but the first time I saw a Devilsaur,I said “MINE!
    Must have one!!”…So last night I flew to the Crater and started hunting.Fifteen minutes later,after abandoning my trash pet,I had my Devilsaur! Yay!!

    Then,I started walking around with him and…blah! Major dissapointment! Watching him walk..or whatever you call that stumbling and sputtering..broke my heart! /cry
    There was no way I wanted her now…so I fed her some to make her happy and let her free.Maybe if Blizz fixes her walk(and that of the Ghost Wolf,for those that have her),I’ll try again in the future,but for now,I’m more than happy with my core-hound!


  11. Kanaan

    @Boudica- not to nitpick, but if you use AotCheetah in a BG, you’re pretty much a dead man/woman/elf/orc/whatever if something is in melee range. The auto dazed when hit thing isn’t all that great. =( I’m something of a BG junkie, but I make no claims as to being competent at it, LOL!

    As for the bear bug, that stinks, really really stinks. I hope they fix it fast, that’s something they should’ve found in beta and made sure didn’t make it to live, imo.

    On a different note, I’ve been enjoying my bear that I just leveled to 70 (a white bear from winterspring, love the animals in that zone!) immensely. A couple friends and I (another hunter and a priest) were doing regular dungeons for the achievement points and my lil’ bear tanked pretty darn good!

  12. Ryai

    ‘Hello! Aspect of the cheetah hun, aspect of the cheetah!.’

    Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack is really only usefull for WSG; and only when you are not the flag carrier and every enemy around you is now not focused on hunter but the paladin with the flag.

    Outside of that; even FD + AotC = you become dazed, and you are dead. Yes you can catch up to druids and shaman, but I hardly use it seriously in BG when I do BG.

    The true way to get away? Trap+FD+AotC and pray there is NO ONE TARGETING YOU and that you are NOT hindered in any way to run.

    And now I realize I made it even more off topic.

    Kanaan: You need to remember though; Blizzard as seperate people, are good; such as GC and such, Blizzard as a whole? Well I wouldn’t hold my breath for long. But they will undoubtedly fix this error sometime. But doubt anytime soon as it’s only one bear :/

    Atleast I don’t have to tame it on hunter alts for claw and etc.

  13. Lamra


    Um, I’m sorry but maybe you need to learn to play your class a little better. Maybe it doesn’t help if you’re lower than 70 and you don’t have AMAZING gear but i still have a few blues and i’m taking down fully epiced shamans, warriors, some rogues, and I’ve almost been able to take down the wtfadins right now. Even though a level 70 in greens that was ret almost had me -.-;;; Sybok, you may want to retry your strategies because when I do, I usually win. I know the new rogue disarm is painful but if that does happen, just trap, if that fails, wing clip and disengage, intimidation, fake death, just throw them off.

  14. Messyah

    Just curious. Has anyone tried taming A-ME 01 from the gorilla cave in Un’goro? If I remember correctly, once the quest is started, A-ME 01 is considered a beast.

  15. Noba

    Speaking of pet bugs- i have a question for you guys. Is Vicious Teromoth (the 62-63 moth in Terokkar, in the Cenarian… still bugging out with the mana-bomb aura? A few days ago I reported this to blizz’s forum. now wondering if anyone knows if maybe they’ve fixed it. (i’ve since tamed 5 pets like a dummy). The moth, on petopia’s picture is a pretty red body, with wings that fade purple to green to blue. but it goes SPLAT and turns green debuff aura the first time it is resummoned after taming. :( shame, the intended skin is pretty. lemme know if anyone knows about this, sorry for long post.

  16. Rikaku

    Haha poor Elder Ashenvale Bear, I sat here thinking “well no one probably has one anyways since they’re pretty common” and then someone posted their bear was one effected XD Don’t get me wrong, not laughing at you, just chuckling at my own inane thoughts.

    Sybok: I play AV alot (I hate the other ones) and can’t say I’ve been disarmed at all. So I can’t help ya sorry. Sorry you feel that Hunters are so shafted, but there’s no need for insults.

    Drai: That’s weird, your white frostsaber gained stripes? O_o Like it looks like a white tiger now, or does it have white stripes? Cause if you look closely, White frostsabers have small white details.

    Drakkena: Yeah, Heart of the Phoenix isn’t auto-casting. I read somewhere that it’s due to the fact that if your pet dies say from AoE, and just pops back to life immediately, then it could die again from AoE.

