Beta 9095: Shattered Hand Warhounds

WotLK Beta: Ceron with his new WarhoundWe wondered what Ghostcrawler was talking about last week when he told us:

You did get the Hellfire Citadel dogs.

Well now we know!

Ceron (a.k.a. Gatling of Stormrage) sent us word this morning that as of build 9095, you can now tame the Shattered Hand Warhounds in Hellfire Ramparts.

Ceron writes:

I ventured in the non-heroic version of the instance at 78. With a trash pet I cleared about 3 packs before I got to the 1st patrol with 2 Shattered Hand Warhounds and the Bonechewer Ravener.

I killed 1 Warhound and the Ravener, trapped the other Warhound and then dismissed my pet and began taming.

They are of course under the Wolf family and attain the same abilities.

Ceron sent the picture you see above, as well as another shot with the warhound in Bestial Wrath. Isn’t that a darling puppy?

66 thoughts on “Beta 9095: Shattered Hand Warhounds

  1. Lienna

    The ZA bears made untameable because they were mounts, now we get a mount wolf. Logic, meet window, window this is logic, I’m sure you two will be the best of friends.

  2. Suzi

    Pet that looks like a mount? Hmm. Not long before hunters get to tame creatures to use as mounts or is that just wishful thinking on my part? :) I can dream.

    Nice news though. I’ll be sticking with my white worg wolf though, but variety is always welcome.

  3. Fearmdemon

    now, THIS is a roleplaying pet. someone with black war wolf, and this has the same name for both, the story says this wolf is his pet. excellent

  4. Durana

    He is gorgeous! I can imagine a lot of hunters adding this puppy to their stable slots. Much glory to the horde hunters who can pick up a Black War Wolf mount to go along with this guy. ;)

  5. PepsiJedi

    This is the second mount we’ve been able to tame though. The purplebelly spiky raptor was a mount as well.

    As a side note, what lvl is the War hound? I might wanna grab one on my Beta.

  6. Selesti

    While adding the war hounds as a tamable pet is neat, I don’t think ZA bears should be tamable…or rather, I wouldn’t tame one if they were. I like my sleek black wolf from BEM just fine, too, and don’t intend to drop him.

  7. Mitsuhide

    Well, the aqua and purple Frostsabers use the mount model, so this is nothing new as far as taming “mounts” goes. But yeah, the Amani bears should become tamable again. And give us some of the other beasts like Zhevras, Stags, and Kodos.

  8. Rikaku

    Hmm only thing I don’t like is the Horde symbol on the back. I mean yeah Worg = Flagship of the Horde, but as an alliance I probably won’t be getting this and I’ll be saving a slot for asaberworg.

    However, that wolf is sexy and may just convince me otherwise mhm.. <3

  9. Namaria

    I wish I had read the comments. I killed the first few pulls in Ramparts, dismissed my current wolf, and was really disappointed to find the HC dogs couldn’t be tamed. -_-

  10. Kristy

    Wow, that’s a cool-looking wolf. Surprised they let use have a big “armored” pet. IF they ever did, I would be tempted, kinda, to MAYBE replace my beautful, albino eagle (last on my “5″ list) with an armored Amani Bear. Anyways off-topic question. In “Wrath of the Lich King”, what’s gonna be our “shot rotation” thing? Is it gonna be different? Is it gonna be the same auto-shot and Arcane Shot “rotation”? What?

  11. Tyler Paradise

    Omg this thing is a beauty i can’t decide now devilsaur or this new wolf wow is this only gonna be tameable after expansion comes out or is it now just wondering and about my pet issue which should i tame as my main pet

  12. Curumor

    Nice! ^^
    Tried taming the BT ones on Thursday, but untameable. Maybe this changes. :D

    Oh and on a related note, did AQ40 last night and can confirm that the Silithids (Vekniss Warrior, Vekniss Guardian and Vekniss Borer) are tameable. Unfortunately, some Richard Cranium killed the only one I got a chance at taming… :(

  13. Buffagor

    People asking for tamable mounts? At least this way you can simulate it. Us orcs, and those exalted with Orgrimmar, can get a mount that looks like this pet, and it can look like when you dismount, your mount continues to fight alongside you. Sort of like those mounted fel orcs along the Path of Glory in Hellfire Penninsula.

