Petopia is a Problem!

A number of people have posted or e-mailed to let me know that Petopia is currently down. Initially, it looked like an unrelated network problem with our host. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that Petopia itself may be the problem — the unprecedented traffic we’ve been getting the past few days was causing problems for other sites hosted on the same network.

We are working now with our host to get back online as quickly as possible. However, we may need to disable some features temporarily. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding while we sort through this!

[Later ...]

Theoretically we should have everything back online now. Please let me know if you notice any irregularities. And thanks again!

24 thoughts on “Petopia is a Problem!

  1. sara

    Aww… That’s not a problem, that’s a sign of awesomeness!!! I don’t know what I’ll do without Petopia though, and especially now!! O.o

  2. Volcan

    Petopia is obviously overloaded with all the new info you can provide now!

    You are great Mania!

    Now i just wish you to get this solved easily and quickly!

  3. Shippleton

    I honestly expected this, with patch 3.0 out EVERYONE is gonna be after Exotics and Casters and since they didn’t care to remember before, they’re all hording to Petopia.

  4. Shadowkaizen

    Wow congrats on the traffic flow ..even if thats kinda a bad thing atm. I always turn to your site when ever I have a question about anything hunter pet related, thanks Mania for your awesome site!

  5. Lamra

    Even with this problem, I must say congratulations! You are the most resourceful out of any pet guide possible! Your website rocks! What would we do without you!

  6. Mania Post author

    Thanks, everyone. If nothing else I am learning many valuable lessons about how to run a not-quite-small-enough-to-be-simple-anymore site! *grin*

  7. Mania Post author

    Aniyun: Temporarily, yes. I’m working on a solution right now and hope to have all the features back online later this evening.

    Sorry about the inconvenience!

  8. Blacksands

    Oooooh, I think I share a bit of the blame with the others who actually “told” most of my other hunter buddies where to look if they need the BEST hunter/pet info… naturally, I sent them your URL…. everyone kept asking me where and how I got my exotics and whatnot, so I sent them to Petopia for more info rather than repeating my long replies to each and every tell on how and where I got each pet…. Goes to show how much you website is really loved and in demand, lol.

  9. Tashi

    As much of an inconvenience that may be for you, it still has to absolutely swell you up with pride! ^__^
    I don’t know what I’d do without my Petopia though! That’s where Tashi discovered her perfect match. He’s her pet soul mate! She never would have found him if it weren’t for your site!
    And Thrombus says thank you from the bottom of his little fuzzy bat heart. ^__^
    Grats, grats, grats!

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  11. Tashi

    Lol, sorry, my post sounded like the problem was a good thing! O_O
    But I guess it really is! And it’s a good thing that it’s back up now, too. All is well! ^__^

  12. el

    Mania – I’ve been on a similar learning curve. Tuesday saw a 10-fold increase in traffic to El’s guides, at which point the server collapsed under the strain, and I spent the next few hours frantically re-arranging things, while sorting out extra hosting. Been a fun week!

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