Beta 9095: Shattered Hand Warhounds

WotLK Beta: Ceron with his new WarhoundWe wondered what Ghostcrawler was talking about last week when he told us:

You did get the Hellfire Citadel dogs.

Well now we know!

Ceron (a.k.a. Gatling of Stormrage) sent us word this morning that as of build 9095, you can now tame the Shattered Hand Warhounds in Hellfire Ramparts.

Ceron writes:

I ventured in the non-heroic version of the instance at 78. With a trash pet I cleared about 3 packs before I got to the 1st patrol with 2 Shattered Hand Warhounds and the Bonechewer Ravener.

I killed 1 Warhound and the Ravener, trapped the other Warhound and then dismissed my pet and began taming.

They are of course under the Wolf family and attain the same abilities.

Ceron sent the picture you see above, as well as another shot with the warhound in Bestial Wrath. Isn’t that a darling puppy?

66 thoughts on “Beta 9095: Shattered Hand Warhounds

  1. Lôkhan

    Can anyone confirm #44 – is this considered an exotic? Seems odd taking a worg and slapping some armor on him makes him an exotic that MM/SV can’t tame.

  2. Lôkhan

    BRK, said the same thing . . . so, with my Black War Wolf mount and my Worg Pup I am doing the happy dance in my work swivel chair. Thanks Mania.

  3. Bloodarrow

    Warhound is now tamable on PTR. PTR is currently running patch v3.0.3. I have also confirmed that the warhound is not “exotic.” I did tame him with 51/10/0 build as I am a BM hunter. Once back in Ogrimmar I unlearned my talents. I was sucessfully able to resummon with a classic 0/0/0 build. :)

    I look forward to 3.0.3 releasing so I can tame this little guy for real.

  4. BloodGod22

    Took a look at the pictures and the saddle isnt that visible… anyway i realy think Armoured Pets could be an exotic tenacity family.

  5. Kalaini

    I am a level 61 night elf hunter on the jaedenar server, and i have recently tamed the shattered hand warhound. i also own shy-rotam, frost saber pride watcher, and a springpaw lynx which all get a second look but i have to say that zalera, my warhound, is by far my most popular pet, i absolutely love him!

  6. elfhunter

    that wolf is a cool pet and it is tametable thats fine

    but hit the pet hard and is he big when he dont have bestial wraph?

    ok thanks


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