    I just keep Heart of the Phoenix, Growl, and Cower on the pet bar now so I can turn on/off auto cast easy. The new pet system rocks. My ghost wolf and I are rocking the place.

  17. Beastkeepa

    @Boudica I love the silithids too! I grabbed a silithid ravager as well, named him Kookies, because of his tan and brown color, and I was making cookies while I was camping him ;P. I’ve liked him more than my core hound and the devilsaur I abandoned.

    Anyways On topic.
    I doubt this will carry over I dont see any color or stat significance of the bear. There will be too many complications with people who already had one.

  18. Dimion

    @ Kitairra:

    There is a solution to the devilsaur waddle epidemic, and here it is:
    When you get to 71, tame Tyrantus, the black devilsaur in the northern tip of netherstorm in that biodome with the raptors. He has a much slower movement speed in the wild than the devilsaurs in ungoro and the code carries over so he his run animation will kick in at slower speeds. You will have to wait till wotlk, but for now thats all there is for a solution to this problem.

  19. Bactris

    Not really relavant to this post but another bug.
    My worms Acid spit cooldown is not being reduced by the longevity talent.
    Just checking has this happened anyone else or is it just my poor yellow Grubthor who is effected.

  20. Lionithia

    I busted my butt to get from lvl 57-60 so I could tame my black Devilsaur. I was SO disappointing in how it moved. Also, my ghost cat seemed to do a much better job in combat! I had another pet in mind, and I placed my rex in the stables, went out to the Silithid grounds and snagged myself the pretty blue one now named SepticRage. He is FANTASTIC! I love him! Immediately I brought him in the BGs and they stopped those nasty rouges right in their tracks! He totally rocks and I’ll be ditching my rex for another pet.

    Oh, I also wondered… I tried to tame the Felpaw wolf, and he had no skills! He didn’t have bite or growl like he was suppose to! I can’t use him because he can’t taunt mobs off of him! He is so fantastic too. Going to try and tame the Diseased wolf to see if its any better, but I just wanted to know if anyone had that problem?

    Also another problem I have at the moment is my Heart of the Phoenix not working at all. Is it suppose to show up in the bottom bar? Thought someone mentioned it. If so, I don’t got it. I got the phantom cat from darkshore.

  21. Mania Post author

    Lionithia: Make sure you check the pet’s Spellbook for its skills and abilities. When you tame a pet that has to auto-level up to your level the skills often don’t end up on the pet action bar, but they are in the spellbook. And talents always just go to the Spellbook, I believe.

    General reference for anyone who isn’t familiar: To get to the pet’s Spellbook, open your own Spellbook while you have the pet at your side. There should be a tab along the bottom that says “Pet”. Hit that, and you are looking at your pet’s Spellbook. :>

  22. Boudica

    @Beastkeepa: OMG!!! Snap on the silithids!!!!! hehe I also camped the one tan and black one, got him to lv70 today and I just love him, he gets loads of comments in the citeies and everyone i’ve spoken to about him all say the same thing “He seems such a happy pet!” Guess all that hopping out of frame does that :P

  23. Sigrdrífa

    Not on topic (really it’s not), but – I’ve been wandering the world the last few days… pretty much lost. With the new patch, I feel like there is way too much stuff to do, to figure out and basically where to go. Neither questing or doing dailies is fun. The holiday holloween is too much (though I did have fun in a pug for the headless horseman – thank you my dears, I can’t remember your names, but you put up with an older person whose mind isn’t all there at times and couldnt remember the difference between greed and need, lol :) ) and forget bg’s or instances (if you saw my armour you would understand). I want to be on playing and I want to be doing something, but I just can’t get going. Anyone else know this feeling?

  24. kalabus

    I would like to say that the new exotic pets, are exactly that exotic. but in the end they are nothing realy special as there is so many that my moth named welder… Reference to welder staring at a light all day…. and my hyena are both kind of rare to see nowadays. I re-speced to survival tree and I love it, the hyena give me enought time with tendon rip and concussion shot to finish off people before they get to me, …. Lock and load , lock and load.

  25. Atayah

    Hmmm…now if they buff exotic pet damage +10% then you have a bear pet that is better than other bears….I would love to have an ‘exotic’ model of every common pet.

    Humar the Pridelord! or perhaps the teal frostsaber

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