  14. Trackk

    Im not objecting to having mount pets in the game, but i think the main plus about these guys is that they are armoured, nevermind that they look like mounts. What would be great is if we were allowed to customize our pets appearence by adding difference armour parts, e.g. the collar,face plate, ankle guards etc. Different armour can really add personality to those bland pets that no one uses. By allowing us this there wouldnt be such a demand for new pet styles because we would be allowed to create them ourselfs. We are already allowed to customize our pets statistically with the new talent trees(thank you blizzard)but there has always been that desire to have that unique look to your pet. But thats just my opinion and god knows that aint much.

  15. Curumor

    That might not be completely out of the question… There’s already a new option to customize your character somewhat (Barbershop) and customizable dances are on the way..

    Who knows? If we bug Blizz enough, maybe they’ll give in :D

  16. Beastkeepa

    this is great! yet another good pet on the todo list for most pet fanatics. wolfs really arent my favorite pet, but since day one i thought it would be cool to have a pet that looks like your mount, lets hope blizz doesnt pull an amani bear.

  17. Kikaku

    I think the pet customization would be a great idea. We could maybe have armor pieces as mob drops and we go by a forge to have a blacksmith make it into full armor. Or even, to make it less complicated, it’ll be like normal armor, but for pets only (hunter pets and lock pets even) and u just right click and it soulbinds to them. Not only armor, but maybe even bows or something.. Hey, after they took our bear cub away, Blizz DID say that if we really did like cute pets, they’d maybe consider it! My worm demands a bow!

  18. Deathbang

    I agree with the armor idea. If a maxed out Monstrous Bite Devilsaur wasn’t scary enough, imagine one is plate with glowing eyes and a spiked collar!

  19. Drakkena

    I also agree with the Armor thing, especially since pets have a talent called Spiked Collar. Why not have a collar show up on your pet when you added that to them :P doesn’t seem like too much to ask for.

    As for the mount here, it is a bit disgruntling that it’s more leaning towards a Horde Player (And I know I’m getting one on Drak! *hugs her Black War Wolf*) but heck I’d see alliance taming this bugger just to play the HAHAHAHAHAHA! I tamed something from your side AHAHAHAHAHA!

  20. Rottingham

    I strongly Agree with the armor sets for pets, not even for stats but looks:) But on another note, I don’t understand the big fuss about Spirit Beasts… All Bliz did was take a cat, make it’s face glow, give it an arcane move and everyone loved it. In my perspective, I think Bliz is gunna make One rare Exotic for tenacity and cunning too, they just either havent released it yet or nobody’s found them.

  21. Tashi

    OMG! I have that mount! His name is Rontu. ^__^ I am NOT weird for naming my mounts!
    If they allow us to keep this pet, guess who’s taming the Warhound?
    —-> Tashi <—–

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  23. Mitsuhide

    @Kikaku; That would also be a nice way for hunters to make their pets more survivable in BGs, pet armor with resilience and resistances. And with special effects for the pet, like cooldowns reduced or damage increase to special attacks.

  24. Kalli

    This is a bit late, but I too name my mounts, Tashi. xD It’s not weird! (Or if it is, I’m weird too.)

    I still want to “dress up” my pets. No, not in fluffy sweaters; I want to stick armor on them so they have a bit of protection against their prey. I mean, I don’t want to restrict their freedom, but look at the warzones we send our pets into…they deserve more.

  25. Kalli

    Erk, sorry on the double, but I could see people freaking out about the idea of putting extra armor on pets. It wouldn’t even have to have stats or anything; I just want them protected VISUALLY, if nothing else.

  26. Ringo Flinthammer

    If I were a Horde hunter, I’d definitely get one of those. I already pretend my Big Blizzard Bear is just my bear, with goggles and a saddle, but having a perfect match like this is awesome for the Horde.

  27. Dreannann

    Yeah…. Spent 30 minutes in ramps ( lvl 65 gorilla kept killing them) then I finally got one alone, put out the trap and started summoning. Suddenly! “This pet is untameable, so I try again and again and again. Then I do beat lore, “Untamable” gonna change anytime soon?

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